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--- I just got a note from real self telling me...

--- I just got a note from real self telling me that I cannot put pictures on for a doctor review. So I am copying my review here so I can add pictures. ----

I usually do not write reviews because it is all personal opinion and we are all different but this time I really feel the need to.
I had my revision surgery with implant replacement on October 26th.
I was flying in from Canada and had my pre op. I was all prepared with my goal pictures and my NO pictures and talked to Dr.Pousti about what I wanted. From my pictures and my discussion with him I explained that my number 1 criteria was I wanted upper body fullness and bigger because I had none from 2 b/a surgeries from a different doctor. I was told that my pictures were gonna be made into a poster that Dr. Pousti can look at during surgery. Dr Pousti is really nice person and listen to me ( I thought so), he is very personable and his staff were nice but unnecessarily chipper. So the day of my surgery was easy. The hospital staff were very nice and the hospital was very quiet. Dr Pousti came in to see me after my surgery prep was done. We discussed things again BUT I had to re-explain everything to him and he was looking at my "no" pictures as what he thought I wanted. So I thought I re explained everything properly even my husband was with me and he also discussed my surgery too. I said " I want big breast with upper pole galore". I remember on my way to surgery one of my surgical nurses was Mike. This awesome guy from Canada. He was a great and made me feel relaxed. And he asked me a question. He asked " what would make you more disappointed after surgery, been too small or been too big" and I answered been too small. I wanted big breast with nice shape on the top. Well the surgery went well from what I could tell because I was so groggy from the drugs. I was told that they did 700 over filled to 950ccs moderate saline implants.
I was concerned when I first looked at them back at my hotel room because they looked similar to what I was before in size with VERY LITTLE UPPER POLE. I was sad but hoped that it was just the drains and drugs that were making me upset. I emailed the office after one week and voiced my concerns that I did not get fully what I had asked for yes they look bigger and a better shape but very little upper dullness . I even talked to Dr Pousti about it. He said to wait 3-6 months to see how they will settle. And I said will they settle with more upper pole!!! He then told me that that he had actually removed some of the over fill because of when I told him I didn't want a shelf. I NEVER TOLD HIM I DIDNT WANT A SHELF FOR BREASTS. I told him the opposite!!!!!!!! I wanted upper pole and lots of it. It cost me $10000 for the surgery and $1500 for a week of hotel and $1200 for 2 airplane tickets and 1 week of time off work. So I'm sad because I will not be able to get it fixed to what I wanted. It would cost me too much even if he didn't charge me for his time everything else would still cost a lot.
I went to him after having done months of research and read all of these magnificent reviews about him and his staff.
Well I guess I fell thru the cracks so to speak because I'm not satisfied and I don't think he spent enough time understanding what I wanted.

So ladies please be careful no matter which plastic surgeon you go with make sure he is really listening to you and at that time that he is with you that you are the only thing on his mind.

2 months post op

Well I'm just past my 2 month post op. Well they are bigger then before surgery. It's funny they kinda look like how they were when I was nursing my first kid. That's actually sad not funny. I am still pretty discouraged about my breast augmentation. They seem very low and too similar to what I had previous to BA. They look nice when I squish them in a sports bra but I was hoping they would look nice on their own and not having to hide them. But I'm still waiting for my 3rd month miracle!!!

Second times a charm (I hope)

So at my 3 month post op and before that I realized my breasts don't look at all what I wanted. But I don't want to harp on that anymore. To make a long story shorter. I've had emails and discussions with Dr.Pousti and I'm going back in April for another breast revision. My breast now are way!! too low and OMG what's with the huge side boob. And holy cow these things are heavy. No wonder they are sagging down to my belly button. I'm having trouble finding bras that fit the lowness of my boobs without slipping out the top. I always have to lift up my boob to get it to fit in a bra if not it hangs under neath it. So during our discussion we discussed what he will do but of course things will be finalized when I do my pre-op. We discussed that I want upper poll fullness so probably doing a Bellini lift or any another type of lift (which I do not have issue with since my scars seem to fade fast.) Maybe bigger implants BUT I'm really not sure I want the extra weight. And I've decided I want the fake look. I mean I want the look of grapefruit coming out of my chest. Because I find with my body type bigger boobs with no upper pole fullness just makes me look fat. I need definition. Depending what I wear it just looks like my stomach starts where my boobs hang to and goes down to my hips. So I'm holding my breath hoping things will go better the second time around. And this time so there are no questions about what I want, I am doing a boobie board like what other people have done. I don't want to wake up discouraged again.

Three weeks to go

So I've been looking a lot on RealSelf and actually had a panic attack. So I emailed Dr Pousti and we talked 3 days later. We had discussed my goals and agreed that I actually need a mastopexy lift with smaller implants to obtain upper fullness. So sometimes it's possible to do too much RealSelf research. I started to see people who had a lift (mastopexy) and implants and they were infected and losing their nipples. But I talked to dr and he made me feel better. He explained to me that there are lots plastic surgeons that only do a couple of mastopexy a year and of course if you don't practice your skill you will be subpar. Also, we don't know anything about those women who had that operation and how healthy they are. He also said to me that he does mastopexy on a regular basis. So now I'm ready. Operation is April 5, 2017.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I had very high hopes for this doctor. The reviews were phenomenal. He is a very nice doctor and wants to please his patients. After having given him a not perfect review he was very concerned. He called me and we discussed my case he urged me to wait 3-6 months to let things settle. I hope they don't settle too much because I am a 40d post surgery and I was a 40c before surgery and I don't look anything like goal pics. He mentionned that he wants me to be happy so he would do what he could so I can get it revised again if I'm not happy with my final result. So I will wait til I'm at my 3 months post op to see the final result. Because if I'm getting this done again I want it done fast because I'm tired of this post op restrictions, weight gain. Let's get it done while I'm still healing. Because I know my breasts don't look like I wanted them to not even close.

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