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This is my first review on RealSelf so bare with...

This is my first review on RealSelf so bare with me. I love myself and my body. I was the type of person that if you told about plastic surgery I would say YUCK why! Since I got older, obviously my mind has changed. I went from 135 to 115 easily. I lost weight super fast which wasn't good because all my muscle went flabby. My boobs ended from being a full 36 C (close to D) to a full 32 B (but I use C ). It isn't a must but I am doing it for myself and the day after my
22nd birthday lol. I picked doctor Robert Kearney because on natural majority of all his before and after pictures. Also it was a plus he is in San Diego , CA. I am getting silicon, behind the muscle, and through the armpit. Let's see what this journey takes me!

Surgery date is Set!

August 25th the day after my 22nd birthday! I will be getting a call from the nurse they said on August 12 for my preop paper work and medication to send to the pharmacy for my after care. I'm looking into gummy bear now? I don't know, I need to research a bit more on it. I'm hearing it makes it harder then it's softer! Mixed reviews over here lol. Anywho I'm going to post some wish pics.

So more wish pics

I am 5'3 115 lbs athletic frame. My boyfriend says that some of these pics the boobs are small??!! I don't think so especially for my frame! What do you guys think?

15 days til Sugery

Getting nervous now, counting down the days. This week I should be getting a call from my doctor about my medication and some information they need to go over with me. My hands are sweating just thinking about it lol

12 Days til my Preop

Got a call today from Melissa? I believe, sorry, I was half asleep lol. She gave me a quick run down with my medication on what to take and what not to take. Absolutely no medication that can make your blood thin and minerals. Since I have been researching, I heard muscle relaxers are an amazing add on to your after care. I asked her about that and she said they dont prescribe muscle relaxers. So I am going to see what is my other option or again do more research. Since it is illegal now to do call in prescriptions from your doctor I would have to get my prescription mailed out to me since I do want all my medication ready before I head out to San Diego. I just want to drive there, go to my pre op/consultation, afterwards hang out (since the 24th is my birthday), sleep, wake up on the 25th have my surgery and just have everything set for me at the hotel. OH they also ask if I get motion sickness , I don't, but I do want to avoid any down side. Since I am driving I told her that may be a possibility since the drive back is 8 hours. I picked driving instead of flying 1) cheaper 2)we will have a car 3) i hopefully will be passed out anyways so time will go by . Obviously their are cons, but Im just trying to focus on the positive. They will be prescribing a motion sickness sticker that I put in the back of my ear that will help. OK, im just rambling...

This is exactly what I want

Day of Surgery

Ill write more later when I have time after my classes but I DID I DID IT. I had my pre op yesterday and everyone was super nice and welcoming. Loved the office but the only down fall there is that parking is a b****. Dr Kearny recommended 350-375 cc on my frame. He was very knowledgeable on everything so much a lot of info went to the top of my head. Boyfriend was in the room with me and didn't agree on the 350-375cc. Let me say I am suppose to start my period soon so I got super irritated the fact that he telling me to put on my body. He thought 350-375 were to small and wanted bigger. Then my mother in law calls me( got her boobs done twice not by Kearny but at a local doctor) and told me her to sense and said to go bigger since they will shrink.I ended up taking their word and went from 375-450cc . Now having them done right now, could of got bigger and 350-375 was going to be too small. Honestly I love them and how they look with 450cc. They fit me, made my frame nice, not top heavy at all. I am very very pleased with the surgery and definitely recommend him for future BA and everyone else who seeking a talented professional.

Pictures Day of Surgery

More Pictures Day of Surgery

Waiting game

I am super inpatient with the whole dropping situation. Even though they look good now, I really want results ASAP lol. I am still very bruised and swollen so it's a bit uncomfortable to me. Every time I wake up my boobs are super super so I really have to keep massaging them. Overall still happy with my breasts. Just want to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and go on with my everyday activities since I am so active.


Getting softer

Better and better eveyday

I am super please as the days go by with my results. I'm just waiting to get rid of my bloating since I am s from the surgery and I'm on my period lol. Vegas at the end of the month so I seriously can't wait to take pics of the boobs in flattering clothing


2 weeks 2 days

Update update

Size went down and dropped tremendously still love them though. I just wish my scar would heal better

So much confidence

Running through me ????

It's Vegas

Showing my tatas

Sorry for the wait everyone !

I don't have time to write a huge paragraph but I love my results and couldn't be more happier. They are not perfect (breasts never are) even if you get your boobs done. Your results determine on how your boobies look like before hand. I believe if you are more flat chest to start with you will have more pain, and different results then myself. But if you have a B cup or greater in the beginning they will look like mine and the experiences I went through. That's my opinion. Anyways! They only down fall about my surgery is that my scars are still visible. I need to call Dr Kearney and see how I can get this problem solved. It's not bad at all unless I have certain movements since my incision was done on an armpit crease.

Almost a year

Sorry everyone! Here is a long awaited update.

At the time* 112
450 CC Hp under the muscle through the armpit

So far his assistant Katy and Dr Kearney have been very helpful. They have answered all of my questions and been very organized on keeping me up to date with new information.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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