45 Years Old, San Antonio TX -Breast Implant Revision- I WANT BIGGER BOOBS! - San Diego, CA

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I have 475 CC silicone, under muscle right now. I...

I have 475 CC silicone, under muscle right now. I have had these for roughly 12 years. My left breast has fallen out of the pocket and is misshapen, and there is significant rippling on the right breast. My goal is to increase my size, be fuller up top for more cleavage, and would like them to sit up straight when I lay on my back. I have done research for about 4 months and have finally found a doctor who specializes in breast revision and extra large breast implants. He is in California so I emailed him pictures of my breast and pictures of what I want them to look like and asked if I'm a good candidate for overfilled saline implants. I was excited to find his reply right away with a detailed email stating that I was a good candidate and what he would need to do in order for me to get the results I wanted. His receptionist sent me an email with a detailed itemized estimate as to how much it would cost. She also sent me a list of hotels I could stay at that they work with to give travelers discounts on their stay. He even knocked $1000 to help me with my travel. So right away my first impression of him and his staff was spot on.
He is going to use internal sutures to create an internal bra for support along with alloderm for extra coverage of the implant since I have very thin skin tissue.
I fly to California and have my in person consultation May 23rd. I am scheduled for surgery May 24th. I am looking forward to meeting Dr.Pousti and his staff. Dr. Pousti has a 5 STAR rating from 1179 reviews. That itself says A LOT! I will post pics of my breasts now when it gets closer to my date. It seems so far away. But they say...."good things come to those who wait". I will let you know if "they" were right. lol

3 weeks til surgery!!!

Paid for my surgery today, and had my pre, pre, opp appointment over the phone. lol The staff at Dr. Pousti office couldn't be nicer. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I hope I will feel good enough to travel to LA while I am there killing time til my post opp apt. I will keep you guys updated as time gets closer. I will also post some before pics as well. Talk to you ladies later!! xoxo

Pre-Op Appointment

I flew in today and finally got to meet Dr. Pousti and his wonderful office staff. I can see why everyone rant and raves about how nice and caring both Dr. Pousti and office staff are. The visit wasn't just paperwork and a handshake. It was more like an educational meeting for both them and myself. They learned about me and I learned about them. I expressed what my breast revision goals were and Dr. Pousti listened, retained it, and then gave his input as to what he could do, would do, and what to expect. He truly has your best interest in mind. I was probably one of his last patients today, however, I never felt rushed or hurried by any of them. They really wanted to make sure I understood everything that was going to happen tomorrow and what I was going to go through as I heal. I'm really nervous about tomorrow, but in a good way. I guess you could say I'm more anxious than nervous. I have no doubt I chose the best doctor for my breast revision. I want to thank everyone who has written a review on Dr. Pousti, because if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have found him.
This is how I would rank Dr. Pousti and his office team on a scale of 1-10.
Friendly 10+
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Caring 10+
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Punctual 10+
Good listener 10+
Confident 10+
Understanding 10+
Bed side manner 10+
Welcoming 10+
Customer Service 10+
Humor 10+ (Not that humor is important, but it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed)
I will enclose some before pics tonight. I will keep you updated on my surgery and how I progress. :-)

Had My Surgery!

Today was the day I had my surgery. It couldn't have gone any smoother. I walked through the doors nervous as heck, but those butterflies went away quickly as each team member came in to greet me in the pre-op room. I have drains in right now along with the surgical bra and bandages. Dr. Pousti called me this evening to check up on me. I spoke with Daisy too and she reiterated the post surgery instructions and answered a few questions I had. These people go the extra mile. I appreciate that so much. You don't see this too often when it comes to doctors' offices. I mean you might find a doctor that is great but his staff is lacking in areas, or vice versa, but Dr. Pousti and his team/office family is everything rolled into one! I have drains in right now. The pain is minimal right now. I'm not going to lie there was a lot of pain with my procedure but I now it is going to be worth it. I will post pics to everything when I am able. If anyone in Dr.s Pousti's office is reading this, feel free to post my before pics on my review anytime you want.
I will keep you updated as my progress continues.

7 Days Since My Surgery!

I am doing well. Sleeping is still rough due to having to lie in reclining position. I am getting use to not moving my elbows and keeping them to my side. I thought I would have problems remembering that but so far so good. I still have my drains in but they are slowly but surly getting less and less fluid in them. I fly back to California to have them removed on Thursday. I will also get my first look at my girls on that day. I have had to keep the surgical bra on as well as all the bandages on so I have not had any chance to see my outcome yet. However, I do see my new cleavage and I do see how I now have nice side boob!!! I'm very excited about that! I will post pics when everything is all said and done. You can go to Dr Tom Pousti's website to see pics if you want to look at them there. I will post again after the drains are removed and I get to take a peek!

2 weeks Post Opp!

I'm 2 weeks post op today! Things are going good. I got the drains out last Thursday and OMG I feel so much better. When the assistant was taking the surgical bra off I was so scared. I was like a statue, and didn't move. They are a bit bigger than I had before and they are so tight and round (just like I wanted them to be) and heavy!! It felt like if I moved they would fall and I just felt like I needed to be still and hold my breath. lol I am still taking it easy. Still no lifting too much, no raising my arms, and barely moving my elbows. I still have the alligator arms going on when I reach for things. lol Sleeping is still rough because I'm use to sleeping on my side. I'm still pretty sore and swollen a bit, but overall I feel pretty good. I have to keep this pretty surgical bra on for another 2 weeks. lol I am so ready to go shopping for new bras and sexy tops. :-) I find myself looking down a lot now just to perve on my new cleavage. That is all I have for ya right now. I will post pics when I'm able. Go to Dr. Pousti's website and find the chick from San Antonio. THAT"S ME! :-)

2 Weeks Post Opp. 45 Yr Old Mom of 4 from Texas

I had silicone breast implants removed and exchanged them with overfilled saline implants. My 12 year old silicone implants had some how came out from underneath the muscle and now were on top. I have very think skin and breast tissue so the rippling was becoming more and more visible and my left breast was mishapen. I also had the capsulorraphy procedure done (internal bra with sutures) and Alloderm was used as well for better coverage. I have recorded my whole journey on this website. I am not sure if I have done this review correctly or not. I go into detail as to what was wrong with mine and how I wanted the outcome to be. Danielle Elle is the name I used for my journey if you want more details. I will post pics after the bra is able to be removed. I am very very very happy with the outcome thus far. I catch myself looking down perving at my new cleavage every now and then cause I'm so giddy about the outcome. :-)

6 week post opp

I couldn't be more pleased with my results thus far. Dr. Pousti did an incredible job. He didn't only give me nicer breasts! He gave me back my self-esteem! ????

The top picture is what I wanted my breasts to look like in a swimsuit!
The bottom picture is my result!
You can't get closer than that.
I recommend Dr. Pousti 110%!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tom Pousti is one of a kind. I don't think I have ever had a doctor make me feel more comfortable or safe than him. He listens, he observes, but most of all he cares! He answers questions using terminology you understand. I couldn't be happier with my results thus far. Dr. Tom Pousti and everyone that works in his office go above and beyond, and do so with a smile. They still call and check on me every day and are happy to do so. I had a question on a the Sunday of Memorial weekend and Dr. Pousti called me back with in a minute. If you are looking for a perfectionist whose compassionate, and has a passion for at what he does, then look no further. :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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