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Mother of three kids ... I will have my...

Mother of three kids ... I will have my consultation on feb 13 2014 that when ill br able to go out town ... I hve decided in s.a since here in laredo we only have one doctor for cosmetic surgery and mexico is a big no no for. Me .... Iam xcited fimnlly looks like i will do it tho i think iam selfish i wont even go that route any more .. My husband finally agreef with me he tjought i was crazy that i dont need that but i really want to do it for myselfieee ... Iam teally comfortable with my body xcept my tumm tummmm!! But Lets see how it goes i just hope iam choosing the right doctor . I already have been doing a list of questions i will sure eant to ask him.

Cant wait

My consultation .. Is coming up next week . Super excited nervous and still having sevond toughts. Ive also been having alot of bad dreams that makes me feel more afarid about the surgery.. I still want and like to think that everything will be ok .. I also pray to god that everything will be ok .. Cause iam scared to make the wtong desicion .. Iam sure its not just me feeling this way but lets see how it goes on yhe 11th ill keep u posted

Still on the wait for Tuesday .

Tuesday is taking for ever . Going for my consultation . And booking my surgery date cause i have the feeling this is the one .. Hopefully everything comes out as planned .. I would really like to have the surgery. On march between the third or seventh on the month. But lets see cause sbring break i know that they are full ... Too bad but still very anxious to see what my vonsultation will be like .. Iam still afraid of surgery but staying possitive ...

All went well at consultation!

Today was the day . I went for the consultaion at 10:30 .. Talked with doctor about everything .. He explained me the procedure . And told me i could do it w / lipo if i would not mind the extra skin .. I specified that it was my main concern the saggy skin! So he said that in that case i would be best the tummy tuck . I ren asked if my breast would look pulled down he said not at all . My honey was concerned about that . So i paid my surgery at the end and iam scheduled for march the 3 rd yeahhh !! Excited o i also did a little shopping for blouses at S. A .. Feeling excited ..

Pre- op on monday .

I have my pre op appt on monday the 2/17/14 yeah

Already set for march 3 , 2014

Went to my pre- op today . Had lab work done sign all papers ... Was feeling scared and having doughts but i did it ! They will call me to verify the time i have to go for surgery wish me luck they also took pics of my tummy .. Hope fully it all comes out good with the help of god

My vitamins

They also gave me ny vitamins and arnica , bromilian and all my prescriptions i need to fill before surgery ..

One more week to go:/

Well i have one more week to .. Yeahh and instead of feeling excited i feel super bad . I get sad and think the worst i think that i might noy see my kids again and it scares me so bad .. I dont want to think like this .. All this negative thinking is getting on my nurves and i start with the guilt .. As to do i really need this why am i doing this is it really worth the risk ?? Helppp please !!

Iam on the count down :))(

Well the 3 rd of march is almost here .... Iam nervous and scared .. Been spending alot of time playing , talking , eatching disney movies ,, with them going on walks to the park ,, all worth and time well spendt they ate my world ! That keeps my mind off from my surgery ... How weird a month ago all i think was how much i wanted that tummy tuck .. And now that iam days away i dont even want to think about it . Iam happy cause my love says .. Honey dont get worried every thing will be fine .. And that puts my thinking at ease a bit .. But i know god will be with us ..


Well today iam feeling better more possitive , confident that everything will turn out good.. Been taking my vitameds .. Looking forward to sunday we will be having a ( carne asada) cook out yumm !!

Picked up meds at pharmacy.

So i did pick up my meds yesterday thank good ness my insurance coverd some ... I also went to buy a faja .... Today staff at Dr . Young will call to confrim my surgery time ???? . I have no idea at what time ill be going all that matters is that everything comes out ok .. Well will keep posted on my date bye ..

7am is my surgery time ..

So they called me from dr office to tell me that i have to be there by 7am to continue taking my vitamins and instructions as to what to wear ... Tarran .. Tarann tan .... Tan .. Nervous and excited lets see how it goes ... On monday please pray for me ladys and ill keep in touch !!


Tomorrow is the day of my surgery ... I already taking my atibiotic my arnica and bromilian just like doctor instructed ... What can i say iam nervous and excited lets see ....

Flattt side

Well i dis it yes thank god .. Everyrhing went very smooth woke up at 3:00 am to get to s .a at 7 am surgery syarted at 8 pm all of dr young staff was awesome loved all the help they gave me very proffesional .. Now lets see if i will like my reaults havenoy looked at my incision yet !! Scareds

I am on the flat side

Well happy to say that everythinqg came out well .. As soon. I opened my eyes i gave thanks to good. And was so happy to hear the nurses voice ... I was told to walk to the restromoom to pee i did they gave me meds and everything ..... I feel graet ive been standing up alot and walking taking my meda drinkind alot of water .. But i feel tje pain tolerable. I have not seen my cut .. Yet i also have my faja on. I dont like it cause it rolls down but oh well iam just happy that everything is fine

Hello feeling a bit better

Today i feel a bit better its getting much more everyday .. I still get nausea when i stand too long. .. Today i got to shower needed that .. And so fat loving my tummy i saw it today and my honey loved it .. My drains are still im and draining I will post pics as soon as i feel. Better

Iam back

Well on monday i went for my week follow up its been good i have very tolerable pain i stoped taking my pain meds since second day of operation .. Ionly have muscle spasms i take the muscle relaxers .. I have been very active since day one .. I only had one drain removed the other one satyed in i guess cause its still darining alot .. I know i have to take it easy but i just cant stay in bed or laying down ... I amstill taking my vitamins and bromillian arnica. As well i feel my tummy very tight i still walk a bit hunched but overall its going ok ????

Week one

This is my photo after a week ago of surgery .... I had no lipo have no pain in incision just feels numb .. Other than that i have musle spaams

Side ways

This is my one week photo like i said no lipo done on mu flanks or back ???? buy iam feeling happy with my results

Hi there

Me at twoo weeks my healing has been good. The frist week was the hardest. I already have to follow up in two weeks . I also forgot to mention i didnt expirience any consyipation at all . I would always cut my pain pills in half and that would do i didnt take a whole pill since frist day out from surgery .

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