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Hi everyone! I've seriously wanted my nose done...

Hi everyone! I've seriously wanted my nose done for the longest time. I was hit directly in the face by a softball when I was 6 years old and that left my nose a bit of a mess. My parents agreed to pay for my procedure, as they know it will strengthen my self confidence and I have been discussing it with them at length for a year or so now. I just booked my rhinoplasty (potentially septorhinoplasty) consultation with Dr. Stephen Cohen.

Surgery Booked! This Grigoryants girl can't wait!

After interviewing several doctors, I was able to nab a quick email consultation with Dr. Grigoryants since I am eager to get my surgery done this summer before school starts again at the end of August. His reviews on here are absolutely incredible, not to mention he has almost 200 before and after rhinoplasty photos on his website - I couldn't find a single one I didn't like! His emails were extremely prompt in response, his office staff was totally personable and I am over the moon excited to say I will finally be getting this done after 7 long years of waiting. My pre-op is July 9th, going under the knife on August 1st!

Grigoryants Girl After 7 Years of Waiting!

Hi Real Self Family! I've been waiting to share my story with you all
for a long time, and the days have finally come. Like many of you on
here, I've disliked my nose for as long as I can remember. When I was 6
years old, I was hit in the face with a softball, which left my septum
deviated and caused it to lean left. I remember being 12 years old
asking my for a nose job. My parents said that if I waited a few years
and still didn't like it, then I could get it done and they would pay
for it. Here we are 7 years later, I'm 19 now, and finally going through
with it! This website and the journeys others have taken the time to
post are inspiring and helped affirm my decision to move forward with
this surgery. I'm hoping that this septorhinoplasty will help fix my
deviated septum, wide bridge, nostril asymmetry, and dorsal hump. My
pre-op is scheduled for July 9th, 2016 and my surgery is officially
scheduled for August 1st! This couldn't come any sooner - I am so
excited. Feel free to ask me any questions you guys may have. I'm here
to share with you my story, so that I can inform and help those who may
be in need of aid!

Pre-Op Appointment Complete! Stoked for surgery.

Today I had a fabulous rhinoplasty pre-op appointment with Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants in Glendale, CA. I got to my 2:30pm appointment at 1:55pm. Good thing I planned on arriving early, there is plenty of paperwork to keep busy! Finished my paperwork around 2:40pm (I have a long surgical and medical history), and was brought back into a room with my parents around 3pm. Not a long wait at all considering the amount of patients also waiting to see him! That's a good thing in my opinion, and I am a very patient person so I didn't mind the wait one bit.

One of the office ladies explained my pre and post operative instructions. I need to get basic blood work done and get cardiac clearance to go under anesthesia. She had her nose done by Dr. G as well and it was STUNNING. Dr. Grigoryants then came in and took a couple "before" photos. We discussed everything we'd be fixing about my nose, including: the deviated septum, wide bridge of nose, and slight droop.

Dr. G went to Dartmouth for medical school and my cousin is currently attending there as well which made for great conversation. He's a sweet, quiet guy who you can tell is extremely intelligent and artistic. I haven't felt more comfortable at an other consultation with a doctor. From his RealSelf reviews, to the email consultation I had with Dr. G, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. We share the same aesthetic vision for my nose - that is SO important!

Full payment ($10,500) was due after the pre-op appointment. The price will vary for each surgery, so if you choose to go with Dr. G, your quote price may look significantly different. Mine is more expensive because there is a lot of work to be done. Thankfully my parents are paying for it and support me 110%. If anyone out there is scared away by that price, know that Dr. G has financing options that you can check out on his website. My surgery will either take place on on July 29th, 2016 or August 1st, 2016. I'll keep you guys updated. Xoxo

Post-Op Day 1

Had my surgery yesterday! Got to the USC Verdugo Hills hospital around 5:40am (check in was at 6am). Filled out paperwork and Everything was great, I headed back to get into my gown and get my vitals taken and my IV in around 7am. After we were taken back, met with the anesthesiologist, met with Dr. Grigoryants quickly and I was in surgery for 3 hours.

Woke up in a lot of pain, probably a 7. There was a little boy also in the recovery room screaming crying which didn't help either. I just felt really bad for the kid, I am glad he is okay now. My parents and sister were eventually brought back after I had gotten dressed and eaten some crackers to have something in my stomach for my pain pill to settle in with.

I can already tell I'm going to love my results. I've been taking my antibiotics and pain pills when needed. Eating GoGo Squeeze applesauce, scrambled eggs, yogurt, banana slices, grapes cut in half, saltine crackers, tortilla rolled into bits, black beans with a toothpick and tiny pineapple pieces also with a toothpick.

