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So far, everyone has been delightful..

So far, everyone has been delightful and informative throughout this process. My pre-op is today, so I will update more later. But I guess my main issue has been deciding which size I'd like to go 325-350cc. So, with some research, I made homemade rice sizers and have been wearing them on and off the past couple of weeks. I am in love with the fullness of 350cc!

Pre-Op Update

Good morning! My pre-op yesterday went really well! Lots of good info but not a lot of new info because I expected everything they said through my own research. They showed me massages I can start post-op to allow the pockets of the implant to expand and stretch--this is important in the dropping and softening process. They also showed me a chest opening stretch I can do to relieve some tightness, especially first thing in the morning. I know there is an emphasis on chest opening, but as a yoga practitioner, this particular stretch is SO beneficial for everyone because it helps with better posturing. Oh, that's one thing I had to ask about that I haven't found online...when can I return to my yoga practice as yoga requires a lot of upper body use and planking poses. 3 WEEKS! Another burning question I had that seemed to vary by surgeon and incision location was when can I shower: DAY AFTER SURGERY! That was a relief for me because my scalp tends to get oily by end of day 2. I am a happy girl :0)

It was surreal to finally sign my consent and have that "PAID" stamped onto my paperwork. Now, my homemade rice sizer days are numbered! 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL "B-DAY"! (BOOB-DAY, ha!)

Pre-Op photo

Oops meant to add this photo to my pre-op entry :)

Day Before B-Day "BOOB-DAY"!

...haha! Tomorrow's the big day and I'm so excited it's finally here! I'm inching my way closer to implant time with more anticipation each hour. All these past few months of research and boob staring, and I will finally have my own pair of full girls to stare at every day! Yesterday was my last day at work and even though I know I could go back to work after a week, I decided to take some extra time off for personal reasons. Don't worry, I have some studying, wedding planning, and some computer/iPhone cleaning up to do at home to keep me busy.

Over the past few weeks I've been gradually gathering my home care kit, so, things like hibiclens scrub, pain and nausea medications, Arnica ointment, ice packs, emesis (aka throw up) bags, water-proof Band-Aids, and light/bland meals to tide me over until I'm 100% able again. I've even set up a hair appointment with my girlfriend who is in Paul Mitchell school to give me a hair treatment, scalp massage, and trim. Pamper much? Lol, I say: why not?

B-Day is here!

Ahh just a couple hours left til implant time! My fiancé just picked me up and right before we left home I checked the mail. And surprise--my Victoria's Secret bikini and sports bras came in. Perfect timing! I couldn't resist the winter online clearance and I can always return if it doesn't fit. I assumed a 32C.

This morning I did as many things as I could think of using my arms like cleaning up the debris on the patio (thanks to El Niño), laundry, putting Christmas decor away, and readying my couch-turned-bed. I will see you gals on the other side! XO

Post-Op Day #1

Hi folks! It's way too early right now (3am) but I just got up for a pee break and figured it's the best time to give a mini update before I doze off again.

I had my BA done yesterday afternoon and woke up from sedation around after 3pm. The last thing I remember the doctor telling me was a wedding planning tip: not to tell the wedding venues I'm planning a wedding because prices become inflated 35%+! And then, when the sedation (propofol + fentanyl) began to run through my veins, Dr asked me to imagine myself on vacation somewhere--Cancún next month!

Anyway, I was very sleepy on the way home and once we hit those 3 damn stupid speed bumps, felt nauseous but that subsided once we parked. Walking is no problem, but sitting up from a reclining position hurts. I took a couple hour nap when I got home and woke up feeling so much tightness and soreness!! My fiancé has been a big help and has been helping me use the restroom (pulling down/up my pants) and I didn't know he's a bit of a drill sergeant!! He wouldn't let me do anything I wanted until I did my stretches!! But it did feel so much better after and I felt less restricted.

My first and ONLY meal yesterday was chicken broth, saltine cracker, rice crackers, and edamame. No nausea, but it definitely helped with being hANGRY lol!! Did more stretches, some massaging, Netflix watching, and eventually fell back asleep after taking one-half Phernergan and 1 tab Norco.

I took a glimpse in the mirror after using the potty and noticed some bruising already on my left incision. What helped you guys during the soreness? Ice packs? Arnica?

Thanks dolls! Until next time!

Post-Op Day #1 Follow-Up Appt

We just got back from my post-op appointment and everything is going as expected. We did a review of stretches and massages, and they checked out my incisions. No issues, thankfully. It was a quick appointment and they gifted me with a free collagen treatment, RevePeel, or $150 towards any future service. Here are some pictures... I finally had the courage to fully look at the lady lumps first time at the office. I was so sore and uncomfortable yesterday that unveiling them was last on my priority list. Now, I'm feeling much better after stretching, rubbing Arnica ointment, and I took a half-tab Norco. I think I will try extra strength Tylenol next.

Post-Op Day #2

Hi all! I am feeling a bit better each day and I'm finding that I can move around with a little bit more ease than yesterday. I can now get up from a reclining position on my own, too. It's really the simple things I find joy in right now, ha! The bruising around my incisions have lessened a lot since applying arnica ointment 2-3x/day. I still have some mild bruising and soreness on my breastbone.

