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Hi everyone. I've been researching and reading on...

Hi everyone. I've been researching and reading on RealSelf for a few weeks now. I've wanted a BA for some time now (I asked my dad if it could be a Christmas gift when I was 18). I am now 23, currently an A/B cup (A is uncomfortably tight and I don't quite fill a B) and planning for full C (not sure on the cc yet) but will know more when I go to my consultations July 1st and 2nd.

Right now, I'm stuck on incision sites. Any advice? (Apologizing in advance for the lack of medical terms here) I thought I was dead set on the arm pit incision, which would mean I would have to go saline and I'm thinking silicone is a better option. I'm thinking under the breast fold is a good option but I'm worried about scarring. I want my PS to have optimal visibility in order to get the results I want. I had read that some incision sites do this better than others.

The only thing I'm worried about with silicone is the potential leak/burst. I ride/train horses and the occasional fall happens. Does this make me more at risk and should I avoid the silicone?

I'm weighing my options and I will be asking the PS these things in my consultation but I wanted some feedback from the group as well. Thanks ladies!

A few more questions :)

Alittle more about me: I'm 23 years old, 5'8" 120lbs, work out 3 or 4 times a week, current A/B cup size, aiming for full C after BA. Once I pick a PS I will largely rely on his advice and suggestions in order to get the optimal results I am looking for.

Anyone have feedback on how they like their "gummy bears"?

I'm already starting a list of things I will need post-op so that my boyfriend and I are completely prepared for my recovery. I want this to be as easy as possible. Current list includes:
-Gold Bond Itch Cream
-Post Op Sports Bras
-Neck Pillow
-Ice Packs
-Zip Up Jackets (I'm ALWAYS cold)
-Bendy Straws
-Amica Gel & Pain Pills
-Vitamin E
-Cocoa Butter
Any other tips/tricks you can think of that you wanted/needed post op? What size bras would be most comfortable post op due to swelling and what not?

Last thing. My mother is NOT going to approve of this procedure and I will not be discussing it with her. A lot of her disapproval will come from her strong Christian believes. I'm not trying to start a religious discussion here, I love and respect my mother however this procedure is my choice and I've wanted to do this for awhile (since I was 18). My question: Has anyone else faced disapproval from family or friends and how did you handle it? Just looking for a little support in how to approach this topic with those who oppose the idea. Really, it doesn't concern or bother them. However, I am wanting to handle this topic with class. I'm sure most of you ladies know what I'm talking about.

Thank you ladies! ANY information/advice helps.

First Consultation Complete

Boyfriend and I went to first consultation appointment today. Loved the PS and she was exactly what I was hoping for. Going to another one tomorrow just to make sure they don't have any radical differences between the two of them then I will make a decision. Looks like I will be scheduling my procedure for next week either way! So quick but I'm so excited!

Scheduled it!

Had my second consultation today ... Then schedule, paid and did blood work right after. Both my boyfriend and I were very impressed with Dr. Young. He is straightforward and listened to what I wanted. We had stayed away from the armpit incision initially but really it was what I wanted from the beginning. Dr. Young's preferred incision site is through the armpit and he performs them regularly so I think I was sold once we discussed that option. Very comfortable with it all now. Will be getting Mentor silicone cohesive gel approximately 400cc (I will know for sure after Pre op TOMORROW!) Ah, so fast! Really excited, I just have a lot of prep to do still.

I am posting some Pre op photos for you all. I know before and after photos really helped me in my research. I will take post op pictures in the same swim suit top after I've had some time to recover.

Any other tips/tricks to recovery welcomed! Thanks!

7am Tomorrow!

Found out this afternoon that I will arrive for surgery at 7am tomorrow morning. Excited to get it done so I can focus on recovery and then enjoy my new girls. I'm surprisingly very content and relaxed still. I'm not worried about anything ... other than keeping up with all the pills and vitamins. So many pills to take at different times of the day.

