3 month post op Yily Doll…to tha day!

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Hello ladies, I am a 43yr old (almost 44 this...

Hello ladies, I am a 43yr old (almost 44 this summer) single mom of three young children (11,9,7). I have a full-time successful career and own a home in beautiful California. I have always been somewhat happy with my body EXCEPT my mid section. Never have had a small waste, never have been very big(fat), more athletic but, with broad sholders and big boobs with thin toned legs and a BELLY! Of course after the kids and age my belly now looks like i am 7mths preggers. Not stretched or saggy, very tight and just big all the way around. Not cool at all. when I lose weight my boobs and butt go first then my belly so still no curves...just a rectangle of a body. I am sure some of you ladies can relate.
All I want is a small waist, I don't need a huge ass but, I know I have enough fat to get one and with a small waist butts look bigger. Optical illusion. I am currently 5'7 175lbs. Measurements 41h-40w-43chest...very top heavy :-)
I don't intend to loose any weight before surgery but after, I will hit it hard.
Just want to say thanks to all you lovely ladies for sharing your stories and pics. It's very motivating and insperational.

One more thing, I am not interested in a TT at all. After my last child 7 yrs ago I did get two consults from local Drs and they both said to first loose weight, and then get a TT. I am so glad I didn't do it because now look at all the BBLs who look fantastic, I don't think I need a TT. Don't want that down time or that nasty scar. Anyway, good luck to all of you as well.

I have contacted about 5-6 Drs all over the...

I have contacted about 5-6 Drs all over the country and the ONLY one who responded was Yily...plus no one can beat her price!! So, at this point I am 95.9% in with Yily. Was hoping to at least get some comparison costs from others before I put $ with Yily. I wasn't in a hurry because was originally going to do this in Dec. over holidays. Figured that would allow me more time to heal and easier to cover things up if you know what I mean. lol Butt after being on this site all week and seeing so many great results, I CAN NOT WAIT!! :-)

Looks like it's all coming together effortlessly....

Looks like it's all coming together effortlessly. She has been the ONLY responsive Dr. and I am so super excited!
Flights booked.....check!
Hotel booked........check!
2nd faja ordered...check!
Anyone joining me that day?

41 days until SX………This is insane! Am I...

41 days until SX………This is insane! Am I really doing this? Yes! Yes! I am and I can’t wait! Lol
So, I emailed my regular Dr. and told her about the EKG and lab work that I need. (told her I would explain later..lol) I am going to go get all that done Monday morning and after I get the results from her I will tell her that I need the Pain meds for SX.
I tried to order that Faja online that was on C.Gray page (and a few others I think) but, just got an email from them saying that they are out of that product and do not sale to California either and they refunded my CC. :-( So, now I am on the hunt to get one. I probably should wait but, I just wanted to have a back up with me on the trip incase the one Yily gives me doesn’t get cleaned fast enough etc….I don’t know maybe I should just wait…any suggestions??

Only thing left is to get some of the after SX items and start packing!! OMG! :-)

Found this one. http://www.homerecovery.com/index...

Found this one. http://www.homerecovery.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23_27&products_id=52

I have a stalker so had to remove my personal pics...

I have a stalker so had to remove my personal pics. Maybe the moderators will have a talk with her because I'm sure I'm not the only one & it will scare people away from posting on RS. She doesn't even have pics up of herself but she's going around accusing and calling people negative thing and its immature & uncalled for. Have a blessed day BBL sisters!

Vitamedica kit ordered...check! 2nd faja ordered...

vitamedica kit ordered...check!
2nd faja ordered for a second time...check!
Am I forgetting anything?

Found passport.....check! Downloaded translation...

Found passport.....check!
Downloaded translation app......Check!
Think about a BBL every min. of the day......DOUBLE CHECK!!!! lol

Adding another wish pic to show Yily.

Adding another wish pic to show Yily.

36 days and I’m on my way to DR to be a Yily...

