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Hi Ladies! Im at the very beginning of my BBL...

Hi Ladies! Im at the very beginning of my BBL journey. I live in San Diego and have a friend with a home in Miami, so those places would be ideal. So far, the only Dr's Im seriously considering are Jimerson and Cortes. I am shocked at how hard it is to find a surgeon who does aggressive lipo with body sculpting. I feel like most just "do lipo" to harvest the fat... but I feel like Jimerson (and Cortes, to a slightly lesser degree) are true artists. Im fairly boxy with a flat booty and the small waist and rounded hips are just as important to me as a bubbly. heart shaped butt. Jimerson is really pricey as it is ($9800 for butt and lipo and $1100 to ad hips - cash price) Factor in aftercare, lodging and all of that and it's up in the "am I crazy?" amount of money lol If I stayed West Coast or Miami, I could save on lodging and aftercare, which will be probably $1500-2000. Help, ladies!!!! Who am I missing that is just awesome? So excited to be here!

My (and hubby's lol) Top Wish Pics... Between Dr. J and Dr. Salama now.

I will post some before pics of me in a day or two!
Some are more natural and conservative and labeled my "safe" wishes.

I had looked at Salama before I picked my Wish pics and Dr. J seemed so much more extreme with his lipo and the bodies seemed more "sculpted"... like statues! Now that I have picked my Wish pics and can compare what I want to their before and after pics, Salama is definitely in the running! So many pros and cons for each that it is making it super hard to decide. lol
I guess I'll just chat with you ladies and read a million reviews :) Would love any input. So new here!
Does anyone know if Salama has a fast track deal like Dr. J if you are paid in full? Waiting a year is sucky. Im looking at a hopeful date of Feb-Mar 2014 so that I can be healed with most (if not all) swelling down by the time my Husband comes home from Afghanistan in June 2014.

Spoke with Salama's office today's

Spoke with Cynthia today and she is soooo nice. She sent me an email with info, pricing and an email address to send pics. Salama will consult with me over email, since I am in California. I had to go to an event at my son's school (I have an 8 year old) and had just returned home, taken pics and was about to send the email when she called. She said that, after some digging, she was able to find a surgery date for feb 28!! That would be so perfect! I could be 3 months post op and out of my garments and crap by the time hubby returns home from Afghanistan! Man, is he gonna be excited lol.
So, hopefully I will hear back from Dr. Salama tomorrow. I'm still scouring the boards and reviews and pics here. Hubby will only pay for this once, so it needs to be perfect the first time! It's so scary putting that kind of faith in someone who you don't know.

Also, thanks to the ladies who responded! Yily scares me. She has some ammmmazing results, but some of the bad reviews she has are really scary. I don't speak Spanish and DR is a long way from home. I kinnnnda considered Mexico, but only because it is 30 mins away. After I thought about it more, I decided I wanted to stay in the states, for various reasons.

Annnyway, I'm so glad I actually posted something instead of remaining a lurker! It's nice to interact with you girls, since I haven't really told family or friends and they probably wouldn't get it anyway haha. Here are my before pics that I just took. Boy, you don't realize how different your body looks than all these after pics until you take the sad before pics! Haha I'll post updated before pics right before surgery. :)

Anyone know of a Recovery House for the first few days in Aventura?

Soooo, I talked to my best friend today (she and her hubby have a house in Miami and she was going to go with me and take care of me) and she just signed with a new commercial agent in LA. She's concerned they will drop her for taking so much time, because she and her husband are leaving for a month for their honeymoon at the end of March. Essentially, she will have to take 2 months off in order to help me with a Feb 28 surgery and agents do not like that lol A ton can change in 4 months, but I need to look at alternatives before I book. I really want round-the -clock care for the first 2-3 days. Does anyone know of a caregiver that offers room and board or anything in the South Florida area? Im gonnna check, but I figured I might be able to get good recommendations from you girlies!
(Oh, and nothing back from Samala today regarding pics... hopefully tomorrow!)

Got the Email Consult Back from Salama Today...

