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Like most of you, I grew up with large breasts....

Like most of you, I grew up with large breasts. They started at the ripe age of 11 and by 15, I was in D cup bras. I was professionally measured right when I decided to go on a weight-loss plan about 1.5 years ago and was shocked to find out I was a 36G (I'd been wearing 36DD bras). Wearing bras that were actually my size definitely helped after this, but the horrible back/shoulder/neck pain + tension headaches did not stop. I was hopeful that my plan to lose weight would decrease their size.

Six months and minus 20 pounds later, I got re-measured. No change. I was crushed. Not only was I still in pain, but finding clothes/bras/swimsuits that fit were an expensive, patience-testing nightmare. I went shopping to find a new dress for my company's holiday party last year -- it took me four stores and three hours to finally find one I loved that fit me. Not only that, but I haven't been able to run comfortably for years, something I used to love doing. I do pole fitness for exercise almost exclusively, but I do really want to be able to run again!

After a ton of research and thought, I decided that this was the year I make a reduction happen. I had an initial consultation in June, and my insurance, to my immense surprise and delight, approved full coverage. My pre-op appointment is actually tomorrow (9/7) and my surgery is scheduled for Monday, 9/19. I'm excited, nervous, hopeful, and anxious all at once. Mostly, I want the pain to go away, but I'm apprehensive about how my breasts will look and how I'll feel about them afterward. It's been part of my identity for almost 20 years (albeit unwillingly); getting used to smaller breasts will be a huge paradigm shift. But by and large, I am very excited for this. I'm hoping to document everything here so that others might find this helpful, as I've found others' reviews here helpful, too!


My pre-op was a couple days ago, and it went very well. I got tons of questions answered, received a booklet with pre-/post-op instructions, and my surgeon addressed all of my anxieties with me. This is all feeling a lot more real now. I'm still feeling more nervous than excited at this point, but I think that's pretty normal. There's definitely a lot to look forward to -- just have to get over the mountain of surgery and recovery to get there first!

5 days to go!

I'm getting more and more excited and nervous each day! Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, and I'm sure I'll be happy with the results. I bought some button-up shirts and PJ tops for afterward, and I'll be getting my groceries and prescriptions on Friday. My boyfriend and I are taking a weekend trip up to OC to play around on Muscle Beach, have Jimmy John's and Lucille's, and just have a ton of fun before Monday. I'm really looking forward to that. :)

Deep breaths...hoosa.

One Day More...

Holy crap, I'm getting so nervous. We are about 12 hours away from when I have to be at the surgical center. The excitement hasn't gone, but the nervousness has definitely grown by a lot over the last couple of days. Just trying to read positive reviews here and take deep breaths. I'm sure all my nervousness is for nothing and all will be well, but anxiety is a drag sometimes like that.

Day of Surgery!!

Hi, everyone!

I had my surgery about eight hours ago. Everything went incredibly well, and I've been resting at home. My boyfriend has taken such excellent care of me. He is such a gem. :)

I'll go more into depth at a later date, but I'm doing really well and not in a huge amount of pain or discomfort. Percocet helps. :P The hospital staff were all so very caring, sweet, and skilled. I can't sing their praises enough, really!

Day Two

Last night was SUUUUUPER rough. I woke up around 2:30 a.m. to take my next dose of pain medication and the whole left side of my head was in terrible pain and pressure, and I was really nauseated. I called my doctor, who gave me some ideas on what it might be (caffeine withdrawal being complicated by anesthesia, etc.) but wasn't 100% sure on what it might be. She advised me to take another pain pill and if I didn't improve, go to the ER. Thankfully, it didn't come to that and the second dose helped a lot.

I woke up this morning pain-free in my head and just a little achy for my chest. My boyfriend has been wonderful beyond words in taking care of me and supporting me emotionally, too. When I was feeling awful last night, I started crying and asking why I'd done this. He reminded me that it was all temporary and it would be worth everything I was going through. He reminded me of all the wonderful things that would happen in the future -- being able to find clothes more easily, better posture and breathing, being able to go running with him. Seriously, I don't know what I did to deserve such a gem of a man, but he is incredible.

My cats have actually been really great, too. They've mostly been laying with me in bed the last couple of days. They're such great comforts. :)

Today I'm going to just keep taking it easy. I guess so far, all told, it's been a pretty good experience. I am looking forward to seeing what my surgeon has to say at my first post-op tomorrow!

First Postop!

I had my first post-op appointment this morning! A friend of mine took me to the surgeon's office since I'm still on the pain meds. My surgeon removed the gauze from the inside of the bra and took a look. She was very, very happy! She said I should be pleased, as everything looked really great. I think they look tiny compared to where I was before! I'm excited but I'm also a little unsure of how they'll settle.

I can't shower until tomorrow, which sucks because it's been so humid here and I feel super gross. I'm going to sponge bathe tonight, and a good friend of mine is coming over later to pamper me. Mani/pedi, facial, and hair wash. I have the BEST support system ever!

Overall, I'm still doing well as far as pain management and mobility. I'm moving around the house better and better and can do a few more things for myself now. :)

PS - Official Numbers

Right breast: 296 grams
Left breast: 322 grams

Total: 618 grams = ~1.4 pounds

Day Four

I feel like I'm improving by a lot each day! My mobility continues to get better and better, and I've found that I'm needing my pain pills less often. The first few days, I was taking 1 - 2 every four hours; now I'm comfortable taking 1 every six hours. My appetite is starting to come back, too. I had two sandwiches for lunch instead of just one! I've also been sleeping a lot more recently -- has anyone else experienced that? I thought I'd be sleeping more in the earlier days, but I've been down for at least 5 hours during the course of the day.

I can shower today, but I'm waiting until my boyfriend comes here after work, just to be on the safe side. It's going to feel soooooooooooo good. The sutures are starting to feel kind of itchy, mostly on the undersides of my breasts, but it's definitely not unbearable. I've noticed I have a ton of loss of sensitivity in my nipples. My left one has a little bit of feeling, but my right one is completely numb. I'm hopeful that will change as they heal!

It's been one week!

I am now officially 7 days post-op! Everything seems to be going well. I have bruising, which you can clearly see, but not a lot of pain or discomfort in my breasts. There are a few spots you can see where the compression bra has irritated my skin, but so far it hasn't been a huge deal. I still have tape over the sutures; that will come off at my next post-op appointment on Wednesday. At least I think that's what my surgeon said -- I was pretty drugged up on that appointment. xD

I've been doing GREAT on the pain meds. I only needed half a Percocet twice yesterday, and the first one was for pain I was having unrelated to my procedure (I think). Some really whacky lower abdominal pain that I thought I would have to go to the ER for, but it subsided with rest and the painkiller. I had my first unassisted shower last night, which went super well, though I was sore after and that's when I needed the second half of the Percocet.

I feel more and more like myself every day. I did take today off work as a precaution because of yesterday's weird abdominal pain episode, but I think I'll be back to work on half-days this week, as I still tire very easily. I can do more things for myself now, like showering and caring for my cats and doing laundry, which feels amazing.

Most importantly, I've had a remarkable change in the amount of back/shoulder/neck pain and tension compared to what it was before the procedure. My posture has improved, and I haven't had a tension headache even once in the last week. I'm over the moon with all of this, and I can't wait for the next few months to fly by so I can settle into my new size and get back to exercising. :)
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