Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Using Restylane - San Diego, CA

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Hello, So it has almost been a month since I had...


So it has almost been a month since I had my non invasive nose job and I am quite satisfied with the results. Before the procedure, I told the doctor that I wanted to soften the appearance of the hump in my nose and make it less deeper than what it already was. He told me that a straight profile with my type of nose may not be achievable but that was fine with me and not my main conern, all I wanted was to lessen the appearance of the hump so its not as "humpy" I guess you can say lol. The results immediately after were great, but the next few days it slowy began to go down along with the swelling which was fine. As you can see from the pictures, the hump is still visible but not as much as it was before. Not sure when this will fade but I was told to come in in about 9 months to do touch ups. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you!
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