He seemed very confident that he could get me where I want to be. Making a final decision is so scary. I've been reading some awesome reviews and some not awesome. I hope I am making the right decision choosing him! I will be SO upset if my results arent amazing. Not only is it $8900 for the original procedure, but I may add arms and thighs if he till has some room with the max cc's out after sucking everything he can out of waist, flanks, back, etc. Then, there is the flight and recovery house (Cynthia has info if you need it. 24 hour care, all meals and all transpo for 10 days = $1899... or $300 a day if you want less time) and 4 extra days at a hotel, as I dont want to stand for the 5-7+ hours it will take me to get home. God, that flight is gonna suck. What do you girls do? I read one girl who said she knelt for like 3 hours. I cant even picture how she did that or how embarrassing that would be lol! Any recent Salama mamas here?

Moms, how do you explain this surgery to your kids?

I have an almost 9 year old and he is very smart for his age. This will not go unnoticed lol. How did you talk about this with your little ones? I don't want to unintentionally send negative body images to him. Not sure how I should approach it. Thanks!

Anyone else scheduled to be in Miami February 27-March 10?

Just wondering how many of you will be there around the same time?

Ohhhh Lord. Pre-Op Measurements lol

I don't even know how this happened, but I am so rectangular haha
As of today, Oct 26, I am:
160 lbs
42.5" at the fullest part of my bust, 35" both above and below mah boobs
34" Natural waist, 39" at the fullest part of my flanks (ruuuude lol)
41" at the fullest part of my hips
24" at the fullest part of upper thighs
14" upper arms

I think we can all agree that those middle numbers can just go to hell! lol
I will update again before surgery, since it is still 4 months away.

Oh! And Samala offers a 5% Military Discount!

So awesome!
Thanks, Dr. Samala!

Anyone have a late January 2014 date that they want to trade for Feb 28, 2014?

My husband may be coming home over Christmas instead of 2 weeks in January, so I can get it done a little sooner now if someone needs a little more time than planned! We are all wanting to do it yesterday, but I thought I'd check! Haha

Got My Date Switched!!

Omg! It's so close now! I just spoke with Cynthia and got my 2/28 date moved up to 1/23!!!! I also put my deposit down for the recovery house. I will be in Florida from 1/22 till probably 2/6. Anyone in town those dates? I'm trying to decide if I want to do the recovery center for the additional days. The price ($1899) includes 10 days, one of them being preop day. I want to wait 2 weeks to fly. Trying to decide if I want to just stay at the recovery house the additional 5 days at $200 a day, or if I want to move and save a little money. All transpo and meals are included in that $200 a day, so I have to take that into consideration, too. Any advice on that, Veteran BBL mamas? Would you have felt ok in a hotel alone after 9 days? Also would consider sharing a room or condo with other girls.

I'm so excited and so nervous! Omg! It's starting to feel real, now!!!!

I booked my flight! Everything is locked in!

So, I decided to come home early instead of staying 14 days post op in the recovery house. I'm just gonna stay the 10 days (9 post op) and book a whole row on the plane, instead. So much cheaper! At $200 a day, that would have been an extra 1200! Even the hotels in that area are close to that. For $302 total, I can book 2 extra seats on the flight home and lay face down for that 7 hour flight. That's the shortest flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego! I'd rather recover at home after the initial brutal first week or so. Feelin more and more real!!! Just over 7 weeks now. Holy crap! Haha

I'm so nervous!!!

Less then 3 weeks and I'm way more nervous than excited! Lol. My husband has been home for 2 weeks now and we have been busy, busy, busy! He's back for only 2 more weeks. Boo! It's going by too fast. He will leave for Afghanistan the 15th and then I'll fly out to for surgery just a week later. I'm so much more scared than I have been. I'm worried about the pain, the recovery and the results (probably more than anything). Surgery clearance appt is tomorrow. I hope everything goes well!

PreOp Clearance

So far, so good! Did my clearance today and everything is a go except we have to wait for labs to come back. I'm so grateful for my husband. Not only is he paying for this hot new bod, he provides us with such great medical insurance through his work that the entire out of pocket expense for all the pre op appt stuff that it's only cost $1.04 out of pocket for everything I did today - and that was just the share of cost for the anti nausea meds. The entire dr visit, labs, EKG and antibiotics were covered. They forgot to fill the stool softeners and I can't fill percs until I get to Florida, so I don't know if they will have a share of cost. This whole thing is so expensive and not having to pay cash for all of that was pretty awesome. I'm getting excited again now! 19 1/2 days! Omg!!! RealSelf and all of you have been such a huge part of this journey already and I appreciate all of you, too! So glad I have other ladies to share this with!!! ??