36 days and I’m on my way to DR to be a Yily doll!!
Received my Lab work and it looks pretty good. All my levels are normal. (except for my Liver from all my years of drinking:-( Nothing could get me to stop except for this and it’s about time!)
Just waiting on my EKG. Never even had one of those before so not sure what to expect. I’m sure it’s fine tho.
Ordered the Lipo foam and VitaMedica Kit so should be here by end of this week.
I am going to try and lose a little weight and tone before I go. I am currently about 30lbs overweight and not looking for a huge bootay so won’t need a lot of fat.
Also, going to try and quit drinking coffee, I don’t drink a lot, barely a cup a day but, it still dehydrates me. I want to replace it with a protein drink…Even brought my bullet to work but, have yet to use it..ugh…..
Have a blessed day BBL ladies!

Happy Easter ladies. I have approx 31 days until...

Happy Easter ladies. I have approx 31 days until I'm on my way to Yily.
I received my Vitamedica Recovery kit & waiting on my lipo foam & faja. I might even start packing tomorrow since I have the day off! Lol. Plus that will help me determine what else I have left to get. I know April will fly by for me.
Here are my current stats. I didn't measure correctly the first time lol. Weight is 173 @5'7"...36-39-40 :-/... I would love to be 34-32-42 & that's being realistic...I think lol. If Yily can't get 7" off my waist I will be so happy!!
I am going to upload some pre-op pics I took last night. I am also going to try & shed 5 more pounds & tone my arms instead of arm lipo...they're not really that big anyway.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with BBL. it's so helpful & much appreciated! Stay blessed....

Seriously tho sweat suit or a maxi dress??...

Seriously tho sweat suit or a maxi dress?? Lol
Also I'm 80% packed.

Received my lipo foam but wondering where that Faja is!?!? So I called and they are back ordered..grrrrr. I should still get it before I leave & hopefully it's the right size.....
Oh and the best thing is I got a recovery house buddy today! She is perfect! Can't wait to meet her in DR....

It's been a great day & thank you ladies for sharing! I have learned so much from you. Night night.

28 days to gooooooo! Wish it was 1… Anyway,...

28 days to gooooooo! Wish it was 1… Anyway, those of you who have had arm lipo, how long did you wear the compression sleeves? Trying to get prepared for when I get back from DR. Thank you so much!!
I know I have more questions but, cant remember right now..ugh...
Oh and a day before I go I am going to post some pre-bikini pics for my future comparison....if you don't like BIG WHITE blubber then dont look...bawwwhahahah

TGIF BBL sisters! It’s been a great week...

TGIF BBL sisters!

It’s been a great week and I appreciate each and every one of you for sharing your experience and pictures, it helps tremendously!

I had to cancel my 2nd faja order because I found out AFTER I ordered that it’s back ordered and they weren’t even sure when it would be shipped. Of course after reading on RS more I realized I could order a cheaper one that I can get sooner. I ordered my 3rd one from vedettestore.com. So, advice to you all is to please CALL before you place any order online for your Compression Garment because they may not even have it. Seems like a great business at the moment..hmmmmm…lol

I have been losing some weight which is good because I am way over in that department. I have been taking the Garcinia Cambogia for 3 weeks as well as no more alcohol which seems to be working. Today I am at 173lbs. I am sure I can get to 170 in the next 27 days.

Oh and one thing that I am soooo happy about is that I LOVE to sleep on my stomach! Hahaha so it’s great to hear that it’s the preferred way to sleep….

I have pretty much everything I need except for a few more things that “youngdoll10” and “petitemami” suggested. Both ladies have great blogs and is a must read!! Even if you’re not a Yilydoll2b…

Also heard great news that my buddy (haynes2009) and I will be staying in the New rooms at JMspa. So very cool! Hopefully they added hot water but, if not…I will survive. I recently read that they won’t charge us for the night we stay at CIPLA and our room will be locked. That is great news because I was racking my brain over that one. I really feel from all that I have read and researched that JMspa is the way to go. It includes so much for only $90-$75 a night And the reason why Yily recommends it is because there is a certified nurse on staff. That is important to have after a major surgery, especially in a foreign country.

I really do look forward to the whole experience. I love traveling and visiting new places and soaking in all the culture. Yes, I will be in pain most of the time but, if you knew how crazy and hectic my life is here in Cali…it’s still a vacation to me.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Monday BBL sisters, 23 days until I...