Something that is really weird to me is all the crepitus (air underneath the skin) I can feel during my massages. It extends to underneath both breasts and concerned me to the point of having to text my doctor and he kindly called me to reassure me that all this is normal.

Post-Op Day #2 Photos

Post-Op Day #4

Pain med free today! Mild soreness around the incisions and still riding high and tight. I can feel the girls are softer than they were the day before. My posture isn't as stiff or hunched over as it was the first couple of days following surgery. I have been outside the home three times the past three days and I do ok. After a few hours of being out, I find lots of comfort in coming home and massaging the girls :) A lot of little things, but a lot of good things.

Came home today to play with the new sports bras and bikini tops I received from Victoria's Secret and they are not flattering right now as the girls are still high and square looking. I did, however, manage to fit into my old Free People bralette size S/P (see photo). Good night RS!

Post-Op Day #6

Drove for the first time today! I don't have full range of motion with my arms and can't close my trunk door yet. The more I use my arms and test my limits, the more zingers I experience to put me in my place, ha! The girls are looking and feeling better each day and I got a couple sports bras from Target yesterday--they had a 25% off sale with their C9 active wear brand (sale ends 1/23/16 via Cartwheel app). The bra I'm using is size Medium. The small was a little too snug for the girls. Today, my girlfriends took me out to the mall and I got sized at VS for shits and giggles (knowing I hadn't fully healed yet) and apparently I have to return my 32C items cuz I am (or will be) a 32DD!! WHAT?! The lady actually measured me to a 32DDD and minused one "D" to account for swelling. I am a happy woman right now!

One Week! Post-Op

Wow! I just compared my boobie pictures today to my post-op day 1 and can see some dropping and rounding out. In person, they are much more soft and getting squishier each day. I can't push them together yet to create that cleavage look, but I know they will get there. I still sleep on my back, which is annoying cuz I'm a size sleeper and wake up feeling the need to reposition myself. But, everything in time, right Real Friends :) Patience patience patience.

Tomorrow I'm getting my stitches out and I'm so curious to see how my incisions look. Initially, I wanted to go the areola route cuz I couldn't imagine incision scars on my under arms (I love my underarms!), but after research I trusted my PS and his outcomes were exceptional enough for me. After all, his specialty is that route using Keller Funnel. Happy Healing, Real Friends!


Yeeeeee! I made it to 2 weeks post-op and even though I see and feel changes with the girls, I know there is more to be had! With stretches and massaging, I am gaining a little more range of motion with my shoulders. My incisions look great but there are still some tightness that needs to be massaged out. At my 1 week follow up, they told me to continue massaging and stretching to prevent scar tissue from forming and so that the tissues soften and stretch. I went back to working out at day 8, but it's definitely not the same as my usual workout. Still bummed about not working out my upper body and getting my yoga fix. But, I do manage to sweat it out on the treadmill (incline, no running), doing a variation of squats, ab work, and resistance band work with legs. Sleeping is also better. I'm still not 100% back to sleeping on my sides because it's still uncomfortable for me and I'm too aware of the girls and a mild discomfort with my pectoralis muscle and/or anterior deltoid - nothing major. I am loving the dropping and softening process. A week ago I had the boobie blues and questioned myself "if I did the right thing", "am I going to heal ok", and other shit that gets you worried. I also think a large part of that was browsing through RealSelf and reading about BA's gone wrong. So, I don't come on here as often because of that. But I like documenting my progress and shedding light on the whole process, so I'll continue to do that.

Oh, and one more thing - BRAS. I continue to wear my surgical bra at night and find myself unclasping them in the morning to let the girls breath, but during the day I have a Coobie bra from my doctor's office that is SO COMFORTABLE! I made the mistake of buying one in office because I looked it up on Amazon and found that you can order in bulk for what I paid for (of course). Other bras I've been wearing are DRUM ROLL - my Lululemon bras I used before my BA! So happy cuz they cost a fortune. Without the padding, they are a perfect size for my lady lumps. Other sports bras that I was happy to purchase and LOVE are Target's C9 brand size medium, medium coverage. You can refer to a previous post for pictures.

Well, that's all to report from here. I'll upload some pictures for my 2 weeks-versary. Wish you RealFriends happy healing and PATIENCE :)


Yay! I made it to 3 weeks! So far so good, and wow, comparing my weekly pictures really does put into perspective the changes that are going on with my girls. I love them! I know that boob greed is a real thing (and so is boobie blues!)...I always wondered if I would have boob greed, and I guess it's nice to think of bigger boobs, BUT I am so happy with my girls. They are starting to feel like mine and they are getting softer little by little. I am still doing my massages so as to prevent from capsular contracture and to aid in helping the girls drop I sometimes scrunch my surgical or sports bra up to the top of my boobs so that they can passively push the girls down and my hands are free to do whatever. I'm actually thinking about wrapping the girls together using an ace wrap so that my gap closes in a bit more. My incisions are healing nicely and I'm also still massaging those and the tissues around them so that scar tissue/muscles soften. I can't wait to get back into my normal workout routine, though!! Hope everyone is healing nicely!!

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