500 ccs Silicone Unders

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I am 20 years old and have wanted bigger boobs...

I am 20 years old and have wanted bigger boobs since I was in middle school. I am currently a 32A (although I could fit into a training bra lol). My nipples point to the side which I am hoping my surgeon could correct too. I have a consultation this week with Dr. Sassan Alavi from San Diego. I know a friend who had a BA from him and just loved her results. I am super excited and also very nervous.

Chose a Different Surgeon

Hello everyone,
Sorry it has taken me so long to update. I went to the consultation with Dr Alavi and was very worried! He was not a board certified plastic surgeon and I literally spoke with him for about a minute. I did not get to see implants, try on sizes, etc. He even told me this is what he would do and I would have no say in it.

I went to three other surgeons and decided on Dr. Vincent Marin from Del Mar. Loved his work and he was so easy to talk to. I met with his nurse Shannon and she answered all my questions. I have my surgery booked for December 16 (a bit of a ways away- thats when my semester ends)

Photos Before Surgery

Not happy at all with the size of my breasts...

Forgot to tell you...

I am planning on going with 397 cc HP unders. I am 5'6", 130 pounds (smaller upper frame, larger hips/butt). I am nervous that this size will be too small/big since everyone is different. Some women look HUGE with 397cc, others look smaller. Any advice?

Nipples pointed to side?

I feel like my nipples point outward.. I am afraid with implants this will be more obvious and my nipples will stick out to the side. Any opinions?

Negative thoughts

Just letting everyone know.. There has been a couple times where I think about not getting my ba and wondering if it's worth it.. Those feelings quickly pass and I know this is the right decision for me. I have only had positive thoughts for a while now and I'm so excited. Just wanted to let everyone know that those feelings do pass

Wish Picture

This is basically EXACTLY what I wish my boobs will look like after surgery!


So today i found out several people found out about my upcoming ba. Not quite sure how. There's all these rumors about it too! Kind of upsetting. It's not that I wanted it to be a secret, but I know once people find out, that will be the first thing they look at when they see me... People love to gossip. Anyone else had to deal with this?

Under 22 Silicone

I just heard from someone today, that if you are under 22 and get silicone implants, it voids their lifetime warranty. I contacted my PS and am waiting to hear back. They thought age was a FDA restriction, not a manufacture restriction. If this is case, I have to decide: Saline (really did not want due to little existing tissue), wait until I'm 22 (not really an option), or go with Silicone and a voided warranty. I'm hoping this is NOT the case. Implant warranty is only for ruptures. So realistically, if I get a rupture, the implants are around 2000 I would have to pay. But I could wait until I'm 22 to get them re-done then there would be a warranty (if that makes sense). I will keep you updated on what I hear.


Just found out my warranty is Not voided going with silicone. Super happy! Now only to keep counting down the days... I will say Shannon (Dr. Marins nurse) responds back right away to any questions or concerns I have... No matter what time of day. I feel so happy and confident with them :)

Nervous about size!

I know I still have 2 months.. But I'm freaking out about size. At my consultation I was aiming for a full C look.. Now after more research, I want a full D. My ps suggested the 397 ccs. Now I worry they won't get me to my desired look. 397 on some girls is huge and on others is smaller. I don't think Iget to see my ps at my pre op. I have pictures of my wish boobs and I get to talk to him before my surgery but am worried that will be toast minute. Note: my ps has all his implants on site on his exam room.

Negative People

In a bit of a fuck. I am so excited about getting my BA, I probably told one too many people. I saw a post of my ex best friend and my ex bf talking about it on Facebook saying how people won't take me seriously now, I will regret it, I;m only doing it for my boyfriend, and I'm choosing implants over a new car. I know it shouldn't bug me, but it does. I'm doing this to for me. And to hear two people who I used to care a lot about talk this way about me, kind of hurts. I know they both turned to drugs, dropped out of college, etc. Maybe they just hope to get a rise out of me. I don't know. But I really wished the drama and gossiping stopped after high school... unfortunately I'm probably going to have to deal with this for my whole life.

On a much brighter note, I contacted my nurse and she said I could come back in whenever to try on sizes or she could extend my pre-op so I can go over sizes again. I chose to extend my pre-op. I know they are super busy. I feel a lot better be able to look at sizes again before my surgery.


OMG that post above is supposed to say I'm in a bit of a FUNK* oops lol. Guess it really is one of those days.

One Month!

In one month (well technically on Monday), I will be in the operating room getting new boobs. I feel like time has gone pretty slow, but I started my journey 3 months ago, so I guess it has gone pretty fast. My pre-op is on Dec. 3, I will let everyone know how that goes. Right now I'm gathering up all my wish pictures and questions to ask my doctor at my pre-op.

