Breast Lift with Implants after breastfeeding. San Diego, CA

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I would like to have a breast lift on my right...

I would like to have a breast lift on my right side with bilateral implants. I have had one consultation with Dr. Brewster-Ghosh and plan to schedule a surgery date in the near future. I am hopeful that I will end up with fuller and even breasts.. scarring is not something I am too concerned about..

Scheduled for Jan 6th!!

I'm all booked for January 6th with Dr Breister-Ghosh and will have new (and symmetrical) boobs this coming new year! I'm starting to feel very anxious and inpatient.

I'm still going through and trying to pick wish pictures before my pre op on dec 21st. Still having a hard time deciding how big to go. Hubby and best friend are saying "go big or go home" but I'm wanting a more natural and non obvious look. I am currently a 32D on the right side (I double side tape an add a cup size pad into left bra cup) and purchased a bra in 32DD and 32DDD to get ideas for sizing.

Has anyone had succuss using the rice method to determine implant sizes?

So much pain post op day 1

I am in so much pain. The pain medications made me nauseous and I couldn't keep anything down until the Dr called in anti nausea meds this afternoon.

I can barely move my arms and feel super uncomfortable. I'm worried I am hurting my breast implants by moving my arms around to reach my phone/remote.

I'm really happy with the size. Ended up with 325 cc on the right and 415 cc on the left. I changed my mind morning of surgery and told her to go a little bigger than discussed and I am so happy I did. They look great!!

Still trying to figure out what foods are best right now that will stay down. Nothing sounds appealing and I feel so bloated. Can't wait for my post op visit tomorrow afternoon!! Hopefully they switch out this bra because the Velcro on the straps is itching me to death! Ahhh

Day 2 Post Op Visit

My Day 2 Post Op Visit with Dr Breister-Ghosh went great. It felt like a weight was lifted off my chest when she took of the temporary bra and compression bandages. I'm much more comfortable in my new post surgical bra.

Pain is still really bad but I think it's due to my low tolerance for pain. Still on the pain killers and trying different medication for anti nausea. Thinking I might eat some actual real food tonight besides bread and crackers.. Nothing really sounds appetizing though.

Right side looks a little bigger but I think it's due to the fact that that breast had a breast lift and probably has more swelling.. Right side did receive a much smaller implant than the left. She said everything looked great and I get to shower tomorrow!! Woo hoo. Going back for another post op visit next week on Tuesday.

Day 9 Post Op

I love my new boobs more are more each day!! I'm feeling much better and back to normal activities around the house. Still not lifting any heavy objects.. Except my 2 year old son who I accidentally picked up today.

I had my 2nd follow up 2 days ago and got my sutures cut out and the tape replaced. Everything is healing very nicely. The right is a lot more swollen than the left still since it had 2 surgeries(lollipop lift and implant). I have been instructed to massage the left since the muscles seem to be contracting and pulling the implant up at times. No massage for the right side.

Going back in 2 weeks for another follow up and to get the tape removed. I don't think I'll have to wear the tape after...

Tape is off!

Last night my tape was falling off so it was time to take it off. Loving my results. They don't look even in my pics but in person and in bras they look perfectly even. The left definitely has some dropping to do and I've been massaging daily.

6 weeks post op

Healing great and using scar away silicon sheets.

3 months post

Still absolutely loving my results. They aren't completely even and perfect but I was totally prepared for them to never look the exact same and they never will! Looking back on my before pictures and I can't believe they used to look like they did.

I started with a 32D on the larger breast and am now a full 32DDD. 415cc left and 325cc right. I feel like my breasts are perfectly even size wise but they photograph different. I gained a full cup size after they "dropped and fluffed" My left breast is still higher and I am hoping it continues to drop over the next several months. I was originally wishing I had gone bigger but if I had gone any bigger, finding bras and fitting into clothing size xs and small would have been difficult or impossible.

I'm still using scar away silicon sheets and I'm not sure if they're helping a lot. I've been using them for about 6 weeks and will use for another 4 weeks. I'm so ready to not wear tape/strips on my breasts. Really over it!

So happy and loving the way all clothing looks on my body now :)

9 months post op

Considering revision to tighten right breast muscle pocket and doing a slight lift with anchor scar. The right implant moves around too much and falls completely to the side when laying flat.

9 months most op picture

10 months post op

Top: pre op
Bottom: today

I know they look better than before. I was not expecting them to look perfect... but I'm not really happy. I'm really bummed that the right implant is laterally displaced (falls completely to the side on my chest wall when laying down) and sits too low. Also have had some skin stretching on the lower right breast and the right implants moves around a lot which is uncomfortable.

I have a surgery date booked December 16th for a revision on the right breast with a different surgeon specializing in revision surgeries.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Love her!! I only met with one plastic surgeon and I went with my gut feeling and choose her after reading countless reviews.. And I'm so happy I did. She is very sweet and never made me feel rushed when I brought in a long list of questions to each visit. Her staff, Kristen and Monique are also super nice, responsive and helpful which was much appreciated. Surgical staff at Alexander surgery center was also great! Only day two post op but I know I am already in love with my results. I would highly reccomended Dr Breister-Ghosh to anyone considering plastic surgery.

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