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I've wanted a breast reduction for the past 5...

I've wanted a breast reduction for the past 5 years, but wanted to lose weight first. Since my initial consultation last year, I've lost 70 lbs. I received insurance approval again and had surgery on May 10. I was scheduled as an outpatient surgery, and checked in at 5:30 am. Surgery was at 7:45 and lasted 4 hours. Everyone at Sharp was so kind and helpful. I was marked up by my surgeon, met the team, and then got nervous walking into the surgical room. The anesthesiologist gave me something to help my nerves and that is the last thing I recall until I woke up. I woke up in pain, but the nurses took care of it quickly. When my pain was down to a 2-3, they loaded me in the car and let my mom take me home. The first night was easier than I thought, dosed up on Percocet every 4-6 hours. The second day was rough. I waited too long between meds and the pain caught up with me. My Dr does not have me ice, as he doesn't want to restrict blood flow. I went in Sat morning and he checked me out, said all looked good and I would be a full to mid C once swelling subsides.

Today is day 3 and I'm off Percocet and on Tylenol. The under the breast incision hurts, and I can feel my nipples today. I suppose that's a good thing! My breasts are swollen sideways and hard as rocks, but I am SO pleased! I'm already certain this was once of the best choices I've ever made for myself. I go for another checkup on Weds and took this week off work. I will try and keep posting updates. I'm not very bruised. The right side is worse off than the left, as I was quite lopsided and he took 150 grams more off that side. I am super constipated despite Colace so I'm hoping for some relief tonight. Oh I'm 5'6" and 165 lbs. I was a DDD on one side and a DD on the other. I have 20 more lbs to lose and my breasts will get a little smaller with that weight loss. I will share some pics, as the others on here helped me so much too!

Had my 5 day post op appt today. Everything looks...

Had my 5 day post op appt today. Everything looks great. All of my sutures are the dissolving type, so there won't be any suture removal. I have "lateral swelling" which just means my new boobs are swollen sideways. The steri strips will stay in place until my next visit in two weeks. I can start a 3-4 mph cardio workout in 7-10 days and resume a full workout in 4 weeks. I'm super happy so far! Tried on a dress or two after my appointment at Nordstrom and they fit!! Size 8 zipped right up and I didn't look top heavy. This is the best feeling. I'm super tired and have 4 more days at home before I return to work.

1 Week Post Op With Pics

I'm now officially 1 week post op. The last couple days have been rough. I'm extremely swollen and some bruising is appearing. The bruising isn't bad though, I believe that's due to Arnica tablets. I've posted some progress pictures. You can see I'm quite swollen on the sides of my breasts. I'm hoping that just gets better and better. Parts of both breasts are swollen hard and numb, but the nipples are quite sensitive, so I'm thankful for that. I have a small but of yellow leakage from under the breast. I go back in two weeks for another checkup.

3 Week Post Op Appt - They Are Free At Last!

Hello Everyone! Today I had my "almost 3 week" post op, 19 days to be exact. The Dr removed all of my steri strips and I got to see my new nipples! I'm very pleased. The right side is a little off from the left, but I think that is due to swelling on that side and that as swelling decreases, they will look more similar. I noticed last night that there was some bleeding on the right side. When my Dr removed the strips from the leaking incision, there was such a foul smell! My instructions are not to touch it, place gauze between my breast and the bra, and let it drain and heal. The Dr isn't worried at all and feels it will heal up nicely, just slower than the left. The right side is the side that had more removed. Once the strips were removed, I had a lot of relief from the pulling and tugging I was feeling. I've been super tired, but feel so much better today! I don't see the Dr again for 6 weeks. Until then, I can let warm soapy water run down my breast, but no touching or rubbing or direct contact with the incisions. Lotion on the upper portion ofthe breast is ok. No scar treatment at all until after my next appointment. I plan to start exercising again with moderate walking this week. I can start weight training again in about a month. All in all, Im super happy so far. The swelling is still extensive, especially on the sides. This last week was tough and I needed my pain meds, but today Tylenol was enough. I've posted updated photos. The puckering will go away as I heal, and my breasts start to take shape.

Life Changing Decision!! 12 Week Update

I am SO pleased that I decided to have a breast reduction. I am 12 weeks post-op and very pleased with the results. At 8 weeks post op I was cleared to swim and to exercise unrestricted. I started riding my horse again and was so much more comfortable in a supportive sports bra than I have ever been in the past. I am a 36 full C, and since I still have about 15 lbs to lose, I think I will end up a mid C cup, which is exactly what I wanted. Dr. Mofid knew I planned to lose more weight, and made sure my breasts were proportionate to my body shape and goal weight. The scarring isn't too bad. The underneath scars are quite red and lumpy, but the areolar scars and vertical scars are already fading. The right side took longer to heal and opened up a tad, so it's a little redder and still somewhat swollen compared to the left side. I can sleep on my stomach again comfortably, and wear any bra I choose. I have actually been wearing strapless dresses, with no bra or just a lightweight bandeau type bra with no underwire. It feels SO good to be able to fit into regular sized clothes, especially dresses. I am very grateful to Dr. Mofid, who provided EXCELLENT care and his staff was always so kind and considerate. I highly recommend Dr. Mofid. I should add that my brusing was minimal, and my recovery was complication free. Did I mention that I love my new nipples? I retained all sensation, and it actually increased. I am still numb in certain areas of my breat tissue, but my nipples are very sensitive and the perfect size. When I sleep on my side, my top boob no longer touches the bed beneath me LOL! Can you tell I'm very pleased? This is has been a life changing decision and I advise anyone thinking about it to GO FOR IT! Don't wait another second! I will take and post some updated pics later tonight.

Revision Needed

So, I went in for a 6 month post-op appointment and expressed some concern that my right breast seemed a little larger than the left and shaped a little differently. The doctor agreed and suggested we do a revision, removing a small amount of tissue and also adding liposuction on the side of the breast. This procedure is done while I am awake. I will have Vallium and then numbing injections. I will post photos soon so you can see where my concern is about the size difference. Other than this small revision though, I am very happy with my result and love my new breasts!
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