After 12 Years I Finally Decided I Needed New Breasts - San Diego, CA

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After 12 years my old saline implants bottomed-out...

After 12 years my old saline implants bottomed-out. At first they looked great and was very pleased, but over time they started taking on an odd shape and appearance. I'm very petite/thin and came out of surgery with a D-cup. They didn't bother me until a friend of mine started calling me names like 'Dolly Parton,' and other names relating to my size. I started wearing bras that were a size too small. It didn't feel comfortable, but I looked a little smaller, maybe more proportionate to my body type. I lived this way nearly 12 years. Now my implants are not only odd shaped, but old and rippled. You can see the ripples on the sides. I'm now at the point where I cannot even stand to see my own image in the mirror. On the 17 of March I'll have my revision. I'll be getting Sientra smooth, round, Moderate Plus placed sub-muscular. I'm also having a Mastopexy and pocket repair. Looking forward to a new, smaller me. Keeping my fingers crossed that my surgeon gives me the look I desire.

The Result I 'Wish' to Have...

Here are a couple photos of the look I desire that I wanted to share with you all. I'll be happy if I am close to looking like any of the posted photos...


I do not have any photos of what I currently look like. All the imagines are on my surgeons computer, and I don't have the means of taking my own photos and posting them -- actually I do have the means, I just don't know how to do it. I'm a bit computer illiterate; therefore, I will describe in words what I look like. Think of a pair of old, long tube socks filled with sand -- a type of sand that doesn't create a round look, but a wide, almost square look. When I stand up straight, I don't feel my breasts hanging as much as I do when I am sitting. When I sit, I can feel them hit my upper stomach area. Hope this helps. Would love to hear from others who have had revisions and your outcomes? In fact, I'd love to hear from anyone with advice to get me through this surgery? It will be the fourth surgery on my breasts and hopefully the last for a long time to come.

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I'm all set to go tomorrow morning. Feeling a little scared, but excited at the same time. My arrival time is 7:30am. Was told I will be at the clinic all morning and afternoon. Surgery could take up to 4 hours. I am down-sizing from Saline 390cc to either 302/325cc Sientra Moderate Plus Profile Gels. Also having a Mastopexy and Capsulorrhaphy and revision of old scars. Looking forward to the new, smaller me. :-)

Happy with my new, smaller breasts!!!!!!

...But am I ever sore. Surgery went well, but a lot longer than expected. What was supposed to be a 4 hour surgery turned into 6 hours. I was at the clinic 7:30 am and didn't get home until 7pm. I was still doped from the anesthesia, and could barely walk. I wobbled a lot. Thank goodness for my dad's arms. I would have never been able to walk unassisted. My follow-up was today. I'm doing well. Don't notice too much swelling. Not even icing. I'm just taking pain meds every 6 hours and my anti-biotics. I don't need the anti-nausea pills at all.

My doctor did a lot of work on me to repair the damage and he did a great job. I have the boobs of a twenty year old (almost). Nice, round and perky, a bit too perky, but that's what I wanted. I hope to not drop. I like them standing alert. He went with 305cc Sientra mod plus, round and smooth implants. Thank goodness he didn't put the 325cc implants inside me. I looked at the today and wish he would have went even smaller, but I am not going to worry about size. I got round and perky and that is most important to me. He did a great job on the old wide scars I had vertically from my last lift 12 years ago. My skin lacerated leaving me with wide scars. I now have a slim, narrow line going up to the nipple. I'm still taped but from the size of the thin strip of tape, you can see the wide scarring is gone. He didn't need to move my nipples, because they were positioned perfectly. I am good there; just need to go bra shopping tomorrow and buy a bra (not a compression bra) with a good bottom to help cement the bottom of my breasts. Will have to remain in it 24/7 for 6 months. I can take a shower in a couple days and cannot wait! Overall, I am very happy and even on both sides. I was a mess before and he did a good job cleaning it up. Thanks for reading...

Second post-Op

Well, yesterday was my second post-op. My first was the following day and all looked well the following day. Yesterday I looked even better. My doctor was amazed at how well I am doing, and we he lightly touched my breasts, he behaved like a 10 year old, who just got his first puppy. My breasts were already nice and soft and starting to settle in beautifully. You could tell my doctor was so proud of his work!

Today I am 9 days post-Op and still feeling no pain. One day I had a bunch of throbbing, but that went away. I just have some very mild soreness today -- nothing that requires even Tylenol. I can't even believe how well I am healing. My last 3 breast surgeries were not as easy as this one.

Driving for the first time yesterday was also very easy. I hurt myself once when I had to quickly react to another driving who almost cut into my lane and hit me, but I was fine. When I got home, I finally took off my bras and showered. It felt to good to be squeaky clean all over again.

I'm still in sutures as well. My doctor will be seeing me weekly over the next few months, and will remove the sutures next week. After they are removed, I'll have to wear a special tape he is going to recommend for several weeks.

Oh, and he loved what I did with the bras I am wearing. I thought he'd be mad, but he was tickled pink. I'm wearing the bra he recommended, but thought I would buy something else to wear over the bra for extra support. He told me to NOT wear a sports or compression bra as he wanted me well 'supported' on the sides and bottoms. He didn't want anything that would push me in and flatten my nipples; in which case, I bought what is called a 'Comfy Bra.' It looks like a sports bra, but it's not. It is snug fitting but stretchable. It fits your shape snugly, and is really quite comfortable. I thought it would help keep my sides and bottoms in place without moving and it does a good job helping achieve comfort without the breasts moving. My doctor was so elated, he took pics of the bra and its label and is going to recommend all his patients do what I am doing. For thos not aware, I had a revision with capsulorrhaphy, and why support is so important. I have to stay in these bras 24/7 for 6 months, and honestly, I don't mind. I am starting to like the snugness, even though I look like I am carrying torpedos on my chest. The first bra makes me look like a Madonna video, the Comy Bra is forming to my shape.

All-in-all, everything is going great. I hope the rest of you are doing well, too! Hugs and kisses to all...

Photos of Comfy Bra as Requested

Hi Ladies! Here are a couple photos of the Comfy Bras I mentioned earlier that come doctor approved. I tried on several different bras for extra support, but none gave me as much comfort as the Comfy Bra. It allows you to sleep, and breathe easily without squishing your breasts, but gives you a snug fit that forms the shape of your breasts. I wear it over my support bra for additional no-bounce support. You may not notice, but walking alone makes your breasts move and I am not supposed to let my breasts jiggle. My doctor stressed the importance of support during the healing process after my breast revision, and was pleased with my choice to wear a second bra for added support and comfort.

You can purchase the bra at Wal-Mart for under $20. There is a decent selection of post-Op, affordable support bras out there. No need to spend a fortune on bras, especially when the bras are only worn temporary.

Update: 15 days Post-Op (in-office appointment today)

Hi ladies. I'm 15 days post-Op and healing beautifully, according to my plastic surgeon. The yellowish bruising I had is all gone. I still have my stitches, which will be removed in one week. So far I am holding up well. He is thrilled I am following his instructions to a tee, but laughed when I told him I shower in a bra, because I am afraid to go without one. He said it wasn't necessary to wear a bra during my shower, but if it makes me feel comfortable, then go for it!

