I have reached the flat lands!! 10 months post op

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My story is like most of the others on here...I...

My story is like most of the others on here...I have 3 children 7, 4, & 2. Before my first pregnancy I weighed 110, at delivery I was at 200!! Need I say more?! Boy did that take a toll on my body. No work out or diet will get rid of my jelly belly, after all its just stretched out loose skin...YUCK!!

Im tired of my kids thinking my tummy is a toy, although it keeps them entertained (sad i know!) I am so ready to get rid of it!! I feel & look like Im 6months pregnant & Im tired of sucking in what I can & then 'tucking' the rest in my pants! Its just gross & I want it gone & I want to feel sexy again.

After a lot of research I have decided that this is what is right for ME. My husband supports me 100%, he says he loves my body just the way it is but I find that hard to believe because my stomach just DISGUSTS me!! Im so glad I found this site, I could use some female support :) I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you

Not sure why it says my Dr is in Saint Louis? My...

Not sure why it says my Dr is in Saint Louis? My Dr is Dr Robert N. Young in San Antonio, Tx

I had my pre op yesterday & paid for my...

I had my pre op yesterday & paid for my procedure. Its official!! Im having my TT June 27th...11 days away! Im so nervous & totally freaking out. I couldnt sleep the night before my pre op & on the way to my appt I was getting sick, felt like i had to throw up!! I can only imagine how im going to be a few days & the night before surgery. My Dr gave me a perscription of a few xanax, not looking foward to taking those but i deffinitely will if I have to. I also got my vitamedica pills & the whole run down of surgery before & after. The nurse also took pics of my tummy which i wasnt too happy about :p I would like to post before pics i just dont know if i will be able to click the 'upload' button. I dont even let my husband see my tummy lol ....11 more days , im so scared but so ready at the same time!

Picked up my scripts today. I only paid $40 for...

Picked up my scripts today. I only paid $40 for all 5, which was a real shocker because I dont have insurance! Going clean the house today, top to bottom...I only have ONE week left!!

I may post pics tonight :o

Bought the rest of my meds & medical supplies...

Bought the rest of my meds & medical supplies today, this weekend I will do the grocery shopping. I have 3 more days & a wake to go!! EEEEEeeekkkk!! Tomorrow they will call me & tell me what time I need to be there Monday! :D

FYI my stats: 5' 7" 148lbs

FYI my stats:
5' 7"

Forgot to put my age... Im 24

forgot to put my age... Im 24

I got "the call" today! I got sick to my...

I got "the call" today! I got sick to my jelly belly when I saw the number come up on my phone lol but after talking to the nurse for a while she made me feel so much better, the staff is SUPER nice! Check in time is 930am Monday morning surgery will probably be at 1030am. I plan to spend the weekend with my babies, I feel so horrible because I know they need me but i wont be able to care for them or play with them like I usually do :'( My sister will be staying with me to watch my kids & help around the house for 2weeks

Surgery tomorrow morning!! I dont think Im going...

Surgery tomorrow morning!! I dont think Im going to get any sleep tonight. Doing some last minute cleaning & prep for when I come home tomorrow afternoon. My kids have kept me busy all weekend so I havent really had time to think about my surgery. I dont think its quite hit me yet, Im sure on the way to the surgery center my anxiety will kick in! I am super excited!! :D TT time is about 1030am, please pray that everything goes well, I just want to return to my babies & hubby ALIVE!!
I will update my post as soon as I can
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Day 1- 6/27 I made it out alive ladies!! I got...

Day 1- 6/27
I made it out alive ladies!! I got home yesterday around 5pm. I got car sick on the way home, not fun! I threw up, O M G!!! It hurt like MOTHER!!! I wasnt in any pain after I threw I up, I was just really sore. I tried to eat a soup for dinner but I started to feel the nausea coming on so I took my meds for that, 5 mins later I threw up again! This time I threw up alot more & Oh my Jesus it freakin hurt!! I took one pain pill before bed & slept well through the whole night, in my bed with lots of pillows.

Day 2- 6/28
Woke up this morning 8am, still no pain, just sore feels like I did a million sit ups! Hubby left for work this morning but my sister is here to help me. She took my kids to daycare & will pick them up later as well. I feel awesome like my normal self, I want to do so much but I know I need to just sit & heal! I thought I was going to be miserable & in so much pain but I am the comeplete opposite!! I just cant believe how great I feel. I havent got to see my tummy yet, Im so anxious! Doc said I can shower tomorrow so hopefully hubby can help me take some pics so I can post them. Im getting sleepy so Im going to take a nap. I will update later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all the support ladies!!

Day 3- 6/29 Recovery is going well. Still...

Day 3- 6/29

Recovery is going well. Still pain free but my abs are really sore from the MR, I feel like Im stuck in a "sit up" & my back is killing me!! I slept comfortably through the night again. Im taking tylenol which seems to be enough for the back pain. My drains are still filling up quite a bit, the left more than the right & the color has gone from red to light pink/yellow. I hope I can get them removed at my 1week appt, Im tired of draining them, It actually makes me kind of sick so Ill be glad when they are out! I am sooo ready to see my tummy! Im starting to get ichy under my binder, I cant wait to shower tonight!
I will post pics

Day 4- 6/30 I had my first shower last night,...

