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Hello Everyone! My sister referred me to the site...

Hello Everyone! My sister referred me to the site so figured id take a peek and even post information regarding my own surgery. Prior to the surgery, i have never really been fond of my nose, i have a decent size hump, my nose is wide and my tip goes down like a witches nose and also my nostrils are fairly big and come to find out one is noticeably bigger then the other- go figure! I just felt my nose was very masculine for my face. Anyway, I've considered the surgery for some time now but as i told many of my close friends, it always seemed so far fetched. I have talked about this with my friends and they wanted their breasts done, like i said so far fetched. I've seen my first doctor about a year ago, Tom Pousti out of San Diego, payed a 100$ consultation fee and thought i was on the path to actually getting my surgery. He seemed knowledgable however did not fit my needs and i guess overall expectations as i thought a doctor would. I seen him 3x and each time he said he would have pictures for me upon the next visit. He sat down and talked to me for about 5 min each visit- definitely not what i would've expected. He may be a wonderful surgeon so i am in no means bashing him or anything like that but i did not have a very good experience with him. I did receive a quote which was about $7,800

About three months ago my friend suggested a doctor to me, Dr Robert Kearny. I made an appointment a while ago but wasn't able to go in, however i continued doing research on him and nothing but great reviews. I finally made it in to see him this month ( no consultation fees) and he was very helpful and knowledgable, he asked me off the bat what i did not like, what he thought, and how it was going to happen. He was great. Showed me pictures the same day and altered them right in front of me and asked if i liked them if not he made changes. After that i met with one of the nurses for a quote, she told me about options for payment such as carecredit and other financing options. She also said they offer a payment plan within the company which is 60% down and payments of $300 a month thereafter. AWESOME! So then $250 to reserve a date for the surgery and 60% down prior to the surgery. They also said the price would drop another hundred or so if i was able to pay cash, and offered a discount because i was military/student so that helped out a little towards the price. Also was given the VitaMedica Arnica Montana & Bromelain Healing supplements kit and of course my prescription for pain killers for after the surgery.

Enough rambling- my appointment was this past tuesday. I wasn't excited or nervous or really anything for that matter i just wanted to get it over with. They explained the procedure again. Once i laid on the bed- they made small talk and i was out.
-Waking up everything was blurry felt like i was blind and kinda freaked myself out- (mind you I've never done any type of surgery or anything of that nature) Anyway. Nurse was very helpful assisting me get dressed and ensured i made it to the car- where my buddy drove me home.
Word of advice-
*ENSURE you have someone to take care of you for 24+ hours.
(i had no one and insisted i can do everything alone, although i managed quite alright i was miserable.)
*take care of everything you need to prior to surgery!!!!
*If you have a puppy, ensure you have a dog sitter
* Allow yourself a significant amount of time to heal and get back on your feet.

As my title says. i am 3 days post op. my face swelled up way more then day 1. I definitely went through the "Why did i do this" stage and caught myself actually tear up a few times during the first day. MISERABLE! i am doing a lot better now, i walk around my house a lot and take frequent short (elevated) naps, which suck. I have been eating soups, yogurts and i had a sandwich which was a little weird eating because i thought i was going to rip open everything so figured id stick to smaller things that done require my mouth being opened a whole lot.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions- I...

Please feel free to ask any and all questions- I will do my best to answer them to the best of my abilities. :) thank you for reading.

Sooo I have my appointment tomorrow- assuming the...

Sooo I have my appointment tomorrow- assuming the cast removal will be the highlight tomorrow if all goes well :) I can now breathe in and out of my nose still a bit stuffy but possible. Sleeping is still a bit weird especially because of the stupid elevation of the head but meh- my lip is always dry and peeling which sucks. I've tried to clean my stitches a bit more today but they are still tender and bloody. My face is still a little swollen but continuing to ice 15 on 20 off to avoid over icing- keep face cool not cold :) I am still bleeding but nothing major and my nose had become itchy especially under the cast but i just tickle myself a little either on the side or tip with a tissue and i feel better- crazy! ohhh tomorrow come faster!!!

