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I'm all paid and scheduled for August 1, 2013....

I'm all paid and scheduled for August 1, 2013. The staff and doctor were friendly and attentive. I have six kids ranging in age from 5-20, and I am a 'glamma' of 2,going on 3. I've wanted this for a long time, and my goal is not to me a size 3, been there done that. I want to look nice in tired shirts and want to be able to build abdominal muscle. With that said, I'm so ready for this surgery! I'm only afraid of the pain and constipation, other than that, my husband is really worried I won't come out of anesthesia. How did anyone else handle this?

Today is the day!

Alright, my surgery is about 2 hours away! I'm so excited!! I've taken some before pics. I know I'll be pleased with everything. From the reviews I've seen on Dr. Dechert, I'm very hopeful! Wish me luck! And a little prayer!! Thanks! :)

24 hr PO

So it's been 24 hours. After surgery they made me walk to the restroom, I was very naseous and threw up the liquids, and that hurt like hell in my soma he muscles. That continued each time I'd get up to go to the restroom at home. This morning I was much better. I ate a late breakfast. I committed the mistake of eating a heavy lunch, chicken with rice, and that make me feel yucky! I showered briefly because my back is killing me! The drains are another pain i. The butt! Those wont come out till wednesday! Other than that, I'm pretty much in love mith my new flat abs!! :D

Successful shower!

Thanks to my wonderful husband who bought me a shower chair, I had the best shower since surgery! Lol yesterday's shower was a 5 minute torture! Tonight I had a long hot shower sitting down!! Now I'll ave to recommend that for any future surgery hopefuls! :)


I hate walking like a zombie already; please remind me the pain and discomfort goes away! Lol not to mention the numbness!

5 days PO

I wish I could sleep on my tummy, I wish I could stretch out, I want to be able to wear undies again! Lol. God willing today is my last day with drains in. Tomorrow morning at 9am is my first PO appointment. Last night in a moment of despair, I started reading the 6m+ posts of others who have already been through this, and I was given reassurance that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Can't wait to wear jeans and a fitted shirt without the lumps! :)


Had a nice long hot shower this evening. I had to sit around for a bit while my compression belt got washed. I think it's turned into my security because I though I couldn't without! Luckily my daughter brought it to me just in time, I slapped that sucker on and the world was at peace! Lol. Please send prayers my way so that my PS removes these drains so I can wear undies again, and maybe be able to get out for a bit with my kids! I feel selfish to be taking the last part of their summer, I feel selfish for not being able to at least make my husband a cup of coffee! Lol, but they've been awesome troopers! I am truly blessed beyond words!

PO day 6

Had my first PO appt. this morning. Got on ene drain taken out! Better than nothing! An it didn't even hurt! I was dreading the pain for 3 days, and it was nothing at all! Was out and about, did get fatigued, and have waist pain from sitting too long, but then I have butt pain from lying too long! So, minus the back pain/bruises, I'm doing pretty well. Have not taken any pain mess since Monday the 7th. My tummy still gets a little tight to walk around, but once I'm warmed up its better and I can walk straighter. The nurse said how good I looked, and I told her I was faking it pretty well! Lol

2 much pain!

So I had to! I had to take a hydrocortone for my back pain! I was quite proud that I was off all pain meds, all meds for that matter! But tonight, I want sleep and rest.....don't judge me! Lol tomorrow is a new day! I have a week to be semi-ok for my hubbies bday; sure do miss him!

Oh the pain!

Well I'd say more soreness. Right in the center of my lower back. Food a hydrocortone last night, made me nauseous but got me to sleep. I has been staying away from pain meds since Monday, but gave in last night. Anyone else struggle with this?

I'm happy!

I'm standing up straight, walking around on low heels and going 'out'! Dinner only, where I'll be sitting!! Lol, Gos willing my drain (last one) will come out Monday, so I've become pretty good at hiding it! Thank you Jesus, I see the light!!


Today my drain was taken out, so I am drainless!! Went straight to the mall to purchase my Spanx. Couldn't wait to get home, so I put it on in the restroom, it was not easy, but I got it on. Walked around the mall for a while, kids needed back to school stuff still. Within a couple of hours, I was ready to get home! I bought a siza M, so although it felt good, it was a little bothersome on my incision, which in fact is still as they were on day 1 PO. I don't want to pull on the tape, so I'm gonna leave them as they may, but my Spanx did bother my incision and my back bruising. So I wore if for a bit more at home, then I took it off. Another reason was that I didn't want to bother with it during midnight potty breaks, lol. I'll post pics soon! :)

18 days PO TT

Tomorrow I hopefully get to see my scars!! Tape hasn't fallen off yet, afraid to tear something.

