20's, 5'5" 120lbs. 339 Moderate Textured!? - San Diego, CA

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So I've been creeping on realself for about 2...

So I've been creeping on realself for about 2 months and decided it's time to post my own story. I'm 5'5 around 120lbs and I currently have a small B cup. I've lost more than a cup size in the last 2 years (went off birth control which really affected my size) and also lost some lbs.
I really did love my boobs when they were a perky full C. But now I am asymmetrical and a bit saggy! I decided that I am not okay with having saggy boobs in my twenties.

Time for an upgrade!!!
I had consults with 2 different docs but when I met Dr. Marin and his staff and knew it was the right fit. He really took the time to listen to me as well as providing important info and his expert recommendation. I took a few weeks to think about it and made a decision. I put down a deposit and scheduled surgery! December 14th it is!

I am thinking I want a D cup on the smaller side. I am concerned about looking to large/fake and I definitely don't want peoples first reaction when they see me to be "BOOB JOB!!!"
Sadly, I feel like I have forgotten a lot of the details from my consult but after trying on sizers I think I liked how 339ccs looked. Dr. Marin suggestion moderate profile textured implants.

I'll post some before pics so you can see the current situation!
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Consult #2.

after months of lurking on realself and doing tons of research I decided I needed another consultation. I just felt overwhelmed by looking at sizes and wanted to make sure my surgeon and I were on the same page. I'm so glad I did! I was scheduled for 339 textured sientras and was a little concerned that they would feel too hard. He actually let me know that there has been some sort of manufacturing issue and that textured sientras are not available at this time. He told me that textured is not necessarily better, it just depends on the look you are going for and what you're currently working with. After sharing my wish boob pictures, he said that he's glad I came in because most of the wish boobs have more lower pole fullness which is actually easier to achieve with smooth implants. They sit a little more teardrop shaped than textured do.
The only worry I have about smooth is that they seem to not have as much longevity. It's possible that I might need them redone sooner than if I were to get textured.

Either way, I am not willing to postpone my surgery to wait for textured implants anyways!
Has anyone else heard about textured sientras not being avaiable?

We also went over sizing again and agreed that 339 or 371 would be best. He will bring my wish boob photos in the operating room and make the final decision.

I feel so much better now that I am more informed! and now I can lay off of the Internet bubble of endless research!

2 months away!!!!!
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