32 Year Old - Breast Augmentation Revision + Lift + Internal Sutures - San Diego, CA

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Last September (2015) I had my first breast...

Last September (2015) I had my first breast augmentation and lift. I went to a doctor who did not listen or communicate with me whatsoever. What I described and what I got was not at all in alignment. Starting out at a 34C (very deflated on tops and sides and droopy from weight gain/loss over the years), I wanted a lift and to make my breasts fuller, but was very direct about not wanting larger breasts. The doctor ended up giving me 300cc round implants subglandular with a Benelli lift. The doctor did not communicate that this type of lift would increase my areolas' size by a lot. 6 months post surgery, my breasts were already dropping again and much bigger than I wanted (end size was a much fuller 34D). At this point, I decided to seek a second surgery to give me the breasts I wanted to begin with.

I was recommended to Dr Pousti by my sister who had had her breast aug with him about a year prior. I decided to make a consultation based on her recommendation despite the $100 consultation fee (which, if you proceed with surgery goes toward your surgery's cost). I could not believe the night and day difference between my consult with Dr Pousti and my consult with my previous doctor. I guess you don't really know what to look for in these consults until you've had more than one and see just how it should be done!

To begin with, Dr. Pousti's staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly. I felt right at home the moment I walked in. Once my consult started, I was taken back and was introduced to a patient for some Q&A on her experience with Dr. Pousti. I can't tell you how invaluable this information is. During my appointment, I got to meet with 3 other clients who were in for post-op appointments in various stages of recovery. All 3 patients had gotten the same surgery I was planning to get and all gave glowing reviews of their experiences. I got to ask them questions and take a look at their work. I was sold right away from this alone!

During the consult with Dr. Pousti himself, I was able to communicate with him what I was after and what had gone wrong with my last doctor. I felt very comforted by his attitude and honesty with expectations and what was achievable. I had read before my consult on his site that he appreciates lots of photos, so I created a booby dream board for his reference. He hangs these photos right in the operating room during surgery. As someone who had received boobs that no way reflected my goals before, this is a huge comfort to me to know I'm not just another number, but that Dr Pousti wants to give me the breasts I want!

The surgery I am having tomorrow (9/16/2016) will include a stage III breast lift (anchor), areola reduction, removal of current implants, new implants placed under the muscle, and getting my pocket restitched so that my breasts face forward and aren't flowing off to the side. I definitely want to go as small as possible, so doctor has told me he will remove as much breast tissue as necessary to keep them small while leaving enough to get a great shape. I have a preference to very perky, round and small breasts with no skin on skin. While I know cup size is arbitrary, I am hoping to end up a B or small C.

2nd day post-op

I wanted to give an update on day of surgery experience!

Upon arrival to the surgical center, I was taken back to change and rediscuss my goals with the OR nurse. I had brought in some additional photos for sizing reference. When Dr Pousti arrived, he told us to go over my goals as if we had never talked before to make sure we were all on the same page (again, super appreciative of the doc letting my repeat myself without feeling like I'm harping!). I felt 100% like we were on the same page. I didn't have any opinions of ccs of profile and let my doctor decide what was best to achieve the round, small, perky, forward-facing breasts I was after.

Again, everyone i dealt with was so friendly and really made a nerve wracking situation the best it could be. I was much less nervous for this procedure than for my last.

Once I was taken into the OR I was out within just a few minutes of lying down. I woke up several hours later in recovery, was given some pain medication and my partner arrived to take me home. Unfortunately by the time I was coherent enough, my doc was in another surgery so I still don't know what profile or ccs I ended up with. Will hopefully find that out today or tomorrow at my post-op! Very excited.

My surgery ended up being 3 hours and 40 minutes and drains needed to be used. I've been uncomfortable but nothing too intense on the pain threshold so long as I keep to my medication schedule or muscle relaxants and pain killers.

3 days post

The pain has been manageable but I have been sleeping a lot today (much more tired than the last few days). I am very bloated and still very curious about the outcome but should be able to take a look near the end of the week.

I had my post op today and found that I received 295cc ultra high profile mentor round silicone implants. The doctor initially had in 250s but he decided last minute that they were just too small and the 295s were better for my goals (what a great doctor!).

I will get my drains out near the end of the week and will also start going further apart on medications to wean myself off.

For the amount of procedures I had, I feel I am in a pretty good place pain-wise.

I will post photos soon of my natural breasts, breasts after my first BA and ones of my new procedure when i have time.