Day 4- 6/30

I had my first shower last night, i felt so much better when I got out! HOWEVER...it wasnt easy! As soon as hubby took off my binder & started removing the bandages I got light headed & felt like i was going to pass out!! I had my drains hanging from a lanyard around my neck I had hubby soap me up & I got out as fast as I could move! I took a quick pic & I will post it as soon as I find my plug to upload it! He also helped me rebandage my incision & belly button. I felt so much better when I had my binder back on, I felt like my guts were gonna explode from out of my incision lol Im pleased with my results, kinda...on my left side it seems as though my skin is a little wrinkled at the incision. I hope when i get to standing straight it will look smooth :/ Im not too worried about it Im just glad that my tummy is FLAT!! I slept well through the night again.
My husband bought me a recliner yesterday, & I must say I prefer my sofa or bed with all my pillows vs. the recliner!! but I didnt tell my hubby that, I didnt want to hurt his feelings! I was worried because i didnt rent a hospital bed or have a recliner but my sofa & bed were perfect for me, with lots of pillows of course! So dont feel pressured to rent or buy anything ladies!

Day 5&6 - 7/1 & 7/2 Same as the other...

Day 5&6 - 7/1 & 7/2

Same as the other days no clomplaints, no pain. Ive been taking my binder off a few times a day, only when Im in sitting/laying down. Its staring to get ichy. I have to wear it when Im standing, I feel more secure. Im still a little hunched but Im close to standing straight. My back pain isnt as bad since I can almost stand straight. Since day two I have been able to walk on my own, sit up & sit down, & use the bathroom on my own. Im still sleeping well through the night. Tylenol is enough for the discomfort. The drainage is becoming less & less, hopefully both drains will be removed at my first post op appt wed. the 6th. My tummy is still numb & feels funny. My belly button is tender, with dried blood. Im scared to clean it off. When i try to stand straight thats where i feel the pulling (also in my abs)

anybody know of any ointment that I can put on my belly button? I wont be able to call the Dr till tuesday.

The MR has been a pain!! I never realized how much I realied on my abs for almost EVERY motion of my body! I hadnt been feeling sore & I needed to clear my throat so I thought a little cough wont hurt...OMG!! It Frikin hurt so bad!! I dont know how many times Ive avoided sneezing lol Doc sure did pull my muscles & tummy tight!! Other than that everything is going great, I cant wait to have the drains removed so I can go out in public!

Happy healing to my fellow TTers!!

Yesterday 7/4 was my 1 week post op mark! Things...

Yesterday 7/4 was my 1 week post op mark! Things have been getting better day by day. I am ALMOST up straight...I get this pinching/pulling/burning sensation that stops me from going all the way straight. Damn!! It really hurts!! certain movements I make I feel the same pain, the pain is right in the center of my abs at the very top(right under my boobs) I have my first post op appt tomorrow, hopefully I will get these annoying drains out & figure out what that pain is! Yesterday was also my first day "out" of the house! Hubby took me to the movies & we made a quick stop at the grocery store & we also bar-b-qued so I spent a little time outside watching my kids play. All that action wore me out! Today Im going to take it easy and rest up for my appt tomorrow.
I would also like to mention, taking a shower is a big pain! Im not able to stand that long without my binder on, it just feels funny. So I turn the shower on & sit in the tub, thats easiest for me. I really wish I had a chair for the shower. I would personally recommend a shower chair over a hospital bed &/or recliner, thats just my opinion though! Well im going to get to take a nap, I will update again tomorrow after my appt!

Had my first post op appt(1wk after surgery). I...

Had my first post op appt(1wk after surgery). I had both drains removed, Thanks God!! It felt yucky & one burned/hurt like hell!! I mentioned the other day...the pain I had when I would try to stand straight, well when doc was pulling one of the drains out he had to give a an extra hard pull-more like a hard jerk....OOOUCH!! After I got out of the chair & stood up, that pain was gone & I could stand straight! That drain must have been pinching or sticking to a nerve & man it sure hurt but now the pain is no more & Im standing straight! My BB looks great, I love it! My incision is covered with that heavy duty medical tape so I havent got to see how the scar looks. Last night I slept great, on my side!! Oh how I have missed that, but I cant wait to get to sleep on my tummy again. I feel great, I love walking & NOT feeling my 'jelly' shaking all about!! Its just FLAT! I LOVE MY NEW TUMMY!
I have my next appt next week for my 2wk post op doc said he will cut some of the stitches on my incision.

So tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. Im feeling...

So tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. Im feeling great. Im not sore from the MR but it still does hurt to cough & sneeze. I must admit I have been over doing it since I got my drains taken out, at night I am a little puffy above my incision but its not too bad. I love my flat tummy I always find myself looking at it & touching it! :) Im still wearing my compression garment but I do take it off a few times a day & sometimes during the middle of the night. Doc said I need to wear my compression garment for 3 more weeks or I can buy one of my own. I go back to work tomorrow, Im not really looking foward to it lol I enjoyed my time off! I finally got to weigh myself Im down to 142 from 148. I put on my favorite pair of shorts & I was dissapointed :( I think the weight I lost came off my thighs & butt!! Its so depressing! I used to fill out those shorts GOOD & now they are baggy. But I guess thats what happens when you are on the sofa sleepn all day for a week and half! I cant wait to shape back up. I'll try to post some new pics tonight.