Happy Monday BBL sisters,

23 days until I arrive in DR…I haven’t been this excited for something in a very VERY long time.

I am all packed except for my slippers and robe! Everything fit into a carryon…Yea me!
Oh and I pigged out all weekend so I put back on the 2 lbs I had lost the past 2 weeks…ugh…

I forgot to mention another RS member who has a great blog for Yily Dolls 2b. Check her out….bootyliciousDMD. She is so sweet, informative and hella SEXY!!

That’s about all…just waiting.

****22 DAYS to go to be a Yily Doll***** Just...

****22 DAYS to go to be a Yily Doll*****

Just want to see who’s going to be under the knife the same day as me.

Oh and I put up a new wish pic. I have always wanted to be wonder woman for Halloween…My lovely 9 yr old saw this at a flee market a few months ago and bought it for me…lol. Now that I am getting a BBL I might actually be able to be Wonder Woman this year. Lol I’m already Super Mom so why not? Hehe

Does anyone know if Yily or ANY Dr’s in DR will write Dr’s notes in English? I didn’t want to bother Yily with that question right now so if any of you know, let me know :-)

****21 Days***** 2nd faja…....

****21 Days*****

2nd faja…..Check!
Addicted to RS…Check!
Kids happy for mom to be on vacation without them…..1/2 check!

Here is my new large vedette. First I can't...

Here is my new large vedette. First I can't believe I got it on. Second I can't believe I'm posting it on the internet! Have I lost my mind??
As you can see it fits except my belly! Lol. I wanted to have this as a back up on my trip just in case. I liked that it has a zipper, short legs & a bra. The quality is very nice.

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:- This...

-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.


******17 days******* Just waiting & counting...

******17 days*******
Just waiting & counting down the days until i arrive in DR.
I'm adding Botox too! Why not?? Lol
I've already met so many wonderful BBL sisters & I appreciate each n every one of you!! You know who you are :-)
Added another wish pic too.

Trying to start my ratings of Yily but its not...

Trying to start my ratings of Yily but its not working...help? Maybe after my SX date it will work?

*****16 Days until DR****** It’s also been...

*****16 Days until DR******

It’s also been 3 weeks since I have had any alcohol. I can’t remember when or if I ever went this long. Lol I do feel a lot healthier being sober so I’m very glad to have finally stopped.

Sounds like a lot of Yily dolls 2b were able to hear back from Yily yesterday so that is good news. That woman works so hard. God bless her! Oh, and I found a 5th Yily doll who is scheduled for my day so should be interesting lol

A big shout-out and thank you to a recent Yily doll (Mzz.Scorpio) for her detailed review. Check her out…Amazing results!! She gives me hope :-)

I also started a new blog in the “Forum” section of RealSelf so please go check it out. It’s dedicated to the ‘mature’ bodies of RealSelf but all is welcome. The title is “Calling all 40+ ladies”

****14 days until DR**** I am starting my...

****14 days until DR****

I am starting my “Vitamedica” today. I ordered it off of MMH at a little 10% discount and free shipping.

I searched high and low and finally found a local Lymphatic Therapist that is within a decent distance and price. I think he is going to be perfect. He has his own shop and is licensed, etc.. Plus, he has worked on his sister who had Lipo :-). Oh and the best part is I found him on “Groupon”!! lol… I get 3 for $75 total!! I’m sure if I need more that he will give me a good deal because that’s what good business people do. Hahaha A different therapist suggested a Lymph massage right before SX so I am going to do that too.

I have lost another pound…172 for now….on my way to 170 for SX

My buddy and I plan to do some MAC shopping on our 6th day after SX if all goes well. I Hope I don’t jinx it by posting it here. Hahahaha

That’s it for now, just patiently waiting my turn to become a Yily Doll :-)

*****9 days to go***** I finally made it to...

*****9 days to go*****

I finally made it to single digit days. Yea me! Lol

It was a very very busy weekend so not much time spent on thinking about BBL but, that did help the days go by faster.

I really don’t have much to update because I have already taken care of most everything. I even sent Yily more $$$ so now all I owe is the Botox that I added on. She only charges $4 a unit so couldn’t pass it up.

I am still very excited about going to DR and meeting Yily & My buddy and having this SX done. It’s a long time coming.