Wondering what my pain level will be like the next couple of days. My PS usually prescribes Vicodin for pain pills however I had a 48 hour migraine coming off of Vicodin the first time it was prescribed to me after knee surgery and asked to have something else. I opted for a weaker pain prescription of Tramadol. Hoping this and the muscle relaxers will keep me comfortable for a few days so I'm not completely miserable. But I guess they say beauty is pain.

I feel fully prepared now. The house is clean, laundry done, dishes done, groceries put away, couch and bed set up with pillows and blankets and all my recovery supplies together.

Hope everyone else is have a good recovery! See everyone in boobieland with my new lady lumps!

Today is the day!

Everything went smoothly today. Arrived 7am and left a little after 10am. I had lots of pressure but no pain when I woke up. I just remember wanting to get through recovery with them quick so I could see my boyfriend (Brad) and go home.

Everything at home has been good. Been keeping up with my med log and setting alarms on my phone for my pills. Taken anti nuasea, pain meds, and muscle relaxer. I will take an antibotic tonight. No nausea but I think I'll keep taking the anti nausea meds anyway. Really hungry! I've kept down fruit and beef jerky with no problem so Brad is making me chicken kabobs and zucchini.

I just recently developed a sore throat. Is that from surgery?

Also, I'm already bruising a little in my crease under the boob. Can't really send pictures well. I am wrapped up on top of my surgical scar. I will get to shower tomorrow and keep the band off then. I may try to get pictures up then.

Hope you ladies have a great day/ continued recovery.

Movies Saturday?

Hi ladies! Brad's brother invited us to a movie with them on Saturday. I had my BAs surgery this morning (Thursday). Do you think I will be ok to go then? I will just sit there to watch the movie not a lot of up and walking around but I don't want to overdo it. Please let me know your opinions/advice. Thanks!

The day after

Well yesterday I did well adjusting to my "t-rex arms". Brad wouldn't even let me lift a finger or do anything. Already had bruising under my breast yesterday but now that I can take the arnica again I'm hoping it gets better quick.

Slept better than I thought I would last night. I just made a pillow recliner on the bed. I woke up about every two hours and sat up to stretch just a light bit and was able to go back to sleep easy. Not sure if I helped prevent "morning boob" or not but I'm not having any pain or increased pressure this morning.

The Tramadol pain pills are working well with my muscle relaxers so that was good. I was worried about going with that weaker pain pill. I get to shower today so that will be another adjustment.

Hope you ladies are doing well and everyone is recovering quickly!

Shower and recovery

Shower went well this morning but I got nauseas when I got to hot. May not have happened if I had kept up this my anti nausea meds. Taking so many pills I am trying to wean down already.

I was a little overwhelmed with the size but they are still swollen and tight. I think in a month they will be perfect! I'm using palmers cocoa butter formula massage lotion for stretch marks just in case. I had been using it a week leading up to my surgery too. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Im numb in my armpits still and partially numb in my right breast (especially right below my chest). Really sore today but not in any pain which is awesome because I've already started to lengthen the time between pain pills. And I'm hoping to catch a movie with some friends of ours tomorrow but I will have to see how I am doing tomorrow.

Keep recovering or researching ladies! Boobie land is amazing!

Went out today

Today was better than I thought it would be. I was pretty uncomfortable last night but slept well once I got to sleep. Showered by myself today (very carefully) and washed my hair (very carefully) but decided not to mess with trying to blow dry my hair. The boyfriend offered to do it for me :) he has been such a trooper. We went out to a movie with some friends and everything went pretty well. I almost feel asleep close to the end of the movie and I was a bit dizzy and nauseas when we were leaving. I felt drunk and I couldn't walk straight ... Embarrassing.

I'm now only using the muscle relaxers at night which is when I have cramping and spasms. I take the pain pills during the day as needed and I'm still taking the anti nausea pills since I tend to get nauseas when I'm up for too long or get hot.

