Dijon's makeover: TT, lipo thighs/flanks and breast lift/enlargement

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I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck, Breast...

I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift/Enlargement, Lipo of flanks and upper thighs. I've done tons of research and picked Dr. Breister Ghosh. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about her. OF course, I'm very nervous about going into surgery. I've only had my tonsils removed when I was 5. LOL.

Successful stories?

I'm looking for anyone who she has worked her magic on! Would love to read your story. Thanks!

About me....

I'm married, with no children, 43 yrs old (will be 44 in Oct when my surgery is scheduled), I'm 5'7 and 144 lbs (+/- on any given day). LOL

I've always had a belly pouch! My mom used to have me do sit ups and run around the house to try and get rid of it. Sure, it would get smaller, but still a pouch no matter what. I've always worked out at the gym and/or had personal trainers. Recently, in the last 2 years, I've been doing Cross Fit and took up running. I've run one full Marathon and three Half Marathons and various 5k's, 10k's and 15k's.

I've wanted a TT for a long time. I've also always wanted bigger breast. My husband finally agreed and I set out looking for a PS. I found a great one and booked my surgery on OCT 16 2013, 7:30am!

Wow, 3 months away. Seems like so long down the road, and yet it's all I think about! I have lots to keep me busy between now and then. I have one more Half Marathon on Aug 18 2013. Then my husband and I are going to Hawaii in Septemeber. Then, before I know it, it will be Show time! :-)

I'm in love with the site and all the wonderful women who are sharing their stories. It's such a blessing to have this and all the support.

I'll update with before pics when I take them. Not in a hurry to show my pouch to the world..but I will.

Looking forward to all the advise and words of wisdom you all have to share with me.

Thank you!

A couple before pics

I'm letting it all hang out in these pics!

Event countdown...

So tomorrow begins a series of events happening before my Oct 16th make over. Tomorrow is my Half Marathon. In a year's time, this will be my 4th and my last for awhile.

I'm so happy for RS and all you wonderful ladies. It's great knowing I'm not "alone" when going through my surgery. I've already knock a few things of my list of things to get before surgery.

I see you all with your flat tummies and beautiful boobs and I can't wait for my turn. I hope I look as good as you all!

Happy healing and God bless!!!! xoxo

My bling

All my medals! I got the far two on the right yesterday one for completing a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and the other for completing a series of 3 Half Marathons in a 8 month period. Triple crown. I'm a happy girl.

4 weeks PRE-Op!

Hello ladies...4 weeks from today I'll be laying on a table split wide open...LOL! I feel pretty calm about it at the moment.

I've been pretty busy since my last update. Had my 44th birthday! Then went to Hawaii with my husband. Being busy sure makes the time go by superfast.

I've managed to fill all my weekends between now and surgery. Hopeing time continues to go by super fast.

I've got most supplies. Need to make trip to grocery store but that will be the day before my surgery.

My husband is super supportive and excited to see the new me (although he says I'm perfect just like I am...awee). My cousin will be here with me the week after surgery. And I have my hairstylist friend on stand by to come over and wash and style my hair for me! :-)

Here are a couple selfies of me in Hawaii. I don't own a "real" bikini. So this will do for now. I'll be sure to take after pics in the same outfit. I suppose I should start considering a "real" bikini for my future.

I love reading everyones updates and seeing how the progress. Sometimes it gets overwhelming with all the RS emails. So I don't always respond, but be sure I AM following you ladies! And I love what I see and read.

I'll update again in probably 2 weeks.

Peace and Love!

2 Weeks from today

The real count down is on! Going to my pre-op tomorrow. I have everything I think I'll need except for last minute groceries. I still don't think It has hit me what I'm about to do. Not really nervous or anxious. I hope it stays that way!

Pre-Op and Boobs.

Today's visit with PS was awesome! I took my husband with me so he would know what's going on. My PS graciously went through the entire procedure with him making sure he understood what was going to happen. I asked my few questions that I had and she answered everything to my satisfaction. She was very patient and spent a lot of time with us.

I also "tried on" implant sizes. It's so hard to pick a size. I have natural boob of my own. So when she does the lift, I will still have some boob but I want added volume. I'm also considering that I still wAnt to run, do Crossfit, and stay active without my boobs being in the way. She said she was thinking 350cc. I tried on a 420cc and was happy. And I tried on 450cc and it seemed huge. She of course said she would see what will fit best in me once she's in there. And she assured me I will have plenty of fullness. What do you ladies think?

