Open rhino. 2 weeks post op, LOVE my nose!!

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I've wanted to get my nose done since I noticed a...

I've wanted to get my nose done since I noticed a bump on my profile when I was 11. I can't believe I'm finally able to do it! One of my best friends got her nose done last year by Dr. David and she was very happy with him and the results so I chose him as well. I had my consultation in April just to get a feel for it but one thing after the other worked out perfectly and my date is set for June 30th!

I am beyond excited!! I'm a little nervous as this will be my very first surgery where I have to be put under but all the research I've been doing has calmed me down a bit. I am having an open rhinoplasty to straighten out the bump on my nose and Dr. David said he may need to get a cartilage graft from my ear for my tip. Has anyone had to have this done? Would love some first had experiences.

just a few more days..

I can't believe my day is almost here!! But I have had a sinus headache since Tuesday. I started taking an antihistamine hoping that will help. I'm also starting the arnica tablets tomorrow as directed by my Dr. I have picked up almost everything to prepare myself and my boyfriend for my surgery. He is being so supportive! He has bumped my nose in his sleep once or twice so I've been worried about that after surgery. I bought a cot and he has agreed to sleep on it for 6-8 weeks after my surgery. I am so grateful!

My freezer is stocked of frozen fruit for smoothies, and ice cream, and I bought a bunch of pasta, oatmeal, and eggs. I have all my prescriptions, qtips, hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, medical tape for the gauze, a u shaped travel pillow for the ride home, large sun hat, face wipes, and chapstick. The only thing I'm missing is a pill organizer for all the pills I need to take. I'm going to stop by the drugstore tomorrow to get one.

I am SO excited!! I was very VERY nervous at first for the actual surgery and going under. When I got my medical clearance I had an abnormal finding on my ekg which turns out is quite common. Of course I was still stressing out even though my primary care doctor said since I don't have many symptoms I am fine. I went to a cardiologist just to be sure. He checked out my heart and took an ultrasound and said I am perfectly fine. So now I am so ready to just get this over with! Monday is going to come before I know it. Anyway I attached some more before pictures. I really dislike my nose, I can't wait to see my after!!

surgery eve eve.. lol

Ahhh just 2 more sleeps and 1 day of work left before I go under! I'm spending tonight getting all the last things prepared. I'm folding and putting away all my laundry so I have plenty of comfy clothes to choose from. I am freezing a bunch of pineapple, mangoes, and bananas for my smoothies. My boyfriend is going to be taking care of me so I want to make it as easy for him as possible.

I am truly so lucky and grateful to have such a supportive boyfriend, mom and close friends. One of my besties who went through this last year is coming down to spend the night with me tomorrow and will be taking me to my surgery and back home. Its a bit of a drive, about 30 minutes. I'm a little nervous for the ride home but I'm hoping my big hat and u travel pillow will make it more comfortable. Another one of my friends has a huuuuge movie collection and she let me borrow a ton of movies for the recovery period. I'm really looking forward to 2 whole weeks off work!! I'm hoping my recovery is one of the easier ones.

I'm making sure to take my arnica and bromelain tablets and I made a yummy pineapple mango smoothie tonight and will make another one tomorrow night! I swear the list of supplies just keeps growing! The only things I have left to get is throat lozenges and more ice cream :)

ahh about to leave my house for the medical center!!

I have double and triple checked all of my things and we are about to head out!! I attached some more before pictures. See you all on the other side :)

i made it!!

Darn my pictures from earlier didn't post.

Now I'm home and just sitting on the couch with my friend watching movies on Netflix! I feel okay just mildly uncomfortable. Going to start icing so I hopefully don't get too bruised.

When I arrived at the center Reyna the medical assistant was super nice and took me to the dressing room to change and put my stuff away. I brought a bag with my meds and travel pillow. After I changed we went to another room and I met the anesthesiologist Dr. Deal or Beal I think. He was nice and asked me a few questions then hooked up the IV. Then I waited a few minutes for Dr. David to come in. He checked my nose again and we went over the changes one last time. Smooth out the bridge and rotate the tip up slightly. Then we were on our way to the operating room.

I laid down on the bed, the anaesthesiologist put some stuff in the IV and I was out. This was my first ever surgery so I was a bit nervous but I kept telling myself these people do this everyday it's just another Monday for them lol. I woke up in the recovery room and the nurse said I woke up really quickly. I was really groggy at first and the anaesthesiologist checked up on me to make sure I was okay. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 what my pain level was. Luckily I wasn't in any pain just groggy and mildly uncomfortable. I spent a little while longer in the recovery room where I went from really groggy to only a little groggy.

