Bigger and Better the 2nd Time Around! (Internal Bra Sutures and Augmentation) - San Diego, CA

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First, let me start off with my stats: i am 27...

first, let me start off with my stats: i am 27 years old, 5'4 1/2" and weigh about 127lbs and i work as an RN in the San Francisco Bay Area. i'm pretty active, i do hot yoga at least 5-8 times a week but sadly i do not run...and thats how my story begins. I had my initial breast augmentation in september of 2011 and was so freaked out about going too big and i really had NO support whatsoever from my family or really any friends. sadly my initial surgeon felt my fear and went SUPER conservative for my first one and i ended up with natralle style 115 and 272cc silicone implants. they basically looked like tiony actual boobs instead of an actual augmentation. i convinced myself that they were perfect, which they look really natural on my body but werent the fullness i thought i wanted, so i kept them. shortly after my BA i had physical therapy done for a car accident i had been in. i really think moving my muscles around so much so soon caused my left implant to pop out from underneath the muscle, but i was so swollen and still recovering that i just played the wait and see game. maybe 6 months later i emailed my surgeon (super nice lady, newish to the plastic surgery arena but very well trained) about this sort of lopsidedness and lateral pain that i was having when i wasnt wearing a bra. she said pain may still happen up to a year and my pictures looked good..SISTERS NOT TWINS REMEMBER???? so i waited and waited. and a year came by and i FLEW DOWN to LA where i had my surgery only to be dismissed again, citing that they looked fine, pain is normal, if it gets worse let her know etc etc. i was like HELLO! I FREAKING FLEW DOWN HERE WITH MY OWN MONEY TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IS WRONG AND I STILL HAVE TO WAIT? i was so fed up i decided to do research on my own.

fast forward a few months later and i discover that i have a lateral displacement and a lot of the pain is from the pulling of the implant and it not being underneath the muscle! i was able to flex my right implant and that sucker moved! but i couldnt even jiggle my left one no matter how much i flexed. thats when i decided to look for a surgeon to do a revision and ,maybe go a bit bigger (i was going under the risks of anesthesia anyways...) i went to several different consultations, but after looking at Dr Pousti's website and reading the patient testimonials and seeing his before and after pictures i made an appointment. Prior to this appointment my crazy ass wanted to make sure this guy was legit and experienced so i looked up his name in each board that he was certified in (the medical board, the plastic/reconstructive surgery board) and everything he had gotten a certification in, to see if there had been any lawsuits or complaints brought up against him. Dr. Pousti was clean as a whistle. I even had to sign up for a few websites to access their databases. but he weas legit, and really double board certified, AND a real

moving on to my consultation. Dr. Pousti was so gentle and understanding of my situation. right away to saw what had happened with my first BA and said "I see this a lot and I work on this a lot. I wont guarantee you 100% fixed, but 90-99% of the time with this repair, the pain goes away and I think we have a good chance at that happening here." He wasnt cocky or over confident of condescending. I myself am a medical professional and can smell medical bullshit a mile away, but I felt he was being sincere and giving me realistic goals. I felt like our goal for the surgery was the same and that we had the same expectations with the outcome. what finally tipped me over was when i voiced my concern about the asymmetry i was having and how my first surgeon and even another surgeon i has consulted had said they dont see it and sister not twins whatever blah i dont even see it whatever. but Dr Pousti say, "no, that is not symmetrical and that is not acceptable. we will fix that." then everything got hazy and i swear to God he started glowing lol. i was just so happy to have someone recognize my problem and provide me with a realistic solution. i then emailed his office that next week to schedule an appointment for internal sutures/internal bra/capsulorhapphy (yeah i dunno how to spell and too lazy to check)

April 4 2013
Pre op appointment. We went over the details and i decided i wanted to go bigger and we looked at pictures and he told me to research styles and you know look at boobs and whatnot. got my meds and was on my way back up to SF until my surgery 3 weeks later. a lot of time i went back and forth on how big, and who to model my boobs after. it was a huge decision and i didnt want to make a mistake AGAIN. i wanted to make the change worth it, big enough to make a difference, but small enough where i didnt need to change my j/k to prepare for surgery i completely game up soda (I FREAKIN LOVE SODA) and most fast foods. i started drinking more water with lemon slices, and going to yoga once a day when i had work and twice when i didnt, just to detox and stuff. i didnt lose any weight (i was like seriously?? i used to drink HELLA soda and i just stopped...sad) but i felt better about hoe my body looked so i was excited for the big day.