Oh I am also getting my first lymphatic massage this Sunday before SX, which was recommended, plus it will help me understand what to expect after SX.

**** 1 week from today I will have my GUT turned...

**** 1 week from today I will have my GUT turned into a BUTT****

FYI…when you take those vitamedica vitamins ADD A STOOL SOFTNER!! Ouch is all I’m going to say! And my pee is bright yellow!! SMH…

Oh and I had mentioned my buddy earlier but she changed her name…Here is her new name…niceshapesmallwaist. She’s a Future Duran Doll :-) I’m So excited for her. And all of you ladies will get to see Yily and Duran’s work, side by side!! hahaha

Just did some final shopping on my lunch break for the trip. I can’t bring liquids since I am doing Carry On only so I got me and my buddy some snacks. Hard to find some that don’t have tons of salt!! Lol

I will be spending quality time with the kids this weekend and making sure they are all taken care of while I am gone.

Got my ride to the Airport set.

Just waiting on my confirmation email from Yily Camp :-)

Have a blessed day ladies and Good luck on your SX and recovery!!

****SX in 3 days***** Pre-SX lymph massage........

****SX in 3 days*****

Pre-SX lymph massage.......check!
Started Bromelain pills today....check!
Eyebrows threaded.....check!
Put away all jeans until fall.....check!
Balance for SX paid............check!
Cash in bag.........check!
Completely packed.........check!

What am I forgetting??? Lol

Oh almost forgot...pum pum shaved!! Hahaha only...

Oh almost forgot...pum pum shaved!! Hahaha only here I can say that! Lol

*****1 day to DR and 2 days to SX***** Pre-op...

*****1 day to DR and 2 days to SX*****

Pre-op stats
Weight 172
chest over breast......43"
under breast.............36"
Waist at Belly button (problem area..Yuck!) 40" :-(

bringing my measuring tape so I can update. I want my Belly to be at least 33" right after SX. I'm praying....
Thanks ladies for all your support!!!

More yucky pre-op pics...I am doing this in hopes...

More yucky pre-op pics...I am doing this in hopes that's its a very noticible transformation :-) Please GOD make this all worth it!!

Oh and please advise...Do you think I will need a TT?

Made it to Denver and its snowing!! Lol. Also...

Made it to Denver and its snowing!! Lol. Also Kevin Johnson was 4 rows in front of me lol. Tried get pics but I wasn't fast enough to get full frontal. Just a side view. Lol.
My flight is a little delayed which is fine gave me time to eat & use ladies room. My next flight is to Ft Lauderdale and will have a 2 hour layover. Not bad. Emailed Jacqueline's this morning to confirm getting me tonight and they responded saying thank you!
Well that's all I can thank of right now. I will check back from Florida. Hugs to you all!!

Hey ladies @CIPLA waiting for yira & Yily . Love...

Hey ladies @CIPLA waiting for yira & Yily . Love you all!

****post op day 2***** I want to give you all a...

****post op day 2*****
I want to give you all a detailed report but not enough energy yet. Just been resting & eating. I'm doing good though. Thank you every one for well wishes and prayers. Especially CGray, highs diddly, her beautiful mom, mzalston, & niceshapesmallwaist.
I will update w pics tomorrow.

***Post op pics day 2**** Ok second time posting...

***Post op pics day 2****
Ok second time posting pics so hopefully it works this time. I forgot what I said earlier lol. Anyway I'm on my second clasp on a medium faja so I'm happy about that. Love the food here at JMspa so I been cleaning my plate! Lol.
Sorry pics are a bit blurry.

***Post-op day 3**** Chest above breast......42...

***Post-op day 3****
Chest above breast......42 1/2
Chest below breast.......can't get to that yet because of garment.
Waist...............32 1/2. Yea me!
Hips...................44 1/2....oh lawd!! Lol

Still at RH JMspa. Mornings are rough due to stiffness n pain. I've been lightheaded a couple of times today. I'm on my 3rd clasp on medium faja....I'm very happy about that. I'm going back to CIPLA tomorrow to see Yily and maybe my first massage. Still not enough energy to write a detailed review on my iPad sorry.
A big thank you to all of you for your caring and support. Sorry if I can't respond individually. Just know I appreciate it tremendously . Until tomorrow good night.

