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So I'm finally doing it. It's paid for & just...

So I'm finally doing it. It's paid for & just waiting for my turn. Pretty much have the details figured out. I'm 5'6" about 120 lbs, wearing a 34A/B. Decided on 450cc high profiles, under the muscle, crease incision. I have some droop to my breasts and considered a lift but really didn't want to do it. After a few consults & posting my question here, I've decided to do the BA first and do a lift later if needed. I want to achieve a natural look and am ok with my nipples being lower after the BA. Anyone else go with this route? I see a lot of BA's with lifts on here. That does make me nervous & I end up rethinking my decision. I went to mu pre-op about a week ago & now am gathering all my supplies. PS has me taking 1000mg of vitamin C and Zinc daily. He had me go for a monogram which came back fine. He hasn't said anything about bloodwork though. Seems like most of you ladies had blood work done prior to surgery. Is that right? I need to call the PS to double check that I'm not missing something.

So, while I'm doing this mu hubs is deployed and will be coming home when I'm about 4 to 6 weeks post op. I'm praying that they will be pretty healed by then. He has been so supportive, even while he's so far away :). I am a lucky lady.

Lastly, I looooooooove this site. Ive been on here everyday :). So thankful to read your stories & has helped me feel more prepared!


So now I'm obsessing about size. Getting worried that they will be too big. Also, can't figure out how to post pics from the iPad...will try my laptop this weekend. One more day down :)

Less than 2 weeks to go

The very sad before.

One more week to go!

I am scared but excited. I'm getting really nervous about the procedure & keep thinking, "what have I gotten myself into?". This site is keeping me sane :). Thank you to everyone who has posted their stories here.

On the other side

All I can say is OUCH! Also, bendie straws are my best friend. One of you ladies suggested those & they have been incredibly helpful :)

PO day 3

So its been 3 days & I'm completely off pain mess :). I'm sure not found anything has helped. I have really taken it easy. Also, prunes & fiber have been very helpful. I've had a crazy appettite too...need to cut that out & get back to healthy eating. So the Boobs are very sad looking right now. They are square & super high & tight. I have to be super patient. Trying not to look at too many other pics cuz it makes me sad that mine look so awful right now. Hopefully a few weeks will fix that.

Happy healing everyone & good luck to those coming up this week :)

Also, i was terrified of the anesthesia but honestly that was the easiest part!

i wee Post Op

Ok, so still not ready to say "Worth It" but I think I'm getting there :) The frankenboob is getting better with the help of the band. Hiding this thing in 100 degree south Texas weather is turning into a talent of mine :) Just kidding. A lady on here, don't remember who, suggested lightweight scarves and so they are my new wardrobe staple. It's kind of weird but I already own a bunch but never really wore them before. I've always been a little obsessed with buying them because they are so pretty so lucky for me I already have a bunch. It's like it was meant to be....just kidding. I've added a few Old Navy crew neck t-shirts to help cover it all up and that is how I'm rolling these days.

Good luck all you ladies coming up next week & happy healing to us all :)

Small typo...

i wee should be 1 week...i do wee but I'm not going to share about that on here...LOL!

Almost 4 pics

So I'm finally brave enough to post a naked boobie pic...still have a ways to go but its definitely better!

4 week pics

For some reason the pics didn't post...trying again.

Pics are not posting :(

For some reason the pics are not posting...hmmmm?

4 weeks post op

4 weeks.

4 week anniversary...almost

Hello all in boobie land :). I cannot believe its been almost an entire month since my surgery. It has definitely flown by, thank God! I haven't been writing much on here because it has been a complete roller coaster ride emotionally. But, it's time for a recap, I think.

So as you avian tell from my before photos, I had some sagging. I really didnt want a lift so I posted a question on here and the wonderful docs that participate in this community gave me feedback. That was so helpful! Basically, what I got out of it was two things: 1) my level of ptosis made me borderline for a lift and 2) a good option was to do a BA and then if not satisfied go back and do a lift later. I had four consults locally. One was awful, one fair, and the other two great. I ended up choosing my PS because he said all the same things that the docs here did regarding the BA & BL and that sounded reasonable to me so I went with him. He was on the pricier end but I trust him and his nurses. The nurses were very honest with me and told me that I would look awful at first. I'm so glad for their honesty. Had I not known what to expect, I think I would have had a complete meltdown by now!! Nothing could have prepared me completely, though, for how awful they looked the first week or so. Seriously. I have looked at thousands of before/after pics and this was awful. I didn't take pics but now I wish I had. Instead, I just focused on staying positive and celebrating the little changes and keeping busy. I spent very little time looking at them for the first 3 weeks or so. They are now much improved...thank God...and more fun in clothes. My ps has me wearing a strap and a very tight sports bra so I don't get to enjoy them often but that's ok as long as the end result is worth it. The pics I took today made me sad though because they are still ugly naked. I have made the mistake of comparing my results to the results of others and even thought am so happy for all you ladies with beautiful results, when I compare where I am at 1 month to where others are after only days, I feel incredibly disappointed. But I really am working very hard in just being patient and embracing the fun things...I do have a very pretty new bra and it really does look great! I'm also trusting that Ina few more weeks I will be completely happy. My husband returns from deployment in 4 weeks and I really want to feel good about how I look, especially after the money we have spent on this. The work that I have seen from my ps really is beautiful, it just seems to take way longer to get there. Right after my surgery I did some google searches on frankenboob and the one thing that I read that's been most reassuring is that if the pocket was created well the the end result should be good. My ps did take a pic of me during surgery sitting up with the final placement and it really did look great. I'm just waiting for my girls to get back there. I asked the nurse for that picture so that I could have it to look at whe I get frustrated but so far she hasn't given me a copy so I think I will ask again. So I'm just being patient and really trying to stay positive. I finally decided to write a little more about my experience in case other ladies are experiencing a similar journey. I know that I have really gotten a lot of support from reading other stories on here and from the wonderful boobie sistas I here :). Other things which have been helpful too are:

