IPL and Vbeam - Made my Uneven Skin Tone Look Much Worse - San Diego, CA

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I had a combination on IPL and Vbeam to help even...

I had a combination on IPL and Vbeam to help even out my skin tone on my face. Dr. Groff was very nice and I trusted him when I was told my concerns of slight redness and very subtle uneven skin tone could be improved with the combination of lasers used at the same apt.

Well, it's only been 2 weeks, but my skin looks much worse than before the treatment. I called the office and was told I need to wait another 2-4 weeks to assess the results. My concerns were not really taken seriously I felt. I just hate to think I may have spent $1150 for my skin to look worse. That's a lot of money to me (although worth it to me if it evens out my skin tone and reduces the redness).

I will post more pics at 4 weeks. Hopefully it my skin discoloration will improve, at least to where it was before the IPL and Vbeam.

2 wks after IPL and Vbeam

2 wks after IPL and Vbeam. My face looked better (normal) before the treatment.
San Diego Dermatologist

Very nice and experienced Doctor. I just wasn't asked on the date of the treatment what my areas of concern were, and I felt that the actual time with the lasers was really quick (few minutes each) considering the cost. But, honestly, I almost didn't even write this review because the Doctor really did seem to have good intentions, and maybe it will resolve over the next 2-4 weeks (I hope so!)

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