***Post op day 4**** Major head aches & stiffness...

***Post op day 4****
Major head aches & stiffness :-(
Trying to walk as I drip blood/fat out my ass. Going back to bed
Happy Monday y'all.

****Post-op day 5**** Took another blood test at...

****Post-op day 5****
Took another blood test at CIPLA yesterday hemo was 6.3. Less than it was day after SX. So I purchased some iron shots. Forget name but it seemed to help right away. I will take the second shot today and go back to CIPLA tomorrow to check. I'd rather get a transfusion than go home with low hemo. Remember all I got was a BBL with lipo to arms. My hemo prior to SX was above 12. Yily says the arms loose a lot of blood.
Arrived at hotel Renassaince Jacaqua and loving it! Had my first massage last night in my beautiful room with a view. See pics. Big rain storm last night. Mornings are rough because of stiffness and headaches but once I'm up I feel better but then I get tired quickly lol. Went down to breakfast buffet which is included in the room. Everyone is beautiful & nice. Oh I got a free upgrade to the tower building. Not sure why, I didn't even ask for it :-). Today I will just chill and go out for a little walk around the hood. Hahaha.
Oh & I have been on my ass since day one! Hard not to actually.
Until tomorrow later chicas!

Very important make sure your drain is working...

Very important make sure your drain is working 24/7. It's very fragile and can come disconnected easily!

Before & after pic. This is a large vedette I...

Before & after pic. This is a large vedette I brought with me. They do run small because its tighter than the Medium garment Yily gave me. Look how much better I fit in it after SX :-). And I'm only 5 days post op! Yea me!

Another ass pic for CGray cuz she my boo. Haha

Another ass pic for CGray cuz she my boo. Haha

***Post op day 6*** Very sore n stiff this...

***Post op day 6***
Very sore n stiff this morning but smaller headache. Took my time getting up had delicious omelet could only eat 1/4 of it was so huge. Measured my waiste only today & its 32" so I'm already at my goal.All the hotel staff ccommenting & wanting to know who my Dr was. Lol. Yily needs business cards lol
I'm on my way to the blue mall to get gifts for my family. Hotel provides transportation for that. Yes I still have stupid drain to carry around lol. Good thing I have a big bag to put it in. I get my third massage tonight from Tati and it hurts so good. Lol.
Have a great day ladies!!

**1 week Post op*** Nooooo more drain! Happy...

**1 week Post op***
Nooooo more drain! Happy dance happy dance!! Didn't even feel it come out!
Got a $5 pedicure & shopped now relaxing in room before my final dinner in DR!
Check out the new pics chicas....it's only going get better!

**11 days post op*** Feeling pretty good....

**11 days post op***
Feeling pretty good. Sleeping better, not taking any pain meds, not bruised, swelling going down a lot.
I'm still taking vitamedica kit. Wearing faja 24/7.
Loving how I fit in all my old clothes. I attached a new pic showing how they now fit me in waist. I used to not be able to button them & now they are loose!!! Love it!
I am going to a lymph massage in hour.
Happy Monday BBL sisters! Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day!

New measurements!! Happy girl! This is the best...

New measurements!! Happy girl! This is the best thing I've done for myself!
Chest under breast.......34
Waist...........................31!! (I was 39 just over a week ago)
Nap time :-)

****post op day 12**** Feeling really good...

****post op day 12****
Feeling really good sleeping good too. Thinking about going back to work in couple days. I even mowed my lawn today lol.
Here are a couple pics I took after shower. Guess I need to use more lipo foam to smooth my skin, other than that I'm in love w my body!!


