12 days post op, supra tip swelling worse since cast removal- San Diego, CA

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So after finding this website about a week or so...

So after finding this website about a week or so ago I finally decided to pull the trigger and post my story. I have always been bothered by my nose (mainly that it is crooked). Other people don't seem to notice or think my nose warrants any work, especially since I don't have anything obvious like a bump or something -you be the judge! Anyway I had my consult with Dr Roark a couple of weeks ago and he definitely validated my concerns. He told me the tip of my nose is perfect and he would shave some off the bridge of my nose and some off either side of my nasal bone (between my eyes). I was happy with that and am optimistic with the results. I bought some arnica pills and cream that I will start taking before my surgery (in about 3 weeks). 
Any advice or tips would be appreciated, I've never had any work done and have not had any previous surgeries otherwise so a bit naive about the whole process.

almost time for pre op appt, 2 weeks til surgery day

i have my pre op appt this friday, which means surgery is about 2 week away. i am starting to get more anxious/nervous as it gets closer. i keep thinking i may or may not have taken enough time off of work (11 days) and am wondering when i will be able to work out again, specifically just doing pilates or weights. i have bought a few wireless bras online and a wedge pillow. i bought some other things from the recommended list. was wonder if anyone had any thoughts when to start the arnica, bromelain and vitamin E? was also told by my PS to start taking 1000 mg vitamin C, is it too early? i am going to ask my PS on friday but wanted to see what you all thought with your own experiences? i think i am just anxious to get the surgery part over with and start recovering :)

pre op appt today

my pre op appointment was this morning. i met with the nurse and also the PS, they took pictures, went over med history and gave me my prescriptions. oh and i paid :) i was starting get a little apprehensive about having the surgery but they both reassured me that i would be fine. the PS went over what he was going to do to my nose in detail and how that would make my after look. i feel a lot better now. i am still wondering when to start the vitamins and arnica and the bromelain? i dont want to take them too early if they can cause bleeding or other complications. i was also told to stop taking my fish oil which causes bleeding too (who knew?). anyway let the countdown begin, T-13 days!

Rhino surgery today! Now recovery timep

Had surgery bright and early this morning, everything went really well. My mouth was so intensely dry afterward it was awful but pain so far is definitely manageable. I also have decided I am not a good mouth breather, I doze off then start to snore and wake myself up again. I have two black eyes, putting arnica on it and trying to ice but I can already see the swelling over the bridge. It's also kind of hard to eat and timing my breathing, bread is just too dry and feels like if gets stuckin my throat. I have noticed some bleeding on my drip pad, had to,change it already. Next appt is tomorrow at10 maybe I can get packing out.

Tips? Advice from anybody?

The day after, more bruising and swelling

Sleep was pretty hit or miss last night. Even with the ambien I felt like I woke myself up every hour by my snoring or dry throat/lips. Today I saw myPS he seemed really pleased with how the surgery went. It's amazing how exhausting it is just to get outside and to the office. We also went to the supermarket for go gurt and I put my brave face on and actually owed it and went in with my bf. you can imagine the looks lol! Anyway,next appt is monday to get packing out YAY! Then again on Wednesday to change cast and Friday to remove cast and remove sutures, very much looking forward to Monday, I want this packing out! Althought mouth breathing is getting easier its still hell. Hopefully today is the worse for bruising. Also I have been starting to have post nasal bloody mucous which is lovely. I am trying to slowly were myself off the percocets,taking 1 every 4 hours. I took my stool softener and senna tabs too so hopefully will be regular again, that's all for now. More icing icing icing! I feel like it works better than the pills for pain.

2 days after surgery :)

Last night and yesterday were probably the worst I will have, lots of swelling tightness and pain. I think the swelling and bruising is lightening up a bit. I also slept in 3-4 hours increments and iced continually through the night. This humidifier is a godsend. I am only taking 1 Percocet and soma every 6 hours now. Mouth breathing is getting easier. I don't really have any drip anymore but still changing the gauze to keep my sutures clean. Gonna attempt a shower today with help of boyfriend. Wish us luck!

3 days after :) getting better!!

3 days after :) getting better!!

First I wanna say typing on an iPad is very annoying so sorry for my many typos along the way. I think I am finally getting the hang of it too.
Pain is much better today and i am now just taking 400 mg ibuprofen every 8 hours. Last night was okay with the ambien. I did not like the narcotics, made my stomach hurt and felt very bloated with the senna laxatives and stool softeners. Not much more to update. Showered yesterday with they help of the bf, he really is so amazing and this is love if he can wait on me and see me looking so terrible lol. Packing comes out tomorrow, does this hurt or can I do alright with the ibuprofen? I really want to be done with those percocets!!

Cast off, sutures gone!!

It's been a few days since I last posted but nothing was new to report, just lew bruising under the eyes each day. Today the cast was removed and I finally got to see what was under there and the results were way better than I could have imagined or expected. Seriously I am very impressed!! The sutures on the columella hurt when they were coming out bc I still have a fair amount of swelling there. The skin in my nose is a little gross, a few more clogged pores than I would like. Bought some witch hazel and hope that helps.

Any have any suggestions for skin care to take care of this problem since I still have to be very gentle when touching my nose? Also I have some tried snot on the anterior part of the inside of my nostrils, trying not to been to aggressive getting it all out bc it's around my dissolvable sutures. I feel like my nose is so naked now and so scared and overprotective of it bc I don't want it to collapse or fall sideways, eek! Next appointment is in a couple weeks :)

Supratip swelling after cast removal

This will be a quick post, i am 12 days post op, got my cast off Friday and have been starting to notice some supratip swelling that is visible in my profile pictures. It was not there when my cast was first removed. I have been reading that some people tape nightly but my PS did not say anything about it. I am wondering if I should be concerned or will this resolve on its own? I know it is very early in my recovery but don't want to kick myself later for something that could have been prevented. Any advice is welcome :) also I have had some gnarly rhinitis today and yesterday, not sure if its a cold or related to the rhinoplasty?
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