Once I felt better one of the nurses helped me get dressed while we waited for my friend and boyfriend to arrive. Then they wheeled me down to the car and we were on our way home! The drive home wasn't too bad thank goodness!!

Now I'm sitting on the couch with my friend watching Netflix! My boyfriend made us smoothies when we got home. I'm bleeding quite a bit but otherwise feel fine.

first night was a little rough

The first day went pretty smoothly. My friend was surprised how alert I was. After the smoothie my boyfriend made us I was also able to eat my favorite ice cream, Ben and Jerry's half baked! Cookie dough and brownie bits and all. I also was able to eat pasta too. My grocery store has these mini pastas I got when I was recovering from an oral surgery which worked wonderfully this time around too. I got mini bowties and mini penne. I kept it simple with just some butter and parmesan cheese. I'm happy I was able to eat with no issues.

I didn't sleep very well at all even though I took half an ambien and a pain killer. I woke almost every hour- hour and a half with a severely dry throat. If you haven't had surgery yet I would highly suggest getting a little spray bottle and filling it with water/ice water. Every time I wake up I spray my mouth with some water and it is so much easier than trying to drink water from a straw. I still have the packing and everything so that's probably why I find it so difficult to drink from a straw. Still no real pain just discomfort. And I have a little bruising under my eyes and between my eyes which I suppose is to be expected considering the bump I had on my nose which is gone now YAY.

Its almost 7am and my appt this morning is at 9am to get the packing removed and have Dr David take a look at it. I'm really hoping I can breathe so I can take a proper nap later because in exhausted. Thankfully I still have a whole 15 days off work which I'm sure is plenty of time to catch up on sleep.

Going to ice a bit for now then update after the appt this morning. Hope you're all doing okay as well!!

packing removed and i can breathe!

When I arrived back to the office Reyna helped me out with removing the packing and cleaning out my nose. She showed me how I am supposed to clean it with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin 3x a day. Dr David came in after and made sure everything looked good. I set up my appointment for next Monday at 3pm to get my cast removed!!! Ahhhh I cannot wait!!!!

Now I'm back home feeling like a million bucks. I put some arnica pomade on my bruises and I'm going to take a nice nap right now. Then take it easy the rest of the day watching movies with my pups and eating on the couch :)

post op day 3

Being able to breathe yesterday did not last long. I am SO congested!!! But still not in much pain. I've still been taking a pain killer here and there just in case haha. My swelling has gotten a little worse on my right side and between my eyes. I feel like an avatar like everyone else does during this stage LOL. I'm icing here and there and my nose is itchy under the cast.

I slept great last night though which is nice. I took an ambien and slept through the night even though I had to breathe through my mouth mostly it was nothing like the first night.

Taking it easy again today watching movies with my pups, eating on the couch, icing my eyes and between my eyes and taking naps :)

Is it Monday yet? Hahaah

post op day 4

Still super congested. I spent most of yesterday drifting in and out of sleep. It was so nice!! I think yesterday was the most unpleasant just because I got severe nausea. Luckily the nausea med worked fast and I could nap it off.

In person the bruising doesn't look so bad as in pictures. I can't wait for Monday!! I want this thing off my face already. My skin is so oily and it's making the tape all translucent lol. Oh well 4 more days and I'll get this thing off my face.


Looks like I have my days mixed up. It's really only 3 days post op. Oh well it's all a blur anyway haha. Still feeling well just super sleepy so it's nice catching up on sleep.

day 3 continued

The boyfriend had to run to the store today and I decided to come with. Being stuck in the house is no fun!! It was so nice to get out for a drive. I wore a baseball cap and I really don't even care if people were staring. I didn't really feel like they were anyway. We also went to Starbucks!!

I've been bored today so I have been taking a lot of pictures and I am so in love with my profile already!! I made a side by side comparison. I love my tip and the straight bridge. Can't wait for Monday!!!

post op day 4

I'm so boreddd. I can't wait for Monday!! My boyfriend was supposed to take me to get my cast off but he got scheduled to work. I know I can take myself but I really wanted moral support. Thankfully one of my close friends is going to be able to leave work early, pick me up and take me! So I'm going to take her to sushi after as a thank you and another one of my friends is meeting up with us. I cannot wait go go out especially with my new nose!!!