Also noticed I may be needing a little touch-up. I was laying down while he was changing the tape over my stitches. He wanted me to see the stitching and handed me his hand-held mirror. He did a beautiful job stitching me. Such thin, evenly straight lines. During this time, I noticed I had a little; however slight, excess skin remaining underneath my breasts, which I didn't find appealing. I immediately pointed it out, and before I could utter the words, he immediately chimed in and said, 'don't worry about it now, it's an easy fix and I'll fix it if it needs to be fixed.' Wow! I didn't even have to ask! He is such a nice man and a perfectionist. Any way, he went on to say that I am too early in the healing process to do any kind of touch-ups. He said you'd be surprised by all the changes that occur up to the 6 month point. He said the issue may resolve on its own. If not, we'll take care of it. So, I decided I am not going to start getting anxious or obsess. The downfall? I want to get my dating life restarted. I met someone, but have had to put him on hold, because I cannot let him see me at this point, nor can I be touched -- just the changing of tape left me stinging underneath one breast on the drive home; in fact, my one breast still stings off and on. I don't need an aspirin, but it is annoying. Seems my breasts are overly-sensitive, especially the nipple area. That's it for now. Hope all of you are feeling good and healing well, too! Hugs and kisses to you all!

Just Showered...

...and switched into my shower bra and still loving my perky, new boobies, but boy-oh-boy, are they ever sensitive, especially today. I cannot even put on a bra without feeling sensitive to the touch. I don't ever remember having overly sensitive breasts and nipples; in fact, my nipples were numb for 2 weeks from the other surgeries -- not this one. I never did ask my PS about the sensitivity (forgot). Have any of you ladies faced this problem, and if so, how long before the nipple area (including the part of breast closest to nipple/areola) returns to normal?

3 Weeks Post-op Today and just Took a Peek...

And it looks like I am holding! My breasts look just like they did right after surgery, except they're much softer and more round. Still riding as high and perky as I hope to maintain. No pain whatsoever. The incision lines are perfect. My last surgery 12 years ago left me very scarred after undergoing an augmentation and breast lift. When the doctor closed me up, my skin lacerated leaving me with a very wide vertical scar. It is now all gone! I just have a very thin vertical line. My doctor is truly an artist when it comes to incisions. That's about it for now. Still in two bras 24/7 and am only at the half-way point. I've got another 3 weeks before I can raise my arms and assume some success with this surgery. It's still up in the air. I hope all you other ladies are doing well, and loving and enjoying your new boobies! xoxo

Saw Doctor Today--I Was Wrong...

...I am not half-way to a successful Capsulorrhaphy. For some reason I misunderstood and thought he said I could consider it successful at the 6 week mark. He said 'no,' 6 months. Oh well, the good news is I am not only healing well (I hardly have swelling), I am what he called an 'Early Success.' I knew I was by my obvious post-op appearance. I'm still high and perky and that's a good thing. Overall, I am doing well. I do think revisions are easier to manage. This one has pretty much been a breeze. I also asked my doctor if I could wear a sports bra. He hesitated, then said "Nah, continue to do exactly what you are doing, because it is working!!" That was music to my ears. That's it for now. I go back to see him in another week. Hope you ladies are healing well and loving your new girls!!! Hugs and kisses to you all.

Photos--poor quailty

Well, I figured out how to post pics, unfortunately, mine came out so poor compared to other photos. At least I hope you get a good idea. I stood too far from the mirror, obviouly. I took the pics very quicky as I felt uncomfortable, especially with out my bras. This was a hurried photo session. Maybe you can zoom...also, my flash kept going off. I have no idea why...

Trying Once Again--Laying Down

I took off my bras again, but that's enough for today as I am feeling a little sore when I'm not in a bra. This picture is of the gap between my breasts that I really like. Before my revision my breasts were so far a part. I hated it. Hope this pic uploads... I got my camera right in between my breasts ... super close up.

Laying Down--Gap between Breast


Side View--Perky Again

Photo is poor quailty, but if you zoom, you can see the perkiness. Prior to this my boob hung down on stomach.

Also Wanted to Add...

I have no pre-op photos. I didn't even like looking in the mirror, so there was no way I would photograph the old girls. I described them in my review. Just scroll to top. That'll give you a good idea of what I looked like before my revision. I hope to get some better photos soon and I will post them. Wow, I didn't realize just how early on I am in the healing process. Taking my bras off and on wasn't easy. I actually didn't know I was still bruised (right breast) as I never take off my bras any more and am back to sitting and bathing in a tub. Hope you are all doing well...xoxo

More Good News

Today was my weekly follow-up. I'll be 5 weeks post-op tomorrow. Again, my doctor was so thrilled with the progress I am making. My implants are still in their pockets exactly where they should be. I swear, he's like a happy little child when he sees how well I am doing each passing week. I'm doing so well that I do not have to see him again for 6 weeks. That'll be an interesting appointment. I'm hoping he'll still be as thrilled as he was today. He's such a nice man. My incision lines are unbelievably thin. You can't even tell I was cut open unless you look closely. I was also told I could raise my arms...yay! I still cannot engage in activity that causes my boobs to move too much. I cannot lift either, but I can clean a little, but not overdo anything, and I must remain in both bras 24/7. He believes the bras are helping me stay in place most. My idea of wearing a second bra over the support bra was the best thing I could have done for myself. He doesn't want me wearing anything else for 6 months. I am allowed to shower without a bra, but I don't. I feel great, too. I have a little soreness every now and then, but nothing that requires an aspirin. So far, so good. Those who are patient can indeed achieve success. I hope all of you are doing well, too. Hugs and kisses to all.

7 weeks and 2 days updated

7 Weeks and 2 Days Update

Not much to report. I'm doing well physically, miserable emotionally. I cannot wait until June 1st when I see my doctor and hear what his thoughts are regarding the process I've made so far. I still haven't bottomed-out; therefore, the inside sutures must be holding well. I am wearing 2 bras during the day and 3 bras while sleeping. I have to keep my breasts motionless as much as possible, and can sleep only on my back. No stomach or side sleeping for 6 months. It's important I try to keep the implants in their new pockets. I get some soreness when I do too much, but I have no pain. I can raise my arms, but I try to not do that too much simply out of fear of ruining something inside. I'm careful not to lift much either. No exercise and engaging in my favorite hobby for 3 months. In all honestly, the waiting game is difficult and scary. This was my fourth breast surgery and hope to not have another one for a long time. Any way, here is a pic I took quickly. I don't keep my bras off longer than a minute. Still don't know how to turn off my flash. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well...XOXOXO

State Trooper Pulled Me Over Today, Thanks To My PS

While driving on a four lane highway, I noticed a State Trooper in a huge SUV looking into my car. Sure enough, a few seconds later he was behind me flashing his lights and pulled me over. I stuck my head out the window as he was walking to my car and asked if I was speeding (I normally drive fast, I know, bad idea). He said nothing, then approached me at the car window. I said nothing more either since he didn't answer my question. He looked around for a second and said, "I see you are in your seat belt." I said, 'yes sir I am.' He went on to say it didn't like I was buckled up from the road, because the seat belt was not over my shoulders. The belt was only around my waist. I explained why and was so embarrassed. I told him I just had a breast revision surgery and my doctor doesn't want me wearing the strap over the top of my breasts. The trooper went silent for a minute, but before he could say anything, I asked he wanted to phone my doctor for verification, or if he'd like I would unzip my sweatshirt so he could see I was wearing two bras and a strap underneath the bras (I wear a sweat suit top in 90 degree weather just to cover the pointedness and number of bras I have on). I know, I know, but I didn't want a ticket and I have a good driving record. He just smiled and said it was not necessary. He told me he wasn't going to fine me, but to make sure I get a note from my doctor on a prescription pad should I get stopped again. He was pleased I was buckled up, but said I could still be fined for not wearing my seat belt properly. Phew!! Got lucky today. What a relief. I wonder if any of you ladies have to keep your belts off your breasts, especially the revision patients here? My boobs on top are still somewhat sensitive, but not too bad, but I cannot really wear a tight seat belt properly yet. Guess I am going to have to get a signed note next time I see my doctor. Other than a little sensitivity at the top part of my breasts, I am GREAT!!!!! Couldn't be happier. Hope you are all healing well and managing...hugs and kisses to you all...xoxoxo

