30yr Old W/3 Kids 550hp saline - San Antonio, TX

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I've always been an average size for my body type,...

I've always been an average size for my body type, but after having 3 kids my boobs just started looking sad. I've wanted a ba for 4 years now and I'm finally ready to get it done.
I'm currently 32b and hoping to jump to a full D. I'm very nervous about being put under, but I'm just going to pray about. I've decided on 550 high profile saline since one of my boobs is bigger than the other, saline was the best option for me. One will be 550 and the other will be 500 give or take.

Preop appt

So I had my preop today, went over the procedure, took before pics, did my labs, got all my vitamins and paid in full. No turning back now. I just picked up the prescriptions and my goodness there are so many pills I'll be taking over the next week. It's starting to feel real. Oh and I moved my surgery date to August 25th one week earlier than I originally picked, but only because I wanted to take a few more days off of work.


So I'm 3 days away from surgery and the closer it gets, the more nervous I get. I'm really hoping when they call Wednesday to let me know the time of arrival, that it will be an early appointment. They start at 7am and last appointment is 3pm. I'm hoping I'm not the last one. I can't imagine waiting all day and without any food:/
I don't think I posted my stats. My height is 5'2. I weigh 111. I'm going for 550 high profile saline under the muscle. We still haven't decide if I'm going with mentor or natrelle. Any suggestions?

Before pic

Here's a before pic 3 days prior to surgery. As you can clearly see one is bigger than the other:( the whole reason why I want a ba so bad. They weren't like this before. After having 3 kids this is what I ended up with.

Day before

So I got the call this morning that I would be scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I'm thinking tomorrow morning will be a different story. I started on all the vitamins and pills they've given me. I've taken a total of 25 pills today. Yuck!! Well I'll be sure to up day tomorrow with the new additions. For now I'm going to "try" and get some sleep.

Today's the day!!!

So I've arrived here at the surgeons, not feeling nervous just yet, I'm waiting to be called back. I'm hungry and thirsty and can't have anything til I leave :( I took emend 3 hours prior to arriving for nausea. I really hope it helps. Well I'll keep you updated as soon as it's all over. Wish me luck.

Made it to the other side

Surgery went well. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all. Got to the surgeons at 9:30 by 9:45 I was taken back to start iv. Dr young and the anesthesiologist came in, marked me up, then I was given and antibiotic and something to relax me through iv. By the time they wheeled me over to the OR I felt extremely relaxed. All I remember was an oxygen masked put over my face then I was out. Woke up with a lot of pressure I my chest, but no nausea thank god. They called my boyfriend back and we were ready to head home. Got home about 1:30. I ate a soup and took a nap. I just took a norco since its been 4 hours and ate some crackers. Now I feel like taking another nap. I will update later tonight to let you know how I'm feeling.

Day 1

I slept good last night, and this morning when I woke up, I felt more swollen and sore, but nothing unbearable. I've been taken all the vitamins and meds as directed. I don't really have pain, thank God. I would have to say that dr young and his staff were very nice and explained everything to me. I had such a great experience. I still haven't seen them yet, I will shower in a little bit and I hope they look great. We went with under the muscle natrelle saline. Right is 550 and my left was 470. Such a big difference, I guess I was more off than I thought it was. I will post pics after my shower.


I finally got to see them. I feel much better without the wrap, no pressure it just feels really sore. But overall I'm happy and they look even

Day 2

I slept great last night, I would say pain is a 2, I'm very sore. I have been getting sharp pains on my right side, I'm assuming it's normal. Other than that everything is great.

Day 3

Today I woke up feeling great, I do have some soreness but it's getting better everyday. I have been getting little sharp pains in my right boob on the side, I'm assuming it's normal, but I will mention it when I go for my 1 weeks post op appt. I'm off the pain meds and just taking vitamins. I can't wait til they are fully healed, I'm loving how they look.

Worse day

Today's is only the 4th day and has been the worse, and I'm not talking about the pain or recovery. I know this is probably tmi but being constipated was the worse part of the whole experience. Well the iv part too but this takes the cake. Thank god I'm feeling relieved and I hope it doesn't happen again. Other than that boobs are still a little swollen, and I'm still sore. I attempted to drive my kids to school and that was a fail. I just don't have the strength right now to do so.

1 wk post op 9/1/2016

So I had my 1 wk post op on Thursday 9/1 everything went great. Doctor said my boobs look wonderful, and showed me how to start the massages. Not really liking them. They hurt and made my boobs throb???? Today is 10 days out. I feel pretty good, I have no pain just sore mainly when I use my right arm. Incisions are looking great, I didn't ask if I could use some kind of scar recovery gel, but I will call on Tuesday and ask.

1 wk post op pics

Here's a pic of my incisions at one week

4weeks po

Can't believe it's been 4 weeks. Feeling great, I get morning boob still. But other than that I'm super happy with my boobs. I feel like they look the same after surgery. Does anyone know when they'll start to feel soft? They are very firm and I don't think they have dropped. I'm hoping when they do they'll look great. I'm happy with them how they are I'm hoping they don't change. I'm still massaging 3 times a day and I go back for my 1 month post op oct 4th. I'll post pics in the morning since I'm about to go to bed. Just thought I'd update to let you know where I'm at.

4wk po

4 weeks po

4 weeks po

5 weeks po

Feeling great!!! Everything has been good, I still get morning boob on my left side but it's not as bad anymore. My right still has some dropping to do, but I am so happy with them. I'm getting boob greed and wish I had gone with 600/650 but I'm still happy.

Full body pics

Someone asked for full body pics. This is all I have but will take down after awhile.

6 weeks po

I had my 6 weeks po appt yesterday and glad to finally be off restrictions. The doctor said they looked great and they have dropped. To continue massaging. I'm hoping they don't change. On another note Went shopping today for some cute bras, but was a little disappointed in not having a huge selection in my size. 32DD is a lot harder to find than I thought. But over all I'm very happy with my results.

8 wk po

8 weeks today and feeling great. I did have back pain for a few weeks but nothing anymore. This is still one of the best decisions I've ever made.

8 weeks

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I had a consultation with Dr young a couple weeks ago and he seemed nice. I've had a lot of friends go with him and no bad experiences. So I decided he would be the right dr for me.

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