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I have only completed step 1 - scheduling a...

I have only completed step 1 - scheduling a consultation! I received several referrals for doctors in San Antonio, TX. I had a friend look into the medical backgrounds of each one...of the four names I sent, which were all referrals, I was left with one name, and I feel very good with that.

I, like many women here, just want volume back in my breasts. The added size is a major bonus :) I will have my surgery in June as my PS requires that the patient be post-breastfeeding by 6 months prior to surgery. I will be within a couple of weeks on June 13. I have the same questions and fears as most of you, and I am looking for some burning bush as a sign that I should go through with this! My husband has finally agreed to it, but he does not want the size to be too big. I want "half fake-half natural" outcome and I want to be a full C. I am still losing weight after having a baby in November, but my normal size is 5'6" and 130lbs, but ideally I like to be 128. Yes, it's all mental :)

At this point, I have two questions:
1. How did you ultimately decide on your cc's?
2. My potential surgery date is 3 days before we leave for our annual summer trip to the river. We have furnished cabins (all the conveniences of a house). We sit around and BS for four days. No activity. My concern is sweating. Would I be crazy to do surgery before this trip? The reason I want to is that four weeks later I have another trip and I'd like to have decent boobs before the second trip!

Thanks for joining me!

When I first posted, I had 4 1/2 months to surgery...

When I first posted, I had 4 1/2 months to surgery date. I can't believe I am already down to three months. I am preparing for my consultation and I would like to know if there are any questions you regret not asking?? I know the basic questions to ask, but what is beyond the basics?

Hello, everyone! I am not one week away from...

Hello, everyone! I am not one week away from consultation. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I think my daughter was about 2 months when I first posted, and now she is close to five months!

I have two main questions I would like responses to:
1. Did anyone else have in their head "what if I die?" I am so afraid of leaving my kids behind for something cosmetic! I can't get it out of my head!
I have this crazy tryst in my head that what I am doing is vein and I could be punished for it. I also get freaked out by talking about life insurance and living wills, and we just updated ours so I'm like, what if...
I hate that I think like this!!
2. When could you actually pick-up your kids and do light housework? I know I can get my husband's help for a week, but I don't want him to be put out for much longer.

Maybe getting implants isn't as huge an ordeal as I have built up in my head. I guess it's one of those things you have heard about your whole life so when it becomes a reality in your life then it's surreal. My cousin had hers done in November, and she's like psh, whatev, piece of cake.

I will post pics soon! I have been trying to lose my baby weight and I have 7lbs to go!

*now one week away

*now one week away

So, I had my first consultation today. It wasn't...

So, I had my first consultation today. It wasn't what I was expecting. In my head I've built this up to be a huge, life changing event, and I'm starting to realize maybe its not quite as big a deal as I thought. The office was very relaxed. The staff was very sweet. Actually made me kind of want to work for a plastic surgeon! I went into the room, where the staff member asked me a few questions about my medical history. The doctor came in and asked what my goals were, what size I wanted, medical history, etc. I told her full C, saline. She then had me undress and put on a thin bra. She only offered me 375 and 400, which was fine since I was thinking 375. Both sizes were moderate profile. She also said that moderate profile in saline is similar to moderate plus in silicone. She said those would look natural since I apparently have a small rib cage. I have NO CLUE how to pick a size. I can't tell much from the sizers, other than it seemed to be a bigger difference between the two sizes than I expected. My mom would freak if they turned out too big!

The cost is only $5,200 (give or take), which pleasantly surprised me. I was expecting $6,000+. She said she asks that patients start massaging at two weeks, and wear a sports bra for one month. The only negative is she said I can't lift anything over 10 pounds for a month, and I currently have a 15lb 5 month old baby! She also said I don't have to get a mammogram, but I'm going to anyways. I got frazzled and didn't really get to think through my questions! There is one pre-op, two days before surgery. Then there is a follow-up the next day and then 10 days later. I'm finally posting my pics! I have about 5lbs to goal weight!

5 1/2 weeks to surgery date! I go through...

5 1/2 weeks to surgery date! I go through different emotions. Some days I'm excited and some days, like when something bad happens in the world, I feel shallow and it seems so selfish and unimportant. But, mostly excited!

Still debating on 375 vs 400. Anyone have any thought on what cup size 375 would give me? I want to be a medium to full C. Think I'd get there?

Okay, so here are my questions!