The only bad thing about the appointment was that I had to stand completely naked in front of my husband is a bright room with bright lights! Usually I only do that in a room with dim lights! I really started sweating when she was grabbing and pulling my jelly roll stomach and showing him how she was going to pull this down and that up and on and on. Sure glad he loves me!


I've read on here that some experience nightmares before their surgeries. I had not experienced any until last night! I wonder if it was because I had my pre-op yesterday and everything is fresh in my mind. I hope I can clear my mind and not have anymore of those!

One more week

A week from today I'll be getting prepped at the surgery center. I did a drive by yesterday to make sure I knew where it was. I feel so luck it's only about 10 minutes from my house. My hubby is getting excited too (about the boobs). Haha.

I'm starting to think "what am I doing to myself". Yikes. Nervousness is setting in.

Love this photo though. So true for the next few months. :-)).

PreOp Day

Today is my last day with a poochy belly and not so perky breast. I feel like I should have a ceremony to say goodbye to them. They have been a part of my life for 44 years after all. My husband was rubbing my tummy last night and said I love your belly. And I said oh hush up. If you love this then you're gonna be ecstatic over my new one. We both laughed. He's so great!!! He'll be my nurse the next 3 days. I'm worry my little doggies won't understand why they can't be in the room with me for a few days. I don't want to chance them pouncing on me. Well I have lots to do today. Last minute cleaning and then off to work. I'm so blessed by God. Thank you ladies for all of your help. I wish I could give a shout out to each one of you but you all are wonderful!

And cut...!

Ha. Little surgery humor. I'm at home resting. Will update more tomorrow. My husband is so amazing. Making sure I'm comfy as possible. Thanks for the well wishes today. I felt all of them.

Fianally pooed

Yay last. Nuight. Wow hard it type when drugged up. Lol. Doing ok. Just trying to stay comfortable. Will post more later.

Boo pic

Took these yesterday at first foloow up. Not sure what's going on with RS I haven't gotten any updates from anyone. Wired.

Boob pics

PreOp #2 today

So ladies, my PS said I was healing very well. She took out my left drain(right one still in). She said everything looks good and I can switch to Motrin for pain as needed. I go back again on Thursday. She changed the stitching dressing and said I'm good to go for showering. I have to admit I'm nervousness about showering. Big breath, I can do it! All in all I feel good. A little tight and sore but all what I expected. I had my cousin snap so pics of me as I was laying on the table today. I'll post them now. I think my right breast looks bigger. But it was always the bigger one. I have to remember there is still a lot of settling to be done. Happy healing sisters!!

Two of my helpers

They are so cute! Waiting to help their mommy. Haha!

Two week update

Hello ladies. This past Wednesday was 2 weeks post op for me. I went to my PS today ad she removed the last drain. However she feels that she will probably have to use a needle to pull out some fluid on Monday. But the drain needed to come out today. It was looking very angry and was starting to ooze.

All in all my PS says I'm a fast healer. Everything looks like it should look. Not much pain. Just uncomfortable every now and then.

I start back to work this coming Tuesday (part-time). I hope my energy holds up. Just driving my self to the doctor today and back home made me a little tired. Of course I didn't sleep too good last night due to the drain site hurting.

Here are a few pics to update you. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for the support and I pray all of you are well.


Yes, I have one and had it drained today. She had to do it twice. Not sure how much she drained but she said she will probably have to do it again this Friday.

I have also noticed over the weekend my right breast has swelled up. I brought it to her attention. She said to watch it this week. Could just be swelling but hoping it's not fluid build up. She said she doesn't want to have to stick a needle in there because of the implant. Well, yeah! No kidding. Anyone experience this?


Omg, I just worked 4 hours on my feet and came home to see a pooch in my lower belly! PLEASE tell me this will go away with time!

I know it's only been 23 days since surgery, but I haven't seen a flat tummy on me since day 2!

4 weeks

Yesterday wad my 4 week anniversary! Lol. :-). I have to say the swelling is as bad as everyone says. Especially at the end of the day. One evening I felt like I didn't look like I had a TT at all! But I'm not going to let it get me too crazy. I KNOW it will get better.

I still have the seroma. I had it drained again on Monday. And I'm going back today for another draining. I think it looks smaller today. Well see when she drains how much comes out.

All in all my recovery has been pretty good. Not much pain at all. I have been feeling things come "back to life" with shooting pains here and there. But that is good.

I haven't seen my scar at all. My PS keeps it covered at all times with tape. Says she'll remove at 6 weeks. But it looks pretty dark under the tape.

