Breast Exchange from wrong breast implant size to the right size - San Diego, CA

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40yrs 128lbs 5'5 athletic 7 months ago I made a...

40yrs 128lbs 5'5 athletic
7 months ago I made a poor decision to get 700cc hp silicone Breast implants. I had 480 saline moderate profile overfilled (The round ones). The doc said before surgery he thought I had 550 overfilled. That does make a difference. So if you have implants and you're getting them exchanged, make sure you know what you have. If you don't, have a back up plan. Ask your PS to open you up and look if needed before you decide.
I had to have them replaced do to muscle distortions from working out and capsular contraction. I told my PS I wanted to be just a "little" fuller on top as the old implants were very round and very flat. We both thought looking at the dimensions (I really didn't understand that totally since I wasn't measured around my chest just the implant) that the 700hp would be a good fit. And don't get me wrong my PS is a great PS so far..
However it's been 7 months and countless dr visits for neck/shoulder pain, a fat transfer surgery to cover severe rippling (because by muscle didn't cover the implant). So they are unfortunately not a good fit. They are way to wide. I went from 34 C-D to a very large 36DD -DDD. This is not the look I'm going for.
I have 4 kids. 2 in college 1 high school and one almost there. I'm 40 I workout a Lot (or did before my boobs got into the way) and I'm a mom non the less and don't want that huge look.. I want "big" breast (average D), my husband loves big breast, but bigger is not always better, for me anyways!
I think balance is key. Sexy and classy is my motto with bigger than average but not to big of breast.
I hope that's not to much to ask for, as I've become extremely nervous and depressed over this whole thing. I do not have boob greed. I just know what I want, and I know it's not 36 DDD. My husband and I only talk about boobs lately, and not in a sexy fun kinda way. That's very depressing.
I take great care of myself. I have always. But I feel like these suckers are holding me back now big time.
I'm no stranger to plastic surgery either, as I think if you have realistic expectations you can be as confident and sexy as you want to be. I know I don't want anymore surgeries for a very long time so I'm praying this is it and they turn out the way I wanted 7 months ago.
I am going with the "newest style breast implant" called inspira uhp 580. Doc said it will be 2-3 cm less wide but still give me projection. Which I need since I breastfed four babies and don't want a lift. They are lighter going from 700 to 580.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm 5 days pre op. I will post my recovery as the days pass by.

5 days to surgery

5 days Pre Op. Time to start getting things ready through the weekend. I'll post a list of things to do, things to get done, and what's needed. I'm getting nervous but very excited to get this done

Yesterday was surgery day

Everything went really well yesterday. I arrived at 8 am and greeted by the staff who quickly got me situated and comfortable. The staff and nurses we're extremely caring. Holding my hand and had me smiling as I was getting the medication to put me to sleep. I had no complications. I did wake up in a bit more pain than expected. A very bad burning sensation around my nipples. I also woke to find the doctor had given me a benelli lift. So that explained the pain. Before I went under I told him I trusted him and to please do what he thought necessary to give me the best results. So after removing the 700's and consulting with my husband as he waited, he did do the lift. This will not be as harsh as a lollipop or anchor, which I was very scared of since he thought it may be necessary.
The size implant that we choose was a very fair trade from what I had and what I wanted, without going to small and absolutely needing a big lift. However it still reduced the weight a great deal and will make them better looking on my body.
I'm at the doctors office now for my 1 day post op waiting to see them. I can already tell they are much lighter. I will post more pics as soon as I get home. I'm so excited. We went with the 580 uhp silicone inspira Natrelle. He gave me prescriptions for pain meds, muscle relaxers, and antibiotics.

3 days post op

3 days post surgery. Very sore but doing good. Still taking pain meds and antibiotics. My husband is amazing. He's been so helpful. The benelli or donut lift is pretty painful, especially when your not expecting one on top of a breast augmentation revision.
I didn't do any research on this before hand so I'm taking it day my day.
If anyone has advise on this type of lift I'd be grateful.
Right now they look kinda "weird" and "off" but I know they will change and settle and heal.. I'm definitely looking forward to them looking normal. They don't look normal at all. Very swollen. Not sure when to start scar treatment. Not sure when to expect the pain to subside with out pain meds.

4 days post op

It's been 4 days. My results seem to change daily. I can tell this is going to be slow going. I'm tired and hurting a bit. I mainly just can't wait for the scars to look good. I miss the gym. I think it will be awhile before I'm working out again. I'm thankful for my family support. My husband is amazing. I honestly couldn't have gone through this without help. Especially having 4 kids

4 day post op before and after

A difference at 4 days post op.

One week pic (late post as today is a little over 2 weeks now)

This pic is at one week. Doing great at one week I was able to do a bit more this day but still taking some pain pills as needed so far very happy!! I know they have more transforming to do.
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