23 Year Old, Mother of a Toddler, and had a Breast Lift without implants - San Antonio, TX

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I had my pre op appointment yesterday and I am...

I had my pre op appointment yesterday and I am scheduled to have my breast lift on the 30th of this month. I am feeling very nervous about the surgery and the results.
I am also nervous about being able to take care of my toddler after surgery. I know I won't be able to pick her up for a while but does anyone have any insight of how it is to take care of a toddler after surgery?
While pregnant and after my pregnancy my breast have changed for the worst. I have always been a D cup but now they are saggy and my nipples are big and different sizes. I am really hoping to be satisfied with my results after surgery.

1 day post op

I had my breast lift done yesterday. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Young and his staff. They took good care of me.
The pain so far isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The only thing that is really bothering me is getting on and off the bed and getting comfortable sleeping (I'm having back pains). And the worst feeling for me is the nausea. Each time I get up trying to walk I feel dizzy and nauseated. But besides that I am feeling better then expected and I've been talking all my medications. My breast feel very swollen right now and I can breath normal but my chest does feel heavy while breathing. Also, my stomach is bloated but I've read somewhere that it was normal.


I noticed that in my review it says I'm having breast implants. I'm not sure how to change that but just to clarify I am only having a breast lift. I am already a D cup and don't wish to go any bigger and just needed a lift.

2nd day post op

Today I was told I was allowed to remove the gauze and take a shower. I did remove the gauze but didn't last long in the shower since I started feeling dizzy. I saw what my breast look like without the bra on and I am already feeling very happy with my results. I am still swollen and I am bleeding very little but besides that I am feeling good and happy.

Good morning

I am feeling better each day. The pain isn't bad at all. The only time I am feeling some type of pain is when I take off my bra to shower. The bra support really makes a difference. Just wanted to update y'all with a side picture. You can notice the huge difference of how saggy they were and how much better they look now. Also you can tell by the two pictures how bloated I am right now. It's going down but I'm hoping my stomach will go back to normal soon.

Update picture

5 days post op picture I took today after my shower of a close up so you can see my scars. I am feeling great! My back still hurts and I hate that I have to wear this bra 23/7 but besides that I'm happy. I do notice that one of my breast looks a little bigger then the other but they are still swollen so I won't know how they will actually look until the swelling goes away.


Hate wearing the bra 24/7. (Not 23/7) LOL

1 week post op appointment

Today I went to my 1 week post op appointment and I got the tape over my nipples removed. I actually didn't see the doctor but the nurse instead (since he was in surgery). But the nurse answered all my questions. I asked if I could start wearing a sports bra instead of the surgical bra and she said yes. That made me very happy since I was having a hard time sleeping with the surgical bra and I find sports bras to be more comfortable. I have also added an update picture of what my nipples look like so far without the tape over the scars. I was scared that the scars around my nipples were going to be big but they are actually very thin.

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