Thank you ladies for all of your support, it has made my journey so much easier!! XOXO to you all!

I had my 2week post op on wednesday, doc took of...

I had my 2week post op on wednesday, doc took of that heavy duty tape covering my incision & snipped a few stitches. The incision looks great, its thin & low! I go back in 2 weeks for my 1mnth visit.
Ive been super busy this week since I have been back to work. I worked 45hrs this week! I also dropped off & picked up my kids from daycare, ran a few errands during the week after work, & made dinner 4 out of 5 nights. Not to mention all the other mommy duties...tending to my kids, cleaning, laundry etc. Thank goodness I have a desk job! Im on the computer all day & I dont have to get up unless I need to, like to go to the bathroom or if I go on break. I was worried my work clothes were going to super tight but instead they were big. I wore my binder all week to work under my clothes, you couldnt even tell I had anything under my shirt. I still cant believe I lost 6lbs...deeeepressing!! I havent been swollen, I just get a little puffy above my incision more noticable on the the left. But it isnt bad at all! I went out today without my binder woooo weeee!! FLAT FLAT tummy!! I love, love, love it!! Did I mention I LOVE it! lol I am 2 weeks & 5days. I feel awesome. I would do this again a million times over! I am posting a few new pics I just took

BTW - the pics I just uploaded(post op-2wks 5days)...

BTW - the pics I just uploaded(post op-2wks 5days) I just look them a little after 12am, I have had a super busy & stressful day. I ran some errands, took my kids to a birthday party & even babysat 2 kids, plus I had my 3!! I am VERY blessed that I havent been sweeling. But you can kind of see in the side pick I am just a LITTLE puffy above my incision.

3weeks post op. Today was a great day!! This...

3weeks post op.
Today was a great day!! This morning I decided to go to the way back of my closet & try some of my OLD clothes on since everything seems to be big on me! I found a few pair of pants that I havent worn in about 3yrs, & the fit perfectly, I could even button them!! I was just ecstatic lol My husband had been telling me I need to get rid of all my old clothes but I would always tell him no & some day I WILL fit in those clothes again & finally 3yrs & a tummy tuck later I did it! I decided not to wear my binder today. I felt amazing!! :D Back into my skinny jeans & a flat tummy. Can life get any better than this?! My confidence has shot through the roof!

1month post op (7/25) I had my 1month po...

1month post op (7/25)
I had my 1month po appt(7/26) Doc said everything is looking nice. Incision is closed & healing well. I can start scar treatment. I can start light excerise, no ab work till 3months po. I started rubbing vitamin e on my scar-for now til I decide what scar treatment I want. I bought some tanks 'suddenly skinny' from Target. They are great I wear them when I leave the house, under my shirts instead of the bulky binder. but I wear the binder when I am home & when I go to bed. When I know Im goin out for a short while I wont wear any type of compression garment, its nice to feel so condient! :) Im still looking for some other type of compression garment to wear underneath I just havent had time to go shopping. My scar isnt sensitive I can rub it & it doesnt hurt/bother me. The feeling on my tummy has gotten better just a little numb above my scar & around my BB. Still not swelling too bad, just a bit of puffiness above my incision.
Sorry to ramble about so many differnt things, its been a long week & Im sleepy!
I will try to post new pics tonight.

Just a quick update...Not much has changed as far...

Just a quick update...Not much has changed as far as my scar and swelling. Scar is bright red & I still get a little puffy above my scar, some nights more than others but still no complaints. I still wear my compression garment as much as possible & I still sleep with it every night. Rubbing vit. e on my scar until I get my scar treatment. I did a little shopping this weekend, I am down 3 pant sizes!!! Im feeling great, my confidence is back!
Hope everyone is recovering well!

Well its been about 8 months since I have updated...

Well its been about 8 months since I have updated & added new pics so I thought now is better than never! I love love love my FLAT tummy!! I can finally wear whatever i want without worring about "the blob'! I bought the silicon scar strip things and started using them at 6wks, that only lasted for like 2wks. (im so bad about keeping up with things!) I recently started rubbing vit e on my scar again. I havent had any pain or discomfort. just a little annoyed that my tummy is still just a bit numb around my belly button. it has gotten a lot better though since the first few months where more of my tummy was numb. ive gained a few pounds-went straight to my hips & thighs- so ive started working out. & for the first time working on my abs. Ive been so damn scared!! i didnt want to rip/mess up anything. it wasnt painful like i thought it was going to be, i was just sore the next day but i know thats normal tummy tuck or not! i havent been to a follow up appointment since 1mnth post op-horrible i know! ive just been too busy to make & keep an appt. im hoping i can at least make it to my 1yr post op. well all is well in the flat lands & im loving it :) its past my bed time so i will take pics & post them tomorrow
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