Bendie straws: was a serious must for first few days
Boomerang pillow: great to prop up on in bed, with my regular pillows. I'm still using it. I got mine at
Prunes & fiber supplement: I didn't have any problems with my BM at all
Getting up & walking every hour for 5 minutes when awake
really taking it easy for the first few days

I also have kiddos and part of this whole thing was talking to them about it. I have two girls, age 6 and 10. No way was this going to go unnoticed! They are glued to my side and even going to the bathroom can be a public event in my house!! So I decided to tell them that God gave me wonderful boobies that fed them when they were babies & they were wonderful but I just wanted to make them looks a little different so I had a procedure...couldn't tell them it was surgery because I knew they would be worried. They have been really sweet totally understanding when I tell them I can't pick something up because it's too heavy. They have also been completely curious about how the boobies look and I have again just been honest. My 10 year old is in verge of growing her own boobies so I decided that honesty is best. No matter whether natural or enhanced, our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of and I am praying that I made the right decision in telling them. It was really difficult deciding to do that! I tried to do the best I know.

Even though emotionally this has been weird because I'm still not happy or excited, physically my recovery has been great so far. I have full sensation in my breasts, YAY!!!! I couldn't bare to loose that! I took pain meds for the first two days only. I was driving by day after surgery. I can now sleep comfortably on my side with no morning boob...I think the sports bra helps with that.

The only thing that I regret is not having a longer conversation about the lift and post surgery appearance. At the time I thought I asked all the right questions but maybe I was just hearing what I wanted to & glossing over the rest?! I wih I had asked about rate of revisions in the practice, pics of women at 1 week, 1 month, & 1 year post op (not sure if surgeons keep those but would have been helpful), and more questions about an internal bra, dual plane technique, and pros and cons of lifts.

Wow, I had not put all that into words since my surgery...just been moving forward but it really feel great to put it into words! Kind I'd feels like a wight off my shoulders in a way. This was kind of whiny, but I'm so glad I have a place to do it. And really, I think I will be ok...just have to be patient for a while longer!!!! Hopefully in 4 weeks they will be presentable when my hubby gets home :). After being gone a year he probably wont notice even if they are franknboobs!!!

Good luck to all the ladies coming up for surgery :)

More pics

A few more pics at 4 weeks

1 month check up

I had my one month check up today & all appears "good" far as healing is concerned. The nurse there is super sweet. She told me that I can expect a little more improvement in shape...must be patient!!!!! She also told me that I don't have to wear the strap during the day any more if I dont want to. That was the good news. Gotta hand it to this doc & his staff... They are super attentive post op. this was my 4 th time there since surgery. I go back in about 4 weeks but this time I will see the ps. I sure hope they are looking better by then...I am so disappointed right now & they look tiny! In a tank top, can't even tell there are boobies there. Where did the 425 cc's go?!?!?!?!?! UGH!!!!!!!!! I am not a happy girls right now & I can't stop obsessing over how sad I am about them :(. I was doing so good with being patient and keeping distracted but I am loosing it these last few days :(. UGH!!!!!

more 4 weeks pics

4 weeks

5 weeks

I think there has been some fluffing since last pics :). Not there yet completely but looks like a small change. What do you all think? My righty is having a harder time. I have a bigger implant in that one. Hopefully they will even out. Fingers & ties crossed for more fluffing!

Oh the hormones

I can't stop eating these last couple of days..l think my hormones are causing my emotions to go CrAzy! That would partly explain my, how shall I put it, downward spiral sounds about right, last week. The joys of womanhood! Good night dear friends :)

6 weeks

So, at 6 weeks they are far from perfect but better which makes me happy. I don't know if they will change significantly from here so I guess we'll see. I keep looking at them & thinking that just if I could move my nips a quarter of an inch higher it would make a big difference...I don't know if that will happen or not. I'm seeing my PS in about 2 weeks & am hoping to get some reassurance from him. At least its great progress from 2 weeks ago so YAY boobies

Girls night out!!

Didn't get a chance to post these a few days the girls in this top:)

Almost 1 year

I can't believe it's been almost a year! It took forever but am overall happy with the boobies


15 months post op

Still loving my results :) They are easy to hide when I dress conservatively and just as easy to show off for a night out! The proportion is perfect. Love :) The only issue I have is pretty prominent scars. Luckily no one ever sees that but my husband and me. I just started a scar treatment. Hopefully that will help. Just wanted to update in case anyone starts off like I did with the Frankenboob. It was worth the wait though!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience has been very positive :)

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