April 22 2013
i flew down from SF to stay with my sister, who lives in San Diego, for the week while i recover. i gouged myself with chips and water until 1130 and tried to go to sleep early. i had also decided on 375cc mod+ profile for my new gals so that was exciting...

April 23 2013 "B" day

woke up super early at 7...(7 is early for me) and showered. went to the surgery center and filled out more paperwork. the wonderful PreOP RN susan started my IV and we chatted and she made me feel at ease. i had a bair hug on to keep me warm before i got all marked up. then the OR RN came in and introduced herself and now i was starting to freak out...getting a little sweaty and jittery and hungry..but then Dr Pousti came in and i was immediately at ease. He marked me up all calm and pousti-like and walked me to the gurney. i laid down on it and he marked more where my lateral displacement went and then i met with anesthesia and took a quick pee break before walking into the OR. before going under Dr Pousit and my nurse Kate held both my hands and i seriously almost cried before i went off to lala land.

Waking Up

i woke up on the gurney and they game me pain meds, because i already had a prior BA this one that bad to me, i think i have a high pain tolerance. i took a percocet and went home with my sister. i even walked up the stairs to my bed and slept for like 3 hours. then i woke up and ate some soup..BAD IDEA..and took a percocet. i immediately threw up and drank some vitamin water and went back to bed. then 5 hours later i tried it again and i discovered that i can really only handle 1/2 a tab or else i throw up. (but i threw up 3 more times before i realized this) in this time the surgery center called my, Dr pousti called me, and so did another gal from his office, just to check on me. that night i woke up about every 4 hours and took 1/2 a tab of percocet and 1 valium to knock out.

the next day i was able to walk around pretty well and check out the new girl (bangin' by the way..super bangin' and symmetrical) I had a super supportive surgical bra and a bolster dressing that i will have to keep on for about 4-6 i know...i still had to take 1/2 a percocet every 5 hours and 1 valium every like 10 but i was overall ok. walking around, going to the bathroom. eating soup. so recovery on this day wasnt so bad.

my other sister had come down to help take care of me so we decided to do sister stuff and we went to that safari place to walk around and see animals. im not allowed to lift my right arm at all really and no yoga or upper body working out for 3 months..beautiful..just as wedding season is starting! but i can walk. so i premedicated myself and we walked around..very slowly...i also wore an underarmor compression bra over all my other dressings and bra for added support was crazy. what has been killing me the most is the itching....DAMN ITCHING EVERYWHERE!! so i put cold compresses over the itchy parts and it helps to quell it. sleeping sitting up sucks too..but im not gonna do anything to screw this $7100 procedure up. so yeah...walking was fun and so was getting out of the house. so when we got home i napped hardcore...also pseudo obsessed with taking colace right now...

Today i have TONS more energy and can do more things on my own, i can change and i did a nice wipe down with baby wipes. changed clothes etc etc. i also went for my post op appt. which was fun. Dr pousti said everything looked good and that i should be a good girl and not do anything im not supposed to. Im to see him in one month to look at my dressings. oh one CRAZY ASS thing happened..i was scratching underneath my bolster dressing on the L side and i felt a lot of fluid and pain and i freaked out. i thought i had ripped a suture even though i had periareolar incisions...and i was like OMG WHAT DID I DO. we got home and peeled back a part of the dressing and discovered that i had a freakin BLISTER from my tight bras CHAFFING!! and it created a blister..which i then popped..ugh. almost had a heart attack. anyways tingling coming back on my right side. Dr says thats good. so i cannot wait for these next few months to be over!!! also the women in his office are SO nice and they called everyday to check on me AND Dr Pousti gave me flowers!! so touching! i was like i should be giving you flowers and naming my first born son after you!! I really didnt go into much detail, but before this 2nd surgery i was in a lot of pain. i couldnt run, i couldnt jog, i couldnt go braless at all. i could feel the previous implant slipping around across my chest was torture. im so glad im healing now.

i feel good. SO good i woke my ass up at 6 am and started this. realself thing. i really feel like people should know how amazing Dr. Pousti is. i head home to the bay area today to i'll keep you posted on how my pain is..which right now is none...i'll update when im all unpacked at home =) but pretty much full range of motion with my right arm and my left side feels good.