Post Op Day 3

Hey guys! I'm doing a lot better today. Finally weened myself off of the pain medicine, so I'm feeling more like myself. Still very congested and have some drainage that is no longer blood, but more of an orange yellow clear color. Not sure if this is the normal fade to clear drainage after the blood stops running, or if it is sign of an infection. I don't have a fever and I feel okay so I'm pretty sure it's normal.

I was able to brush my teeth last night and twice today since I can open my mouth a little bigger. Coughing on water hurts when you have had your nostrils brought in!! So caution about that and take careful sips lol.

My bruising is starting to yellow and my eyes are becoming less puffy. I have my post-op cast removal appointment on Thursday August 4th at 9:30am. I'm a very patient person, but still am excited to get it removed! Mostly just so I can breathe normally and in turn finally get a good night's sleep. Obviously it's going to be very swollen, just as my face is, but that will go down and I know I will love the results already. Reading other people's reviews and being patient is key. This is not a rushed healing process! You have to let nature do it's thing and in the end you'll be rewarded :) Feel free to ask any questions you guys have! I'm happy to answer them.

DM me if you want to add me on snap to see my snapchat updates and photos from my operation!

Post Op Day 5

Hello hello Real Selfers and potential rhinoplasty-getters! Today was so great. My roommate from college came to visit me today. We were roomies freshman year and we're both going to live together again this fall semester, going into our sophomore year. I'm so happy I met her last summer when it came time to pick roommates at the dorms, she's my heart sister (we've both had open-heart surgery).

Totally caught me off guard and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and my favorite ice cream - Ben & Jerry's "Half Baked"! We played Mario Kart and tried not to make me laugh, even though we were scrolling through Twitter looking at memes for hours, which was probably not the best idea lol. It's such an interesting sensation, my top lip is not necessarily numb after surgery, but it doesn't move when I go to smile and definitely makes it look a bit odd!

Still relying on straws when drinking liquids, but I can easily fit solid food in my mouth now with actual silverware and not just plastic utensils. My drainage has slowed up and really doesn't drip anymore, I would consider myself in the "oozing stage". I had a tiny scare today when going to change out my gauze drip pad and realized the blood on the gauze had dried and attached itself to the stitch. I was able to hold the stitch down to my face with Tweezers from my First-Aid kit and pull the gauze free without pulling out the stitch. Honestly don't think it would have mattered much since some people get the stitches and casts off on this day anyways. Either way, crisis averted! I stopped taking pain meds on Monday August 1st which has been nice and I'm back to regular bowel movements (pain meds will stop you up so think about buying some Ducolax stool softener pills and eating lots of beans, fruits, veggies) and I am almost finished with my antibiotic pills: 3 more to go! The only downside to cutting out pain meds is the fact that I can't really sleep now. Maybe because I haven't been active I'm just not tired at the end of the day. It's been kind of hard but I will take cat naps every now and then throughout the day to catch up on some z's. Other than lack of good sleep I'm feeling great. Nose is obviously stuffy, boogery and ready to get that cast taken off of it.
Dr. Grigoryant's office staff called me to confirm my cast removal appointment on Thursday August 4th at 9:30am. So excited and ready to be able to breathe "normally" again. I'll have my sister take a video of the whole process (if it's allowed) and post it on here afterward if I can! If not I'll just post photos and explain how the process was for me. Can't thank you all enough for your support and I hope this is helping potential surgery-getters! As always, DM me if you have any questions or need moral support during this process; I'm here for you guys :)

Before Photos (With Makeup)

I figured these photos would give you guys an idea of how my nose looked before from a different perspective and what I look like with some makeup on :)


This is literally the best day of my entire life. I cannot begin to explain to you all how happy I am with the results.

My appointment was scheduled for 9:30am, got to Dr. Grigoryants office, which opens at 9, at 9:15. He was still in surgery so he got back to the office around 10am. We made my 2 month follow up appointment for Saturday October 8th at 10:30am at that time. My Mom and sister came with me and we were recording Snapchat videos the whole time while waiting so time flew by like nothing :)

Dr. G has got such a comforting aura about him and is just a very chill person. Like I have said, I literally had a gut feeling that he was the perfect surgeon for me. Pretty affordable, same aesthetic vision as I had for my nose, and his office was still close enough to my home. I knew I would love my results regardless of Dr. G saying "you might think you look like an avatar" (which I actually don't think at all) before taking off my cast. Plus with all of the research, I knew exactly what to expect. Now to describe what went down:

