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I am scheduled for a capsulorrhaphy on my right...

I am scheduled for a capsulorrhaphy on my right breast on December 16th with Dr. Pousti. He is also going to pull a small anchor incision in at the bottom of the right breast to tighten the skin due to skin stretching(they're calling this a small lift). My initial implants w/ breast lift(right side only) was done earlier this year on Jan 6th with a DIFFERENT surgeon. I have Naturelle Inspira round smooth, high profile implants. Left 415 CC and right 325 CC. From the get go I could tell the right implant was further right than the left implant. Some asymmetry was to be expected since my breasts were so uneven before surgery.. but as the right implant settled, I could feel the implant move around a lot and it appears to sit a lot lower and to the side than the left. I also have some skin stretching on the bottom of the breast. Right implant feels very heavy and falls towards my armpit when laying down and shows way too much side boob in swim tops. When I am wearing an underwire bra, they look great and I do not feel the right implant move.

I will admit they are a lot better than before surgery.. I actually cringe at my before picture but I am not very happy with them. I wish I had gone to Dr. Pousti the first time. I don't think I realized how important picking your surgeon was. Everyone in his office is so nice and Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I am hopeful that my breast will look to be at the same level on my chest and that the right implant will feel less heavy and I will not feel it move around.

I am a stay at home mom and worried about the pain of the recovery since I have such a low tolerance for pain and am wondering if I'll have a burning sensation from the internal permanent stitches as so many other ladies on here have noted. I have a 3 year old son and will have a lot of help so that is a huge relief.

I'll update after my surgery in a few weeks :)

Getting excited!

I took some before pictures today. I have a whole album of breast pictures of all different stages and I enjoy looking through them to see the progress. It's really helpful!

Having some really bad anxiety this week about my upcoming surgery on Friday. I'm not specifically worried about anything I think subconsciously I'm anxious. Yesterday I was freaking out and so sick to my stomach I couldn't eat until I took a small dose of anti anxiety meds(after surgeons approval for last resort) and that did the trick at calming my nerves. I'm trying to do everything natural to help anxiety but it wasn't working. I got a massage, went to yoga class.

The last time I had anxiety like this was before my initial breast surgery almost a year ago. Really hoping the next few days so by fast. So excited for the big day on Friday!!

Post pregnancy.. sometimes they don't go back

Posting this for reference. This picture was taken a few days after I had my son once my milk came in. I felt like there were melons on my chest.

My boobs have been put through hell. Starting at a 34D before pregnancy. 34G during pregnancy and 1 year breast feeding and then they returned to an even smaller size of 32d(34C equivalent) and that was only on the bigger breast. The smaller side was at least a full cup size smaller.

I really don't miss double side taping an add a cup size pad into my bra every day!

Made it out!!

I had a 545 am check and and 7am surgery. I was home by 1045. Everything went to smoothly!! All and staff and of course Dr Pousti were wonderful.

I felt so much more coherent waking up in the recovery room than last time( different surgery center different surgeon)

He used a new implant. Same exact size and style, but a new one for my peace of mind. He also ended up doing the anchor scar to tighten skin and I think he said he took some skin vertically. I have so much trust and confidence in Dr Pousti. I'll update more late when I'm less loopy!

Ouch ouch ouch

The pain really started to kick in yesterday afternoon. It's just as bad as my initial surgery but only on the right side. The pain is so intense it's hard to reposition myself in bed and get up alone. I feel like my whole rig cage is super braised and I'm starting to feel a burning sensation too. I have a very very low pain tolerance.

I am able to eat which is great. Most likely to the anti nausea patch they gave me to help with that.

We put a phone call into the dr hoping we will hear back this morning. The one pain pill isn't helping much but taking 2 is. Trying to find out if it's ok to continue to double up. I don't want to mess up anything but at the same time this is unbearable.

Post Op- what to do with my hair?!!

Had my post op with Dr Pousti last night and everything went very well. As expected, I didn’t get to see much of the end result but got a small peak of the top of the boob. There are no signs of swelling or bloody discharge. They did not change any of the dressings.

Dr told me that during surgery they set me up on the table and thought they were done.. but he saw a small imperfection and went back and took out some more skin vertically to make the bottom shape of the breast perfect. He was not kidding when he said he promised 100% effort.

He had wrote a “P” on my stomach before surgery to remind me to be patient and my son whose name starts with a “P” was very excited about it so Dr. Pousti added onto that during my post op. My little boy was hysterically laughing when he saw it. Great humor!

I have my next follow up in 2 weeks. I cannot take off the bra to even wash it. Not complaining though I'm sure the results will be worth it all!! I am allowed to shower my lower body. I have one of those shower hoses so that makes it easy.

I am looking for tips on how to wash my hair?!! I need help. I can only use so much dry shampoo.

I ordered a bunch of chunky knit sweater tunics from Nordstrom in hopes that it will cover all the lumpiness for holiday gatherings.

My hair is CLEAN!!

Ok so clean hair may be irreverent to breast surgery but wow does having clean hair make me feel human again. Since I can't get my surgical bra wet my sweet hubby washed my hair for me. I sat outside the shower/bath and he washed my hair with an attached shower hose. If you don't have a shower hose and you have a similar recovery to mine where you can only shower lower body for 3 plus weeks, BUY A SHOWER HOSE NOW!! hehe

I'm luck to have the use of my left arm since my revision was only on the right side. So I really feel for the women that had revisions on both sides.

I have an appointment scheduled at Blow Bunny to get my hair washed and styled on Xmas eve. I just couldn't justify going to do that a few times since it's $50 for that. Plus I don't think I have the energy yet to sit for 45 min while someone blows out my hair.


