26 Years Old, Seeking my Second Breast Augmentation to Achieve the XL Breast Size - San Diego, CA

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Dr. Pousti has the best work that I have ever seen...

Dr. Pousti has the best work that I have ever seen. I am very pleased with the results I've see from his patients and he is extremely kind to talk to. He has answered all my questions I could possibly think of and he had even offered to bring in past patients incase I had any further questions I'd like to ask them. He is extremely considerate and I trust him so much in his practice. I believe that he is not only the most qualified and certified in his practice, but also has a lot of experience and expertise to speak from. I have had my consultation and my pre ops so far, and he and his staff have always made me feel very welcome and they have made the whole experience very positive and uplifting. I'm so excited to have my surgery for the XL size and I am so glad that I went to Dr. Pousti. I seriously believe Dr. Pousti is the best! I can't wait to see my results! :)

pre-surgery photos

I am planning to update my photos post surgery as well. :)

prre-surgery side view photos

side view photos


My surgery has just past, and I have had a very smooth recovery. So far, I am extremely pleased with my results and I can't wait until the entire bra and gauze are removed. I have so far been only able to see what my photos show but so far everything seems to look great!! I have gone up to 1100ccs from 500ccs and tomorrow, I will be able to see everything for the first time. Dr. Pousti and his staff have been extremely caring and helpful throughout the whole process and I can't wait to see the whole end results! :)

First full view

I am so ecstatic!... I seriously can't even put into words to how exciting my end results are for me! They look absolutely amazing! Theres not much more to say... I am so thankful for Dr. Pousti and his amazing work!! And am also thankful for his staff for being so helpful and kind throughout the process. I have my follow up appointment in two weeks... And im so excited because I know they are just going to continue to look amazing as they heal. I would recommend Dr.Pousti to anyone who is considering a breast augmentation procedure. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti! :)

Tapes came off today!

I am just so amazed with how perfect everything has been going with my experience with Dr. Pousti. My results just keep amazing me every time I have a follow up. He has done an astounding job on my surgery and I am so incredibly grateful. I got to spend a lot more time today with my main nurse, Vanessa, too and she has always been so kind and so generous to me from the very beginning. Every single time I have an appointment, or ever have any questions, or ever have any type of communication with her, she has been incredibly helpful and she is also so caring. My gratitude right now is seriously beyond what I could ever put into words.. I can't help but just continue to say thank you to Dr. Pousti!!!! And also thanks to Vanessa and the rest of the staff for being so helpful and generous throughout my whole journey with them.

3 month post-op visit

I went in for my three month post-op visit yesterday and it was amazing to see them again and I absolutely love how they always keep me so excited. My results look amazing and now that three months have passed, my implants have started to soften and settle in more. My breasts look sooo incredible and I'm so glad for what an amazing doctor Dr. Pousti's is. Vanessa has also always been such a great nurse to me too and she has given me such great support throughout the whole experience. I'm so thankful and grateful for Dr. Pousti's and his staff
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

My surgery is scheduled for March 4th, 2015. So far, all my experiences leading up to my surgery have been very positive and uplifting...and I am so excited! He is serisously the kindest and most considerate. I trust him so much and his expertise.

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