25 Years Old 5'9 158lbs Breast Aug. - San Antonio, TX

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Okay!!! I'm 24 years old 5"9 158lbs...I have...

Okay!!! I'm 24 years old 5"9 158lbs...I have decided to finally get a breast augmentation..I have been wanting one for the past year...I had my consult with dr young on the 28th of January..he and his staff were great! As I was trying on implants I felt great! I was so excited to finally be going through with it! My husband said do what you want but I think your perfect...but this is what I want! I want to be able to wear a tube top with out if falling off!!! I am currently a small A...I couldn't figure out what size I wanted to be...I don't want to be porn start big..but I have a fear of going to small?? Again I'm 5"9 small A and 158lbs! Help!!! I have decided on saline under the muscle through the armpit smooth round... But the size I have no freaking clue!!! I need to figure it out ASAP....my pre op is Monday the 10th, 2014 and my 1st surgery date is set for the 24th...but once I pay in full on Monday I'm moving it up to ASAP! Which they said was absolutely fine!!

Pre op jitters/excitement!!!

My pre-op is Monday I don't think I've ever been so excited and scared at the same time in my life.I'm not sure what size to get yet but I do know that I'm not going to get smaller than 600cc and no larger than 700 cc... And please ladies I want honest opinions..of how long your downtime was...soreness ,pain tolerance on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a walk in the park 10 being you wanted someone to shoot you...ha ha I just want to know what to expect! I know it's not going to be pleasant but I would like to know others opinions on how they were! I know everyone's different but it still helps to get some what of a picture!! And also another thing I'm not sure on either going to the armpit or in the crease of the breast! I would like some insights on if you've done either!! so I've basically learned down to under the armpit..I would like to know which one is easier to handle in the following weeks of your breast augmentation!

OMG 3 more days!!!!

So I finally got the call I've been waiting for Dr. Young's office called and let me know to be at the surgical center at 8 AM Monday morning for my breast augmentation.. I have never been so excited in my life! I'm trying to get everything together with my house, prescriptions ,and kids to make sure I have everything in place for the big day!! is there anything from the other ladies that have gotten breast augmentation that they would need to know before getting it done?! I want to make sure everything is ready! any advice for me!?

Morning boob??

Can someone please explain how you get morning boob!?!? and what do you need to do to prevent it! It doesn't sound fun!

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!!

So tomorrow is the big day!!! I'm so excited!! I'll post as soon as I can. :) wish me luck

Love them!!

So my BA was yesterday! And I absolutely love love love them! So happy!

So worth it!!!!

Defiantly love my new girls!!!! I'm so excited on the pain chart it's probably a 2 if you stay on top of your meds you will do just done!!!i got 650cc under the muscle saline through the armpit!!

Post op 1 week 1 day

Had my postop yesterday my PS said that my new additions were looking amazing I'm really soft for being one week but I've noticed that in the mornings I've had extreme pain even still it's been one week one day postop she was teaching me how to massage them and when she massage and they immediately got super sore...and they now hurt...will massaging them every day..three times a day help with the soreness?
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He was awesome! And so was his staff!

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