Look forward to more days to relax and let the girls heal. I probably won't post another picture until I'm one week PO.

Happy healing ladies!!!

Puppy Face Plant in My Implant

So we have a 5 month old 70 lbs mastiff puppy named Samson. Brad has kept him away from me since my healing because he is a mommas boy and is very attached to me. I've said hi to him and pet him everyday so he could see that I was ok but he has been pretty unhappy about everything. Tonight he was playing beside me while I was on the beanbag chair watching TV and his big clumsy self comes running over with a toy and face plants right into my boob. It didn't hurt ... I'm actually pretty numb still so I nearly felt it but I'm icing it anyway because it started to swell a bit. I only noticed the swelling in comparison to my other breast. Think I should be worried about anything?

Posting a picture of the culprit :)

The culprit of the face plant


Coconut Water ... Worked for me!

Hi ladies, I stumbled on this by complete accident for my
recovery but now 3 days PO and doing some research. I thought I would share with all of you that have surgeries coming up so you could decide if it may help you. Maybe TMI but I'm sharing anyway.

I bought a big pack of coconut water from Costco for recovery mostly so I would have a variety to drink from and I knew it would help me hydrate but it also helped me in "going number 2" after surgery. This was something I was worried about but I didn't get prune juice or laxitaves prior to surgery. On the coconut water I was able to go a little bit every day and today I was completely relieved. After doing my own research I found that coconut water helps with digestion and to some extent constipation as well. I'm no doctor and I don't know if this will work for you but I thought I would share. Personally, I'm just glad I was able to avoid the prunes and laxitaves!

Happy healing ladies!

I found some good info on this site:
You should do some research of your own if you think it may benefit you too.

Down today ...

Going through a major down and emotional period. Please tell me this is normal ... I feel like I have gone crazy.

1 week PO

Had my 1 week PO today with the nurse. I won't see my PS until I go back in 3 weeks (Aug 8th). Stitches are out and I'm posting pictures of my incision. They are a bit red just from removing the stitches. Overall I'm really happy with my results and the nurse says I'm healing great. They are still a little overwhelming to me but I think it is part of the process and once they drop and fluff I believe they will be just what I wanted.

I got my massage to do for the next 3 weeks 2-3 minutes 3 times a day. Mine have stayed close together so I'm not worried about "armpit boob". The PS likes for patients to refrain from increasing their heart rate too much for 3 weeks still but I can basically do whatever I want as long as I'm comfortable. I'm in no pain in my boobs and actually quit taking my pain pill and muscle relaxers after day 4. I'm not even on Tylenol or anything over the counter. I still take the recovery vitamins, bromelain and arnica that was given to me.

I still have some slight burning pain/sensations in my sides but I think it is from my incision site and its only when I lay down or get up. I can't lift my arms completely over my head or I have pain in my armpits but I think it is the incision stretching and healing. I can still wash and blow dry my hair so it's not too big of a deal.

The last two nights I've been able to comfortably sleep on either side which really surprised me. I thought that would take awhile.

So all in all everything is good! Hope everyone else is healing well!

Sensitive Nips? I got a fix!

Hey ladies, the last couple of days my left nipple has been extremely sensitive. I still don't have feeling in my right one yet, it's NUMB! But anyway the sensitivity is killer. It feels like my nipple is going to burn off my body and any clothes moving against it hurts even more. Well the other night I actually stumbled on some relief. It's DermaMedics Relief Calm and Correct Serum. My boyfriend just finished getting a tattoo removed and this is what they provided him for healing after they basically burn the skin off. Looks like more tattoo removal, ideal image and other locations carry it. You can look at the website if interested. I'm just glad I'm not completely going insane from the sensitivity anymore. Did not expect that to be as horrible as it was.

PO 2 weeks!