Holy CRAP! Just a few more days!

I can't believe I leave in 6 days! I am taking a red eye, so I will arrive in FL at about 9:30am. Justin is scheduled to pick me up and take me straight to the office, where I will have my pre op appt and sign paperwork. Then, I will go fill my rx for perks, pick up some other things at the pharmacy, grab some stuff I want at the grocery store and then just hang out at the recovery house. So far, Im scheduled for the first surgery of the morning. I won't get to meet Dr. Salama until the day of surgery, as he is on vacation until the 23rd. I hope he is all rested and refreshed and ready to sculpt and use his incredible talent to the fullest on this body!
My husband left to go back to Afghanistan this morning. He has been home for a month and it has been sooo busy that I haven't even had much time to think or prepare for the surgery. It really made time fly! One downfall is that I gained 7 pounds this month with all the amazing food and drink lol Im hoping some of it is bloating and will go away. Ill post the new pics he took the other day. I feel so gross and they are really hard to look at. I can't wait to be on the other side of this and I really hope Dr. Salama pulls out all the shots. :)
When do I start taking the Arnica and Bromelain? Are there any must haves at the recovery house? Im bringing Maxi Dresses, shirts for under garments, heating pad, open toed shoes, pads for the garment comfort, Arnica Gel, Benedryl cream, socks, my laptop, some elbow pads (cause ill be up on my elbows on my laptop and stuff), a "go girl" urinal funnel, Robe and probably a few other things Im forgetting. I don't want to overpack, cause I know the RH will have a lot, but I don't want to under pack either. Help, vets! What did you find you couldn't live without those first 9 days after?
Im so excited. I don't feel prepared at all, though. I'm super missing my husband, so Im kinda mopey. Ill be fine in a day or 2, but I need to get on it. Im leaving SO soon!!!

Pics 9 days pre op

So annoying lol

I hate that you can't edit for typos


Top 10 foods high in iron

For those of us who are having a hard time taking soooo many iron pills:

Do you tip!?

Wondering if you ladies who stayed at the recovery house tipped anyone? I'm not sure if they expect to be tipped or they consider their pay all inclusive? What about jutin, the driver? I would think probably not, but I don't want to be rude!
Omg you guys! 4 1/2 days and I'll be probably just about to go under! Anyone know what time he starts first surgery of the day?

In 24 hours my plane will be taking off to Florida!!

Wow! That last month went by soooo fast!! Tonight, I'm baking my flat ass off for the guys in Afghanistan. I'm gonna send out a few boxes tomorrow and then dial everything in for my trip. I haven't actually packed yet, but most of my things are in our spare room and ready to go in a suitcase. I'm not nervous at all right now. Just super excited. Salama has been putting out some amazing bodies and I'm so ready to be next. It's so crazy to think that I will, literally, be the next surgery he does! OMG! Lol.
I tried the half foam roller I got on amazon in the car today, and it seems like it will work really well. Driving my monkey to and from school was a big concern for me, since it's just us right now. I'm not worried about it anymore. It should be fine! Yay! I also wanna thank all of you who have taken the time to comment and wish me well and who are following along as I go through this journey. I promise you the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm hoping it will be almost all good! Haha
One more sleep in California, one on the plane and then one in the recovery house and then it's SALAMA TIME! I'll try to take final pre op measurements tomorrow, but if not, I'm bringing my measuring tape to Florida LOL!
Night, dolls. Sweet sleeps and big booty dreams! ;) xoxo

Final pre op measurements! About to leave for the airport!

Holy craaaap! This is really happening! I'm about to leave for the airport and I did final measurements. All of these were taken at the end of the day and after dinner lol.
I'm 5'4" and weight 164.5
Bust (over boobs and I have implants): 43 1/4
Over bust: 36 1/2
Under bust: 36
Natural waist: 35 1/2
Flanks: 39 1/4
Hips: 42 1/2
Thigh: 24 1/2
Arms: 12 1/2

I'm so ready! Let's do this!!!

Just a few more hours!

