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Hello there, I just had my surgery done...

Hello there,

I just had my surgery done yesterday, which I have kept a secret from everyone around me because I just don't wanna have any negativity surrounding me in case they don't agree with it, which I know some of them definitely don't. My boyfriend is the only one that knows of course and also the one taking care of me. I'm 5'3 and wanted the biggest natural looking size that could fit my body, every doctor I saw said I could fit between a 325-400cc. I had four consultations and I really the two last doctors. One of them was a little out of my league, charging around $1000 more than all the rest. So I went with the other one. Somehow after giving my deposit to this doctor I felt like he didn't really get me for some reason, and I have to say I have really good intuition but I had already given my deposit and didn't want to loose it so I kept trying to convince myself that I could trust his expertise. He was trying to convince me to get the newest implant by natrelle Inspira but since it's fairly new in the US, I couldn't find a lot of girls with long term results using this implant and what other doctors said about them is that they were recommended for someone looking for a more dramatic result or someone who likes the more fake look, kind of like saline implants which was not what I was going for. His website has been down for a while and whatever pictures he had before where from when he was using the traditional type of silicone, so I had to go with what my gut was telling me and requested to have the traditional kind of silicone, and then I was relived.

Woke up today, took a look at my boobs which actually look smaller than I thought with kinda of a big space between them but I didn't really freaked out since I know the will settle and fluff eventually, then I looked at my implant card info and wooahh!! I see a 430cc was used which is more than I expected so I say they will definitely be boobilicious so I'm happy BUT here comes the disappointment... It is an ULTRA high profile!!!! :'( it never occurred to me to clarify this with him right before going into surgery since we had agreed on the high profile in my consultation (natrelle inspira high profile) and everywhere where the implant was mentioned it said to be high profile. I would've never agreed on having an ultra high profile because just like the inpira one he preferred I feel like it's too much and not what I'm going for. It's obviously too late now. I honestly don't even wanna go to my post op today because I'm so upset I don't wanna see him. I feel like he gave me this implant because its closer to the look of the inspira. I don't understand why he wanted me to have a fake look when I clearly stated I wanted to look natural. I'm so sad, I waited so long to have this surgery done, work hard for it and in the end I didn't get what I wanted and if I end up hating them there's no way I could get them fixed anytime soon. :'(

I just hope this helps someone to not make the same mistake I did. Always clarify things, preferably in writting so the doctor doesn't think he's free to use you as his guinea pig.

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