Kybella Treatment - Almost three months out and still have swelling and numbness

I am one day post my first Kybella treatment. It...

I am one day post my first Kybella treatment. It was much more painful than I expected. I've been taking three ibuprofen for pain and it helps but the first several hours after the procedure were EXTREMELY painful. I've had three c-sections and a few other procedures and feel I handle pain rather well. I was not prepared for the amount of pain I experienced.

I am not in the horrid bull frog stage. My neck swelled up so much more than I expected. I will stay home from work for the next few days because the swelling is very bad.

I'm hoping others that have been at this stage will comment with positive stories. How long after your treatment did the swelling go down? I was already self conscious about this area which is why I got the treatment. This horrid swelling is doing nothing for my self esteem. My husband looked at me when I got home and all he could say was why on earth did you do that to yourself. :(

Kybella Side Effects - Awful Bull Frog Look

Two days post Kybella - still have bull frog swelling

I took these photos two days after my Kybella treatment. The pain has finally subsided, I am quite numb and below my chin area feels uncomfortable. I am still SO swollen. I had been told most of the swelling subsides within 48 hours, that isn't happening for me unfortunately. I look as if I've gained over 50 pounds. I honestly hate this and would love to hear from others how long this phase lasted for them.

Three days post Kybella Treatment

Still have significant swelling, no pain but tender to the touch and numb

Progression Pre-Treatment to Day 3

My whole face looks swollen

7 days post first injection

I'm 7 days post my first injection and I am still swollen.

I had three vials - has anyone else had that much in one treatment and if so did you also swell a lot? How long before your swelling went down?

Still have swelling 12 days out

I still have swelling 12 days after my first treatment but it is getting better. It's firm now and some lumps, no pain and some numbness

Three weeks post

I'm approx thee weeks post my first injections. I am still swollen but it's going down, slowly. There is still a bit of residual numbness and discomfort and some nodules.
Still not sure I am going to go for the second treatment, the side effects and recovery were more than I expected.

Four weeks post first treatment

I'm four weeks from my first injections. The swelling is still present but still going down. I still have nodules and some numbness. I am hoping in the next week or two I return to baseline.

Comparison of before and four weeks post first treatment

Left is before and right is four weeks post the first treatment with three vials

8 weeks post first treatment update

I think I've returned to baseline finally. I still have some numbness and perhaps a little swelling so I am hopeful I will see *some improvement in the next few weeks. Especially after having three vials.

3 Months After First Treatment

I'm three months out from my first treatment of three vials. The swelling is almost gone, there is a little numbness still. I expect to see a bit more improvement as the swelling completely disappears. Looks like for me it's a 3 month + time-frame to see the final results from the first treatment of three vials.
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