I got to Florida this morning and went to sign alllllll the paperwork. I met Nomie, Cynthia and Ruben and I just love them! Everyone is so nice! I feel so comfortable! Took my shower with anti bacterial soap, shaved and now I'm laying in bed. Watching tv. The recovery house is great and I love the other girls here! There's somethin really comforting about being preop and being surrounded by girls in various stages of recovery. They decided they wanna get an early start tomorrow, so I have to be at the office at 7am! Sooo, I'm getting up around 5:45 for a 6:30am pick up. Nomie said I will probably be at the surgery center till about 1pm with time for recovery. I'll update when I can! Thanks for all the love and well wishes! See you on the other side!! ??

Hi, ladies! I made it through!

So, my surgery was at like 7ish this am. I feel pretty good now!! The first couple of hours were reallllly rough. Really. Rough. I took 1 perc and it didn't do much, so I took another. Finally was able to sleep some and woke up and I've been walking around and standing fine for almost 2 hrs! Just took another perc and I'm gonna lie down for a bit. These pics aren't good but you get an idea. :). I'm hoping my waist goes down a ton and my butt fluffs!

Outside of the plastic surgery office this am and just now

There's a lot of padding above my butt and over my tummy

Day 2 post op!

I feel really good - as long as I stay up on my percs. Don't let yourself get into pain, ladies. Ward it off by taking your pills every 4 hrs!! I had my post op today with a nurse and I'm seeing him tomorrow. They gave me silverdyne cream for some red spots but they aren't burns. I looked. I'm treating that area and keeping my Tshirt on. I'm following directions exactly!! Here are a few pics when I showered and washed my garment today. Still really swollen. :)

Oops. One more from in the office today.

Forgot to crop face out lol

About to go in to get thighs lipoed

I'll explain later, but wanted to post a few pics from after my first massage today! Will post more of an update, too!

Thanks for all the love and sweet comments!

You girls are amazing. I'll post much more detailed updates when I'm home. I'm focusing on healing and having fun with all these great girls in the recovery house. I am SO happy I stayed here! If you're on the fence, do it! It is soooo worth it!!!

Day 6 - 2nd massage.

This is from yesterday. For some reason, the second massage was more painful for me. I still breathed through it and felt much better after. Celia is awesome!!
Tomorrow, I have my final massage in the morning and fly out around 5pm. My roomie (CanadianBBLgirl) left today. It was so sad! I'm soooo grateful we were paired up. She is awesome and holy crap - Salama made that girl's body insane. Pics do not do justice. Also got to meet my Persiangirlcurves. She looks so incredible, too! It's really neat to go through this with other girls.
I will post a detailed review in the next week or so. There were some great things and some not great things this week, and I promised to share it all. So far, I'm really please with my decision to do this and pleased with my choice of Dr.
Till then, here are pics from after the massage yesterday. Not much different, but the bruising is so dramatically different. I started arnica and Bromelain 4 days before surgery and am still taking it. I also use arnica gel after I shower. :). Oh! They also took out my back drain after the 2nd massage. Heaven. I can't even tell you! Haha

Tried on pants

Can't WAIT till this ass drops and fluffs! My ass was so flat in jeans before!

Same jeans before surgery


Booty blues

I've got em! Lol. I still have to post about the whole experience, but it's gonna be so long that I've put it off. Took some pics at my first at home massage tonight (massage 4) and I'm really bummed at the asymmetry on my left flank/hip. I know it could be swelling but I have a feeling it will stay. Crossing fingers it will resolve. Finally got into the large garment tonight without feeling like I might die. Tried it a couple days ago and it was a no way haha. I started in a 2xl stage one and went to a xl stage 2 after the massage. It was feeling too loose but the large was just too tight. I'm glad I'm in a tighter one now, cause I was worried about how loose the xl was feeling. I'm really disappointed in my inner thighs. They don't look any different and measure the exact same and I had to do a second surgery just days out to get that done! That's a whole other update though lol. Hoping I shake the blues soon. Thanks to you ladies, I know it's a very normal part of the healing process! Will update more soon! Xoxo

17 Days Post Op

Wow! Nothin like a little side-by-side to battle the post op blues!!! Feeling much better after doing this! Lol (I used the pic stitch app)

Pain after 24 days?

