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Hello everyone,I want to share a little bit of my...

hello everyone,I want to share a little bit of my experience. I'am 36 3 c-sections with a lot of stretch marks left after gaining tons of weight. Dedicated myself to loose the weight in order for me to be a good candidate with good results. I had my TT 6 weeks ago, it was not as bad as I expected hurts less than a c-section,the feeling is like if you did tons of seatups well thats what I felt. The thing that horrified me was the swellness that is taking time to go away!! I see other people completely straight flat by the 2nd week,but like my PS said every body heals different.
I have a big concern because I was left with stretch marks which that is not my concern cause a lot were gone :) My concern is that when I bend or sit my tummy looks very saggy, not at all as when I'am standing, will that go away after the swellness id=s gone or can it be fixed with execising?

8 week PO

Yesterday was my 8 week PO appointment, my doctor said everything looks great so far, I have swollen on my lower abdomen but he said is normal, to give it till January, hopefully will get better results if not he will do a little procedure in his office, he also mentioned a possible ear dog but will take care of it there at his office as well. I was very excited because they measured me and my waist went from a 32" to a 28"!!!! Lost another 4 inches from my mid ab and 3 from my lower and it's swollen!! So I know I'm doing good!! I also started going to the gym, finally everything it's going back to normal!!

9 weeks

Worried because I see flabby skin when I bend or sit, I thought I wouldn't have to be covering with my purse after my TT and rolls come out when I'm seating so there goes my purse again to cover those rolls :(

Flabby can excercising help?

9 weeks PO and I see very saggy skin when I bend or sit. I started working out and I want to know if the flabby skin would go away with sit-ups and crunches? How can I know if my surgeon cut enough skin? What can I do?!!
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