POST OP DAY 5 it has been UNSEASONABLY HOT here...


it has been UNSEASONABLY HOT here and so i have been itching and scratching and literally trying to rip my skin off without lifting my left arm up...and my allergies are in full swing so everytime i sneeze i must literally brace myself. i have started to develop scabs and broken skin around the tape of the bolster dressing and a couple of areas that i reinforced and had taken the tape off just ripped my already thinning skin from the swelling and itching that has happened. im so so so itchy i dont even know what to do. ive taken off all my surgical bras and sports bras and applied bio oil to the red areas and put on a long thin tank top first the reapplied my layers of surgical bra and compression sports bra. that may have been what made me feel better..that or the valium i took in order to get the muscle spasms any case i KNOCKED OUT and slept very soundly. the pictures are pretty brace yourself. i kinda have sensitive skin already and the heat and sweat isnt helping. ive tried to wipe down several times with baby wipes...we'll see


today i called the PS office and asked if i could take the tape off my bolster dressing and redo ALL THE TAPE because the rash and itching was so severe. no one was able to answer my question and i wasnt trying to drug myself into a stupor to stop the itching so i sat in a bathtub with water up to my belly button and did as much of a bath as i could..which wasnt a lot considering again i can only use my right arm. (which my the way is amazingly pain free..probably because i already had an implant and there wasnt so much swelling going on). I had my boyfriend slowly peel the tape off my dressing and cut it off, maintaining the actual gauze portion in contact with my skin, and wipe down the rashed areas. this was done while i was lying on my right side on an incline pillow. he then covered the red areas with bio oil again and we let that dry and he retaped the same dressing back on to my body. i know my surgeon would KILL me...i mean he WILL KILL ME when he find out, but i really couldnt take it and no one called me back from the PS office to give me and answer. there was a lot of swelling and pain after the dressing reinforcement so i put on all the bras again and took half a pain med and half a valium. i wish i could get off the pain meds and switch to OTCs, but maybe not yet. its so difficult keeping my Left arm down. i caught myself stretching this morning and nearly cried. I really need to take care of this side. i would be devastated if i needed another internal bra suturing done. i feel like i let myself down and my surgeon down by breaking the rules about keeping the dressing on. but i maintained the pressure and support by laying down and hold the dressing on my body with my right hand and a only slightly left enough space between my arm and body to get the tape through. i hope i didnt ruin anything. i cant really post any pictures of the total augmentation because i dont like keeping my support bras off long enough to take pictures. im pretty much obsessed with needing the supportive bras now...sad. but as soon as i get the go ahead...the boobie pictures will be up and running. until then you can look at the bolster dressing and rashes.. exciting i know...

1 WEEK POST OP finally went back to work today,...


finally went back to work today, its been a few days off percocet and the valium wore off WAY before i went to work so i was good on a little tylenol. it was hard not moving my left arm away from my side and i caught myself reaching for things and having to open doors and stuff so i'm probably gonna be a little swollen tonight. my right arm and breast is fine. no pain, i can flex and extend and pretty much use it however i need to, but i do so gingerly. hopefully i'm not ruining anything. in my head when ever i feel my left pec muscle flex or i move my left arm away or do anything with it i picture a suture ripping. or when you get those flashes of lightning through your breast that are supposed to be "normal" for the first few months i just imagine that im doing something detrimental and the pain will come back and i'll be back at square one. its negative, i know. but sometimes i cant help it. my PS surgeons office called me a few times today (one to wake me up and one during work that i missed) then during my break they called again and i was able to speak with Dr Pousti. He said redoing the dressing was fine. and it alleviated my guilt because i had promised him i would behave and i redid the dressing on my own without asking him. he found my updates on this website comical. so now i feel better and can't wait to finish healing and get on in this beautiful weather with a bikini!

So its been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and i...

so its been almost 2 weeks since my surgery and i feel pretty good! i get kinda itchy sometimes still, but the rashes have subsided and now that the weather is finally cooling off, im not sweating up a storm. my right side is looking good and no pain and i'm able to move around, but im trying not to push my limits. the left side is another story. i still have the bolster dressing, the little open areas of skin are healing and i'm having to change/reinforce the tape every couple of days because of my sweat and the itchiness. i'm still keeping my left arm by my side as much as i can, considering i need to change clothes and stuff, i'm doing the best i can. sometimes i still wake up with my left arm above my head and i'm like..oh shoot...did i rip a stitch or anything? ALSO...allergies have been so crazy this last week and every time i sneeze i feel a sharp pain where i think the internal sutures are. so i brace my left side when i sneeze. my coworkers just think i like holding myself real tight all the time. but i go in for a check up next week so we'll see how i'm progressing! so excited.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pousti is amazing. His bedside manner was very gentle and not condescending at all, like a few other surgeons I had seen. He really listened to me as well as my concerns and answered all my questions. As a surgeon, he was very confident and he made sure that his goal and my goal for my procedure were aligned. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a skillful plastic surgeon. His experience speaks for itself and he will be the only surgeon I call for any other plastic surgery needs!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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