The first photo is of my breasts before ANY ba. This was back from early September 2015. You can see how droopy they are and how they lean outwards. I was a very deflated and bottom heavy 34c here. The second photo with the tape is after my first ba with benelli lift. This was taken about a week after surgery (beginning of Oct 2016). The 3rd photo is of the same ba about 6 months in. You can see how large the benelli lift made my areolas and how the scarring was pretty rough. I was a 34 d here on the larger end. They continued to become more and more droopy as if I hadn't had a lift at all after this. I don't have any photos of my new boobs as I still haven't seen them yet but will post them soon! :)

Dying to see result!!!

I got my drains out on Saturday morning. What a relief! I am glad I had them because I don't feel like I have much swelling at all due to them but they would pull and hurt sometimes! I had a bad reaction to when a nurse stripped one of my drains as maintenance so was terrified to have them removed as I thought it would hurt even more but it did not hurt at all as they give you 2 tiny shots of local anesthesia for each drain before removing. I didn't feel a thing!

I got a quick peek when I got the drains out but only for a few seconds and it wasn't a full look. I have a post op with my doc tomorrow and am hoping to get a nice long look at the result!

My breasts are definitely small and I'm already dreaming of how they will look in my clothes. Big breasts just aren't for me so I'm excited to see how these look now, my new profile (since I asked for little to no "side boob") and how they will turn out once they drop all the way into their new pocket (months down the line, I know -- but excited nonetheless). I'm also interested to see the incision lines so I have an idea of what to expect but don't think I will see that for several weeks after the bolster dressings get removed. I am trying to leave mine on as long as possible because my sister did and had really great results with very fine scarring.

I have backed off and go much longer between meds now for a few days. I still take a Percocet or 2 a day but mostly just ibuprofen. I didn't have any Valium today and I haven't been in too much pain. The only time I really start hurting is if I stand too long or if I try to use my arms too much (even though I'm not moving my upper arms and keeping them t-Rex-like). Makes me a little worried for computer work come Monday.

Regardless, the pain goes away relatively quickly as soon as I lay down for a little bit. I got a V Pillow and have been using it propped against my pillow pile in bed and it's very comfortable to rest like this.

Hopefully can post some post-op photos finally tomorrow.


So I am loving my new breasts! Sorry for no afters, I am waiting for my appt on Monday to have them taken (hopefully). The ones I take myself just don't get the angle right!

I am very pleased with the results. The shape is great; round without looking shelflike. The internal sutures pocket restitch was completely worth it. My breasts sit forward and combined with the lift and downsize in cup size, I look like I've lost 10 lbs! I got a few inches of my already short torso back. It's amazing. I know I'm in the rare group to like small breasts but I just am so thrilled to have a small chest back again!!!

The pain has been minimal but I have had some discomfort. My neck and shoulders are also pretty messed up from all the hunching and sleeping only on my back. However, from such an intense surgery, I have to say I am surprised how okay I felt through everything. I'm finding not being able to lift my arms or anything over 5 lbs of the hardest part of recovery. Also not being able to get my incisions wet. I haven't had a real shower in 2 weeks now and am going to finally get a blow out at a nearby salon starting weekly today until I can get my chest wet and lift my arms to do it myself. I am looking forward to this so much. It's just so difficult to do anything including getting into clothes or brushing my hair, but I don't want to risk messing anything up!

I am also still SO BLOATED. All of my clothes are so tight. I've read this can last up to 6 weeks and I'm only 2 in! I hope the bloat goes away soon. I've been drinking tons of water and have stopped taking any rx meds; I'm just on ibuprofen now. I will start walking next week. It's still a little too much for me to walk too long right now. The most I can manage is about 10-15 mins then I want to sit and recline. Work has also been challenging this week. I'm fortunate to work a desk job from home but even just sitting upright all day has been uncomfortable. It's getting easier every day though and my brain fog is gone.

I have been seeing my doctor once a week for a check in. Everyone there is so great and it's so easy because they are SO punctual that you are in and out in no time! Dr Pousti said everything is coming along fine and I as I said, I am happy with my results.

The irony is that my last doctor just sent me a survey that I was thrilled to fill out to tell them just how terribly they missed the mark and caused me to need another complete surgery. I wish I would have just gone straight to Dr Pousti from the start! I would never trust another with altering my body again! He's so great and listens!

1 week -First before/afters

Still with lots of bandages and pardon the bloat!! The after (left) was taken about a week post op. I am about 2.5 weeks post now and they are already changing shape. I'll try to take some more soon.

3 weeks post photos

Nipples still super scabby but loving the shape and projection

6 weeks post

Finally got my steri strips off yesterday and am able to shower and see the full result! My incisions are healed up really nicely and I've started wearing my silicone scar sheets (shown in the photo). I have a bit of rippling and some weird veinyness going on and still a bit of scanning on my nipples but that will go away soon. I am loving the result. I feel more like myself with these vs the giant Ds I have before! I love how clothes are looking. Small boobs are just my aesthetic. Now I have my 21 year old boobs forever!

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