1.5 years PO update - BA/BL After 3 Kids, 5'8"& 180lbs, 510 mod profile round Silicone Unders - San Antonio, TX

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I've found this site so helpful, I thought I would...

I've found this site so helpful, I thought I would chronicle my own experience for others. I'm 35 and after breast feeding 3 kids, I'm a saggy mess! I'm 5'8" at 160lbs and wear a size 8, bra size is an empty 36C/D. My bwd is 16 (seems quite wide!). I have been thinking about taking the plunge for a few years (my youngest is 8). I really want to be more confident and be able to wear a bathing suit or strapless top without having having boobs sag to my knees!

I consulted with 5 doctors in my area. Selected one initially and paid my deposit to schedule surgery. His bedside manner was lacking to say the least but he had great reviews. Something kept nagging at me about it and I ended up consulting with my 5th and final doctor, two weeks later (took me weeks to get in!). I knew right away this was the doctor for me. Reviews were great, photos were great, his team was great and above all he spent a ton of time answering my questions and really educating me on the process. So I cancelled my first doctor and rescheduled with my current Dr. I know I'll be in great hands.

My surgery is scheduled for June 1st, round silicone unders with an anchor lift. Dr originally recommended 600 cc's to match my bwd, but I started to worry they were too big. I actively run, approx 20 miles per wk, and became afraid they would be too big. I went back in for a resize and saw the nurse. She said I could go down to a 550 or 510. They didn't have 550's to try on but I liked the 510's. Like many of you, I'm doing a ton of photo/story searching and im having a really hard time coming up with a good comparison! Seems most women are shorter and lighter than me.

I think I have plenty of breast tissue but I don't want to end up too small or too big. On another topic all the Drs said I'm a prime candidate for a tummy tuck. Now im determined to get down to a low body fat percentage and pray for good natural skin tightening. I know the stretch marks will never go away (I earned them!) and I'm okay hiding a little lose skin in the bathing suit bottoms. I'm hoping a year from now I can post updated scar photos with a ripped body. I really don't want to have to recover from a TT or pay for it for that matter. I'm okay with some imperfections. For years I could never wear a bikini because of my stretch marks. Now I just own my body and hope my boobs will look so good no one will look down to the belly, lol.

Lots of support from hubby of 16 years. I think he's more excited than me most days. Says he loves the girls how they are, but will enjoy an upgrade. He, of course, wants me to go "big".

On the other side

Surgery today! I couldn't be happier with my initial results so far.

My op time was 7:30, so I arrived at hospital at 6am. Nurse got IV going right away and put on my calf massagers and all the electrode stickers. Right before surgery, Dr Dechard came in to talk to me and marked me up. The nurse gave me an IV cocktail to take the edge off and I was wished away to the OR. I remembered changing beds and them putting my arms on the two support wings out to my sides. The anesthesiologist told me I would feel a burning sensation, then I was out. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery at 10:15. Nurse said I arrived at 9:45, so it took me a bit to wake up fully. I was in a fair bit of pain so he administered morphin and then about 30 min later a pill when I felt like I could drink water.

Once I was discharged at 12, I had to go to pharmacy to get prescriptions and stopped to pickup lunch on the way home. I felt all the bumps in the road, but pain was bearable. I've been napping off and on since then and I'm going to take pain mess on a clock for 48 hrs to stay ahead of pain. I haven't felt the pressure like most describe, I feel more soreness. I have WAY more mobility in my arms than I expected so I'll have to remember to take it easy. I gained 6 lbs of fluid and implant weight, so a little bloated but not bad

Thankfully we have an adjustable base bed so it's been easy getting in and out.
Hubby couldn't pick me up, so I can't wait till he sees these babies later tonight! I was seriously worried that that they wouldn't look good with low profile, but I'm glad I trusted my dr's opinion. I went with 510cc round silicone under muscle. They are a little high but not what I would call frankenboob (yet?). Hope tonight/tomorrow is as easy as today.

Better before after/after

Before/after try again

Day 2 update

Sooooooo sleepy today! I literally can't keep my eyes open. I'm taking my meds on the clock for the first 48 hours and so far the pain has been totally manageable. I have zero appetitie but I'm forcing food with the meds so I don't get sick. I have felt a little naseous when I get up. Thank god for this adjustable bed! I haven't had any problems sleeping on an incline. Slept all through the night except when my alarm would go off to take meds. Hubby was so sweet he would get me water and meds so I didn't have to get up. It's nap time again, I'll check in later!