My right breast is still bigger than the left. Not sure that will correct itself. Overall my breast are still swollen but I love them. Can't wait to play with new bras and clothes.

Her are a few selfies I took this morning since I felt flat. Although I think it should be flatter.

My uneven boob.

Comparison photos

I guess I can see a very slight difference. Can you?

36 days and small pooch

Hi all! I went Thursday to get my seroma aspirated again (down to 8ccs...yay). Anyway, I still have this hard small pooch above my incision line. My tummy has not been flat there since surgery. My PS looks a little confused and said well it could take a couple months to go down. Said it needs to make a "connection" for the fluid to flow and the swelling to go down. She said to start massaging it gently everyday to help things along. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Long overdue update

Today is 167 days post op (5 months and 17 days). Let’s see if anyone out there will remember me! Ha! Sorry for the long update below.

First, I’m healthy mentally and physically. I’ve recovered well and have returned to all pre surgery activities. I even trained for and ran a Half Marathon on February 23, 2014!

To refresh everyone, I had a breast lift and implants. I went from a 32DD to a 34DDD. There is a very slight issue with my right breast. The skin stretched a little too much and it sits a tiny bit lower than my left breast. It doesn’t bother me too much but I would like to get it corrected. I’m loving them and so is my husband!

I also had a tummy tuck and lipo on hips and inner thighs. I’m happy with the lipo, it didn’t make a huge difference but I can tell it was done. BUT, it’s the tummy tuck that I am disappointed in.

When I look at myself, I can see an improvement from the surgery, without a doubt. The reason I had the surgery was to get ride of a bulge that no matter what exercise I did or what I didn’t eat, it would not go away. Well, now I still have a bulge there, just a smaller one. LOL! I went into the surgery fully expecting a FLAT tummy as a result.

I’ve been patient and waited for the “swelling” to go down and for it to heal. Even my doctor seems a little perplexed as to why there is still a bulge.

I do swell for sure by the end of the day depending on what I’ve done that day and what I’ve eaten. But it’s always gone by the morning, but it’s never flat.

My doctor has suggested I get an Ultrasound to rule out scar tissue or fluid build up. I’ll get that done in the next week or so. If that all is clear, then she says it’s probably that the skin and the fat in the area have swelling within the tissue. She thinks my tissue in the abdomen is thick to begin with. Her next suggestion would be to lipo the tummy area.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. But if I have to go back under for tummy lipo, I’ll get my breast corrected at the same time. And I may even consider doing lipo on my back.

I would welcome any comments….always love to hear what you think!

I hope everyone is well!!! (((HUGS)))

Photo Update

Here are a couple pics of my progress

To Lipo or not to lipo

Hi Ladies!!! Anyone still out there? :-)

Well, it's been 9 months since my tummy tuck and I still have a pooch in my belly! I had an ultrasound to rule out any scar tissue or fluid and I was clear. So, my next route is to lipo the tummy. I also need slight revisions on my breast. The skin has stretched some after the implants settled and they are a little droopy. So she will pick those up a little. And....since I would be going under for the tummy lipo, I want to have my back lipoed at the same time. I hate wearing fitted shirts because of my back fat rolls. But how else do I show off my new girls? LOL.

So, what do you think? I'll up load new pics, but really I look the same as the April update...no change. But here is pic of my back rolls.

Pic of back

More pics

My tummy is finally flat!!!

Two weeks ago today, I underwent a Revised Bilateral Breast Lift and LIPO on my Tummy and Back. I feel amazing today. I'm so HAPPY to say that my tummy is FINALLY FLAT!!!!!

My PS revised my breat lift (Originally lifted and implants in Oct 2013) on both breast and they are sitting up nice and perky now.

She also did Lipo on my Tummy to get rid of the fat that did not go away from Tummy Tuck (originally performed in Oct 2013). And I had Lipo to my back for the first time.

I must say the experience and recovery is like night and day compared to my surgeries in Oct 2013. This to me was easy. Only dealing with some lingering soreness in my back, but that's to be expected. I'm massaging my tummy 3 times a day to keep lumps away and so far so good. I'll upload a couple pics that was taken a week ago.

Lipo pics

Doctor checkup 8/13/14

She said everything is healing great. Will see me again in 3 weeks.

Working out

I'm still wearing compression 24/7 and probably will until week 6. PS said I could start working out but to go very light and slow. So I did a 30 min walk today. My back did feel tingly and I had an uncomfortable burning feeling. Also the stitches are a tad bit itchy.

Sleeping bra

I've been wearing this while sleeping and it's very comfy. You can get them at Target. They come in different colors and with or without padding.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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