5'1; 144Lbs; bwd 12; 425cc high profile silicone natrelle; transaxillary incision - San Diego, CA

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I am so happy to have discovered a community of...

I am so happy to have discovered a community of people to share their thoughts and experiences together because we all know size, brand, shape, or profile is a hard decision to make.

I have always been improportionate from my breast to butt ratio. For a couple of years now my choice of bras has been VS bombshell and hides my small 34b size. I have been measured as a 34b but still do not fill the entire bra. I've been searching for similar stats from other people, but not as a heavier set as myself and petite height. I have already put down a deposit for my date on May 26, 2015 and plan to pay all cash which will reduce my cost to $6,144. We will see if I can save that much until then lol. This date gives me enough time to lose about 28-38 lbs. My ideal goal weight is 115-125, but I don't mind being on the curvier side because here in California is good to be "thick" haha.

I have been to two consultations with my PS and his name is Dr. Kearney. I have seen amazing pictures of his work and believe he can give the results that I am looking for. I did not consult with other PS after seeing before and after pictures that did not have the look that I was looking for. I decided to go for silicone for the natural feel and look. I tried a couple of sizers and liked how the 375 look, but my PS said I can go for 400 (since what I've heard you lose a couple cc when you go under the muscle) But recently I've been having boob greed and thinking of 425. Also, I've seen/read other girls reviews and they had mod plus and they look amazing too! So now I'm confused about if I want to go high profile or mod plus profile. I love how the high profile gives you fullness on top and how mod plus gives you cleavage and side boob. I'm so torn on what to decide. Thankfully I have enough time to decide until my BA.

Hopefully my experience can help others or can help me with my process=)

Boob Wish

Here are some boob wishes.


I have been so busy to update my ba journey because of school and work. Finally I have the time to share my experience. I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Kearney on May 18 and went through paperwork, paid for my surgery all cash because I did not want to worry about financing, and make our last decision on the size. With my previous visits we had discussed to get 400cc hp mentor and our final decision on pre-op was 425cc hp allergen silicone. The reason being is that I have decided to go under the muscle and feel that I will lose some projection. Mentor 400cc hp bwd 12 projection 5.0 and Allergen 425cc bwd 12 projection 5.2. This whole time I was worried that I was going to be too small and regret on the size. So we decided on allergen because you lose a couple cc's under the muscle. He prescribed me just vicodin and a anti-nausea sticker that I will putting behind my ear. I called later today to ask Katy if I needed a muscle relaxer and antibiotics and she said usually Dr. Kearney does not prescribe that and thought that was odd since I read so many other stories here on real self. My scheduled date is on May 26 and won't find out the time until the Friday before. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. This will be my first big surgery and don't know what to expect. Today I bought all my supplies bromelain (will take 3 days before surgery), Arnica (to take after surgery), front clip sports bra, and coco butter. I am taking 2 weeks off work and hopefully thats enough time to recover. If anyone can tell me their experience or have any suggestions for pre-op or post op I would gladly appreciate it!


These were a few questions I had w/ Dr. Kearney and hopefully these can answer some questions for other people on their journey.

*more cleavage/upper pole
This all depends what type of implant you are getting and how your breasts look like. Your breasts should look the same after surgery...its just bigger or depending how your PS makes your pocket if your go under the muscle.

*how the implant you select will affect your individual tissues over time?
I bought a book all about breast augmentation and it said that textured was a better choice than smooth over time for your breast tissue. The nurse explained to me that if I got textured, the implant will not drop appropriately and when you get older you can't stop the thinning of you skin, that just comes with getting older.

*round silicone fold over time?
Round silicone should not fold over time, but having anatomical implant you have a risk that it will shift into a different placement. If you choose saline, that is why the PS overfills the implant to avoid the implant shell to fold over in your breasts.

*textured over time for sagging?
Choosing textured does not determine if your breasts are going to sag in the future. It is how you take care of them. You should always support your new girls even when you are sleeping. The point is try to avoid gravity as possible lol

*not filling cup
According to Victoria Secret I measure as a 34b but I do not fill the cup and I fill a 34a but it does not cover my entire breast. When choosing an implant make sure you choose within your bwd so you don't look fat and if you are not filling your cup try choosing more projection.

*why do some implants have a wide cleavage gap?
There 2 reasons. ONE is where you naturally have a wide gap and TWO your PS did not make your pocket wide enough in the center when you are going under the muscle.

*will dual plane be suitable for me since I have enough breast tissue?
Dr. Kearney does all dual plane going under the muscle unless you state you want to entirely under the muscle.

*will sub glandular have more control of shape?
Not really. However, if you do have enough breast tissue you can do overs for a natural look. Dr. Kearney said I had enough breast tissue and my very first consultation suggested overs and I would have a faster recovery (about 3 days) than going under. I was scared of Caps Con that I wanted to go under the muscle.

