Smart Lipo to Saddle Bags and Inner Thighs, Abdominal, and Flanks. Cellulaze to Banana Roll - San Antonio, TX

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Ready to wear shorts-and looking forward to my...

Ready to wear shorts-and looking forward to my bikini body !! Im scheduled for smart lipo & cellulaze April 17th, kinda nervous about how painful this will be. Dr. said I'm not a small girl and I have womanly curves and he wants to keep me that way. Which made me feel better about myself ! But I'm actually 30-35 lbs over my weight limit,lol. I have a big bubble butt and my weight has really gone to my thighs, arms, and flanks since my tummy tuck 7 years ago. I will be going back to have my arms done. Dr. said the numbing meds would not last long enough so it would require a second visit ! So, Dr. wants to smart lipo my tummy-(gained a roll above my tummy tuck incision) and give me more defined waist and smart lipo flanks. He's going to smart lipo my outter thighs keeping with the curvature of my body and get rid of inner thighs where they rub together :( He won't lipo my banana fold because he said my butt would fall, so he going to cellulaze it just to smooth it out. I really want cellulaze to the fronts of my thighs because all I see when I look down is cottage cheese !!! Dr. said he does not see what I see??!!! I will post pics before and after !! Pleas comment as to how your procedure went please !!

2 days ago I had my pre op appt. Glad I did !!...

2 days ago I had my pre op appt. Glad I did !! They didn't have me down
For the correct areas !! Long story short I deleted the cellulaze to make sure
that I got the smart lipo to inner outer thighs and abdominal area and flanks ! Ended up pay $700 more :( they gave me my scripts took pics and surgery instructions. Getting nervous 10 day countdown !

Not real happy with Dr staff right now they...

Not real happy with Dr staff right now they dropped the ball quite a few times now! Supposed to find out when I'm scheduled for Wednesday and haven't heard a word and I'm coming In From out of town :( Nervous very Nervous right now !

Had my procedure this am. I was there from...

Had my procedure this am. I was there from 9:45-2:00. Had inner and outer thighs, flanks and whole abdominal . I went into the Dr. Office they brought me back, checked vitals, gave me 1 Valium . I waited for what seemed to be 1-1/2 hrs.Once they came and got me everything went pretty quick. They gave me small shots to where the incisions were to be made. They then put in the numbing fluid- that part is pretty uncomfortable especially in some areas that are more sensitive than others. After he numbed my he did the laser everywhere then came back and did the lipo everywhere ! So it's like a 3 step process !! When I was done I felt like normal just swollen. 1.8 liters were removed and I can already see that I'm smaller but u can see I'm still full of fluids !! I'm resting now and starting to have some achey pain in my areas. So I took one pain pill. I'm trying to keep dry by changing my maxi pads I have put on my incisions of the outside of my garment that I'm holding in place by yoga pants ;) I will post more pics tomorrow when Im allowed to remove my garment !! But so far the surgery was not that bad !!

1 day out. Woke up pretty sore today ! Sleeping...

1 day out. Woke up pretty sore today ! Sleeping last night was a little rough because it took a minute to get comfy on my side ! When I stand it takes a few minutes to get going like if I'd had a TT. Still leaking but not as much ! Heading to post op this am then going to take a shower I'm really looking forward to it because of the leakage all over me : /

1 Month Update

I saw Dr. yesterday. Im still swollen and bruised and tender is some areas,nothing too bad. Not real excited with my results so far, not much difference at ALL !! Getting discouraged. But Dr. did say still swollen so we will see I've been crazy busy with graduations but I will post pics !! Glad to hear everyone is doing well !! Oh forgot to mention scar tissue is forming around my hip bones I massage every morning and night and I've all been doing Endomology !!

Loved him during consultation !!!Will update after surgery.

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