Everything is going great. Cleaned half the house today and I wild do the other half tomorrow ... Trying not to over do it too quick. I won't go in for a PO appointment until Aug 8 but my massages are going great and I feel awesome! Still numb in my right breast but not in any pain other than occasionally my arms get tired and stretching/reaching is hard. Posting pictures for comparison but I still have not tried on that old swimsuit yet from the before pictures ... Maybe next week? :)

Hope everything is going well ladies!

After pictures in swimsuit top.

So we were going to go tubing today and I had to try on some of my old swimsuits. No way was I going to wear a new swim suit on the river. So I took some pictures for you all in the same top.

Happy healing ladies!

New VS Swimsuit!

So I know it's early (I'm only going to be 3 weeks PO tomorrow) BUT we are having a family pool party this weekend with my boyfriend's family and I HAD to get a new swimsuit. Thankfully multiple women on his side of the family have had BAs so I will be comfortable and they will not judge. This would not be the case for my side of the family. But anyway I measured a 34D in VS for my new suit. Still early and I know I was aiming for a C but I wouldn't mind horribly if I stay a D ;)

P.S.- I'd post pictures but I'm washing it right now so maybe this weekend!

Hope everyone is doing well!

1 month - Doc & I are happy!

1 month

So I went in for my 4 week (1 month) follow up yesterday. It is the first time I have seen my PS since my surgery and he is very impressed with how soft my boobs already feel. He said I don't need to worry about any more massages and the rest of my healing, dropping and fluffing will happen with my daily activity. I can wear any bra I want now but I've fallen in love with sports bras so I'm not in a rush to go shopping yet. Haha. I was released to work out but no chest exercises for another month or two. So all in all my appointment was great. I won't see him again or go into the office until my 3 month PO follow-up.

I have posted pictures of the VS swimsuit I mentioned in the previous post. It is a 34D.

So everything is going great! I raise my hands all the way up over my head now without any pain of stretch. I'm still numb and have little to no feeling in my righty but as they say it can take up to a year for all the feeling to come back so I'm not worried. I'm certain it will happen over time. Like I said, I can wear whatever bras I want now so we are going bra shopping at VS this weekend. I will probably still wear my sports bras more often than I did prior to my BA just because I personally love them. Still need some bras for my cute dresses though! We are going to NYC in a few weeks! I also posted a picture of my incisions which I have not put ANYTHING on but A&D once when it was itchy. I highly recommend the arm pit incision if you have a doctor experienced with it.

So ... I think I look HUGE in a swimsuit. No joke, Ds are big (compared to the Bs I had and the Cs I was aiming for) BUT it amazing now well you can hide them and be conservative in your clothing (especially if you have on a sports bra). I'm super happy with my size. I can "show off my (purchased) assets" at the pool and still be conservative discrete when I want/need to be.

Hope everyone is doing well today!!!

TMI - Being intimate after BA

First, I have received several messages asking me questions about "doing it" PO. After many weeks of pondering if it was appropriate to post this or not I decided to. We can all be adults about this discussion and I had many questions about his prior to my BA but had to find the answers on other forums. So, if you don't like this please ignore or don't read. I'm not trying o make anyone uncomfortable.

To begin ... Everything I read and heard said different things but we waited until I was 1 week PO until we were intimate again. My doctor told me this was ok but to be careful. He said It is very important that you don't increase your heart rate too much during the first month. In the beginning he did all the work, it's just how it is for awhile. In the beginning we also made sure that we didn't have pressure on the girls.

One concern I ran across while reading on other forms which was true for me is that the girls are not going to move much in the beginning. It's a strange experience at first but in time with healing your girls will start to move more naturally so DON'T freak out like some of the stories I heard! Haha

The girls are a nice bonus in this category ;)

Good luck ladies and happy healing!

Tanks for recovery!

