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Procedure date is set first thing Monday morning....

Procedure date is set first thing Monday morning. Along with the mastopexy, I have also decided to get the permalip implant in just the top lip (which has always receded and disappears when I smile). So, going with the 5mm, hopefully this will help with my bottom lips asymmetry. I have read some stories about shifting and seen pictures of awful chapping, not to mention looking at the procedure itself looks quite scary and painful. Not sure which I'm more nervous about, the breastlift or lip implant? I have some OCD qualities, meaning I notice when things aren't aligned,even, matching, more than most people. So, yep, it's terrifying to think my areolas and nipples may not meet eachother precisely perfect when I look at them in the mirror. I will post pictures later and keep ya updated of the great job I know Dr. Young will do.

5 days postop

Dr. Young is amazing. My breast are perkier than ever before. Very smooth transition. I am so glad I didn't make a bad decision and gobwith a previous PS I had consulted with before. The other PS advertises all over and is continuously being interviewed, so you would figure to go with him. However, after reading ALL the negative reviews with that PS, I knew to go with Dr. Young and his work speaks for itself. The comparison to Dr. Young's work next to the other PS is night and day. Although, something seems like a good deal, and perhaps financing is easier, you may be left with crazy scars and asymmetric results. I will continue to use Dr. Young for future procedures. Highly recommend him.

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