So far (list of concerns):
-Size questions: going too big/too small
-Risk of symnasia
-Risk of CC
-Size of areola after implants
-Risk of bottoming out
-Nipples pointed to the side
-Implants falling into armpits
-When can I drive?
-Pain medicine (muscles relaxers?)
-Pain pump?
-"Pointed" breasts
-Will I get the strap?
-IV location: arm or hand (I know this sounds dumb, but I'm most paranoid about the IV. I HATE it in the arm lol)
-Revision costs (hopefully will not need them)
-When can I sleep on my side/stomach? (I'm a tummy sleeper)

I bought Plamers coco butter to rub on my breasts now. I know stretch marks are genetic (and I unfortunately get them easily), but I heard it can help make your skin more elastic. I have also increased my water intake to make my skin more elastic.

Tomorrow I start a sort of "cleanse". I wanted to rid all drinks (caffeine, soda, alcohol) EXCEPT water from my diet. I'm hoping this will flush out everything and make my healing process smoother. I am taking a multi vitamin as well as trying to eat healthier (no fast food)... cannot risk getting food sickness. I have also become a germ nut; not touching door handles, washing hands a LOT, hand sanitizer, etc. I'm probably going to jinx myself.

My family and bf are sick of me talking about boobs 24/7. I don't blame them though, I'm obsessed ha. My bf thinks if I keep talking to him about it, it will "ruin" the suspense, outcome, whatever he is "envisioning" ha. So I decided to just stick to my forums to get my boob info until surgery.

More Wish Pictures

More Before Pictures

I added a couple more before pictures. As you can see, I do have some hips... (a bigger butt). I'm hoping the implants will help even me out. The picture with the bra is my go to push up bra from Victorias secret. Still small even with that!

Another Before Shot

I posted another before picture that I think shows the shape of my breasts better. They look bigger in this picture than they really are... maybe the angle or that I am about to start my monthly. My pre-op was changed to this Tuesday! I had to reschedule due to one of my professors changing an exam date last minute. I'm getting resized on Tuesday and I am going to show the PS my wish pictures. My boobs always get bigger when I am on my period... So I am afraid my PS might suggest a size depending on my bugger breasts due to my period. Lol not sure if I should say something to him


I had my pre-op appointment yesterday morning. I got there around 8:45 and started filling out the paperwork. Basically signing that I understand all the risks going into surgery and filling out patient medical history as well as family history. I brought my bf with me because he will be there for part of my recovery. I wanted another set of ears incase I missed anything.

After filling out paperwork, I went back and the nurse went over all pre and post surgery care. I got a baggy with my "surgery manual", medications, and soap to wash with. My medications are; Percocet: for pain, Valium: muscle relaxer, Levofloxacin: anti-biotic, Tagament: take the night before for anti-nausea, and Phenergen: anti-nausea for after surgery. I also received a Hibiclens wash to scrub on my boobs in the shower the morning of surgery. The night before, I am supposed to wash my body with an anti-bacterial soap.

*No aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products (I have a list of hundreds of pills not to take because they can thin the blood)
*No vitamin E, garlic, ginger, diet pills, etc.

More pre-op instructions: Stop smoking (I don't anyway), take multivitamins (2 a day if my body can handle it), No food or drink after midnight the night before. No make-up, lotion, or deodorant the day of surgery

What to have at home: Extra pillows, clean sheets, sweats, low sodium foods. Avoid: Soups, fast food, asian food, frozen food, etc.

I got all my questions answered at my pre-op. I brought in photos to show Dr. Marin and he said 450cc might be closer to the look I want. He will make the final call when I am under for surgery. It gives him the best results when you can see the patient from every angle and the implants right in front of him. He has all his implants on site, so I trust he will give me the results I want! It was funny, when I brought my "wish" pictures in, he was critiquing them and pointing out stuff I did not even realize. He said this shows that you might notice imperfections on your own body, but others do not.

After I spoke with the Dr, I went into another room and took the before pictures from every angle. I tried on sizes again to get my boyfriends opinion... He wasn't much help. Lastly, I met with the coordinator and paid for the surgery in full!

19 more days... I'm so excited. I meet at the office at 8am on Dec.16 and surgery around 9.

Forgot to Add

Forgot to Add:
No driving for a week. I will be bandaged up the first day and have my first post-op appointment the following day after surgery. The Dr. will remove the bandages and fit me into a front zip surgical bra that I will wear until my next appointment. My stitches are dissolve-able and I will have statures covering my incisions for 4-6 weeks.

