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4.9 out of 5 stars 53 reviews
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I am married and have three children ages: 13, 10,...

I am married and have three children ages: 13, 10, and 6.

I have fought my weight for my entire life. I got up to 297 pounds and refused to cross that 300 mark so I had weight loss surgery. I am down to 190 pounds and have been for about a year. I would like to get lower, but seem to have reached that point where my body is comfortable and will not budge.

I am left with a lot of abdominal fat and skin that also will not budge except to jiggle. My legs look pretty good except at the top of my thighs. My breasts do not bother me, but the fat and skin on the side of my body near my breasts do as well as the jiggle of my arms.

I decided to seek the opinion of plastic surgeons and began my search for a doctor. During my research I came across a review of Dr. Peter Fisher in San Antonio and loved what I read. I called his office and set up a consultation. I was actually amazed at how comfortable I was showing my body to him. He made me feel at ease, impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge, and I valued that.

He suggested a lower body lift, breast lift, arm lift, and spiral thigh lift. I scheduled my surgery that day for August 2014. Personal reasons made me cancel that surgery. I rescheduled for Dec 4 and am now anxiously and nervously awaiting that date.

I am scared. I have MS and though I have gotten clearance from my PCP and my neurologist, it makes me nervous. I keep coming up with reasons not to have the surgery which seem much more legitimate than my reasons to have the surgery. It feels very selfish to me.

Yes or No? Yes or No? I'm still not sure.

I know that ultimately this is my decision, but I asked my husband, my three sisters, and my mom for their honest opinions on whether or not they think I should have this surgery. My husband says that he loves me no matter what and he doesn't care whether I have it or not. My mom says she thinks I am beautiful and the risks involved with surgery are too great to chance, but that she will be there to support me no matter what I decide. One of my sisters who has also lost a lot of weight says that she doesn't really think I need to have it and that if she had my results and my body she wouldn't do it. Another sister says I should see a counselor because she doesn't believe I see myself clearly and that I shouldn't have the surgery. My other sister says I should do it, because if I don't I will always regret it and I have come so far, I deserve to have the body I want. So for asking everyone, I am still unsure.

I will try to get some pictures taken so I can post them up here.

Before Pictures

Decision Final or Should I Say Finally!

I have finally decided that I am only going to get the tummy tuck. I can always go back to get the thigh and arm lift. I have been trying to get my husband to take pictures of me, but he hasn't yet. Pre-op appointment and marking are Monday. I am nervous, but excited. I haven't purchased anything to prepare for my post op care. Tell me - what do I need as far as bandaging and anything else you can think of?

One Week

One week to go until my surgery. Since I finally made my decision I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am not even nervous at this point. Looking forward to the flat side.

Before Pictures For Real This Time. Yucky!

Fives days left...

Marked Up!

I went yesterday for my mark-up. I am so impressed with Dr. Fisher. He is like an artist - creating and erasing to achieve perfection. I have no doubts that I chose the best surgeon for me. I am not nervous at all and in fact came out of the mark-up appointment even more ready. I am super excited and can't wait until Thursday....

It's done!

I am currently three days post-op. I was able to be released from the hospital last night, because of how well I am doing. The nurses and Dr. Fisher all commented on how good I am moving around.

It is painful, but not as bad as I expected. My biggest problem is being to itchy. I am not sure if it is from swelling or coming off the Morphine. I also noticed that I don't have much of an appetite.

Dr, Fisher told me he took out 6.3 pounds.

Day 4 post -op

Day four is going OK. I am not in much pain at all. I have only been taking ibuprofen since yesterday evening. I am very, very swollen and wish there was something that could be done about that.

My biggest concern as of right now is difficulty urinating. Once I start urinating I can finish, but it takes real effort to start going.

Day 5

I am miserable but not is the way I expected. I have developed the worst headache of my life. Please God let this headache go away....

Day 6

Great News! I think I am going to survive. It's been questionable in my mind for a few days, but today I feel almost human again. It can only get better from here.

Day 6 (cont.)

I wanted to tell a little more about what I have been doing... Here it is - NOTHING!!!!! I look like a ninety year woman with a walker, actually I have seen 90 year olds that move better than I am. I am never upright for more than a few minutes; it is exhausting and makes me ache.

I can't wait until the swelling lessons and I can see real results. It makes me nervous that I am wider now than I was before. I am also nervous that I will actually be a bigger size than before (is that even possible?), is my belly button going to be a deep, lost, bottomless cave just like before?

So that pretty much sums up me right now... Questioning everything....

I love Dr. Fisher!

I had my first post-op check-up today and needless to say I was a little upset about my body at this point. I am sure my results will be amazing, but I am still quite swollen. Dr. Fisher wasn't quite sure why I am retaining so much fluid but assured me I will have the results I want once my body flushes it. He was able to remove my drains and even more importantly he was able to put my mind at ease. He has such a great personality and way with people.

I have had a few surgeries in my life; I've met my share of surgeons and various specialists, but I have never had the pleasure of being under the care of someone like Dr. Peter Fisher. I really feel like he cares and I really feel blessed that he is my plastic surgeon. I think the world of him.

Now - on with the healing!