Back to work!! To be totally honest the only thing that has really been bothering me are the straps on this Faja Yily gave me. They dig into my armpits and hurt. I have to take them off at night or I can’t sleep. Other than that, I feel pretty good. I would say almost back to normal. I know it sounds crazy, my surgery was exactly two weeks ago to this day. I’m really looking forward to being able to get in that bikini and going swimming…Anyone know how long I should wait? Obviously after my incisions heal which will be by next month. I will try and wait until 1 month Po op and see how my skin is doing.

adding pic @ 2 weeks po op w jeans & faja on

Just a new pic

My experience with Yily De Los Santos on May 2nd 2013,

I arrived at CIPLA at 7:30 a.m. from Jacqueline Morreno Recovery house. There was already one girl waiting for her drain to be taken out but, other than that, it was quiet. Yira showed up right after and opened up the very tiny office. It was cute and clean but very small. If there were more than 4 ladies in there at a time, it was cramped. I signed some paperwork and confirmed that I had already paid my balance to Yily’s chase account. Yira then took me to get my blood work done on the 1st floor while the other girl was getting her drain taken out by Ana.
After my blood work was done, Yira took me to the 3rd floor nurses desk to fill out more paperwork. I don’t remember the nurses’ name but she was really really sweet. I was very relaxed and comfortable as I watched everyone working. I didn’t see any other girls waiting for Surgery or taking tests. It was just me. Yira came back to take me to the EKG Dr. He is an older nice man who speaks English. He was amazed by my age because I don’t look it and he said that “most white people look old”. Lol After he was finished with my test (took about 10 min. total)
Yira promptly came back to get me and take me to my room on the 4th floor. It was very big with two beds, a love seat and recliner and a bathroom. I choose the bed in the back next to the recliner. It was room 408 behind the lounge area. By this time it was about 10a.m. Yira left me in there so I relaxed on the bed and started to read my book. Soon after that a nurse came in with my Surgery gown, cap and booties. I put those on and instantly started to get really excited!! So about 10:30 a.m. here comes Yily and Yira. I got the standard hug and kiss and she got right to business on marking me up and taking photos. She didn’t ask me what I wanted or make any comments other than if I want a really flat stomach that I will need a TT because of the 3 kids I birthed. I told her I really do not want a TT and I don’t expect a super flat stomach. I told her it’s natural for a woman to have a little bit of curve in their belly. She said my skin looked really good and was ok with just the lipo.
She left and the Yira gave me the blue pill. Literally 10 min later come two young handsome men who looked like twins. Lol They were so darn cute!! They put me on the stretcher and started to wheel me into the surgery room on the 3rd floor. All I could see was the ceiling and then in the surgery room was the older man who hooked up my I.V. by this time I was getting nervous and was holding one of the young men’s hands very tightly. I remember them leaning me forward to hug the young man and I was out!!……after that WAS A TRIP!! I was in outer space…I remember waking one time on my stomach asking for Yily…I didn’t hear her talk, only men. I kept saying “is Yily here, is Yily here” he said “YES”. I could tell they were lipoing my back, ewe! Back out I went… I woke again and I was on my back. All I could see was the blue cloth that was in front of my face. Again, I didn’t hear yily but, all I did was moan. Back out I went again. After that I really seriously thought I had died. I was saying goodbye to my kids and sorry for leaving them. I thought I was in Heaven. It was the trippiest thing ever.

Well, I did actually wake up in my room on my back around 2p.m. THANK GOD! There was now another patient in my room on the other bed and she was asking me all kinds of questions and I was so out of it. I didn’t have the energy to answer her. Lol I begged and begged the nurses to let me on my stomach to sleep. I was not comfortable on my back. They did help me roll over and I was out. I woke to my lovely visitors highsdiddy, soon2be….., and Mzalston. I was still very out of it but, it was so good to see their lovely faces. They kept saying how big my butt was. Hahahaha