Single digits

Only 9 days until my surgery! I have finals week for school this coming week and then next Monday is my surgery. I'm super excited and starting to get nervous... I have been having book nightmares! Tmi alert.. I was two and a half weeks late for my period due to stress. And the thought of being on my period during surgery had me even more stressed. I finally started the other day so don't have to worry about that. I'm starting to get a cough at night when I lay down to goo to sleep. I'm fine during the day, it s just at night. Does anyone have any tips to get better? I've been taking emergenc but haven't noticed it helping too much.


Ladies, I need your help! I am beyond paranoid that I will get sick and my surgery will be postponed... Most people, before surgery, are worried about complications, but not me! I have my time off work and in between semesters... I just really cannot postpone my surgery. I started getting a cough but have been drinking tea so thats better. Now I feel a runny nose coming along. What is wrong with me!?! 6 days to go and Im starting to freak out. Am I the only one who has this worry?? Also, been having nightmares the past couple nights about something going wrong with surgery. Ah!

Final wish picture

This is the wish picture my ps will be using for surgery. This women has a very similar body type like mine. She's measuring a G bra, but doesn't look that big. I want slightly smaller, but love the roundness and fullness.


Well ladies, tomorrow's the day. Mixed feelings of nervousnes/excitement. Check in is at 7 and surgery at 730. We will leave the house around 530. Been so paranoid about getting sick, I think I gave myself a sore throat. Hopefully that doesn't prevent anything. Wish me luck! I will try and post sometime tomorrow about my surgery. Good luck to everyone else having surgery tomorrow!

Out of surgery

Hi ladies. Surgery was at 730 this morning. Left the office at 1030. It went well. Was expecting 397 cc, woke up with 500! In some pain, but mostly in my back from sleeping upright. This is the best picture I can get for now. Have my dressings on and icing. Tomorrow is my follow up and they remove the bandages and get me in a bra. Good luck to everyone else having surgery today or soon

After surgery

Better picture of my dressings. Bloated pretty bad. Pain still bearable but getting worse since anesthesia meds are wearing off. I've ate apple sauce, yogurt, fruit, and some spaghetti. Can't Wait to get the dressings off tomorrow

One day post op

First day post op. Went to the doctor and got my bandages removed. In a surgical bra now. Feels so much nicer. Not in too much pain yet

2 days post op

Just took a shower. The swelling went town dramatically afterwards. Feel a lot better

3 days post op

Hi ladies, just took this picture, 3 days post op. Ill probably wait until the one week mark to add another one. Very little bruising, no pain, just tightness. My PS and his staff are amazing.

Day 6 Post Op

Hi ladies, in no pain. I have been off pain meds since day 2. Just some soreness on my sides. Absolutely NO pain on my incision site. My boobs are finally starting to drop and get a shape. Next Dr appointment is on Tuesday and I will learn massages. I have been taking it pretty easy, 12 hours of sleep and naps during the day. Went to the movies the other day and did some shopping today, but overall just relaxing. I uploaded a day 6 picture. Theres a big difference in size and appearance and Im loving them so far

2 weeks post op

Hi ladies,
I am two weeks post op today. Started sleeping on my sides a few nights ago, which is nice! Advice to everyone: (and I know its been said so many times), go BIGGER than you want. I got 500's and love my size and some days, still feel small. I got measured at VS the other day and for a 34dd or 32ddd but look like a C.

First Bra

Hi ladies,
VS semi annual sale started in stores today so I went in and bought some bras. I am sized a 32ddd or 34dd, however the 32ddd was too small. I know I still have a lot of changes to come, but I wanted to buy some bras when they were super cheap. I can always exchange them for a different size. Everyone I have shown my breasts to, have been so impressed with Dr. Marin's work. I LOVE my breasts and love the idea that I can play them up or down.

3 Weeks

Im a little over 3 weeks post op but it feels like I have had them a lot longer. I love them so much! My left is starting to drop and Im waiting for my right to play catch up. Some days I wish they were bigger, and other days I think they are the perfect size. One emotional roller coaster!

One month post op

2 and a half months

Sorry it's taken me so long to update... It's because the implants feel like I was born with them. I can sleep on my stomach and have no restrictions. My scars are already invisible. This process has been amazing and I wouldn't change a thing. I absolutely love my surgeon
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr Marin and his staff were so great! I went of four different consultations and he was by far the most professional and had a great bedside manner. He knew what would look the best for me and put in as much ccs as my body could take to get my desired result. I have had virtually no pain and very little bruising. His surgical techniques are awesome. HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to get their breasts enhanced. He changed my life for the better! He is SO great. I have friends complimented my breasts after such a short time out. He truly is the best in the area.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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