Right Breast Pocket Revision

I am scheduled for a capsulorrhaphy on my right...

I am scheduled for a capsulorrhaphy on my right breast on December 16th with Dr. Pousti. He is also going to pull a small anchor incision in at the bottom of the right breast to tighten the skin due to skin stretching(they're calling this a small lift). My initial implants w/ breast lift(right side only) was done earlier this year on Jan 6th with a DIFFERENT surgeon. I have Naturelle Inspira round smooth, high profile implants. Left 415 CC and right 325 CC. From the get go I could tell the right implant was further right than the left implant. Some asymmetry was to be expected since my breasts were so uneven before surgery.. but as the right implant settled, I could feel the implant move around a lot and it appears to sit a lot lower and to the side than the left. I also have some skin stretching on the bottom of the breast. Right implant feels very heavy and falls towards my armpit when laying down and shows way too much side boob in swim tops. When I am wearing an underwire bra, they look great and I do not feel the right implant move.

I will admit they are a lot better than before surgery.. I actually cringe at my before picture but I am not very happy with them. I wish I had gone to Dr. Pousti the first time. I don't think I realized how important picking your surgeon was. Everyone in his office is so nice and Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I am hopeful that my breast will look to be at the same level on my chest and that the right implant will feel less heavy and I will not feel it move around.

I am a stay at home mom and worried about the pain of the recovery since I have such a low tolerance for pain and am wondering if I'll have a burning sensation from the internal permanent stitches as so many other ladies on here have noted. I have a 3 year old son and will have a lot of help so that is a huge relief.

I'll update after my surgery in a few weeks :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Everyone at Dr. Pousti's office is extremely nice and accommodating. Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable and at ease during my consultation. I never felt rushed and had multiple opportunities to speak with him throughout my appointment. Prior to walking into his office I had so much anxiety about needing to have a revision surgery(initial surgery performed by a different surgeon).. but after walking out of his office, all that anxiety seemed to fly out the window. I am very happy with my choice in choosing Dr. Pousti as my surgeon for my revision surgery!

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