Lollipop Breast Lift w/Textured High Profile Silicone Implants Over The Muscle, Breastfed 2 Children

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I miss my perky breast before kids and I always...

I miss my perky breast before kids and I always wanted my boobs done. I just like the look and now is the perfect time to do it after losing my baby weight. I plan to have a breast lift WITH implants. Doctor is recommending 300CC, although I hope it's big enough. We shall see .... Anyone else nervous about the same thing or have any regrets?

Finally took my pics of my breast

Finally took my pics of my breast as they are now before surgery. Can't wait to get them lifted and perky again with implants.

Getting closer ... 2 weeks and 4 days!!! Can't wait.

I'm so excited to go shopping with my new girls and finally fit a bra normal again. I get nervous at times to do the surgery which I know is normal but this is something I really want for myself and can't wait to feel back to normal. I took some shots of my before since I love seeing others on here doing the same. You really get to see the change they go through. I've also lost from 162lbs after having kids down to 135lbs today and going. I'm only 5'1 so 120 is a good norm for my size and age. surprisingly had $13.99 bikinis (one I'm wearing in pictures). There is also bras called Coobie Bras my doctor sells and I've seen online now. I'll keep updating to hopefully help anyone else curious about a Breast lifts, implants, and also the textured implants. It's been so helpful reading everyone else on here. It's been so helpful. Thanks!!!

My weight loss journey before surgery.

Having to be on bedrest for both my kids was really hard on my body and with the weight gain and pregnancies my Breast kept going up and down, up and down. Now I'm left no where near I started. I've worked extra hard to lose my weight and prepare to get me back to me! I have 2 more weeks to go and just trying to get in all the exercise I can and be good on thanksgiving, no take home leftovers for me though. LoL! My doctor has recommended possible lipo on the sides of my breast and I want to prevent any "dog ears" from happening. I've been trying to do all the exercise I can for it but it can be a very stubborn part of our body. It's also called "bra buldge" at times. I'll know by dec 5, if we will be doing the lipo as well.

Hoping to smooth my auxiliary "tail end" breast tissue.

My doctor was a little concerned about the little excess tissue I have on the sides of my breast. After review of it he feels this could be just fat stored and we can lipo it out. I've seen some people with success and some without. We shall see if we can smooth mine out. Really hoping so to get the look and results I want.

Pics didn't load :/

Here are the pics

Can't wait to see my before and after pics ... 9 more days!

Got some cute tops I wouldn't have worn before getting my breast done. Can't wait to wear them this spring/summer.

Getting all my vitamins and healing items ready for 7 more days to go.

Here are items I purchased to help with the healing process in which I read other women had taken **AFTER** their surgery (cannot be taken before). I also plan to wait until I am cleared to begin taking the vitamins again by my ps.

Vitamin C - Healthy immune boost
CoQ10 - Boosts energy, enhances the immune system, and acts as an antioxidant
Milk Thistle - Some say reduces capsular contracture.
(Also helps cleanse the liver from all the pain medications.)
Bromelain - It is used to reduce bruising, swelling (edema), pain, and healing time.
Stool Softener - Taken 2-3 days *BEFORE Surgery to help with constipation from meds and hard stools associated.
Miralax - Used for constipation to help you go.
Arinca Gel - Used to help with pain and swelling, as well as bruises.

* Also plan to use NON STICK Pads under my incision so it does not rub on band of the bra. Be sure to get ONLY NON STICK and use as a soften bumper to protect skin from irritation of the band.

These were things I found and will be trying once my doctor clears it. I will be taking the stool softener 3 days before surgery and Arnica 30 he sells at his office I pick up on Friday the 5th before my surgery on the 11th and begin taking before surgery as well.

Hope this helps anyone else wanting to look into an supplements to help their healing process. I am not a doctor so be sure to talk with yours before you take them. I will also post and let you know whether or not I felt it helped or not and hopefully you can see how I do on them through my healing process. Thanks!

Pre-ol went great.