I can't believe I forgot to post this. My friend who had a BA a year ago told me about them and it helped a lot. The first couple of days of recovery I lived in these and now they are great for house work/working out. They are easy to get on and off which is why I loved them when I first got home. I made three of them. I recommend using a size or two larger than you would normally wear so they fit loose and it's easy to get your arms in and out. Plus it would a fun project while I was getting ready for surgery! Instructions on website. Enjoy!

Update ... It's been quite awhile.

I've been following many of your stories on here the last few months but have been too preoccupied to update. Sorry all! Between working, wedding planning and enjoying my new assets therefore, I have not had time.

Everything is going wonderfully! My fake boobs don't feel fake at all, they feel like they are mine and natural, which is great! Mad props to Dr. Young and his staff! I can only hope he is still practicing when I need to replace them in 10-15 years. I still wear sport bras 75% of the time just because they are really comfortable. Not that bras are not comfortable I just like the sports bras. Also, lingerie has been a fun new sexy adventure now that I have boobs.

All that being said there are a few things for you ladies still in the research or planning process.

Everyone says it but ... GO BIGGER. Seriously, I expected around 300cc before I went for my consultation and picked 400cc at my consultation once I had on sizers but now... over 6 months later, I find myself wishing I had still gone bigger. Even a little bit. It's not a horrible feeling and I have no regret because I get to do this all over again in 10-15 years and I will pick a bigger implant then. I'm currently at 32D at VS which makes me a C in real life, which is what I thought I wanted. I almost had a melt down Day 1 Post Op because I thought I had picked too big of a size but now ... sitting here after all the time I've had to bond with my new girls, I wish they were just a bit bigger. In conclusion, don't be conservative when picking your size and add 50cc or more, EVEN when you think you have found the perfect size. Surely, you won't regret it. And, DON'T freak out about your boobs being too big until at least 1 month Post Op. Save yourself the stress.

Secondly and lastly, getting back into working out was NOT easy for me like other people suggested on here. Maybe I'm a wimp but it's only been the last few weeks that I have been able to get back into Crossfit (intense workouts). I've been doing light workouts and cardio since Dr. Young released me for working out but many things felt uncomfortable/awkward for me getting back into it. That discomfort didn't truly go away for me until the end of last year. Like I said, I may be a wimp and I'm sure I would have been fine if I pushed myself and got back into Crossfit earlier but I didn't because I wasn't used to the feeling of flexing my chest muscles with an implant behind them. Over more time this feeling went away, I'm sure its a combination of more healing and getting used to the implants with daily activities. I don't want to discourage anyone that likes to keep fit and workout. I just wanted to give my personal experience since I had been disappointed by expectations verses reality.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Almost 2 years!

Wow .. I honestly didn't think I'd be back to update again but I was back on the site to document my miraDry treatment I'm get done 5/13/15 and took pictures of my underarms which made me think ... I really wish I had known the scars from my BA would look THIS GREAT. Again, I could never give enough complements to Dr. Young. He is truely amazing.

So for all of you getting under the arm incisions for your BA ... Get excited! I've posted my incisions for you. The pictures were taken today and you can hardly see them!

A few notes - something that I started to notice about a month ago. I started getting pimple like bumps on the scars under my arms. I'd get one or two about every month so I wasn't really concerned and it didn't hurt or get red so no worries. Well when hanging out with a doctor friend, she told me this is normal for scar tissue and gave me Onexton topical cream to put on once a day. My dermatologist is confident that the miraDry treatment will also clear this issue. Maybe this is TMI but I wish someone had shared these things with me!

Anyway, just wanted to share and offer more post op pictures of my scars for you ladies still looking into getting a BA.

On another note I'm still super glad I got my BA. Not that my bigger boobs define me but I can't imagine not having had done the procedure. The key is defintly a fantastic doctor and I'm glad I had such a wonderful experience.

Ask any questions and I'll answer them as best I can with my personal experiences - I'll be on this site updating my miraDry post so I be around :)
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Dr. Young has this down to a science. He is straight forward, methodical, professional and delivers results.

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