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After a prior BA surgery that I was never fully...

After a prior BA surgery that I was never fully satisfied with I found Dr. Pousti on his website: after searching on line. After reviewing the extensive case files he has on line I decided to contact Dr. Pousti's office and sent an email inquiry. After a prompt response from Vanessa at Dr. Pousti's office and several emails and phone conversations I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Pousti. I am an out-of-state client who has driven in from the "Show Me State". (my husband drove, not me!) My husband and I were met by all of the friendly faces at Dr. Pousti's office this afternoon. I spent some time filling out the nicely organized Pre-Op paperwork ( thank you Helen!) prior to my meeting with Dr. Pousti. Cindy showed us to a nicely decorated exam room. After changing into a black cotton gown, Jennifer snapped a few Pre-Op photos for my file. Cindy came back into the exam room and spent a great deal of time with us going over the details of my procedures scheduled for tomorrow 12/18/2013: Revisionary Breast Surgery, Over Filled Saline Implants and Capsulorrhaphy. Dr. Pousti came in a bit later to meet us. He took time to explain the procedures and to understand my desired results. With no promises of cc's but safety first I believe Dr. Pousti will create my desired look. I am excited! Now it's time to get a good night's rest.

Let's See the Sisters!

Today is two days post op and I'm healing quickly, the pain is turning to discomfort and I have no complications. I had my post op check with Dr. Pousti today and he unveiled my new "Sisters"! I am very happy with the girls! I am so glad we found Dr. Pousti and that we drove to California for my procedure. Thank you Dr. Pousti! As I mentioned we are traveling so I will post pictures upon returning home.

Happy New Year!

I am 17 days post op and feeling really great! My healing has been rapid and each day I have felt so much better. A couple of weeks prior to and after my surgery I took homeopathic medicine, Arnica Montana, to promote the healing process. I believe it has made all of the difference. The procedure pain has quickly turned to discomfort, no need for a take home opiate RX. I have bolster dressing under my left breast only; still need to keep it on for a couple of more weeks. I am able to use my right arm and tell myself to not overdue it. I need to keep my left arm by my side so as not to pull out the internal sutures; challenging but necessary. Little sacrifices for my boobies! I can't wait to go bra shopping! I'm kind of tired wearing this surgical bra. Dr. Pousti did a fabulous job on my breast revision, worth every penny, and I have had nothing but a positive experience with him and his awesome crew! I am an out-of-state client and would not hesitate to return to Dr. Pousti to have any further procedures. He is the best! Here are my 1 week and 2 week post op pictures.

Three Week Check In

I neglected to mention in my earlier how many cc's I got: my right breast is 1530 cc (previously 550) and my left breast is 1430 cc (previously 460). After my procedure Dr. Pousti told me he tried 1530 cc's in both but the left side looked much bigger. He found symmetry is size by going down 100 cc's. In one week I will be able to remove the bolster dressing and the steri-strips across my nipples. No need to follow up with a local doctor for this or any post checks.
I also want to mention that I have received many follow up phone calls from Dr. Pousti's office since returning home. I really appreciate the level of care and communication that I continue to receive from his team! Thank you!

My First Set

Here's what my first set of saline implants looked like. I had that procedure in done in 2007 in West Hills, CA by Dr. Vartivarian.

Trouble finding a bra!

It has been 8 months since my augmentation and I am measuring a 32J but I can't find a bra that fits me. I'm big and round at 1430cc on one side and 1530cc on the other. I have been wearing sports type bras. Victoria's Secret, MACY's, SOMA don't have big enough sizes. Can anyone recommend any other sources? Thanks!
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