*Behind muscle overtime widened gap between implants?
I love to work out my chest muscles and I feared that if I continue to do heavy lifting that it would widen my gap. My nurse said that it shouldn't, but I would like to hear other people's experience about this.

*stool softener 2 days before surgery?
Recommended and its ok to do before surgery.

*Right breast is smaller, 425cc? left breast 400cc?
I notice a difference in shape. My left is bigger than my right. My PS said he did not notice the difference but if I wanted to put a little more on my right he can do that. I decided that I would put the same cc's on both breasts.

*post op care
My nurse said that I can shower the same day of surgery and I will need supervision for the first 24 hours. I can start arnica after surgery. Has anyone seen a difference in taking them before or after surgery?

*post op complications surgery cost?
For the first 6 months if there is any complications. Dr. Kearney will redo them free of charge (I think if thats what I remember).

*will hair grow back from the incision?

*explanation of the transaxillary surgery
My PS uses the keller funnel technique for trans.

*how to do preventative clogging of breast lymph nodes
I saw this in one youtube video so I wanted to ask my nurse and she said this is something you cannot have control over and the percentage of people who gets this is low.

*foods to avoid such as vitamin E for too much bleeding?
Limit your intake of food and don't take any vitamin E pills 2 weeks before surgery to help with bleeding.

*stitches dissolvable
My PS uses both dissolvable and regular stitches for trans surgery.


My sad little boobs

Here's my before pictures


Today I was thinking that my surgery is so close and I got a little scared about going through it. My mind started wondering off and I started to think if this was the right decision for me and if I am spending my money correctly. On the other hand, I would look at other women's stories on here and I would get excited that I would have the same confidence boost. I'm also scared that I might've chose a size too big for my body. I think that I am just scared to go on my very first big surgery.

Has anyone have any back problems from their BA?

Bromelain and Arnica

I took my first bromelain tablet today to help with swelling post op. My PS said to take arnica after surgery but I've read that some took it before. But I know every PS is different so I'm just going to trust my PS.

A couple more days and I will have boobs! My set up station is going to be on my couch. My bed is too high and I feel that I will have a hard time getting in and out of bed. So far I have my Vicodin, bromelain, arnica, bio oil, palms coco butter, gatorade, bendy straws, frozen bags of vegetables, smooth move tea, front zip sports bra, premade green juice, and premade soups.

True size- 36A

All this time I thought I was a 34b until I was doing research on sister sizes and I truly believe that I might be a 36a. I believe I can fill the cup and fit my bwd.

Surgery Day & Post-Op Day 1

On the morning of May 26, 2015, I was still nervous and hesitant to go through my BA. On the back of my mind I was thinking to myself I wouldn't care if they only gave me back 50% of my money back. I was dragging my time to pick up my mom and go the the surgery center.

I finally picked up my mom and we arrived exactly 8:00am. If I arrived any later they should have charged my a late fee. First the nurse came in to ask my some questions and put on my surgical socks and gown on. I didn't have to take off my leggings or underwear. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked my a few questions and his kind words reassured me that everything was going to be ok. Then my PS came in and marked me. He was funny and that tamed my nerves. He then escorted to the the surgical bed and everything happened so quick. I then work up in the recovery room and it felt like it happened in 10 minutes, but then I asked my mom and she said I was there for almost 2-3 hours. Woke up with no pain just pressure on my chest. So he was able to put in 425cc high profile silicone Natrelle style 20. I don't have any short of breath and can breathe perfectly fine. My mother dropped me home and then my brother came by to help me for whatever I needed until my hubby came home from work.

I went to my first day after post-op and my PS and nurse said everything looks amazing. I have minimal bruises on the left boob, but not so much. I asked my nurse if I was going to get more bruising but she said it can possible happen later but everyone is different and its not an issue if I did. When I stretch I can totally feel the implant like its a foreign object in my body. Hopefully in the future I can feel like they are mine. Next week for my one week post-op, my PS will be removing my stitches. I can't wait to see the results and progress.

Post-Op: Day 1

More Pics: post op day 1


So I have been getting some swelling under my armpits. It feels like my implant is there and don't know if this is common for others. Called my PS office and sent pictures to him. He said that this is normal and the red bulge could be bruising. Has anyone has this swelling under the armpits?

This morning I had my bowl movement on day 2 and I was relieved. I did not want to go on 3-5 days without any bowl movement. I drank 2 smooth move teas and my mom gave me one of her diuretic teas. Those teas seemed to help a lot. I am now off my pain meds and switched to extra strength tylenol. I am continuing to take my bromelain and arnica also to help with the swelling and brushing. I have been trying to take it easy, but I get bored out of my mind lol. All I want to do is clean or do something. Anyways, I hope that this swelling will go down and it is nothing serious.
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