48 Year Old Mom of 2 C-section 9 Lb Boys... Wants Her Sexy Body Back - San Diego, CA

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Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh will be performing my...

Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh will be performing my Mommy Makeover (TT w/ BL) on December 18. I'm a month out and not really thinking much about it. I've recently been laid off and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad that it happened just before the surgery.

My Ex-SOB left me because I was overweight and didn't want anything to do with me after 2 kids and 23 years of marriage. I have lost 45 lbs... hoping to lose another 20 before the surgery and another 20 after. I went from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12. I've also had saggy breasts since they developed overnight when I was 13 and want to finally have a little perk to them so a lift is essential.

I chose Dr. Breister Ghosh because I read about her here and after my consult I cancelled the other appointment I had and paid my deposit to her. The most important thing she asked me to gain my trust was "what do YOU want to achieve?" And that's what I wanted to hear. It's not a number on the scale... it's not a size... it's what I see in the mirror that will make me happy. I told her what I want to see and she said... absolutely! Let's do this. I chose the 18th of December because it's the Friday before Christmas and I can have the 2 weeks to recover as my Ex-SOB will have the kids and I will have a friend stay with me. :)

So here we go with my daily blog on the 'makeover'. Hope you'll stay tuned.

The bad and the ugly... pics of before

Well I finally got brave enough to look in the mirror and take the pics of my before. I'm 30 days away from the makeover and I'm SO happy I made this decision to do this.

So here goes.

Counting down

Sitting here at Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh's office waiting for my pre-op appointment. Less than 3 weeks. Woo hoo!

Been so depressed I stayed away... now I'm BACK!

The day after my pre-op appointment with Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh I was put in the hospital for 5 days with a ruptured abscess in my fallopian tube. Surgery was cancelled and I spend 3 weeks with an IV in my arm administering antibiotics to myself. Christmas was no fun. I spent most of the day alone sleeping.

Now I'm recovered and I've rescheduled my Mommy Makeover for February 8th. Day after the Bronco's win the SuperBowl! :) I'm very excited as the past few months have been a rollercoaster ride. My emotions over my missed surgery was intense and I felt like I wouldn't get another chance until next year. Well... I decided to go for it and not worry about everything else. I have my pre-op on Thursday and can't wait until the 8th. MY BF says I'm beautiful as I am and doesn't understand, but I explained that it is a self conscious thing for me and I just need to do it. I want the skin gone and be able to feel sexy again.

One week post op

So it's hard to tell at this point how I'm doing. I was feeling good yesterday and bam I'm laid up today. Cough feels like I'm being ripped apart every time. I had one drain removed on Friday and the other comes out tomorrow. Thank GOD. A cidently got wacked in middle of the night by BF's arm right on incision. Ouch! Left breast aches more than other from reduction and for some reason I ran a fever over weekend. Not sure if it's because of the hot weather here in San Diego or something else.

Will post pics after I get drain out.

Before and After Pics

Here are my before and after Pics... I'm at 5 weeks post TT & Breast reduction/lift
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Fabulous! Love her...

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