Wow. Today has been the most painful day I've had since before I left the recovery house. I've had some sharp pains in my skin on my back and side, like someone is pokin me with a wire hanger. All I can think of is that maybe my massage therapist worked on me too hard last week. Hoping it goes away soon. Here are pics from 2 nights ago after my massage (3 weeks and one day post) I don't really notice much of a difference since the last pics. I need to downsize my garment soon.

Anyone selling a medium butt out garment? Thought I'd check here first :)


And thank you all so much for the awesome comments! I feel bad not responding to all of them individually but I also don't want to send out tons of notifications to everyone lol. They seriously mean a lot! ??

Losing volume. :( 4 weeks post op tomorrow.

I am sad. I wish my butt were a little fuller. I've felt that way all along and was hoping fluffing would make it pop, but now I'm losing volume. I can tell visually and the measuring tape confirms.
I was 42.5 pre op, 44.5 when I got home on 2/1. Was 44 on 2/9 and today I am 43.5 (just an inch more than pre op). Nooooo, booty! Don't goooo. This recovery has been way too much to not have an ass lol. I literally haven't caught a single person staring, and I've been lookin haha. It just kinda looks like a normal butt (but I was flat before!)
Anyway... I'm still hoping it fluffs and gives me more but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

Losing hope.

I know you girls keep saying to wait and that it will fluff, but I dunno. The lipo is awesome. He reshaped me, for sure... But I could have done that in California. They have a 5L lipo limit here.
I'm 5 weeks today. I know I look 100x better. I do. But I don't feel like I have an 1100cc booty. This healing has been trying. I only wanted to do this once.
(Please tell me you see it. You girls are almost too nice sometimes lol. I want raw and honest. That butt is not a BBL BOOTY lol) I know I need to wait for fluffing but I'm only 0.5" bigger than pre op now.
I can't wait to sleep normally and sit in a week!!! Haha

6 1/2 weeks

I can finally sit. Thank gawwwwd lol. It is uncomfortable sitting on anything hard still, but I don't need to often. I did yoga Friday. The sitting part was still a little uncomfortable but the stretching was awesome. Here are pre op and 6 weeks. :/.
I've emailed Nomie a few times and called once. She hasn't gotten back to me. Hopefully she will this week.

When they say this is a rollercoaster, they aren't kidding!

It's day 60 post op today. I went and tried on some clothes today and I fit in a size 8 jeans!!! Whaaaa?! I was an 11-13 in juniors before. Sometimes a 10 in women's. Today I was an 8/9 in juniors. That's a big deal for me! I don't know if fluffing is happening, but something is looking prettier. I love my shape so much more. I'm so much more confident. Still a little disappointed at the size, but everything looks sooo much better!!! Let's hope I still get flufffff! Haha. I'm still doing massages, just cause my insurance covers em lol. I get the full massage now tho. It's glorious.
My tummy is still kinda lumpy and I'm really disappointed in my thighs, but I hear those take months and months to really see the difference. They look uneven now. They didn't really before, they just looked not much different. We will see. Still waiting. I'm feeling better tho. Today, at least haha

I think massages are so key

I read some reviews where girls are 2 months out and still so tight from lipo. Salama was pretty aggressive with my lipo and other that a little residual tightness on my lower back (it's also still a little numb, but waking up), I feel pretty much back to normal. I would say I feel like 97%. We have done ultrasound and started with the lymphatic massage and just worked up to normal massage. Physically, I feel great! I think the garments and not being able to sit were the hardest parts lol

10 weeks and 5 days post op

I can't believe it will be 11 weeks on Thursday! Wow, time has flown by! Here's a new pic. My hip measurements were 44.5 when I got home on day 10. Now they are 42.5, exactly the same measurement as pre op. Weird. I wish I had projection. The biggest difference in my butt is the part he carved out in the arch of my back. I wonder if you filled that back in, if there would be any difference in the projection from before and after lol. I'm pretty sure fluffing would have happened already if it was going to. I did notice it settle and look smoother around 5 weeks, but it didn't look any bigger or fluffier or anything. It was pretty subtle. Anyway, here's a pic from just now.


Not sure why that pic didn't work


Realself is acting crazy on my phone lol

Before and after

Ok. Here's a side by side from salama's office before surgery and tonight at almost 11 weeks post
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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