So, after they left I went back to sleep for a while and then around 4 they brought me some soup so I rolled back over on my back. Well, the nurse left the room and closed the door. I had asked my new roommate to bring me my soup that was over on the table but she said “NO” she had already took her blue pill. Shit! I wanted that soup so bad. About an hour later they came and took my roommate off to Surgery. By 6 p.m. a nurse finally came back to check on me and I had like a whole long list of things for her to do. My soup, some water, turn the air off, turn the TV on, plug in my phone because it was dead. Etc…..I knew that once she left, I wouldn’t see anyone for a long while and they close the damn door. So, of course my soup was ice cold so I asked her to go heat it up. She did. It wasn’t that good anyway but I didn’t care…was so hungry. Finally about 9:30 my roommate was wheeled in to her bed. About 10p.m. Yira and Yily came to check on us both before they left for the night. That means Yira works like 15-17 hours a day and Yily 12-14 hours a day!!!! Crazy! And you better believe they are tired by then..They are not robots!!
I didn’t get much sleep that night at all, mostly because I couldn’t get comfortable on my back. Oh, I almost forgot I had the shakes for almost 2 hours!! It was awful! I couldn’t control it at all. My teeth and my body shaking like crazy! Plus my roommate would moan most of the night so that didn’t help. Oh and she threw up. I got nauseas once but didn’t vomit. I tried yelling for the nurses to come help her because she wanted to get up but, they wouldn’t come. Anyway, it was a long long night…Finally they came in the morning….I think Yira came and checked on us in the morning and then Yily. I was doing pretty good just was cold. So, my roommate was telling Yily that she was only staying in the country 3 days and YILY WENT OFF!! She was so mad! Said she came for a weekend surgery etc. Anyway, they left and the nurses were in and out after that and came to get my faja on. I tipped one of them, don’t remember her name but she was very sweet and helpful. I was shocked I got in a Medium faja. It only hurt a little to get on. They wheel chaired me out to the back of the car while my roommate was in the front. She had more work done so they put her in front. By 12 noon we were in our rooms at Jacqueline’s RH.

just ordered new vedette

I hope it fits!!!! Lol

Went out last night...felt great

New pics! Loving how my jeans are fitting!! I love you Yily!! Lol

Pics I forgot to add w/ review

Here are a few pictures I took at CIPLA....

**19 day po op update**

First, to the ladies who have Private messaged me. I am so sorry I did not see your messages until today because I had turned my “notifications” off when I got to DR on May 2nd. It was just too overwhelming to deal with at the time. I will try to remember to check regularly or give me a heads up on my main page like “lovebeauty122” did. Thanks girl! Again, sorry about that.

Good news is I was able to reach my ankles today so I can do a decent leg shave. That means my back is getting softer and not as stiff. My little wounds (from Lipo) are healing nicely and my arms are softening up also. They are still very tender.

I am so sick of the garments…the straps hurt and the legs are not necessary since I didn’t get any work done there. That just makes it harder to get on. I have been using the foam inside to smooth out my skin and add pressure since my swelling has gone down a lot. I still don’t have a “board” and not sure if I will get one.

I am still taking my Vitamedica vitamins but no pain pills. A motrin once in a while when the tenderness gets to me.
I have been sleeping great!
Oh and I had another Lymph massage last Sunday and will get another one next week. The same guy who I found on Groupon sold me three 90min massages for $100 so I am set for three more.
At this point I am just waiting until I am healed enough to go swimming with my kids and start working out. The time was perfect for me to get this done. Work is slow, I had plenty of vacation and still do, right before summer break, etc….Oh and apparently I missed all the mess that Jacquelines spa is creating by canceling on ladies who are going down next week and are now left with nowhere to stay!! That is so messed up! Ladies, just try and find a place or a nurse that can care for you 24/7 for the first 4-5 days (depending on all you get done) and then go to a hotel. It’s best if you can actually take someone with you from home but I know that’s hard to do. I know there are not many options and if you don’t speak Spanish it’s even that much harder. I wish I could be more helpful and good luck!

I will post another update Thursday with pics for my 3 weeks po op. I also weighed myself this morning and I am 169, So, that’s 4 lbs less than before Surgery. I’d love to be 150.

** 3 weeks po op**

Lipo areas still tender but not much swelling that I can tell.
Butt feels great, still sit on it all the time. No pain at all. It’s a little too full at the top so I hope it drops some.

I do wish that Yily could of lipoed more of my arms and arm pit. It’s like they did just a sliver of my under arm. Maybe I was losing too much blood and they couldn’t do more…That’s very possible. Remember that ladies, if you are trying to get a lot of work done, she will try her best but if your Hemoglobin goes too low during surgery she will not be able to do everything. My ex-buddy who went to Duran had that problem. She wanted the works (BL, TT, BBL) but couldn’t get the Breast Lift and still had to have a blood transfusion just from the tummy tuck. Her Hemo wasn’t even a 12 when she showed up for surgery but Duran did what she could anyway.