1. What do you wear for the first few weeks when they could be high or square or weird? I work in an office. I'm also going to feel sooo awkward that my male boss and co-workers will notice!

2. I have a three year old and a 6 month old. How much can I expect to do for them after surgery and for how long will it be that way? I can't expect my husband to be around every waking minute!

3. 30 Day Shred! LOVED IT! I did it for almost 30 straight days and felt the results were well worth it. I'm now on Ripped in 30. My sizing pics in my profile are on maybe like day 10. I also do weight watchers.

Just changing the title :)

Just changing the title :)

So, I'm one month away from surgery. Currently, I...

So, I'm one month away from surgery. Currently, I am excited but still get scared of dying. To be perfectly honest. I can't imagine leaving my kids behind for something like this. To the point...I finally fully realized that I am doing this for myself and my husband. I am going to look no different in clothes than I do with my padded bra, and that's okay! I am not doing this to get big boobs. I am doing this to get shape and volume back. I want to be able to pick any bra, any swimsuit, and know it will fit. I want to throw on any bra and any top and not have to fiddle with making things look right. That's why I'm doing this. So many of us question the size to the point of sleepless nights. My PS told me 375 or 400 would give me a full C. Immediately I thought of everyone saying they wish they had gone bigger. And I might wish that, too. But, again, that's not why I am doing this. So I am going with 375 and I vow to be content with what that gives me. Sometimes, I like my flat chest and how it looks in certain shirts and dresses. That being said, I will be more unhappy with being too big than with being too small. I want to be happy with the shape and look more than the size. And I want to be proud in front of my husband. This guy loves me to pieces and he deserves his confident wife back. Could I be confident now? Sure, I suppose. But I know this surgery will definitely help. For those that worry about feeling bad for no longer being au natural...I had a realization on that as well. I wear make-up, I get hair extensions, I tan, I get fake nails...none of that is natural. What's the difference? I am excited for this to happen and I can't wait to be on the other side and moving on with my life!

Let me add that I say all this not at all to put down girls that want big boobs. To each their own! I say this for the girls, that like me, just want to feel confident and normal in the shape and volume as opposed to the size. I googled for hours "375 cc saline mod before and after" and I read very, very few posts where girls ended up with less than full C. So, I am confident I will attain my goal.

All I have left to buy is a nude sports bra and one that has a deep v, the scar gel, and some bloating stuff. I have stopped researching and I don't really want to think about it much for the next month :) I just want to show up, get it done, and go home!

Prepping for surgery - have questions!

My surgery is next Wednesday, which is shocking to say the least! I thought I had so much time and just never realized that June 5 is almost here! I have like the distance from my surgery date because I felt like I could still back out. Too late! I am still nervous about going under and not waking up. If it weren't for that I would be soooo pumped!

My questions, please answer!
1. What's the best way to avoid bloating?
2. If you take the anti-nauseau medicine does it help 100% and can you eat more with it?
3. AND THE AGE OLD QUESTION...CC's! My PS told me 375 or 400 for a nice C. I am def not doing 400 and I am worried 375 will still be too big. I am a deflated B cup now. She said I have an okay amount of tissue. I have no desire to be a D, just want a medium C. I would rather be too small than too big, but don't want to be a B cup either. Geeeez, it's so hard!
4. When can you swim in rivers, lakes, pools?? Just curious. We have a lot planned this summer and I'm hoping that 5 weeks will be enough time for my incision to be healed and to look normal in a swim suit.

I am dreading getting my house ready for recovery. Don't want to go to the grocery store either. I am making all of my 7-month-olds food this week, and that will last a month. I need to grocery shop early next week...dreadful.

Prepping for Surgery! - Have questions!

just updating title :)

Three nights away and have done nothing to prepare!

I swore I would cut the salt, take stool softener, drink water, tan a few times, but scar gel, go to the grocery store. Not ONE thing has been crossed off that list. I'm too busy and too nervous. All I did so far was book a hotel room and ask my mom to take my kids for the night.

Still don't know about size but ill see my PS on Tuesday, and sort that out. I'm down to deciding between 325 filled to 350 and 350 filled to 375. It's.so.hard.

I just want to be done already! I'm so nervous to kiss my babies goodbye on Wednesday morning :/

My stomach is churning!