Had my pre-op on Friday and everything went great. Got my final size and it's 330cc high profile, over the muscle, and textured. Picking up my power recliner later today my sister is letting me borrow from her theatre room. I'll post some pics later. I have to stay in my bedroom for a few days so the kids don't climb on me which is why I set up my bedroom. Also got my bras after I take off my compression bra and set up an area for my clothes in my closet on the shelves that will be easy to put on and off and are at reach with my elbows close to my side.

Recovery zone is all set up!!!

So since I have 2 kids, I really needed to prepare and get everything in line. From my husband taking his 2 weeks plus Christmas vacation (3 weeks total) to nanny and family help, and setting up my area to be in while recovering. I am a stay at home mom so my kids aren't in school or anything and I need help caring for them while recovering. I really wanted to make sure everything was covered. I was lucky enough to use a power recliner but if you have a non-power I've read they're both great. Some people even got theirs off of craigslist for cheap while recovering I read $50-100. I borrowed mine from my sister. I also cleared my usual vanity area to set up my vitamins, extra bandages (for bumper/cushion if needed), arnica gel, lotion, etc. Have my heating pads for back on hand and ice packs for breast which need to only be cool not cold so always use with a towel not direct. You can ask your doctor about this like I did with mine but it's not good to do from freezer to breast with the direct cold compress be sure to use cool so you cover with thin towel. My doctor only has me in my compression bra for 24 hours. Some other girls I've seen on here stay in theirs longer so another thing I asked my doctor so I was prepared on hand what to wear after I take it off. Some people like sports bras or their doctor recommends it to them mine actually recommend the "Coobie" bras. They have ones just like it at Walmart for cheaper so you could always buy 1 from there to see if you like it. Well if you have any questions about my own experience let me know, happy to help anyone. I'm so happy I found this site and YouTube augmentaion diaries to help me with aftercare tips and ideas to make it a little easier on me. Hope it all works out, guess I'll know in 3 more days!!!! Wow!!!

The big day is tomorrow!!! Worked hard for this.

So excited for tomorrow and part of this journey getting back to me and being healthy and comfortable in my body again. It's kind of surreal thinking about those days in bed when pregnant and so sad seeing my body change with nothing I could do about it then. Now I am sitting in bed the day before my breast surgery and I am so happy that I got through. I have two beautiful and healthy babies and my body back, now just to get my breast. Yay!!!! I'm nervous today but mostly excited to continue this journey for myself and keep going. It has all around made me a better me getting me fit and healthy and changing my lifestyle to take care of my body, my mind, and my health. So cheers and here we go!!!! Yay

Today is the day to say goodbye to my old girls and hello to my new ones.

1 hour til I have to be at hospital and I'm so ready to be done, wake up, and get home!!! Here we go! All or nothing right.

I am on the other side!!!!! Yay!!!!

Everything went so so well!!!! I'm am so happy. They're swollen and a little high but they will relax soon since it was over the muscle. It's weird that I feel so great just groggy and sore on top of my Breast. My doctor and his staff were A-mazing!!!!!!

Well time to rest but I'll post more as soon as my medicine wears down and I can focus on typing more. Lol

Took my night time shower!!!

Got to take a shower per direction of my PS.and my husband did amazing helping me. Having the hand held piece is really nice to avoid getting. My sterile strips too wet and to clean my hair. Looking good to me though and still feel good. Although I need to be careful since I feel good not to. Over do it. So treating myself as it I was. We'll see how tomorrow is.

So far so good :)

Feeling great still

Can't wait to try on more clothes

Love seeing others before and afters so decided to do mine too in clothing. I'm only 1 day post op so I know they will change but still fun looking at before and after pics. Tried on one shirt so far while we put in my arnica gel.

Arnica Gel

Used this 3 days before with the pills 30x and going to continue with 2 weeks after.

Yesterday was harder than today.

Yesterday I felt a lot more swollen and bruises were pretty sore. Today I woke up feeling better and didn't need any pain pills in the middle of the night. I've taken percocet in the past but this time it's made me sleepy when I take it. A bonus for me since I need to rest anyways. I have bundle up my breast and sides while I sleep to make it more comfortable when I lean against everything. I feel it's helped. Icing during the day and a little warming before bed.