Post-op Day 12

Things are going pretty well. I am almost completely walking upright; it's still tight and somewhat uncomfortable but my back was killing me staying bent over. I have no stamina at all. I can barely walk to my mailbox and back without stopping to lean on something - that has been difficult getting used to. Prior to surgery I was walking about 2-3 miles a day.

My swelling has gone down very little so far. My stomach and back are rock hard solid swollen. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will start letting up.

Two weeks tomorrow

I can't believe tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. I have had my share of emotional ups and downs and physically I am about where I thought I would be - maybe a little behind my own expectations.

I am now able to walk upright and I have slept in my bed for the last two nights. I was able to run some errands today, but did get worn down. I still have to use a motorized cart if I go to the grocery store or Wal-Mart.

My stomach is swollen, but I think it is getting better overall. My incision looks OK. I have two areas I am really keeping an eye on. One area - I don't like the color, it is very dark, but my husband thinks it is just bruising still. The other area looks like it has potential to split - nothing yet, but it just doesn't look as together as the rest of the incision. Speaking of my incision - I am really pleased with how thin and low my incision is - nicely done Dr. Fisher.

I wish I had some clothes that fit me. I am stuck in yoga pants still because of the swelling. I did purchase some new compression wear in larger sizes due to my current compression wear leaving terrible indentations. Hoping that helps make me more comfortable.

I am off all pain medication except ibuprofen which I only take in the evening.

Ready to Cry!

I just tried a pair of my jeans on and they are a good three inches too small. Did I make a huge mistake?


I read a suggestion to turn compression garments inside out to help with the seam impressions. I am going to try that tomorrow. I have already spent over $500 on different compression garments trying to find something I can live with - with no luck. I will update to let you know if it helps.

New pics

A little less swelling today.

Updated pics

Not much has changed. I don't notice much change in contour with these pics, but the bruising is definitely improving. I also included a photo of an area of my incision that I am keeping an eye on.

Fun comparison

Try again. Fun comparison.

Still questioning....

I'm still questioning my decision to have this surgery. I feel pretty good; my back still feels extremely bruised, but other than that - I feel good.

However, I am tired of wearing only leggings and yoga pants. I like my jeans and I am not even close to fitting into my pre-surgery pants. I expected (hoped) to have to buy some clothes to accommodate my new body, I just didn't think I would have to get bigger sizes and that is depressing as hell. I fought hard to get into those small sizes and I screwed it all up by getting this surgery.

Merry Christmas everyone!

4 Weeks Post-op Update

I am able to get around normally now. My stamina is back. Still swollen, still can't wear pre-surgery clothes. I can't believe I still have some dark bruises, I thought they would be gone by now. I have one area on my incision that opened slightly, about 1/4 in. long. I put some antibiotic ointment and a band-aid on it and it is already starting to close.

Ready to get on with my life. Ready to start exercising again. Ready to wear my clothes again.

Happy New Year!

6+ weeks

I am now a little over six weeks post-op. It almost seems like I am more swollen now than I have been. Not very happy at this point. I still haven't been able to wear my pants. I can now get them buttoned but certainly not comfortable enough to wear. I feel like I looked better last week and that really worries me.

I continue to wear compression because I can't imagine what the swelling would be like without it. I was going to try to start exercising again but know that I am not ready, this doesn't feel like my body yet.

Medically, my incision is healed. I do have several hard spots along the incision which my surgeon called fat necrosis. Not sure what is going to happen with those.

7 week photos


I have been having pain/burning in my belly button and just below it for two days now. It doesn't look any different. I called my surgeons office today and was basically told if the color looks good and it's not hot, then don't worry about it, that it is probably nerves. I don't think it is.

I always have the burning pain and it is worse with movement. Last night I took one of my pain killers so I could get some sleep. I guess if it doesn't get better I will be calling them again for an appointment.

Anyone experience anything like this?

Update - 11 weeks

I was able to complete a whole 48 minute aerobic exercise video followed by an arm band workout without pain of any kind. First time since my surgery. Guess I am back to workin' out - yay!!!!! No ab work yet though - they are still sore.

Four Months Post-Op Update

To put it simply - I am not entirely happy with my results so far. I expected better - maybe I expected too much. I have a roll at my belly button level that I thought would be gone You can't really see it in the pics, but it's there. My right hip is nice and rounded, my left hip is sort of dented in. Perhaps things will improve still, after all I am only 4 months out.

I do notice that I am swelling up by night time especially in my abdomen. I can measure my waist at belly button level and by bed time it measures almost three inches more.

My abs are still too sore to do any kind of abdominal exercises, so I have just been doing a lot walking and biking.

Almost 7 months out from tummy tuck

As the title states I am almost 7 months out from my tummy tuck. I am mostly back to normal. I still have some residual pain simply by touching certain areas and I still have some sparking nerves. I was able to run a 5K last month, but I'm not gonna lie - it was tough.

My husband's cousin just had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Fisher last week, and I was the only one available to drive her and stay at the hospital during her surgery. Since then I have really been thinking about getting my thighs, arms, and breasts done.

I'm thinking I need to set up another consult with Dr. Fisher.

Almost 10 months post -op.

Dr. Peter Fisher is by far the most professional, most courteous, most talented doctor I have had the pleasure of caring for me. He makes himself very available to answer questions or concerns both in pre-op and post-op care. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Fisher and in fact have recommended him to my own sister.

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