27days PO TT

Updated scar pics

Just thought I'd share, since everyone does, and from experience, it helps to see everyone's progress.

Before & After

Today was a tough one!

So being Labor Day and ll, I decided to take my kids to Six Flags. Although I did walk some, most of the time I spent on a lounge chair, under a canopy. It was a hot day, over 100 degrees! Anyway, got home, showered and bandaged myself tightly with my binder for the nigh. I don't feel overly swollen, but am a bit swollen. All in all, not too much of a biggie!

6 weeks!

Well, tomorrow is 6 weeks, but I think I'm outside he tunnel now! It's been 2 days now that I'm able to sleep on my tummy, and somewhat stretch out little by little. Soon I'll do a full body stretch! Pain (stinging, burning, soreness) is minimal now. Went out and got me maternity jeans and shorts at Good Will, since tight jeans still bother my incision. Other than that, all is great. I don't have swelling, which is weird to me because that's the one thing everyone complains about most. I just thank God on a daily basis that this whole journey has been pretty smooth!


I forgot to mention, for a round bb, Ive used a marble, but found it a little sore. I've also rolled up a piece of it tissue paper, and that seems to work fine as well. I find my bb looks rounder and looks cuter! Lol

6 weeks

More pics

Taken after my shower tonight to show my routine

Last pics

I know it looks like I'm swollen, but in reality it's really minimal. It looks worse in pics.


I SO overindulged this weekend and today. Mexican food, bbq's, beer and margaritas....what can I say, between bdays and pro boxing, It's all lost! But tomorrow I'm starting Zumba, and just when I wanted to get back I into walking.....it rains! But any type of work out to not feel this way! Wish me luck!

Bloated or swollen?

I'm feeling really bloated especially my upper belly. Don't know if its overindulgence or swelling. Any comments? Lol

Continuation of last post......

8 weeks

So 8 weeks ago tonight, I was recovering from my surgery 12 hrs before. I did my first Zumba class ever, and first workout post surgery. I also did 30 light crunches cautiously, because I was scared, lol. I'm wearing Spanx type garments only during the day. Won't see my ps for another week, so I don't know what he will say about that. I sleep without it. Everything else is back to normal for the most part.

9 weeks

I've gotten into the swing of things doing Zumba. Doing light crunches, im up to 50. Now I want to start weights, just to tone. I've never done anything physical on a regular basis, because results were never evident, but now after only a week, I can already see the toning, and loving it!!

10 weeks

Had my post pics and dr appt. today. I was given the all clear! No more compression or Spanx! Yayyyy!!! All is great! Dr. Dechert is amazing! Such in fact, that I'm goin on Tuesday for round 2 pre-op consult!! :) my husband is addicted to my body now! Lol

Jeans too tight!! Ouch!

Today I decided to look extra pretty with tight jeans and boots..I'm from Texas! :) no bueno! 5 hrs later, off go the jeans and the abdominal pain, back pain even butt pain ensue! So, needless to say, no tight jeans for another while!

Back to the board! :D

So today at 3pm I'll be having inner thigh and inner knee lipo. I'll post a before pic and keep y'all up to date!

Lipo post op

So I went I to surgery yesterday a little after 3:30pm. They let me sleep off most of the anesthesia, which was great because I didn't feel yucky or naseous. I came home with a garment from rib cage to my ankles. It's not that tight, which I, thinking it should be, but that's what I as given. The pain is there, especially when I get up to walk to the restroom. I haven't pulled down my garment to look, but I can see a small gap in my legs. I'll try to shower tomorrow, because I'm supposed to wait 12 hours before removing it. I've only taken 2 ibuprofen. Yesterday out of anesthesia, and another one today around noon. It's just the bruising that's bothersome . So, anyway, I'll post pics soon! So far so good!! I'm in live with my doc! Lol.

2 days PO inner thigh & inner knee lipo

This morning I woke up in pain. More soreness and throbbing than actual pain. Since my binder I feel is a little too loose, I started binding myself with a bandage. I did this with my tummy tuck. It seems to help me feel more secure. Anyway, I'll post pics when the swelling goes down.