Long Road Ahead of Me... :-(

RS keeps telling me to update, so I thought I would give an update to let everyone know I am doing as well as can be expected. Breasts still sit high. No changes, except I am soft and wish for firmer, but I can live with it. :-)

Yesterday at the airport I came to a realization after giving a friend a hug good-bye. I totally forgot about my boobs and when we hugged, my breasts pressed against his chest leaving one boob throbbing with pain. I feel a little better today, but not 100%. Still taking some pain medication as the breast is pretty uncomfortable, especially when I walk around and about. What I realized -- I am not ready to ride horses at this time. My doctor told me I could ride when I reached the 3-month post-op mark. I am now 3 months and a couple days, but have decided to not ride. It's just way too risky and not worth the risk. The sides of my breasts are still very tender to the touch. My doctor spent a lot of time working on the side pockets, because he said they were quite a difficult task, which probably explains the continued tenderness. My breasts feel great underneath! Any way, I was thinking back to when I was riding and realized I need to continue remaining motionless (as much as possible) and protect my breasts from the risks associated with riding horses. The majority of the horses I ride are only 'green broke' (a horse with limited training). Green horses are very unpredictable and they're not machines. They're animals with minds of their own and I have been thrown many times. I generally land on my back when I hit the ground, but what if I fall on my front side? The thought makes me cringe. There was another time when I was thrown, but held on, but somehow the saddle slipped down off the horse's back onto her side belly and my foot got caught in the stirrup. This freaked out the horse. I couldn't get away and ended underneath the horse. Bless her dearest heart, she did everything possible to avoid stepping on me while she danced around me in a frenzy. I did get a scraped from the neck down to my shoulder. She also managed to step on my finger and it broke. I've imaged that scenario happening again, but missing my finger for my chest. Again, the thoughts make me cringe, so I've decided to refrain from riding indefinitely. I'll know when the time is right -- the right time is not now. Overall I am well and looking forward to seeing my doctor on the 16th. I will post more pics soon. I know it's time for more, but right now I'm just not comfortable removing my bras for longer than a minute, especially after yesterday's incident. It actually feels weird, even for less than a minute, to be without a bra. I'm too tender without a bra. This has been a long recovery for me. I am trying to remain positive (most of the time), but have my bad moments. It is so depressing and frustrating to stay limited in activity and motionless. I'm doing what I got to do to get the result I want. I'm very dedicated as frustrating as it is to me. Ladies, I hope you all are doing well. I come here a lot to read all the happy stories/updates, and see all the beautiful breasts, which always brightens my spirits. I am so excited for all you beautiful ladies! Hugs and kisses to all!

Revision Scheduled Yesterday

I saw my doctor yesterday and I am doing GREAT! Scars are healing well, still sitting high, and my doctor couldn't get over the smoothness and softness of my implants and skin. Funny, for the very first time, he actually squeezed my implants a little and I felt no pain whatsoever. Just a week ago I gave a hug to a friend and was left throbbing with pain. I'm actually feeling great, but still in two bras and 3 while sleeping! The surgical tape came off yesterday, too. I can apply scar treatment, but think I'm a little too late for that to help.

The good news is my 'nip n tuck' (nip n tuck sounds better than revision since it is relatively minor). Going back to the past to the day after my surgery in mid-March. I noticed excess, loose skin just half-way under each breast going up towards the lower cleavage area. My doctor explained how complex it is to do an augmentation/exchange and mastopexy at the same time. I understood and didn't fault him at all. I know a lot of doctors prefer to do the two procedures in two stages. I brought my doctor a mess and he cleaned it up well, which took 6 hours. I wish I had pre-op photos to show you all, but I don't. Imagine two long tube socks glued to my chest with balls of sand sitting at the bottoms. That'll give you an idea of what I used to look like. Any way, he told me to be patient regarding the loose skin -- said my skin may or may not retract. He believed it would retract, but said if it didn't, he would fix it. Knowing he would fix it was all I needed to hear in order to not worry and dwell, because I knew for certain my skin would not retract and told my doctor it is never going to retract as I am not 21 any more. He just laughed and said be patient, that amazing things can happen. Yeah, right! :-)

Fast forward to my 2-month follow-up and the swelling is gone and the loose skin looks worse. He said nothing can be done at this point, to just give it more time. No problem as I knew it was going to be corrected.

Yesterday my doctor agreed to remove the excess, loose skin!!! He agreed that it wasn't going to retract at this point. He said at 3 months my capsule should be fully formed and stable and agreed to do the procedure. He walked with me to the office where the scheduler works and we made the appointment. I couldn't get an appointment until August 12th, but that is fine with me as it will be here in no time! So, I am scheduled for August 12th at 10:00am. The procedure will take about an hour to an hour and 30 minutes. My doctor is also going to revise the white scar around my nipple/areola. I so cannot wait, because when I showed my doctor how nice and round I look when tapering the skin, he agreed to how nice it looked. So, all is very good and I am happier than ever! Oh, and the cost? Zero!

Happy healing to all you lovely, beautiful RS women. Hope you are enjoying your breasts! I will be enjoying mine soon! :-) Hugs and kisses to all of you...xoxoxo

Example of my Pre-Surgical Breasts (NewDrVathFan)

Note: This woman is not me -- her photo is being used to provide an example...

After searching online through hundreds of examples of bottoming out breasts, I finally found a photo of a woman, who best closely resembles my pre-surgical breasts. I thought I'd show everyone here, especially you, "NewDrVathFan," what I looked like before my breast revision. The only differences are my breasts hung evenly, I had more stretch, and the position of my NAC (Nipple Areola Complex) sat much higher on the breast mound. My breasts were almost hanging down to my waist; just above my navel. My implants were actually not sitting in the pockets and fell to my sides (under armpits) when laying down.

I never thought of coming to this site before my surgery, hence the absence of pre-surgical photos. Hope this picture is helpful... More updates coming soon... Hugs and kisses to all...xoxo

Fully Clothed Photo of Me...

Just found old photo of me. It is about 4 years old. I'm wearing a good support bra to hold everything in and up, but as you can see, my breasts are still sitting pretty close to my waist, and I have NO cleavage. Now, imagine removal of shirt and bra... Guess what happened next? Yep, everything went way South. So gross. :-(

Revision to Revision Nearing--So Excited (Photos Included)

Hello ladies! Hope you are all doing and healing well. I thought I'd give you an update on my current situation. I'm almost 4 months post breast revision surgery. I won't be updating again with photos until I have my surgery (nip n' tuck), which is scheduled for August 12th. The photos I just posted are of me after my breast revision, and now, more or less my 'before' photos.

For those unaware, I have excess skin remaining after my breast revision surgery a few months ago, which included a mastopexy (breast lift). The loose skin was noticeable early on once the swelling subsided, and I was not a happy camper when I saw it. I seriously felt nauseated. I don't expect perfection, nor believe it can be attained, but loose skin after a lift was unacceptable to me. I don't fault my doctor. I know preforming a lift at the same time of removal and replacement of implants is complex, and why many surgeons prefer to do both procedures in two stages, as it lessens the need for revision.

The red highlighted lines you see on the photos is where the skin will be removed (approximately). I'm still learning how to use my phone and just learned I could draw on my photos. lol I am also having skin removed on each side of my breast, near my armpit, as shown in my 'side view' photo. I'm also having the white rings (which are actually scars--anchor incisions from mastopexy) around my areolas revised. I'm not sure if you can see the white rings in the photos, but they're present. I thought it was sweet of my doctor to revise those scars for me considering I didn't ask for another scar revision; just wanted the excess, loose skin GONE! I apologize for the red highlights, but the excess skin was not visible in photos (I couldn't get in close enough, obviously), so I had to highlight the areas being worked on. The skin is slack, but it is not hanging or folding or wrinkling or anything like that, hence the highlights.