The anticipation to see my results is killing me!! It's been 12 days and it feels like weeks. I have been instructed to keep my bra on. So I still haven't seen anything. I have no doubts that the results will make me very happy but still I feel like an impatient child.

I'm still doing my best to keep my right arm at my side. It's hard caring for a 3 year old... especially when a basketball comes flying at your head and my natural physical reaction is to block my face with my right arm. My muscle tensed up a bit but it didn't feel like I did any damage.

I can't drive until the 3 week mark.. so my days are filled of entertaining a 3 year old in our apartment and begging my husband to help with household chores when he comes home from work.

I have my next follow up appointment in 1 week from today and I am so excited!!

2 1/2 week post op

I went in tonight and finally got to see my results. It looks so good! I also saw my before picture... it's crazy to see how far to the side my right implant was sitting. It helped reassure myself that this revision surgery was much needed

Dr pousti says there's good and bad news.

Good news: no complications, healing well, and still have a 90-95% success rate still.

Bad news: the bra and dressings gets to stay on for another 3 weeks.... not even to wash it. I'm really happy it's winter and I can get away with baggy and dark clothing to hide the very odd shaped boobs.

The good news outweighs the bad though! I got the go a head to start massaging gently.. my muscle feels really twitchy and tight so that will bring some relief. I can resume driving but have been told that's at my discretion on how I feel about my capabilities.

Dr Pousti and staff were awesome as always tonight. My husband drove me and my 3 year old came. Not sure too many people bring their 3 year old to watch that but he's pretty into helping me with my "boo boo" and thinks it's fun to visit the doctor.


Two more weeks until the bra and dressings finally come off. I unhooked the straps to give myself a sponge bath. I can't wait to take a regular shower. I'm counting down the days! My boobs are looking perky!

5 weeks post op visit

I moved my follow up appointment up a week because the tape that had been on for 5 weeks was really making my skin raw. I couldn't handle another week!!

I'm so happy to have the bolster, tape and bra off. I was finally able to take a full body shower. I purchased the silicon sheets from dr poustis office. I have been cleared to start using them but I'm waiting a few more days for my skin to heal from the tape. It's still really irritated and tender.

It's a little scary seeing the implant so high but I eager to see it fall into its pocket over the next few months. I'm massaging it 4 times a day. It's all very tender still. I have been cleared to start reaching and lifting on my right side. I have just been instructed not to use my pecks or do and peck exercises at the gym. Im still being very cautious though and probably still won't lift anything heavy in the near future.

So happy!!!

My tissue on my right breast has relaxed a little bit after being out of the bolster and tape for a few days. This picture comparison makes me so happy! I never even thought this would have been possible after having so much trouble with my right breast after my first surgery(different surgeon). Tonight bent forward without a bra on and stood up and didn't feel my implant slide. This recovery has been more challenging than initial surgery but it's been so worth it. Dr Pousti does amazing work!


Incisions are healing well and are completely closed up. They feel hard to the touch. I used silagen scar strips once but the skin was still too tender so I'm waiting until the scars feel better to start that up again.

Before and 7 1/2 weeks after

Love love love! I knew the right breast would be over corrected for placement but I'm really hoping it drops over the next couple months. Trying to be patient

9 weeks post op

Right implant still feels high despite massaging several times a day. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing I don't feel it dropping yet. Looking great though!

Comparison pics and 12 week update

I have finally reached the 12 week post op point. The right breast generally feels and looks good. Having a problem with some wireless styles if they are not flexible enough since my anchor scar is still pretty tender. I still prefer to wear stretchy sports bras day and night.

Loving my results!!

Back to normal activity

I started back working out and am not restricting any arm movements... the only think dr pousti said not to do was chest fly type exercises or lay on my stomach for another 6 weeks.

It felt funky working out... yoga, circuit training.. but I'm slowly starting to get over the feeling that I'm going to ruin my boobs.

Still doing massage on breast daily to help it come down a little more. I'm very excited for spring and to wear pasties again with two perky boobs!!! Still only wearing wireless bras. VIctorias Secret has some good ones.

Bra size is still the same at a very full 32DDD I can make some 34DD work. I need to get most swim tops altered. I need the front to be an XL but a small in the band. Triangle tops no longer work on me because I have an anchor scar to hide.

6 months post revision

Still loving my results and everything is very nicely healed up. The scars are healing better then expected. The implant has not yet dropped as much as I thought it would but I'm not complaining. I think dr pousti would have been right to downsize my implant but I was extremely against that idea.. now I see what he's talking about though. I am however extremely happy I choose not to go any bigger. I think they're very proportionate to my body. This is as close to perfect as I'll probably get!

So happy I went with Dr Pousti! He and his staff have been absolutley wonderful.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti. I felt very welcomed at his office from the beginning. Every single one of his staff are so sweet and helpful. I have received so many helpful calls from the girls in his office calling to check in before and after my surgery. Dr Pousti himself has a good sense of humor and he makes you feel as if you are his only patient and he has all the time in the world to talk to you. Prior to walking into his office I had so much anxiety about needing to have a revision surgery(initial surgery performed by a different surgeon).. but after walking out of his office, all that anxiety seemed to fly out the window. I really like how straight forward Dr Pousti is with you. He will not promise 100% perfection but will promise 100% effort. He truly does mean that. I'm just about 6 weeks out from my revision and I LOVE my results. My right breast looks better than I thought it would. Hoping the results will be long lasting. I have lots of confidence in the Dr and would trust him to do any other procedures I need done down the road.

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