I'm sitting here waiting at the surgery center and wondering what in the world I'm doing! I could seriously walk out right now of it weren't for the $5k I've spent. I am not good at waiting and the time it gives me to think about things. Hate it! And I need to poo :) I have to take a pregnancy test so I can't go to the restroom til that's over. Oy ve!! Ill let y'all know!

Done and hurting like hell!

Pre-op yesterday was quick and kind of pointless. She just asked if I decided on a size answered questions. They requested no prep other than using Dial and not eating/drinking after midnight. I only had to fill a hydrocodone prescription.

So I get to the surgery center and wait for a little over an hour. They call me back and I take a urine pregnancy test. I then get on a bed to take vitals and put on the feet masager things. About 30 mins later the anesthesiologist, doctor and nurse come by. The nurse said she was giving me the first relaxer and I talked to my husband for a few minutes. That's all I remember from before.

I woke up and I was in so so much pain. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was supposed to be released from recovery at 11, but I didn't leave until 230! I could not do anything to stay away. I also started throwing up, which was horrible. My husband helped me shuffle to the bathroom and change clothes.

I am in so much pain. I have been through two c-sections, and those were a walk in the park compared to this! I just want the pain to go away! The pain is coming from the sides underneath toward the middle. I can't believe how bad it hurts.

Ill write more later!

Day 2 - getting better!

I slept pretty good last night. Propped up on pillows and a had pillow under my right arm. I'm taking one hydrocodone every four hours. You have to stay ahead of the pain!! Oh, so at 730pm, 10 hours after going under, I was finally able to stay awake. My husband got Chili's and I had a full appetite. I didnt eat a whole lot, but it tasted great and didnt get sick!

I went to my follow-up and she took off the bandage. Just to remind you, I'm 5'6" and 130lbs. I did 325 filled to 375 saline unders. Looking down I think they look small. In the bra in the mirror they looked good. Ill post some pics for y'all later.

Before and after pics in bra

Before surgery- deflated 34b (probably an a)

After surgery- hopefully full c, but feeling small at one day PO

34 hours PO

Not sitting too high. Not sure if that's good or bad!

Soooo bloated! Trying to drink water and will have some smooth move tea later.

48 hours PO

Woke up sore this morning, but not worse than yesterday. I have a somewhat of a sharp pain off and on the left side.

They look huge today. I'm sure its the swelling, but holy moly!

Worst thing...bloating! I just feel big and frumpy! Two cups of smooth move tea haven't done a thing.

Bloating is finally subsiding!

Even more than the sharp pains on the outside of my left breast, which have been radiating into my arm and across my boob to the middle, the bloating has really bothered me! I wanted to get boobs and deal with them, not with the feeling that I've gained 10lbs. So, on that note, I quit taking hydrocodone last night despite the pain, and the bloating has already gone down and I've gone poo. Yippee! I'm taking Extra Strength Tylenol every 3 hours during the day and then not waking up at night anymore. Trying to stay under 4,000mg of acetaminophen in 24 hours.

My boobs have looked really good since right after the surgery. They aren't high or flat. I just hope they don't drop too much because like I've said before I'm not sure where they'll go!

Anyway, I'm happy so far and ready to be able to move like normal without protecting my left side.

Back to work today!

I'm 6 full days PO and I returned to work today. I was not supposed to return until tomorrow, but I had to meet some deadlines (unfortunately). I think I'll take off on Thursday :)

I drove this morning, and my commute is 1 hour. It wasn't so bad. 15 miles of my stretch is super windy so I was kind of all over the road bc I was trying to drive with the bottom of the steering wheel. Nothing was hurting, I just didnt want to upset my progress. It just feels weird to flex my pectorals and it creeps me out. I stopped taking hydrocodone on day 3 and stopped Tylenol on day 5. The sharp pains on lefty are subsiding and things are going well! I can tell they are softening because I can feel some water movement.

If anyone has questions just ask! After the first 24 hours this has been pretty easy! The first 12 hours I wanted to kill my husband for letting me do it :)

Holy moly it's been 3 months!

The long and short of it is that at two weeks PO (when I last posted) I haven't thought twice about having the BA! The pain subsided at 1 week, stopped at 2 weeks and felt part of my body at 3 weeks! I'm very happy with what Dr. Pilcher did for me. She did recommend that I go to 400 and I didn't, and she was right! But even at 375 (saline, under) I'm super super happy! Boobs have not changed my life, but they def make my life easier in terms of what I can wear and buy!
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