I took the photos yesterday while washing all my bras; therefore, I had to put on my sports bra and thought I'd throw in an additional set of photos to show you my cleavage. Not sure how I feel about the cleavage. I feel like a mad woman sometimes going back-and-forth trying to decide if I am happy or not. My size sometimes bothers me as well. I won't lie, I've been thinking about downsizing again. It has crossed my mind many times. I think I'd be happier with something around 250-270cc UHP. I feel too big sometimes, and don't like feeling big, especially when I already have small implants (305cc). I really shouldn't be complaining, because I look a million times better than pre-surgery, even with loose skin -- but I go back-and-forth with the thought of cleavage kissing (kisses only when wearing bra). lol I did ask for cleavage, but not a bundle of it given the small size of my implants. I definitely do not like that I look bigger than I'd like in a sports bra. I look like I am all breast tissue. What you cannot see is all the kissing happening just below the tops of my breasts. I don't particularly care for too much fullness. I love it on other women, and think they look beautiful, but I'm not sure it is necessarily a good look for me, or a comfortable feeling. I like small and perky.

I'll never wear this sports bra anywhere but home, while cleaning house, because sports bras make me look like a glob of flesh smashed together. lol I do like having cleavage, don't misunderstand, but wish I had cleavage along with a small gap between my breasts when wearing bras. Hopefully I will learn to not feel too big, because I'm not really mentally prepared for another revision at this time. Maybe next year.

On another note. There are a couple ladies here, who know I want another surgical procedure on my breasts. I'll give an update on that procedure as well, which is 'nipple correction surgery.' I actually forgot to ask my doctor about it last time I saw him, which was when we discussed my skin excision revision. I was so excited, the thought of adding another procedure simply slipped my mind (the loose skin is a big deal to me). For the record, I do not have inverted nipples; however, I do have small nipples I wish would protrude more and at ALL times. I've thought about this procedure since forever, but never actually obsessed over it, and often forgot about my nipple size, because I do have something. I've also never had any complaints, if you know what I mean. ;-) My nipples do grow much larger in certain situations/environmental conditions, and I want them to stay that way all the time. I see so many of you ladies with beautiful nipples and feel so envious (in a good way). So, I'm definitely going to do it. I was going to call my doctor last week to add that procedure while having the skin removal procedure, but changed my mind. I want to feel sexy, and having bigger nipples will help me feel better, but the tops of my breasts are still too tender and I don't want to mess with recovery and invite trouble; therefore, I decided to put off the surgery until later this year. I'll be 6 months post-op the 17th of September. I have company coming to stay with me for several weeks late September, and decided to go for it when my company leaves, which should be sometime around the end of October. I may even wait until late November when the temps turn cooler so I am more comfy. I cannot have pressure from a bra on the nipples either, which is also why I am putting off the nipple surgery. This hot weather in the South is murder on my breasts, because the bras smash them together. I have no room for my breasts to breathe in-between as it is now and I get sweaty as a result. I am constantly cleaning between my breasts with alcohol wipes to keep them dry and more comfy. :-)

I'll be updating again with my 'after' photos when my nip n' tuck surgery is complete -- some time after the 12th of August. I do dislike the thought of additional scarring, especially since I just had scar revision during my revision surgery, but I'd rather have more scars and taut skin than loose skin with no scars. It's all good. I just hope to get a better result and stop obsessing over my breasts.

I cannot fully enjoy my life right now and lost a man I was dating, because I kept turning down his dinner, road trip invites, etc. He was always asking to see me, but I always came up with an excuse to not see him. I kind of wanted to be honest with him about my surgery, but didn't really want him to know; therefore, he gave up on me and all my excuses. Cannot say I blame him, but all I could think about was how to dress wearing several bras and if he would notice? What about hugging? He always held me tight and close, and fooling around? I just couldn't risk it or go on a road trip with him. I would like to to start dating again (travel, riding-jumping fences, etc) and only hope I can do just that soon after my surgery on the 12th of next month. I want so desperately to forget about my breasts and move on with my life.

My nipples aren't a constant obsession, so all is good there, and the procedure is a fairly simple in-office 15-20 surgery with little down-time; then again, by the time November roles around, I may not be bothered by small nipples. The skin excision may be just all that I need to feel complete. Who knows? I'll take it as it comes...

Phew! Sorry for the lengthy update, thanks for reading! Hope you are all well and enjoying your new, beautiful breasts! Hugs and kisses to you all...xoxoxo

Revision Tomorrow is Tomorrow!!! And Angery at my Doctor...

Hello to all you RS beauties and friends. Hope you are all doing well! Tomorrow is my big day!. Finally getting the final touches on my breasts! The Surgery Center called last Friday. I have to be at the Center at 10:00 am sharp. My surgeon said the procedure will take an hour, maybe 1.5 hours. Not exactly sure when I'll be back at home given the distance and recovery from anesthesia. Last surgery I wobbled inside the house on my dad's arm, ate something, then went straight to bed and slept all through the night. Not concerned with additional scarring; just want to be tight. Four breast lifts with augmentation and this is my first revision following mastopexy with implant exchange. Always had breast lifts and implants placed 1 stage with successful results. Still impressed with my doctor's work, though. Promise an update will follow as soon as I am able.

As for my size, I have been dealing with that disturbing issue longer than I care. I was actually going to talk to my surgeon about size revision while being prepped for surgery. My unhappiness with size turned into anger. Yes, I became very angry at my surgeon for not giving me the size I wanted and both agreed. I went through a lot of confusion trying to choose the right size, and even had to go back to his office for a second in-person sizing consultation, after my first sizing consult using computer imaging; then later, two 30 minute conversations with him via phone, and hundreds of calls and questions to his staff, who were unable to address all of my questions accurately. I wanted to make sure I got it right this time. We ended the appointment agreeing on a size no larger than 300ccs. I didn't try on rice sizers. Not even sure if he uses sizers; nonetheless, I do not believe they would be accurate determining my size. I know they work for other women, but I was also having a breast lift (gives more projection), which would give me an inaccurate result; in addition, I was going in for my fourth set of implants and knew exactly what size I didn't want based on CC alone. I was confused about what size I did want in order to prevent early re-sag and bottoming-out without having to go too small. My biggest goal and concern is to stay perky and I truly believed staying below 300cc would be safest and give me a longer-term result without being too small.

In a desperate attempt at my second sizing consult, I used communication and fruit (again, desperate attempt) to help give my surgeon a mental image of what size I wanted. I told him I did not want to wake up with any type of melon on my chest. I also used wish photos to create a more vivid mental picture of size AND shape. We again agreed nothing over 300ccs and nothing below 230ccs. I was pretty much happy and set on a size in the 260-270cc range, as I did not want to wake up with plums on my chest either. I then I mentioned how well Oroblancos would work. He went silent and looked confused. I think I expected too much from at this point, because he said nothing in relation to the size of an Oroblanco; just asked me to undress and examined me. OK, so fruit wasn't working in my favor. Best to keep my mouth shut at that point. Moving on ... He showed what he could give me by repositioning my breasts higher on my chest wall and shaping them with his hands. I actually liked the look he showed me using his hands on my breasts and lifting them higher on my chest, and to my surprise, I got exactly that look post-op. Amazing, yes, but wrong size!