Really loving my results! Everything has been great.

Took my shower tonight and looked into the mirror so happy. I'm still waiting for some horrible pain to come over me or to feel bad? Only because it's been so relaxing and easy. I didn't take any pain meds today and did fine. I'm partly weirded out about it. I wonder if caring for myself, being in shape, taking the arnica, water, etc helped? Either way, just happy that so far so good and can't wait to start working out again. I get up every 2 hour during the day and walk around and move my arms. I've been trying to stay active but take it easy. Icing Breast and warming my back in am and night to help with changes in my sleep.

Feeling sleepy a lot ...

So I haven't needed to take any pain meds which I thought was the culprit of making me sleepy but guess after stopping it's just my body?!? I get about 2-3 hours of awake time until my body wants a nap. Trying to listen to what my body is telling me and sleep. Other then that I'm feeling good and taking it as easy as I can. We went out to lunch today and it felt like a lot, I had to go home right after so I do need to give myself more time relaxing and it really showed me that even if I'm not in pain and feel good, I still need to rest and not push it too much. Lesson learned!

Tried on my bikini top!!! Only 4 days PO

Totally worth it and so happy!!!!

I totally love my new additions. It's been such a relaxing and easy recovery. I feel lucky that it's been such a great experience and so calm for me. I had a lot of support as well as, hands on help at home. That was a huge plus! I would tell anyone who is thinking of doing there's, have a plan for things so you can relax, it makes things less stressful and you can just rest and heal. I love that my breast are full again and perky but they don't look fake in my clothes and are perfect sizing to my body. All around a 10 out of 10 rating!

Loving this bra I got from Amazon for $9-$13

Super comfy bras with adjustable strap.

10 days post op - no bra / clothes

Yay!!!! Stitches came out today!

Got my stitches out today and my incision line looks so good! I swear my doctor is such an artist and great ps I couldn't be happier! I saw today too he was named San Diego top ps in our reader news paper. So so so happy !!!!

Merry Christmas ... loving my new gifts and

Loving my new boobies and totally enjoying being able to wear anything and feel so good in it. Such a great feeling and feeling sexy for my husband again. A definite great Christmas present after carrying both babies and breastfeeding my angels to get mommys boobs back. Yay!!!

2 Week Scar View

Can't believe these girls are two weeks old!!! Scar around nipple and down my breast (lollipop) scars are looking good and I am praying they stay as thin and light as they look now. After I shower (baths carry too much dirty water) I get my cotton and spray my antiseptic cleaner on it then gently wipe around just to be sure to try and keep any infection away or dirt. Doing my best to take it easy and help the recovery go as well as it can. Once my sterile strips come off next week I will be using the silicone strips to help flatten the scars. I wonder what it's going to feel like once I'm fully done with any strips. Bare??? Lol ... For now I do have extra sterile strips if these ones come off (which some did so I took a picture for you) to put back on until next week.

Happy New Year and New Boobs !!!!

Enjoying them more and more everyday. It was definetly worth it and it feels great trying on so many things.

Scar update

Tried Kelo-cote and so far it's fine. Dries fast and once it's dry it's not sticky or noticeable. I plan to order the sheets by this week just been so busy. Hoping the sheets will help flatten as other reviews had success with. My nipples are already flat but the line down the breast you can feel a little bumpy. Still enjoying them so much and my husband is always looking over and being like wow, your breast look great in that shirt. I find it funny because it's the same clothing I've always had. lol

If anyone has any other great tips on scar treatment I would love to hear them.

Loving my lipo results more than anything!!!

I would have to say the lipo on the sides of my Breast and back part it went around has been amazing. Worth every dime. Loving it!!!

It's nice to look down before bed now and not see flappy boobs.

Enjoying laying in bed and not looking down feeling like ughhhhh where did my youth go?!?! I at times wish they were higher but I know we have to work with what we got. Women with no breast are so lucky now lol ... They get the best of both worlds ... Super perky and full boobs. Happy with my results though and I'll try to post more pics in a few weeks especially when I lose these darn 5lbs I put on eating bad and recovering ... Boo!!!! But loving the boobs lol
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