The boogers in my nose are driving me crazyyy. My boyfriend is going to pick up some saline spray for me on his way home. Also the nausea from the pain pills has been the worst thing by far from this experience. Ugh and my skin is still soooo oily!!! But I can't complain too much because this is quite the privilege to have had this surgery. I really can't believe I went through with it!!

This may sound crazy but I'm nervous about going back to work because I really don't want people to notice. I'm dying my hair dark next week so hopefully they just think that is it.

My bruising is getting better I think. I'm so grateful I didn't have it too bad. I ate and drank a lot of pineapple before and after so that may be why. I'm also still taking the arnica supplement I got from Dr. Davids office. The itchiness under the cast is also driving me crazyyy. But if I wink and move my face a certain way it kind of helps. Ugh Monday can't come soon enoughhhh!!!!!

so grateful for saline spray and qtips

Wow I am so silly! I was complaining to my friend about the annoying boogers in my nose and she asked me if I've been using saline spray. I remember the Dr mentioned it but didn't tell me to 100% get it like he said to clean my nose with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin. My friend laughed and said it helps get the boogies to slide right out LOL. She even sent me pictures on the right head position hahaha. My nose is as clean as I could get it and that has made me a little more comfortable. I've had a gross tension headache today though between my eyes. I haven't really had any headaches until now. Took a norco and it has helped a little bit. Probably going to take an ambien soon and call it a night. I know I keep saying this but gosh darn it is it Monday yet?! Only 2 and a half days left.

post op day 5

Another day down now just less than 48 hours and I can see my beautiful new nose! I've been out and about today. I woke up this morning and drove myself to sally's to pick up some hair dye because I decided to dye my hair before Monday to complete my new look. I'm going dark hopefully close to my natural color. I have an ombre right now but I'm so over it. Then I stopped by the taco shop to pick up a quesadilla for me and a breakfast burrito for my boyfriend who was still sleeping. I know it's not the best thing to be eating but I haven't had much of an appetite and I've been feeling weak and nauseous because I'm not getting enough calories. I'm also drinking a ton of water so hopefully the sodium doesn't complicate things for me. Maybe I'll make myself a smoothie for dinner.

I drove my boyfriend to work today and on the way out my neighbor was watering her garden. I had been able to avoid any of my neighbors up until now. Of course she saw me and asked what happened. I debated for a minute to say I was in a car accident but I didn't think quick enough and I just said I had a nose job. So awkward. She said oh you're beautiful you didn't need it. I really hate when people say that! I had a freaking bump on my nose so I wanted it. I just said yeah but I've wanted it for a long time so yeah. I can't be rude to my neighbors but if anyone else says anything I won't be very nice! It's silly too because if no one saw me with this cast on they wouldn't even know I had gotten a nose job.

After dropping my boyfriend off I stopped by Starbucks! I haven't been drinking coffee and I think I'm having withdrawls haha. I'm still feeling pressure in my nose. I'm so bored sitting around the house and I want to clean but it makes the pressure headache worse :( I'm just sitting around still drinking my coffee and watching documentaries. I wish I could take some time to study but I feel like I can't concentrate with this thing on my nose. Oh well at least I don't have to go back to work until the 16th so i still have plenty of time to study.

I attached a picture of me today, you can see the purple bruise under my right eye. Going go put some arnica pomade on it and hopefully it covers well with make up on Monday!!

ugh shouldn't i be feeling better?

The first few days weren't as bad as yesterday and today. I've had a bad tension headache since yesterday and its making me feel so shitty. I feel like I should be feeling better as time goes by but its just getting worse. In a cranky mood right now :( and in pain ughhhh

still have a mild pressure headache but feeling better

I've suffered from tension headaches since before my op and they are the worst! I'm feeling a little better today it's now just a dull headache. I'm taking it easy today too. I think I was doing too much and that was making my headaches worse. I really want to clean up around my house but I don't want to risk it. Hopefully I feel 100% better later. Im not driving or going anywhere today so I took 1.5 norcos which is helping me feel better I just hope I don't get nauseous.

On a positive note tomorrow is cast off day!!! Then two of my girlfriends and I are going out for dinner!! I can't wait to go out in to the world without this cast on. I am beyond excited!!!!

feel so much better!

I took it easy today and I feel so much better. My headache lasted for quite some time but I laid down for like 2 hours in my dark room and now my headache is gone. Still didn't get anything done around the house but I will tomorrow.

I decided to dye my hair today!! Taking a full shower was quite the challenge but I did it and now my hair is super dark! Ahhh I can't believe I get my cast off tomorrow!!!

and today was cast off day!!