It gets worse before it gets better, right?

So the bruising has come! And it's marked pretty good!! I can't see a difference through it all, but I read the swelling can take a good 10 weeks! Yikes! Anyway heres a pic....

Here we go!

So today I woke up extra sore and in real pain! So I gave up the superwoman persona and gave in to pain meds. The throbbing is insane! Please remind me how this won't last! :(


I took this pic 5 days PO inner thigh lipo.

Day 7 PO lipo inner thighs & knees

Today I finally went to GNC and purchased bromolain and arnica gel. I hope these two start working soon, this discomfort is killing me! My tummy tuck was much easier to deal with than this! Fingers crossed!

12 days PO inner thigh/knee lipo

So 5 days after my last update I have to say things are MUCH better! I cam walk straight now? I actually walk normal and not zombie like, lol. The bruising is going away slowly but surely. The arnica gel worked great! I don't know if it was all in my mind, but it was almost immediate relief, and the massaging felt good! So I'll have to keep up the massaging, and I'm thinking of going in for some lymphatic massage. As for the bromolain, I took it like for 2 or 3 days, then forgot about it. I just took it again last night. Sooo, I can't say it's worked, can't say it hasn't. Lol the back of my knees are the only really bothersome right now, but manageable. Anyway, I probably won't post again till after thanksgiving, so y'all have a great thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones!! I have lots to be thankful for this year, I'm sure we all do!! :)

15 days PO inner thigh & knee lipo

Tonight I will sleep without my cg. Hope it goes well. Can't remember what cs said about going without it. He said I could do without it, but can't remember wether it was am or pm. My pain then drowned out his voice, lol. Anyway, God wiling I wake up fine! :)

Back from my hiatus!

Hey guys! SO, I've been slacking on my updates for a while, but I'm back, ready for the new year and ready to get my body toned. After all the holiday pig out, I need to get into a real workout routine. So as a reminder, I had my tummy tuck August 1st so that's one day short of 23 weeks / 5 months. Then on November 11, I had inner thigh/knee lipo. So that would be 8 weeks. I still have some bruising, but it's so much better! I'm still doing Zumba, and starting next week I'll be going 3x a week, and I want to do weights, waiting till the end of the month to get a better deal, lol.
So, a little about my feelings. I'm very pleased with my procedures....although I would've liked to have. A thigh lift. My ps wouldn't do it, he said the healing would be very slow healing because of where the scar would be. It's something I may have to take up with him ya my follow up. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm really happy with me! And my husband loves my results! That being said; my ultimate goal is to tone, but not get buff. I'm a size 9/10, and I'm happy with that. I like my curves, and I enjoy a cocktail, beer, snacks, pastries every now and then, but I also know when I need to stop. And the holidays were really good to me, so during the week, I'm good. I eat breakfast, small lunch, and I juice for dinner. Between five kids, a household, a business and a husband, it's hard to find time for 'me', but I try. So, I can be helpful if you find your like me. I'm not hard core dedicated to exercise or diets. I do what works for me. So, sorry for the extra long update, but like I said it had been a while. Oh, also, I just started trying out my Paula's choice products, and I'll post pics on that as well. Thanks for reading!! :D

Motivation: Negative!

I don't know if it's the weather, or what, but I've been lacking motivation! I need to be accountable to someone, so this site will be my accountability! Lol anyway, let's hope I start showing toning soon!

On again!

So, it's been pretty cold here in S. Texas. It's a bone chilling 36 degrees tonight! Anyway, it's cold, I stay in, and eat! I won't lie, I love to eat. I don't over eat, but I love my comfort food. So, I decided to get back on track. I've got lots of events coming up this year starting in March, so I have to get to work. Started beck on my juicing tonight, replacing dinner, which I usually don't have. But I had early breakfast, which is rare, and I had lunch. So for dinner, juice. Hopefully this run will last. Waiting for specials to run so I can go out and get that gym membership. For now, it's Zumba, and my restroom exercises, lol.

6m PO TT

It's been 6 months since mu TT. I feel amazing! :) kinda sorta a little numb here and there, and stretching every once in a while feels weird, bot other that that, all is great! I'm hoping to get into a regular workout routine once the weather gets warm. I'll post pics soon, been too lazy to post. TTFN

Dr dechert is my PS! Great dr!!

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