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THE WORST DECISION EVER! I went in because I had a...

THE WORST DECISION EVER! I went in because I had a rupture and wanted a doctor that had experience with large implants. I wanted a lift because it looked as if my bag had "bottomed out" they said. I had NO fullness on top. He said that I did not need a lift, that an internal lift would be just fine. I would have fullness on top and with the internal lift my breast would not fall into my armpits anymore! These are the things I asked for and talked about. I had no idea at that time I would be coming home and not being able to fit into my original bras because they were to small!!! My breast now are uneven (which happens a lot) but also my nipples are uneven! My breast are just as flat on top as I went in before surgery! My nipples do not point straight, they go to the sides! NO FULLNESS at all, he did stitching in between my breast so now I have enough room when I'm on my back to have a third breast! They sit right at my armpit!! Really!! I mean it's so disgusting to even look at! The worst part about it is when I had my husband take pictures for me a while back to send to the doctor I had no idea this was what he was looking at.....I had a bag moving in a sack of skin. As soon as he took the picture I asked to look at it, I yelled "Oh my god" " that's what I look like? That's gross" I starting crying. It is hard to describe but in the picture below you can see it. It's like a circle in a square and it just disgusting! I hate even having my shirt off or being in a swimsuit! Becoming intimate with my husband is horrible because I Know what he is looking at is disgusting. He used to tell me I had great boobs, I have not heard that at all since I have come out of surgery! Now I have to hold them together the whole time! I told everyone I was flying to SD to have the procedure done and even paying $4000 more than in town because I believed i was going to come out liking amazing! All I can advise to anyone reading this post is think twice before calling this doctor! I wish I would have stayed in my hometown to have this procedure done! At least I would not have paid $10000 to feel like crap about myself! I am still in extreme pain! Sharp shooting pain in my breasts daily, when I take off my bra I ache, when I lay down they pull so far apart it just hurts. When I talked with the office they said since j was a previous patient they would only charge me $6500 to go through the procedure again!! WTH!! When I got my bandages off at 6-8 weeks I was not happy then! I told them that! They told me of course I had to wait to see how thing would settle. 3 and 6 months I told them I was not happy. 6 months I flew back to talk with him. I expressed my concerns, everything I listed above. He didn't answer any of my questions keep coming in and out of my room, I asked about surgery again so he could fix me and he said of course, the lady up front would contact me. I waste of my time and money to fly out! The email with the $6500 came next!!! I was so shocked! She explained to me that some sometimes this type of surgery takes a couple of times!!! Are you kidding me!!!! Like I have $30000 to spend in my breasts! I asked for a lift he said no in the beginning that a lift would work just fine! No one EVER told me that it may not work! That I might have to go back multiple times. If that was the case I would have NEVER agreed to that surgery! It has now been a year and a half. I was waiting to post this because I thought they might work with me but that was not the case. They are extremely nice when you go through surgery, before and after most definitely but you just get ignored after! Now this is just MY story and what I went through. I wish all of you good luck with any surgery you may have in the future.

Pre op--6 months

This doctor says he made me look better!!??? Absolutely NOT! Besides giving me 2 breasts, that's it! The internal bra was a horrible recovery! Very painful for me. I will update again with those pics. I went in with 620/615 ccs came out with 850ccs (I cannot prove that he didn't do it) but when the swelling went down my original bras were to loose, to big! Are you kidding me! 230 ccs more and I'm smaller than when I went in and a whole lot of extra skin...that you can see! It doesn't make any sense!!

After bandages came off! 4 weeeks

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