When I woke from the anesthesia, I was in so much pain. It hurt so much to try talking, but was able to mumble the words: "What size am I?" The nurse told me 305cc, then went on to say the surgeon also tried 325ccs. I was actually relieved and grateful 325cc didn't fit, and a additional 40ccs wasn't going to make much differences. I was actually happy with my size for the first couple months. I'll be 5 months post-Op in less than a week. believe I was about or close to 3 months post-op when I started hating my size. I know I don't look like a porn star, but I feel too big -- like I am carrying melons on my chest. I hate the feeling. I fear and worry about my delicate breast tissue being unable to carry the weight I feel on my chest, and would become so angry when I looked back at our sizing consultations, and learning he actually brought 325ccs in to the OR. How could he attempt to order and fit such a size when I made it clear I wanted nothing over 300ccs? I became outraged for a moment at that thought. There's only a modest difference between 305 and 325, and thought, I may as well be 325, because I sure feel top heavy. I also had weekly follow ups for the first several weeks, and my surgeon would always ask if I liked my size. I remember thinking; "What's up with that?" Glad I couldn't stop at my local bakery to buy him and his staff a large sheet cake with "I Love My Size" written in icing. Yes, I was seriously going to buy him a cake, but was running behind for my follow-up.

I wrote down a bunch of angry words I was going to verbalize to my doctor tomorrow. I even went so far as to jot down what I would say to him about revision fees -- what I felt I should and shouldn't pay for, should he agree to an early size revision. I'm not one to get angry, and when I do get angry, it rarely lasts long, but this time my anger went on far too long. It is unhealthy and keeps me from thinking logically, and thinking logically is what I had to do next. So, instead of focusing on what made me angry, I decided to work on resolving the issue. I know revisions are risky; therefore, I ripped up the angry letter and threw it in to the garbage, and weighed all the pros and cons of downsizing so soon.

I'm no longer angry; rather, I won't allow anger to consume me. I am letting go. Letting go of the fear, too. I have to let go, because the anger would become, at times, more intense, and I dislike that feeling and refuse to live life with regret AND fear. It's such a wasteful way to live and removes all the enjoyment and beauty life has to offer. I have decided to avoid another revision at this time and ACCEPT my size. I don't love my size, nor do I like my size, but I believe anything is possible, and in time I may learn to like my size. Perkiness is more important to me than my current size, so as long as I stay perky, I will be very happy! A couple reasons I decided against another surgery too soon -- It would be my 5th revision (or is it 6th), and likely way more challenging and too risky (not worth the risk for a smaller cup size). I'd like to downsize an entire full cup. I'd likely re-sag as a result, and require another lift, and will be left with pockets too large. I'm not ready to endure another major surgery so soon (my surgery was 6 hours long). I also know I will re-sag in the future with gravity at work this current moment. Could be a year from now, maybe a couple years or even 9 months from now (praying for at least 5-6 years); nonetheless, I will deal with re-sag when the time arrives and downsize at that time. I love perky breasts, so for now, I am all good to go! On to new adventures and a couple other surgical procedures I want!! Thank you all for reading this long-winded update. Be well ladies! Love, hugs and kisses from me to you...xoxo

4 Days Post-Op Revision Update...

Hello ladies. I'm sorry for the late update. As you know, 4 days ago I had my revision and was not feeling well after the surgery, hence the late update. This revision was supposed to be a simple tweaking. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the worst surgery in terms of pain I've ever had in my life. I had to resort to my pain medication I had left-over from my major revision 5 months ago to get relief. Thank goodness for pain medication, otherwise I would have went to ER. I almost did call a friend later that night to have her drive me to the ER, because I could not breathe and swallow my own saliva without pain, which started shortly after the surgery ended (my doctor had already left the OR because he was running late and was unaware of my pain). I vomited from the pain when I got home, and this created so much anxiety, which I believed made the pain worse, so I used calming techniques to rid the anxiety and I did begin to feel a tad better. It's day 4 now and I feel so much better, but I still need the pain pills as it does hurt to walk, and my GP wants me to stay on top of the pain, but I can breathe and swallow without pain, and the burning has dramatically subsided. Moving on...

When I got to the surgery center, I was told my surgery would take about an hour. My surgery ended up lasting 2.5 hours. I'm not exactly sure what was done, which I'll address in a minute. I do know ALL excess skin was removed and my areolas corrected as well. As for the reason my surgery took so long is unclear. While being marked in the OR, I told my surgeon I wanted another surgery, which is 'Nipple Correction Surgery.' My surgeon said I did not have inverted nipples (which I already knew), and that they looked pretty big (protruding). I remarked: "Well, of course they're huge now, I'm in the north pole." His OR is freezing. I went on to say that as soon as I leave the OR, my nipples will shrink and I want them to protrude at all times. He said we'll discuss that procedure at a later time -- lets just get you all fixed up right now. Sounded good to me. So, while he was marking me, we joked around. His personality and bedside manners go far and above phenomenal. He's quite a joker. At one point he had me laughing so hard, I had to ask him to stop joking. I said you are going to draw crooked lines with your marker and mess up the surgery. He looked up at me, smiled and said: "It's my job to mess up!!" THAT comment made me laugh even harder. I had a great time with him in the OR. We talked about everything -- insects (we both are fascinated by honey bees), hiking, travel, people/patients, BDD, his wife, kids and grandkids, the truth behind organic foods, etc., etc. He took a great deal of time to carefully and precisely mark the areas needing correction.

Surgery was over and my surgeon quickly explained what he did, blah, blah, blah, squeezed my hand, then told me he had to go and was leaving me in the care of his nurses, then said, by the way, I did your nipples. I just went quiet, thinking, would he have done that procedure at no cost, too? I thought, 'nah.' He wouldn't give me another freebie, would he? He was gone so I couldn't question. I didn't ask the nurses either, because after my doctor left, some pain started and I was told I would experience discomfort and all I would need is Tylenol. The nurses were quite shocked when I said the word 'pain' and said I shouldn't be in pain. It wasn't bad so they weren't too concerned when I told them the pain level was a 3-4.

When I got inside the car my pain level grew. It got worse later on while on the way home -- grew to about a level 8. The nurse did tell me to call if the pain worsened, but I didn't call. I just took things into my own hands and took a pill the moment I got home. The next day I went to see my GP instead of driving all the way back to my surgeon's clinic. There's no way I could have made the distance alone while in so much pain (I was alone the following day). To keep this as brief as possible so as not to take away so much of your time, I am fine. I am all bandaged and sutured and do not know what I look like yet. I'm actually afraid to look. I know where I am sutured because I feel stinging sensations at times. The tops of my breasts hurt too, which makes me think he may have done something to my nipples; then again, I did have work done on my areolas. I'll know more about what was all done to me when I remove the dressings. I highly doubt he did my nipples. The nipple surgery cost is approx. 3.5k. No way would he do it at no cost to me.

Suture removal is on the 25th of this month. I may have to call Monday and cancel the 25th and move up the date, because I have to leave out-of-town in the afternoon for a few hours on the 25th. I will post pics sometime after suture removal. There's nothing to show now as I am literally covered in tape and bandages, and have to keep the dressings in place until suture removal. I have to remove the dressing/bandages when showering/cleaning. The rest stays in place (steri-strips). I'm going to keep my eyes closed when ready for the shower. lol Maybe I'll just continue to use the bath tub and keep on the bra. :-) I'm really scared. I've already decided no more daytime intimacy. lol Hopefully the scarring isn't as bad as I am imagining it. My imagination runs wild sometimes. :-)

Oh, one more thing. I did bring up my size in a gentle manner. I simply told him I am afraid to go braless for any period of time out of fear of sagging too soon because I felt too big. He put me at ease when he told me I am super perky and that my size will not cause early sag; in fact, he was confident I'd maintain my results for a very long time. He said I would have a long lasting result with even a bigger implant. :-)

Long-winded update again. So sorry. I tried. ;-) Thank you ALL for listening, your support, concern and kind words. I cannot thank you all enough. Means a lot to me. I hope YOU are all doing well, too! Muah to all...xoxo

Crying and Crying Over Nipples

Crying tears of JOY, JOY, JOY!!! You all guessed correctly! My surgeon did my nipples too! I am so shocked! I can't believe he actually did them! I'm so happy -- I cried and cried. I know my behavior may seem silly to some of you, but when you have no nipples on your breasts, you feel incomplete. To me, a large part of what make breasts look beautiful is having nipples. I just had my breasts revised 5 months ago, and although I am very pleased with my surgeon's work, and being perky again, I did not feel complete. Now? I feel so complete, and even SEXY and I am still a sutured and bandaged mess. lol I honestly couldn't care less about my size either; I'm just so happy.