I received my new vedette that is in the pic above but I don’t like it. It’s too tight in my ribs and not tight enough in my waist and gives me major camel toe/wedgie. I don’t think it’s made for girls with big butts. Lol I am going to try and return it, if not I will exchange it for the other vedette I already have but in a smaller size. I like that one because it has a built in bra and the legs are short. I just need more compression in my mid section.
This garment thing can get frustrating.

3 wk po op pictures

New pics

When can I sunbathe?

I'm dying to get out in the sun & swim with my kids....is it too soon? Just a little bit of sun? Lol
I want to do some comparison pics for y'all in my bikini so I need my tan back or it won't be a fair comparison lol.
I will write a po op review tomorrow .
Bless all you BBL dolls :-)

1 mth po op pics

New pics.

1 month Po op today…Yay me!! Yily Doll :-)

I am feeling good and looking even better..hahaha
My lipo areas are still very sore and tender. I don’t feel I am that swollen but I am sure I am a little. One strange thing I have noticed are my stitches in a few areas are poking out. They didn’t dissolve for some reason and I had to ask my mom to clip them off. I have one on my left lower cheek, my right elbow and my left arm pit. Anyway, there’s no pain or anything there, just little white thread sticking out.
The only thing I am honestly having a hard time with are my hemorrhoids!!! Those Vitamedica pills are too rough on my colon! I take stool softeners twice a day and still its ripping me and it hurts real real bad. :-( Sorry…. TMI… but just wanted you to know to stay hydrated and take those softeners with those pills.

Arms: I am very happy I lipoed my arms. The little hang that I had is gone. The tightness and soreness in my left arm is almost gone. I have a little more of that on my right arm but by next week it should be better. My tricep muscle is very pronounced now :-)

Garment: I am still wearing the Merena I received from yily in a Medium. It still gives good compression and I just add the 3 foam pieces for extra compression. At night I add a waist sincer that I already had. I just can’t stand the legs and arm straps on this garment. I should get a new Vedette in the mail tomorrow.

Weight: 170 lbs. I would like to be 150…So, as of today I am starting my diet and cardio. I will start some weights at my 2 months po op.

Measurements: 35” under bust (I don’t think this can get much smaller, I really do have a large rib cage and there isn’t any fat left around it. Yily sucked it all out.
31” waist (no change)
42” hips ( I think I have fluffed) the slope from my waist to my hips is huge. Lol IMO
I had said that if Yily could take off 7” of my belly that I would be satisfied…well, she did So I am elated!! Once I loose some weight we will see how my measurements change but I won’t do that until 2 month po op.

I went out Sunday night without my garment and I was so paranoid I was going to get a seroma or something. My skin still feels so weird without it on and I do swell a little without it.

I did go sunbathing yesterday and so far no issues. I will be getting another Lymph massage tonight. It’s been over a week since my last so I am overdue.

more pics

1 month po op pics

Pics I thought uploaded but didn't

I was trying on old bikinis trying clean out my drawers. I have some old ones lol.

2 mth po op love my lipo but not my BBL. oh & its my bday :-)

3 month post op Yily Doll…to tha day!

Well where the heck do I start? First off I really do miss you all…I am so sorry I have been absent the past month..No real reason just busy with life. Real Self was and is a great place to guide you through your Plastic surgery journey!

My Lipo areas are feeling better every day. I only wear a faja with foam pads at night..sometimes. lol I really should still wear it all day but, it’s just too hot and the three I have don’t fit. Don’t want to spend another 100 on a new one. However I might anyway because I love how I feel so skinny when I take them off.

So, as I already stated before My damn hips lost some new fat but that’s not Yily’s or anyone’s fault, just my body doesn’t want fat there. I love love love the lipo and am really considering going back for more to my thighs, chin, armpits (yea yily didn’t get all that but probably because of my low hemo) and put it all on my hips/lower butt!! Oh and maybe a Breast Lift too. They are not bad but, why not have them up so I don’t have to use a bra!!

Anyway, ask any questions you want but don’t make me repeat myself a million times. Before you ask, read my review in full first…then ask :-)

Hugs to all you BBL Sistahs….

3 month post op pics

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