For some people, the process would definitely be "painful". That word seems a bit bold to use, it's more uncomfortable than anything. I have a high pain tolerance, so it was one of the easiest things I've done. Dr. G prescribes you Lydocaine ointment to place over your stitches and nostrils 10-30 minutes prior to your post-op appointment so that the stitch removal won't hurt as badly. He took the cast off first, which for me was so quick since I have oily skin and it was easy to lift off. He then removed the stitches that kept my splints in place inside my nostrils. I didn't even feel him take the splints out! Like after he sat me up, I asked him, "Wait, did you take the splints out? I didn't even feel it!" lol I would say the only truly uncomfortable part was when he pressed down on the residual swelling on the part of my bridge to release the "water left underneath". It was heavy pressure and felt tender. But other than that, the whole process took a total of less than 5 minutes.

He went on to explain that yes I still have swelling, which I am obviously well informed on and not even concerned about. If my nose looks this good now, I can't wait to see what it will look like after a year. He also told me how to use my saline spray to irrigate my nose :) We left the office and I was immediately overcome by emotion while waiting for the elevator! Tears of absolute joy. For about an hour afterward I was having liquid drainage slowly coming out, but nothing a little tap with a tissue couldn't fix.

The decision to have rhinoplasty, the decision to go with Dr. Grigoryants as my surgeon, has paid off so greatly. Plastic surgery can be an investment in self confidence. I did this for myself, my peace of mind. My biggest insecurity has become my favorite feature. Life is so sweet and God is so good :) I will continue to keep you all updated, and as always, feel free to ask me any questions you may have! xoxo

Post Op Day 7: First Day without tape!

Good morning lovelies! As requested, here are some of the post op pics without tape. I'll only be taping at night, as Dr. G recommended, for two weeks. I may tape at night for the first month, maybe even longer, just because I know it's hot where I live and prolonged heat/sun exposure is not so beneficial for swelling reduction after surgery.

Regardless of what you all see right now from these photos, I can truly see my nose's future! I feel like "That's So Raven" lol. That's why the width of my nose from the frontal view, the insane amount of swelling all over (especially near the radix, where a ton of the work was done) and imperfect side view isn't a concern of mine at all. Not one single bit! I literally just had surgery one week ago, so all of that is to be expected! To me, it looks incredible already. Disclaimer: NO nose is perfect! :)

In some of the reviews I've read on here, people get so distraught and dissatisfied with their results WAY too early in the healing process. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing, they have the right to their concerns, but it's hard to see them so impatient when the recovery process has barely begun. I've always been an extremely patient person, that's just who I am at the core. In this situation, the character trait of mine is invaluable! You can't put a price on patience, you were either born/raised to have it or you weren't. Neither is better than the other, but I feel that a patient person handles this process much more gracefully, and for that I am thankful.

Sorry if that last section was a bit confusing, but I had to put my two cents in and my feeling out there! All in all, I am stoked on my new nose. It's an exponential improvement from my previous nose already at only 1 week post-op and that's what I was seeking - not perfection. Love you guys! DM me for my Snapchat, as I update by photo there :)

Post Op Day 14 - Two Week mark!

Hi all, I'm excited to share with you more photos and updates.
Two weeks has gone by quickly! Especially since I've been glued to the couch watching the Olympics. Today I can finally get back to exercise, which I have been dying to do. Going on a long bike ride later today with my Mom so that should be great.

I have been taking my dog on walks during the day throughout the last week, always wearing a hat of course. Don't want to expose myself to the sun's damage or let the rays effect my nostril scarring. It's been nice to get out and do regular things again like grocery shopping and filling up my car with gas. This week on post op day 11 I finally put on makeup! My Mom and I took my Grandma out to lunch at Karl Strauss, I was able to eat my fish and chips meal just fine.

Proper motion has come back to my bite and I am slowly getting my smile back, although it's not showing in these pictures lol :) My bruising has finally cleared up (I had a little yellowing left under my left eye and it finally went away yesterday) and so has most of my facial swelling. My nose continues to be swollen, especially at the tip, but I am stoked on the results! I still irrigate my nose with Ocean Saline Spray every morning, tape my nose and apply Vaseline to the inside of the nostrils using the corner of a Kleenex rolled into a cylindrical shape every evening.

Keeping my review at "Not Sure" because obviously I have a lot of healing to do.
I've also heard that as swelling continues to go down, imperfections may start to show, so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet! Although so far I am completely satisfied with my natural results.
As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have. DM me for my snapchat for more frequent photo/life updates!

