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I have been researching this forever!! It makes...

I have been researching this forever!! It makes if hard to dive in because I don't hate my breasts they are just small. It'd be nice to wear a strapless top without having to wear a 1 inch thick padded bra. Plus I have tormented myself by reading every possible thing that can go wrong.

My stats: 5'7", 140 pounds, 36B (I call it a B- because there's still room in there for an iphone). I'm 37 and I find that the older I get the more important it is to get people to stop looking directly at my face. HA! I'm kidding.

I have had 2 consults. The first being with Dr. Robert N. Young. He was nice enough but I didn't feel like he paid too much attention to detail. I think he does so many of these that it's just become cookie cutter to him. He recommended a 450cc HP silicone implant. Which would be a D on me, that just sounds huge.

My second consult was at the office of Dr. Michael Decherd. I didn't actually meet Dr. Decherd yet. His assistant does his consults, her name is Courtney (I might be spelling her name wrong) and she's awesome. She took my measurements and was very detailed explaining everything. Based on my height and width between my breasts she recommended the 550cc HP implant (I forget the style). She explained that I have a 3" gap between my breasts and this will not change with implants. She said what Dr. Young recommended was going to be to narrow for my chest. The implant style she is recommending is the same profile as the 450cc but rounder to give the breasts a more natural look. It'll still be a D cup.

Ended up booking with Dr. Decherd based on numerous positive reviews, attention to detail, before and after pics.... I have my meet the doctor/preop appointment on 15 Jan. My surgery is scheduled for 3 Feb.

Here's my 3D scans (this machine is way cool). I'm a little freaked out by the size. I am a gym rat and I don't want them to be too huge. Thoughts?

Second Thoughts

Have you ladies read the explant reviews on this site? Makes one question if doing this is the right thing. Also worried about muscle distortion and info from this site is making me nervous.


So I'm putting this off for now. I'm a chicken. The Dr. office was really nice about it. I was able to get my $1500 deposit back and they said to please give them a call if I have any questions and/or change my mind.
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