Even though I didn't have inverted nipples, they would become erect at certain times (stimulation and the cold), but they would soon shrink and wrinkle, even in the cold. When I lost protrusion, they turned ugly sitting on top of my breasts, because they would become wrinkly. My nipples looked like someone took two tiny, shriveled up raisins, cut them in half, stomped them to death, then glued them to each breast. That is the best description of what my nipples used to look like. Now I really cannot wait to I am able to wear a tank top without a bra, if even for an hour. Man! I feel like a woman! lol

Much love to you all. Be well and heal well and thank you for following my updates and sharing your concern and support. Oh, also, I am doing great today, even better now. No more pain, soreness and haven't felt too, too much stinging. The stinging comes and goes, but you know, it actually feels GOOD now! lol No need to continue pain medication at this point. Thanks for reading all my beautiful RS ladies and friends...xoxoxoxoxoxo

So Sad and Happy

Sad -- while laying down in the bath tub just a couple hours ago, I noticed my nipples were smooth when I felt them. Oddly, the skin, or shall I say, nipple was different, just flat but nice and smooth. The wrinkly, raisin nipples I had before surgery were gone. Maybe he didn't do my nipples? When I removed the gauze pads last update there was a large spot of blood where the nipples sit and when I reached into my bra, I could feel a hard, little erect nipple. Now? The area is just smooth, but I did manage to grow a little nipple. I'll post a picture of it. I took pics while getting dressed.

Happy -- I finally looked in the mirror without my bra. My surgeon did a lot more work than I originally thought, and although I am a sutured mess, I like what I see, which is NO excess skin! Yay! I'll post pictures of what I look like now. Tomorrow is suture removal day! My guess is the incisions are nice and thin and should heal well over the next several months or so.

Just thought I'd give you all a little update. I'll learn more about what was done or not done to my nipples tomorrow. Feeling kind of blue right now about my nipples. They shouldn't be flat and smooth. :-( Be well ladies...Much, love, hugs and kisses to all...xoxoxo

Sutured Mess & Nipple Photos

Here are the pics I couldn't upload with update. So sad about my nipples. I want to almost cry...

Some side view bra pics

Thought I would include some pics I had on phone of me in my bras. I dont look too huge in a bra? ????

Not Happy Yet

I am typing from phone for first time, so please excuse any typos I will probably make...

Got sutures removed by my surgeon's nurse. Lovely girl. Any way, I never bothered asking about my nipples assuming she wouldn't know. My concern and her concern was redness all around the incisions. I will post a pic. The incisions looked great and pretty well closed, but she put more tape on after suture removal, yet warned me to remove the tape should the redness worsen. I was also itchy, but thought it was wound healing...

When I got home I was kind of burning, pulled my shirt up, lifted my bra and was bright red. I called the nurse and she said it was OK to leave off tape, because my wounds were pretty well healed, but she was going to check with the doctor...

I am doing well now that the tape is off and the redness is fading well.

Now that all the tape is off I got a good look of all the work I had done. I like the front, but not my sides. Still a bit loose skin, which makes me look kind of saggy. My dad even said 'that does not look good' and that says a lot coming from my dad. Nothing ever looks bad to him. LOL.

I immediately called the office to express my unhappiness and asked to see the doctor next week, because I am so depressed and don't want to wait intil October for my follow up. Sadly, I need to give this time. Nurse said once everything around incisions heal and relax, I will have a more pleasing result. She also mentioned I have some tissue swelling aggravating the appearance of my final result. I am not buying it. Results should be immediate. Hmmm, we shall see. Methinks more surgery. Any way, here are a couple pictures. One before tape removal and the other showing why I had to remove the tape. What an ugly mess. I honestly almost want to explant. ????

More News -- Many Thanks to RS Ladies

I have not addressed certain members yet, but will do so here. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to CheekyVibes, Jlal79, UFgator, Rony90 and Mrs.500-800cc for your kind words and support. You ladies made me feel so much better last night. I cannot thank you enough for lending me your support, especially while in a state of depression, and yes, panic. I was actually able to sleep well last night and didn't think about my breasts when I went to bed, but I did have a bad boobie nightmare. My sub-conscious won't let go.

I won't be getting in earlier to see my doctor. I just got off the phone with a couple members of his staff and a message from him. The staff told my doctor everything. He knows I hate the sides of my breasts. I have a late October follow-up appointment, which is a date my doctor advised me to keep. He said there is nothing he can do at this time; therefore, no point in coming in now. He said I need to heal and should be pretty much healed by the time my appointment arrives giving my doctor a better idea of what will need to be done, if anything. He said things could change when the tissue and incisions heal/relax, if no change, then we'll discuss what can be done to correct the issues that make me unhappy. I was also given the OK to not wear the steri-strips. I'll be perfectly fine without them, he said...

I'm still a bit red, but no more itchiness, thank goodness. I'm getting less red by the hours. I was just so upset yesterday, and still am, because I thought I would be moving on with my life and forgetting my breasts. That is not possible at this time. This is what depresses me most. I was so looking forward to enjoying my new breasts and wearing my sexy tank tops, dresses, etc., but that is not going to happen any time soon. Where I live, you can pretty much wear shorts/tank tops year-round. I did put on a bikini top yesterday to show my dad my sides. All I did was move my arm away from the side of my breast and he could see how bad I look. I'm not expecting perfection, but I sure didn't expect this either. It actually looks worse now than it did before my touch-up. I'm so HAPPY with the front of my breasts, and only pray my sides will match the front.

Again, thank you ladies. You are all so wonderful. You're the best. What would we do without this site? Oh, and Mrs. 500-800cc, if you're reading this, please know I hope you are doing well and hope you update soon. I haven't heard from you in a long, long time! It was so nice to hear from you. I'm sure you are out and about enjoying your beautiful breasts and why you don't post much. Cannot say I blame you. ;-) ;-)

Wishing ALL of you beautiful ladies the best and hope you are all healing and doing well. I won't be posting any more photos for a while, because I have decided to not look at my breasts until I see my doctor. The very sight of my breasts makes me kind of sick. :-( Praying they might change and that it is just tissue swelling... lol Hugs and kisses to all...xoxoxo

New Suregon and Another Breast Lift Revision

Hi ladies! I know it has been a long time since I've updated. Been going through a lot of emotional ups and downs and disappointment with my 'now' old surgeon's revision and the lack of care and concern I received from staff and doctor after my tape reaction from my August 12th mastopexy revision. I literally could smell raw flesh coming from my breasts the night of surgery. I know the smell well, because I have seen many foals brought to the equine ICU barn with flesh ripped from their bodies (badly mauled by dogs). I thought the whiffs of raw flesh I could smell was in my head, because the smell would come and go, but it wouldn't go away completely, so I removed my bra and tape and sure enough, the skin underneath my breasts was bright red and burned. I smelled the tape to make sure it was coming from the skin. Sure enough, the tape was covered with the smell of raw, burning flesh.