Nostril Photos by Request

Hello, here are some nostril view photos as requested. Disclaimer: you can see in the before photo (I am wearing a pink-ish lipstick) that my nostrils were very asymmetric to begin with, and isn't something I am concerned about :) Also, keep in mind that because of the swelling in my nose, the current asymmetry will look even more exaggerated. Hope these photos will be beneficial to some!

Post Op Day 21 - Three Week mark!

Hi guys - I'm stoked to be updating you, we're almost to the one month mark! Getting back into daily life and going out has been a blast. Healing seems to move faster when you get out and do stuff.

Last night my friends and I went to a country line dance club (SO not my scene, but I got to see friends from out of state and that was great!) and danced for hours. I kept thinking someone would hit my nose and it would go back to the way it was before! Completely irrational, but I am definitely still a bit paranoid about keeping my new nose safe :) It's an expensive investment, I have to insure the goods! lol

On the "medical" side of things, two of my internal stitches have come out of my left nostril (the one Dr. G made all of the incisions inside of, this is completely normal) along with usual nasal discharge I've been experiencing. After irrigating my nose with Ocean Saline Spray in the mornings, lots of stuff gets loose and comes out with a gentle blowing of my nose (gross, but all part of the process).

Today is the last day I am required to tape my nose at night to prevent daytime swelling! I've still been sleeping with my head elevated because I got so used to it, which is funny to think about. I never thought I'd get so comfortable with the position, but it has stuck and I'm sure it continues to help alleviate some swelling.

Here are some photos with makeup! No contouring here, although I usually do and I can't wait to start contouring my nose again. For those that may not know, "contouring" is a makeup skill that allows one to achieve a desired aesthetic. Whether that means shading the jawline, carving out the cheekbones, snatching the sides of the nose, etc. These techniques usually attempt to slim the face and help draw attention to other features.

I've been so careful when applying foundation to my nose and taking it off at night. I'd recommend waiting at least 2 weeks (if you can) to put on a full face of foundation. Maybe it's just because I was paranoid about shifting the bones or ruining the nose, but if you prefer extremely full coverage when it comes to your foundation, then you may want to wait longer than recommended. That way your nose skin has more time to heal and your pores can detox a bit after being trapped under the cast for a week or so.

That's all for now! I move into my dorm in 5 days, start school in 10 days, and can't wait to get back to hiking after class. As usual, questions are welcomed! Feel free to DM me personal things, or if you're interested in following me on Snapchat where I can send you photo updates more often ???????? XO

Post Op: Month & 2 Weeks Update

Hi all! It's been a while since I last updated.

I hoped to update at one month post-op, then again at two months post-op, but due to the photo requests from many I am updating a couple weeks early.

Life has been busy since college started, but I am loving life with my new nose. Thank you Dr. Grigoryants! After the lazy summer I had, it's nice to get back to hiking and running during the school year. Not only the level of exercise, but my diet has also improved. Low salt, lots of leafy greens and lean proteins :) My confidence is at an all time high, and I've been losing some weight, which is also a nice benefit!

I stopped taping my nose at night after the 3 week post-op mark (two weeks after my cast was removed) just like Dr. G recommended. I also stopped irrigating my nose with saline spray, but the boogers do tend to pile up so usually taking a hot shower helps soften everything so I can easily blow it out. When I blow my nose, I still do it gently and no hands touch my nose. I just hold a tissue under my nostrils for any fallout, but I do not actually squeeze down on one nostril and then the other! It may be fine to gently do so at this point in the healing process, but I'm being very careful not to damage my results!

As you can see from the photos, swelling continues to lessen. It's still very visible from the front, but much improved since my last update and will continue to go down in the coming months. As I've said a million times: best decision of my life!

Feel free to message me with further questions in the off time, I will update again at the 3 month post-op mark :)

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Although I haven't met Dr. Grigoryants in person, I have talked to him through email consultation and to his assistant over the phone. The process of booking a surgery date was smooth. I appreciated the private email server Dr. G utilizes, as it ensured the safety of my patient information. Another perk about booked with Dr. G is that when you live in-state, you aren't charged a booking fee. Thankful to be living only 45 minutes away from his office. The thing that drew me to Dr. Grigoryants, other than his stellar reviews, was his consistency of craft. The artistic aesthetic of his nose work is exactly what I was looking for: a perfectly sloped profile with great tip projection. Not to mention almost 200 before and after rhinoplasty photos are up for display on his website - I literally couldn't find a single one that I wasn't in love with!

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