Day 3 post op

Recovery has been great so far. Yesterday I was definitely feeling the after effects of GA. I was super sleepy and naseous when I would stand up. Slept great last night. Cutting back on pain meds in both dosage and timing. I have been feeling pretty normal today, very little pain... More tightness than anything.

Took my first shower this morning, felt great! I have full use of my arms, so I was able to wash my hair easily. I feel like my recovery has been a trick and any minute the pain will kick in. Hopefully not!

No boobie Blues yet, I love my girls! They are better than I had hoped for, curious to see how big they are after swelling subsides. Mine don't seems as high as some others I have seen, so I hope they don't drop and bottom out. Either way, they look great now. I'm dying to see what a non-underwire bikini top or strapless dress will look like! Off to take a nap while I can, loving this recovery time!


Couldn't wait any longer to try this on...just for a sec! Swoon!


A beautiful bouquet of flowers just arrived... From my PS! What a great team!

I think today is actually day 3 PO

Went to visit PS today because I've developed some deep purple bruising on the right underside of breast both around incision and beside it. No issues, just old blood which my body should reabsorb. Lots of brushing showing up now, but I still love them.

I took my last pain pill at 10pm last night, now I'm only taking 800mg ibuprophen every 8 hours. I can't believe how easy this recovery has been. I'm hoping I remember to take it easy for next 10 days. Nothing to raise blood pressure. I'm feeling a tingling/buzzing sensation in my nipples now, but not pain. I have been able to feel my nipples from the start so that's a good sign.

Sleeping great as well. We have an adjustable memory foam hybrid mattress that has been a life saver. I can get in and out of bed no problem and it cradles me so I sleep on my back all night. As long as I stay off painkillers I should be able to sleep through the night now.

One more comparision

Top is a couple hours post op, bottom is today 3 days post op

Day 6 post op

So sad that today is my last day off before returning to work. I travel quite a bit, but have somehow managed to have 2 more weeks at home (where I work when not traveling) before my next trip.

Yesterday I had my first outing to Costco and then a bbbq. My right breast was super tight when I got home, but better today. I'm about to head to target for some more comfy bras, these fruit of the loom are tight!

I'm amazed at how much bruising I developed over the past week, but it seems to have peaked and now is turning more yellow. Thankfully I don't feel it. Adding some photos for comparison.

Super excited, we leave for a cruise in exactly 3 weeks. I know I won't be able to submerge in water, but at least I can relax. Hopefully I will have dropped a little more and can wear a bathing suit out on the pool deck!

10 days done

The sun has set on my 10th day. Pretty much life as normal except I still can't start walking. 5 more days!!! My bruising is finally going away, hopefully by next week they will be clear. I started massage yesterday and it's not bad. Still feel like I'm going to break open my incisions tho.

Back to working at home as of Mon. I would swear I have 15 extra pounds strapped to my chest the way I slouch over my keyboard. I really need to work on my posture, my back kills just a few hours into the day. Otherwise all is good.

Day 11, better photo perspective on size

I took a hint from another realselfer to post photos for better size perspective. As a reminder, I'm 5'8", 160lbs, 16bwd, was 36c pre, got 510 mod silicone unders (allergen naturelle) and a full anchor lift.

Wow what a lift!

Ok if I ever doubted a lift, now I don't. It took me awhile to realize I have some great "landmark" freckles. Take a look at these photos. Top is pre lift/BA. There is a freckle that is almost flush with the tops of my nipples between my breasts. There's a 2nd (lighter) one between my breasts up where cleavage would start if I wasn't so saggy.

NOW look at the bottom. The bottom freckle is almost flush with the bottom of my breasts. The top freckle is almost flush with the tops of my nipples. The distance between the two freckles....8.5cm! That's how far up my nipples moved... Crazy huh? Does anyone else see it?

I'm on day 16, feeling great! I started light walking yesterday and it feels so good just to be able to do that now. I'll start doing lower body strength tonight and build back up to running in a few weeks. I visit PS today so we'll see what he thinks.

Incisions unveiled

Went to my 2 week post op, at day 16 today. PS decided to take off the tape as I'm going on a cruise in 11 days, so we wanted to see if there were any issues. Just one open spot that I have to put polysporin and bandaid on. I was surprised at how good the incisions looked. I told my PS he was a magician! I know the lines will smooth out but they are so tiny!