When I phoned the old doctor's office, I was given over-the-phone instructions of how to care for the burns, but I insisted on being 'seen.' Couldn't get in the office early to be seen, so I decided I had enough of their garbage and continuous apologies, and followed up with a new surgeon. I actually just got back from my consultation, and I was right again, I do have some remaining excess skin on my sides that is slightly distorting the shape of my breasts at the lower pole. The skin is not going to retract and change (I knew it wouldn't the first time either). According to my new surgeon, the remaining skin is very minor and he asked if I could live with it, and I said 'no.' I like to wear loose tanks, dresses and bikini tops and did not like what I saw when I removed my bandages. He understood and said he could tighten up everything needing tightening. He went on to say he would not do anything major, because I don't need it. He was actually surprised at how well centered my implants sit, including my NAC position. He said the operating surgeon did a better than good job. That comment made my day. I guess I've gone through some changes and didn't realize or really appreciate how well my implants look; then again, I keep the girls wrapped up in bras and never look at them in the mirror when naked any more.

I'm still a little upset about the inadequate post-op care and will not let the old surgeon touch me again, even free of charge. I'm already scheduled for my last (hopefully) surgery with my new surgeon on November 2nd at 3:30 pm. The price of the surgery is 2k, which I already paid for in full. So, I am all set to go for more skin removal and plan to move on with my life. My new surgeon couldn't believe how perky I am, but I also have an internal bra and am very happy there. Just need my mastopexy touched up AGAIN. I will be 7 months post-op on the 17th of this month and am tired of the emotional roller coaster I've been living. Three surgeries in 7 months. I'm so over it. I'm confident this new surgeon will give me what I want because my issues are minor. He can't mess up -- I pray he doesn't mess up! lol

That's it for now ladies. I don't want to turn this update into another novel, but I gave the basics. Nothing really more to add. I've just got to make it through October!! Hope you're all doing and healing well. Sending you all lots of love, hugs and kisses...xoxo

OMG!!! Love my New Doctor

Hi ladies and a huge thank you to all of you who sent well wishes my way on surgery day. I'm going to keep this a bit short for now, because I am in a lot of pain. I don't know why these so-called minor revisions are so painful. Feels like I had my first augmentation. This was my third surgery in a span of 7 months. I hope the last, because I need to move forward and realize how important it is to not miss out on living life any more.

OK, I do not yet know my results. I see my doctor next week and will probably know more at that time. I'm bandaged and in too much pain to remove my bra and look or care to look. My doctor is confident he got the job done well, but if not, he said he would go back in and give me the results I want to make me happy. He said he stands by his revisions, and cares about his patients happiness. He said it was his job to make patients happy. He also did a lot more work on me than what was discussed at my consult.

In the room, with his marker in hand, he asked what I wanted done. I went silent because I thought it was already discussed, but he waited patiently and quietly. I told him I was unhappy with my right side boob area -- that it looked saggy and changed the shape of my lower pole. I also told him one breast was bigger and wondered if it was due to some extra flesh underneath -- I could feel the differences in breast size in bras. He marked that area too. I do have one breast bigger than the other, but probably by only 5cc. My breasts were always pretty much symmetrical. Not perfect in size, but close.

He said my left side looked really good. I rubbed my finger along the area and said I think a pinch of skin could be removed. He examined me, then marked me. I'm thinking, wow, this is great -- like ordering fast food from a drive-thru. I'm pointing out this and that and getting everything I want without hesitation. My surgeon did ask if I would mind new scars? I said "Bring Them On!!" Everyone just laughed.

Long, great story short. He did both my entire breasts using the old scars from my August revision and giving me a couple new scars. He re-shaped my breasts/revised mastopexy, fixed my problem side and also pushed more breast tissue upward more so I would have extra support/lift. He said he didn't eventually want my breasts sitting on my stomach. lol He said my breasts were nice and perky and wants to keep them that way. Got to LOVE this man. So, if my results do not meet my expectations when I see them, he will make sure they do meet my expectations when I am healed. What a GREAT guy!

I have a good feeling he did a good job. I can already tell I fit better in my bra and can no longer feel my left breast. Feels just like my right breast now. I am feeling so happy -- pain and all (lol), but will keep you updated to give you my final opinion on my results. Again, thank you ALL for your caring, loving, warm support, prayers and thoughts. I wish I had you all for friends in my real life. Love you all and be and heal well...xoxo

Update: Took a Quick Peek

Well ladies, I couldn't resist and took a quick peek at my breasts/sides. My problem breast was my right breast which had skin pulling on the side resulting in a distorted outer lower pole. My surgeon nailed it! It's perfect! I'm over-the-hill happy with my right breast; unfortunately, my left breast, which was fine and didn't need any work done to it, but asked for a little more tightening, does not look too good right now. I should have left it alone like my surgeon suggested. My left breast actually looked better before the surgery. It now looks like it is kind of pulling like my right breast did, but not as bad of a pull, thank goodness. The good news is, when my surgeon finished operating, and before leaving me in the care of his nurses, he told me NOT to worry if I see anything I don't like. He said he would fix anything making me unhappy. The bad news, I so desperately want to forget about my breasts and move on. I am praying this minor distortion on my once good breast is just swelling and the way it is taped. There is no lower pole distortion (more good news). It is refreshing to know I was told to not worry -- that my surgeon will correct any remaining issues, without even having to ask, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't depressed in spite of being overjoyed with my right breast. Boy, he nailed that side gooooood! lol I just want my breasts to match. I'll find out more when I see my surgeon next week on the 10th. That's it for now. I just hope and pray I don't need another touch-up, but if I do, then so be it. That's it for now. Oh, and the pain has dramatically subsided. Going off pain meds and no need for OTC pain meds. Yay! Be well ladies. Hugs to you all...xoxo

Breat Lift Revision --1st Post-Op Today -- Good News So Far...

Hi lovely ladies! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your beautiful breasts and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I had my 1 week (8 days to be exact) post-op today. Must say, I love my new surgeon and the follow-up care I am receiving. I see him again next week on Tuesday. He is going to closely follow my progress. We may or may not have to revise my left side again. Wait-and-see game right now. My right breast/side is done! He nailed it and nailed it good! My left side, which I was unhappy with a week ago is more swollen and tight (according to doctor) in the areas worked on; however, as soon as he removed the tape from left side, there was an immediate change. I previously mentioned, I thought the taping might have played a role in causing the distortion. I was right, but there is still a little bulge on my left side that wasn't there before the surgery. My surgeon feels it is due to swelling and is very confident it will change once the swelling goes down, but if there is no change he gave me another reminder and told me to not worry. He reassured me over and over he would fix the issue if it doesn't resolve on its own. Knowing this put me at such great ease. I'm actually feeling better now. If there are no changes, I asked if he would fix it just before Christmas, or shortly after and he said 'yes.' That made my day. I know it's early, but if there is no persistent swelling, he'll go back in and correct.

I've been ordered to rest as much as my schedule allows and not do any type of strenuous activity. I cannot even vacuum my house. I'm also going to sleep elevated to help decrease the swelling. Maybe take anti-inflammatory pills, but I don't have to, he said. I'm glad because I am not a big fan of both OTC and scripted drugs, unless necessary, as I prefer popping vitamins. Skip the anti-inflammatory pills? Probably! :-)

I'll keep this update a little short -- just wanted to let you all know everything is all good! I'm healing beautifully as well. Incisions are looking like they should at this point and no bruising. I have dissolvable sutures -- he just snipped the ends and applied steri-strips. Couldn't be happier with my surgeon and keeping fingers crossed the swelling dissipates soon and more change is seen. I am not going to look again until next week. They (doc and his nurse) opened up all the mirrors and made me look at the change. I told them I looked once after surgery, but wouldn't go near a mirror since. lol My left side has already dramatically improved since removing the tapes, but time will be the dictator of final result. Love, hugs and kisses to you all! xoxo

Oh, PS, I may not be updating again until I know whether more work will be needed. I'll definitely keep you all updated in that respect; meanwhile, I am going to try my best to focus on other things while praying my heart out. Trying to work out things with an ex-boyfriend. We have a dinner date set for this weekend, but I know myself well and will probably cancel. I don't know if 'now' is a good time. I've got visible scarring and may need more work done. My surgeon is so sweet. He's trying his best to keep my scars as invisible as possible (I overheard him say that to his nurse). :-) Happy healing to all those who just had surgery, and happy days to all you enjoying your results! xoxo

2nd Week Post-Op--3rd Revision Still Unknown

Hi ladies. Just a little update:

Today was my 2nd week post-op. Nothing much to add, except my incisions are healing beautifully (surgeon's words) and I can start scar treatment and was instructed to gently massage the scars. He said my scars will fade nicely with time.