I want to apologize for taking forever to update-...

I want to apologize for taking forever to update- Yesterday was cast removal! Got in the car and was barely able to smell the cherry scent in my car- amazing. Mind you, i was able to breathe in and out with some difficulties but still some flow :) Anyway, i was extremely excited to have that damn thing removed. Went in and Sara, the nurse, seated me and began cleaning me up. Dr Kearny came and said lets get this thing off- he put his hands on the sides of the cast and pulled- i swear i felt my nose was coming off! i really dont know the procedure to thing but damn that sucked! My eyes watered continuously and finally when he realized it wasnt going to come off from him pulling he asked the nurse for a Q-tip. So wasnt too happy about that, i wish he wouldve started with something alittle less harsh but whatever it came off! I took a gust of air- although im sure alot was blood it was alot easier to breathe through my nose.Yay! Gave me a mirror- my nose still looked completely swollen and nostrils a bit weird but nevertheless amazing. Sara proceded to take off my stitches until Dr Kearny returned- those were a bit painful but the nurse was very understanding she explained the nose was still tender and swollen so it is a little painful. NEXT, the splints. OMG the inside splints which i initially thought was a great idea, WASNT. Doctor Kearny returns and begins to search for the splints inside using im assuming tweezers of some sort or whatever kind of tool they had hahah this was by far the most painful. While searching i closed my eyes and they began to water- my nose felt extremely sensitive- he grabbed the splint and pulled out. I have no idea where these things were but when he pulled the first one out it was crazy and definitely alot larger then my nostril, i never wish to feel that again- the rushing tears on the side of my eyes were a clear sign of the pain.. My doctor apologized and said one more to go- SCARY! Same thing- it absolutely sucked. I couldnt even control the tears hahaha like seriously- straight face but tears uncontrollably rushing down soaking my hair.. Geez never again! ANYWAY, i was so greatful that was over. Scheduled my next visit for friday to have the staples removed on the side of my head (to my understanding majority of rhinoplasties do no need to have fascia removed for under the nose- however mine did and thus the staples). Excuse my story telling. Rest of the day was basically keeping it clean and attempting to smell little things here and there.

Almost forgot, Dr Kearny placed 3 pieces of tape...

Almost forgot, Dr Kearny placed 3 pieces of tape on my nose to help with swelling and add pressure. Sara gave me two additional stripes just in case they started to peel off. I asked about working out and wearing sunglasses, Dr suggested whatever i feel comfortable with as far as working out but to try to stray away from getting my heart racing and still recommends i dont put my head down and as far as sunglasses, Sara said i should be fine :)

Today, i woke up with alot less swelling- i did ice 15/20 all day yesterday since the removal. I posted pictures as well. Still somewhat bleeding here and there today, i still slept with my head elevated- I can breathe in and out but i feel like i have a cold so been sniffiling alot and not completely use to breathing through my nose although i can. Otherwise i feel good.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps or at least gives a little insight. Good Luck!

Before/ during Revision

Snapped a few photos I have tons but no longer on my phone. I went in for a revision two days ago since a bone that was suppose to be broken popped out so my Doctor corrected it. Revision was not out of my pocket and it was quick. Had the follow up appointment next day and will wear a splint for another day. To total 4 days including the day of the surgery. Minimal swelling and was prescribed pain meds but have not taken any so I'm doing good

Final product :)

So 8 months out- had my surgery and about 2 months ago had my revision which was nothing major. I am extremely pleased with my nose with exception to my nose slightly to my left due to my tip being a bit crooked. But I either way compared to what I had to work with before which I hated. I am extremely grateful. I have complete feeling in my nose and nothing hurts whatsoever lol thankgod. So been doing good. I love the way I look. :)
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kearny was extremely helpful during the initial consultation and answered any and all my questions. It was very easy to choose him over the previous doctor i had met months prior. He is very down to earth and realistic.

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