Feeling pretty normal

Everything good so far! I'm stretch mark prone so I got some nice thick ones on the insides, so that's a bummer. Heading out for a cruise in 4 days so I hope my bruising will finally give up and go away.

First business trip this week, no issues handling luggage. I've been walking 3-5 miles a day and lifting light weights, so far so good.

5 weeks post op

Well, I'm feeling like life is mostly back to normal. I took a cruise at 4 weeks post op and it was great!!! Never felt better in a bathing suit. I stayed out of the ship pool/hottub, but I did go snorkeling in the ocean (PS approved). I was afraid the salt water would sting, but I felt nothing.

I took my first run today. I've been power walking since week three but I thought it was finally time to attempt a run. I tried yesterday and it felt crazy weird so I stopped after about 20 seconds. I woke up with a bad case of morning boob today. I just finished a 2 mile slow run and lifted, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow. I have also been lifting since week three but much lighter than normal.

I'm still super paranoid that somehow my incisions are going to break open. a couple days ago I rubbed the incisions at the crease and felt 2-3 quick popping noises along the crease as I rubbed. I'm guessing I popped the internal stitches? No pain, just weird....like a rubber band snap without the pain.

Anyway posting some pics from yesterday at exactly 5 weeks.

Life at 9 weeks PO with drop & fluff proof

I have to say I'm pretty darn happy with my choice to do this surgery and the results. Life is pretty normal now and I love my girls. It's so much fun to go shopping for cute dresses/tops and bathing suits. I still can't sleep on my stomach comfortably, but I did get a massage recently and with a pillow under my belly and a roll towel below my shoulders it was great!

I'm also fully back into my exercise routine. Living heavy again and running 15-20 miles a week. No issues, I don't do push-ups but do everything else. Just wanted to share some updated photos. In the pink bikini top you can see how I've dropped and fluffed for sure.

Moving on to the next phase

Tummy Tuck time! I finally took the plunge! I'm scheduled with my PS for Dec 17th. Super excited! Will start a new review under Mommy Makeover section.

Almost 4 months post op

Love my boobs! They are totally a part of me now. I've moved on to my new project (tummy tuck) so I think about them less and less. Photo from this weekend to show proportion. Can't wait till the belly matches the boobs!

6 months post op

I officially hit the 6 month mark yesterday. Things are great. Scars are healing nicely and just need a very minor revision on right side to round the breast out.

Can finally sleep on my stomach comfortably, it took almost a full 6 months! I can do all chest exercises now with no discomfort and have been for a couple months. Moving on to my latest project...my upcoming tummy tuck!

Scar comparison

Very little up close visible change.

Almost 8 months PO - post revision

On Dec 17th, 5 wks ago, I had a full TT and while I was under I had a very slight breast revision. My right side had a bit if droopy skin below the implant, not sure if you can tell the change in the before/after but thought I'd post anyway. No complications with the revision.

My scars are fading quickly, I think by a year the vertical line will be almost indiscernible.

10 months post op....can't believe it

Scars are still fading, everything is awesome! So excited for bathing suit season!!! My revision during my TT was pretty much a bust, I think ultimately my right implant pocket isn't the same as my left. Left is perfectly round and beautiful. Right is a little more square. In a bathing suit you can't tell the difference so I'm not bothered by it enough to ask for another revision. Still super happy I did it AND did the TT.

1.5 years later

Everything still looks great! Scars have healed amazingly well...I can't believe they are so light. The vertical scars are almost non-existant. I started doing crossfit in July, so I do push-ups and pull-ups with no issues. I still run consistently. My only issue is that if I run over 6 miles it's almost impossible to stop the chaffing below my bra band. You can still see the red marks from my half marathon a couple weeks ago. I think it's because I'm a bit on the large size. So glad I had this done!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I knew Dr Decherd was the right fit as soon as I met him. He was the last Dr I met with and ended up canceling with another doctor after meeting Dr Decherd. His bedside manner is impeccable, he spent a ton of time educating me on all things lift and implant. I felt like he would take better care of me. So far I love the initial results, he managed to give me exactly the look I was hoping for. I know things take awhile to settle and I won't be able to see my scars for awhile, but Dr. Decherd gets an A+ in my book for now. Plus his staff is seriously amazing!!!!

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