Breast Augmentation Revision - 450cc replaced with 840cc / 880cc Saline Implants with Internal Bra

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Today I had A revision to fix my bottoming out...

Today I had A revision to fix my bottoming out & wide set implants. I was extremely unhappy with my implants done by a Dr in Canada about 6 years ago. The past year I had been experiencing a gross numb feeling every time I took my bra off. I wore only supportive bikini tops and Since the first year I wore bras 24/7 for support. I got super self conscious about how they looked.
I felt like my boobs would never be the ideal boobs i had imagined. I even contemplated getting them taken out and not replaced.
I did a lot of research and I found Dr. Pousti. I found nothing but great reviews and girls that highly recommended him and his work. Dr. Pousti and all of his staff were AMAZING. All very friendly. Dr Pousti especially made me feel completely comfortable and has great social skills. I went in hoping to replace my current 450cc saline implants with larger saline implants. I wasnt too sure but maybe in the area of 700c - 800cc but I told him the look was more important then the size. I was hoping for high rounded tops and close together. He understood the look I wanted and made me feel very confident he would be able to achieve something i would be happy with. He warned me it could be up to 900ccs. I trusted his judgement and let him decide on the ccs for what he would think would be best for me. Such a relief because of the way my implants have made me feel for the past 5+ years. The clinic goes also covers all the bases oh what to expect and possible outcomes in the paper work and at the preop. I left feeling very informed and knowing what to expect in any situation . I was completely confident I had made the best choice.
All the staff at the surgical centre were very nice, and I was not nervous until just before surgery. But Dr Pousti and staff walked into the OR with me and that was very comforting. They put me out right away ! Woke up without feeling any nausea and went home right away feeling great. At my checkup I will find out how many cc's he gave me because I forgot to ask him. With that being said I couldn't of asked for a better experience!

Feeling great

Came back to Canada earlier then planned on Wednesday. I was getting stir crazy sitting around with not much to do. I felt great and asked if I could leave early, I was given the ok. But they recommended I stay longer.
So far, I'm sleeping well. I'm sore in the morning when I first wake up. Maybe because of where the implants have settled overnight.
I'm up and mobile doing things during the day, feeling great! I'm able to raise my arms above my head and use my hands. (Not that I am). This revision has been such a breeze compared to first BA. I'm trying to stay relaxed as much as I possibly can I can.
Hoping that my bloated belly goes away soon. It's been a week and my belly is still crazy awful bloated. Also I Can't wait for my boobs to drop a bit because right now they are very wide and flat. I don't look good in tops yet.
Counting down the days until the dressings come off. They feel so bulky and feels like there's shirts stuffed under my boobs and stuff taped under my armpits. But hey whatever does the trick! I wasn't expecting that. But I have to wait and be patient..! I'm very excited for that day!
I've attached pics from yesterday day 6 in some crop tops before I took a shower.

Surgery pics

Pics from surgery day . 840cc and 880cc hp saline implants + internal bra .

* New pic *

This morning I took this photo. Breasts are starting to drop noticeably! Very happy with how they are falling into place and I love how they are looking so far! Boobs are only sore for a few minutes in the morning. Still a little bit hunchback as you can see in the picture. Most of the day they don't bother me at all but they feel a little sore if I press on them with a little bit of pressure. Still have bolster dressing around the bottom of the implants and up the sides and surgical tape over incision. Very excited for the dressings to come off in approx. 3 - 4 weeks. I wasn't expecting to have them after surgery, but they don't bother me at all and will stay on until the date I am cleared for them to be removed. Super excited for that.

Bloating going away finally!

Now I'm waking up in the morning with minimal soreness. Ive stopped taking my pain meds. Im hoping I won't need to take anymore. The only thing I'm feeling is a temporary sting in my armpits. But it's not that painful and it only lasts a couple seconds. I am still very happy with the way my boobs are looking. Even though there is still a long ways to go I can tell I'm going to be very happy. When I came back to Canada I was 10lbs heavier then when I left. I was extremely bloated in my stomach and legs. It's started to go away slowly. I'm down 3lbs and starting to notice the bloating going away.



Day 12

Feeling fairly normal again. Haven't had any pains meds in a few days.
Boobs are really sore on the bottom half. Bolster dressing becoming a little irritating and uncomfortable. Cannot wait for them to come off! Down another pound (4 since returning home). Bloating seems to be going away.

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks!!

I feel great! No pain and no soreness! Hard to believe it's only been 2 weeks. Boobs Still got a ways to drop. Sleeping on my back is really uncomfortable and I'm not having good sleeps.

3 weeks!

Feeling good. Can't wait for the dressings to come off. There not sticking very well. Back to doing normal things. Stinging feeling seems to be gone this past week.

4 Weeks!

Today I took the dressings off. The tape underneath was a little tricky to get off as it was still stuck on pretty good. I soaked it in water to help get it off. Still have quite a bit of glue still on. Pretty sensitive skin making it stubborn to get off. Getting really impatient, I can't wait to see the final result i am so excited! I still feel like the size is perfect, happy I didn't get any smaller size of implants.

Removed glue on skin

I was able to gently remove the glue on my skin using baby oil and a cloth.

5 weeks!

Current pics from today 5 weeks post op! Happy the implants are slowly dropping into place. Changes are so subtle that I only am updating once a week. I Can't wait for the tape to come off my incisions. I'm hoping that they have healed up nicely kinda curious to see what that will look like. I've been back sleeping on my side this week. Sleeping on my back was giving me back pain. I've been Getting back to a regular gym routine hoping I can kick this extra weight once and for all.

Took the tape off the incisions!

So happy and excited about today! I was worried about how my scars would look when I took the tape off. It was actually pretty easy to get it off. I was worried it was going to hurt because the tape has stayed on so good for six weeks. The scars are a lot better looking then I thought they'd be! I'm so happy!!! Can't wait til they are fully healed. I'm liking my boobs more and more now that they've dropped a little bit more and are a bit closer together.

Scars at 6.5 weeks

Here's a better look at the scars 6.5 weeks postop.

7 weeks

I forgot to post yesterday. 7 weeks Where has the time gone! Here are some pics in a bikini it's a size large from microkitten

8 weeks

Feeling good. Started running yesterday.

9 weeks

Long overdue update

I been meaning to post an update for so long. Over the winter had so many mixed feelings on the size and the final outcome of my surgery. I was being too critical on how they looked and their positioning especially when laying down. I cannot expect them to be perfect after how messed up they were. . I gained about 15 lbs which didn't help my situation. I found it a real struggle to find tops and bras that fit properly. I've gotten back down to 135 and I am now quite happy and content with the final result. They are much better then they used to be. I get tons of compliments on them and now that I e slimmed down I'm extremely happy with everything.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly, excellent people skills. Very knowledgable. Seems very experienced and very confident in what he was going to do. Most importantly there was no hesitation and he made me feel good when discussing my goals and what was possible for the outcome.

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