25 Years Old, Finally Decided to Have Lip Lift Done! - San Diego, CA

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Hello everyone, just a few days until my lip lift...

Hello everyone, just a few days until my lip lift procedure with Dr. Hilinski. I chose him based on the amazing reviews and before/after photos here on RealSelf, and I believe his incision technique is better for my skin type.

I have been wanting a lip lift for a couple of years now, but this procedure is not common in my country and never found a single Dr. who could confidently perform it. I wanted a shorter distance between my nose/lips as I feel my feature are dragging down just because of those few millimeters!! I also wanted some tooth show as I have zero tooth show. I I am so excited and anxious. I will keep you guys updated.


It's done!!!

Just a few hours after the lip lift. I'm pretty swollen and in pain!! I didn't imagine it'd be that painful after but let's hope it's worth the pain and the travel from Boston to San diego! My lip got really swollen right after the anesthesia injections. I asked Dr. Hilinski for a big change, he didn't really encourage me for that but at least he listened.

The swelling is quite severe!

Swelling this morning seems much worse on my upper lip and jowl (nothing to worry about this is how my body react to a procedure.) I can hardly talk or move my mouth, but I try to keep the stitches clean and moist as possible.

No more pain! Thank god. :)


Swelling went down a little bit.

Nothing I can do now but wait and keeping the area clean with Hydrogen peroxide and moist with ointment. My top lip is stiff right now.

Day 5!

Right now the center is too high (rabbit-look) to the point I cannot go out unless I'm wearing face mask. I'm hoping my top lip would go down the next few days. Other than that everything is healing perfectly. I'm meeting with Dr. Hilinski today for suture removal.

Day 7!

Before removing sutures.

Day 7!

After removing sutures!
There still are internal sutures he said. However, today was my last appointment with Dr. Hilinski, as I'm going back to east cost. I will add close pictures of the scar soon.


Hello again, let's get real here and look at the downside of the lip lift.
The scar is deep and terrifies me, especially my right side.
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