Well today was the day!! My friend picked me up and we went to Dr. David's office. We got there early and the front desk lady, Glenys I think is her name, let me in the back room so I wouldn't have go be sitting in the waiting room. Reyna came in a little after and started putting the adhesive remover. It was a bit of a process but it didn't hurt thank goodness! They have a mirror right in front of the chair and when it came off I saw my beautiful new nose!! Ahhh I just couldn't believe it!! My nose is straight from the front and the profile is gorgeous!! I seriously LOVE it!!!

After she got the cast off then she trimmed the sutures around my incision. Then Dr David came in to check it out. He felt it along the bridge to make sure everything was good with it. He said my bridge is a little swollen and my tip is really swollen but it will go down with time. He also said the incision on my columnella is a bit irritated. They suggested to get this scar silicone ointment called Biocorneum. It's kind of pricy though so I wasn't able to get it today but if it still looks irritated in a few days I'm going to get it. After all the money spent what's another 100 bucks lol especially if it will help with the healing. Anyway everything went well and my follow up appointment is in 4 weeks!

I walked out to the waiting room to meet my friend and she said it looks so natural and that she can't even remember what it looked before lol. We went to sushi after and it was a wonderful day!

It's so crazy to not see the bump on my profile anymore!! I would always see it out of the corner of my eye and now it's a beautiful straight bridge!! And the tip is up and so cute. I guess it looks a little "piggish" but I don't even care if it stayed like this I would still be SO HAPPY!!! I just love it and I'm so happy :)

post op day 8

Had a good day today. I'm not officially back from vacation but I worked all day on some volunteer projects I have going on and I attended a networking event. Compared to not doing much the past week it was pretty busy day haha.

I really love my nose!!!! My only issue is the incision site is still a bit angry. Its red and a little raised.

Anyone else that had an open rhino how did your incision site heal? Did it stay red for a few weeks post op?? When did the redness go away?? And did you use any scar silicone ointment?? I'm really considering going back to the Dr's office to get that $100 biocorneum.

You can see it in person though even when looking at my face straight on :( hoping it gets better by the time I actually have to go back to work next week.

At least I can say even with the visible scar I still felt very pretty today!!

11 days post op, uneven swelling

I'm finally able to use all my normal skin care products on my nose ever so gently. I try not to touch the tip because it's still numb and it weird me out haha.

I can't stop staring at myself in the mirror. I just LOVE my nose!! My incision is still red and a little scabby. Also my nose still feels sensitive just being on my face. While looking at myself I noticed my tip has a little bigger indent on my right side. I posted a picture you can see it in. I would imagine it's uneven swelling since it's only been 11 days.

I can't wait to see how my nose continues to heal. I do hope the uneveness (yes I just made that a word) goes down and it's more symmetrical but either way it's a huge improvement to what it looked like before!!

15 days post op!

Wow I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks!! I am so grateful I was able to get 2 full weeks off work. Originally I was only going to have 10 days but I am so happy I got a full 2 weeks because the redness from my incision site is finally much less noticeable when looking at me face on and you can barely tell anymore. I am SO relieved because that was a huge concern for me. I'm sure people will notice I look different but without that visible scar they won't know exactly what it is. It's not that I care all that much that people know I got my nose done but it is because I do not feel like dealing with stupid people and their stupid questions!

I am feeling better and better every day! My only issue right now is my skin is freaking out! I broke out like crazy and the skin on my nose is sooo dry and I can see I need to exfoliate bad. I've been using my regular face products and that includes exfoliating 2 times so far but I cant really scrub my nose just yet so it hasn't worked very well. Oh well.

I went out for drinks already and didn't notice any more swelling in my nose. I am loving it more and more each day. I am SO happy I went through with this. It's so funny because even though I can't stop staring at my nose and taking selfies, when I am out and about I catch myself feeling self conscious again when people can see my profile because I forget I have a beautiful nose now. I'm sure that will go away with time.

First day back at work today

Today was my first day back at work! Everyone commented on my hair but no one said anything about my face. One individual said wow your new hair color really changes your whole look... I laughed quietly to myself hahaha.

I have been back on my skin care routine for a little less than a week I think and today I finally woke up with better skin! The little break outs are going away. This whole experience has really pushed me to take care of my skin and make sure to wear my moisturizer with SPF 30 every single day. My Mom looks at least 15 years younger than she is because she has always taken very good care of her skin. I knew what I should do before but I wasn't consistent. Now I have no option but to make sure to protect my sensitive fragile little nose skin and the rest of my face!

I can't say it enough I LOVE MY NOSE!!!
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