I pointed out my concerns again with left breast and he said it's edema. Jlex, if you are reading this, I do NOT have dog ears. lol Doctor is not worried about the fluid build-up in the left breast, because the swelling has already gone down quite a bit in just one week. He said by week 4 you'll see a much greater reduction in swelling and at 3 months I should nearly be rid of all the swelling (generally speaking--for some it's longer).

I know my surgeon can do nothing now. He said he will know 'when' there is no further change likely to occur, and will go back in and correct at that time, if needed. So, for now I'm just going to be patient. I know I must seem like a fool to some of you -- just never expected my journey, which began in March of this year, to go on for so long. It has been hard emotionally, but going to do my best to stay positive and optimistic.

He was so pleased with how well I am healing that I am scheduled for my next appointment in 3 weeks. I'm not going to look at my left side until the day before my appointment during the first week of December. Hoping for more change and big surprise, but if I do not receive the surprise, no biggie. He'll correct the left side!! I am very pleased with my new doctor, and love my right side! Blessings to you all and a very Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones...xoxo

Mia...This One's for You...

These pics were taken a few weeks before my November revision...probaby late September or October. The bras I am wearing are starter bras for young girls who are starting to develop breasts. I bought two before my main breast revision surgery. My original plan was to explant and live life with natural breasts, but surgeon strongly advised against an explant.

I put away the bras and forgot about them until a month or two ago. I had to try them on to see if I could fit into them. To my surprise, I got them on. They are both same size and cotten-made. No lining, padding whatsoever...nada. They have adjustable straps. I can hide cleavage and look smaller by tightening the straps or loosen the straps for cleavage, which I think makes me look bigger. I dont know, but I do like the smaller look in pink bra. ???? I currently have the bras tucked away in back of drawer again. They offer absolutely no support, and new surgeon said same thing as the old, operating surgeon. Explanting not a good option for me. Next trip to GoodWill and bras go. ?xoxo

What Happens when Messing with Good Results--OOlala1

OOlala1--This is what happens when you mess with a good result. I took the 'after' photo yesterday. Was curious if any changes could be seen. Looks like another revision is in my near future. No changes and swelling is almost gone. Will know more December 8th...

Trying on a Tank Top without Bra--8 Months Post-Op

While braless yesterday, I decided to try on one of my tank tops. It's just a loose, stretchable cotton tank. I'm not wearing a bra. Not too shabby for an old lady. LOL

Revision #3 Coming Soon...

Hi Ladies -- Another quick update, especially for those who have recently asked how my post-op went Tuesday the 8th. I was a little bummed, sorry for the delay. Feeling pretty good and positive now. :-)

Good news and bad news. The good news, my incisions are healing beautifully. The horizontal incisions are very visible and still a bit red, but look as expected. The incisions on my sides, namely the left side where he had to advance the incision is barely visible; in fact, I need bifocals to see the scar and it's still barely visible.

The bad news, my left breast side profile will require a touch-up. I have skin laxity, which was not present before the surgery. My surgeon is pretty confident it won't resolve on its own, but wants to re-evaluate in 6 weeks (Jan. 19th). At that time he'll re-examine and I'll book my procedure that day. I know (from experience) it won't resolve on its own. I knew from the beginning, but kept the hope any way. I'm just glad I'll be done with my breasts at the end of January or early February (when I want to book, if they have an opening for me), which is when I'll be 3 months and when my surgeon said he'll go back in to correct.

Wow, this has been a long journey and one hopefully coming to an end. My boobs have been the focal point of my life for the past 8.5 months; nonetheless, I've managed to get my work done and remain sane, although, there were many times I wished I could drink my boobs away (sorry, couldn't resist), but I'm not a drinker, unless I have a dinner date. I don't drink at home, so positive thinking has helped met get through -- you ladies have also been a great, great source of support. Thanks so much to you all. You ladies are so special. I probably won't update again until my next appointment and revision date. I'm going to do some living and not think too much about my breasts until my next appointment! I've got a great surgeon (and his nurse, who has been with him for 20 years) on my side, who has been supportive and helped me stay positive.

I wish all you lovely, beautiful ladies a very Merry and Happy Holiday Season! Hugs and kisses to you all...xoxo

So Upset and Angry - I Was Released And Concerns Dismissed

Hello ladies. It has been a while (6 weeks) since my last update. Today I saw my surgeon and was expecting my fears to come true, and they did. I was released and my concerns dismissed. I had a feeling this was going to happen today, and why I was nervous about my appointment this morning.

Six weeks ago I received some fairly bad vibes from my surgeon. I pointed out my concerns, but he told me over and over I looked great and I could see he was a little surprised I wasn't over-the-hill happy with my results. I left his office with a weird vibe.

When I got home, I immediately called his personal nurse and explained how I felt during my post-op. She reassured me he was a man of his word and would correct whatever I felt made me unhappy. She eased my mind when the conversation was over, and I was feeling great for a few days, but I am a thinker and don't always easily trust promises made from people, especially when given bad vibes, so I wanted to be prepared and began a search on this site for a doctor just in case my vibes/feelings were right. Well, my gut instinct was right. I'm no longer under my surgeon's care -- according to him, I am healed and look perfect.

Thankfully I began a search for a new doctor and made an appointment with him as soon as I got home. I 'need' another opinion to make sure I am not obsessing or crazy, and do need a few minor issues corrected. Deep down I know I am not crazy or obsessing and need a little revision. This time, I picked a seemingly excellent doctor out of several in the Orlando area with hundreds of excellent reviews. My appointment with him is next Tuesday at 11:30 am. I cannot believe my appointment is only one week away and am thrilled about that much. More to come later. Will keep you updated and let you know what his opinion is regarding my concerns and how they'll be addressed.

Thanks for listening and thank you all for caring and understanding my concerns. I also did try to take pictures for you all to better understand my concerns, but my phone camera is not working like it did when I uploaded all my other photos. I cannot seem to get a good shot of my issues and now my flash isn't working. I must of messed up something while trying to figure out how to shut off the flash. Now that the flash is off, I cannot take a decent selfie. It's like my camera takes magnified photos now and I have to back away too far from the mirror, which then doesn't capture my areas of concern. I'll just update next week and let you all know what the surgeon on this site thinks needs to be done. Hugs and kisses to all, and for all those who just had surgery, happy healing! xoxo

New Appointment Date and Doctor - Feb. 24th

Hello ladies. Well, I must say the staff members of many of the top notch doctors on this site seem lovely. What a seemingly great group of employees, and called many. I did have an appointment next week with an RS doctor, but after much research since then, I've changed my mind about him and cancelled the appointment as I like another one better who works at one the best hospitals in the country. Someone actually recommended him to me. So, my new appointment date is February 24th, which works out great, because by the time I get a surgery date (if needed, which I am sure is needed) I'll be well beyond 3 months. Probably close to 6 month mark. Any way, I am going to try to keep my mind off what recently happened to me (read last update), support you lovely ladies, live my life -- all while looking forward to the 24th of next month! Hugs and kisses to all. xoxo
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