1 year Post Op TT update - San Antonio, TX

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I finally took the plunge and scheduled my TT for...

I finally took the plunge and scheduled my TT for Dec 17th. I had a BA/BL in June and feel great. I Was convinced I didn't need a TT and could work my way into flat abs. After much research and discussion with my PS, I finally conceded. This loose skin will never conform to its old ways.

I love my PS, so I'm returning to him for my TT. My BA/BL surgery in June was a breeze, so im hoping the TT wI'll be as well (wishful thinking I'm sure). I have a long wait in store, so im going to continue on my fitness journey so that I'm in the best shape I can be by December. It'll be much better to go through recovery in the winter vs. summer. I have about 10-15 lbs to lose to then. I run 15-20 miles a week and strength train 2-3 days a week. Still lots of loose skin in ab area with plenty of jiggly fat. I'm 5'8" and currently 165lbs.

Before photos @ 13 weeks before surgery

I hope to lose a few pounds prior to surgery, at 165 now...I'd be thrilled if I was between 150-155. It seems anytime I get close to 160 I get majorly stuck! I guess I'm always in a semi -flexed state, it almost feels weird to let it all hang out and be completely relaxed. When I check for an separation it only feels like I had 1, maybe 2, fingers separation. Will be interesting to see what my PS says.

Lots of stretch marks. I hope most of them go away and I don't get new ones from the actual surgery, I'm totally stretch mark prone.

Two more fun photos

Laying down for full stretch mark view and leaning over...blob! These days just can't pass fast enough....sigh!

Bikini before photos

Inside the 12 week window! Spent yesterday on the lake in a bikini, took some before photos so I have them for reference after. Can't wait till I can truly rock the bikini!!

Pictures are super deceptive

I've been working out really hard for two reasons....training for half marathon in Dec and to get in the best physical shape I can before my TT.

I think I've made progress although it's all a non scale victory, I can't seem to budge off 164. These photos are super deceptive I think. I showed a few friends and they all questioned why I would need a tuck. There is so much loose skin you just can't see it. I love that I'm starting to see a bit of a normal belly button though. 7 weeks to go!!!

Counting down!

I'm almost in the 3 week window! It felt like forever to get here, now the days will fly by. I have my pre-op tomorrow and hope there are no surprises. I'll be paid in full and ready to rock n roll.

I need to gather photos of belly buttons I like and don't like. That's my biggest fear is a wonky bb...crazy, I'm sure there are more important things to worry about. I haven't had one second thought since I actually scheduled my surgery. I waffled quite a bit before-hand but now I'm just excited.

I told my dad about the surgery, and his response was "I didn't know you were so vain". I'm not letting it bother me, but as ya'll know carrying this extra skin for a woman is bothersome. It's not all about vanity. I can't wait for the day I don't have to conciously tuck my belly into my pants, or have rolls when I sit down.

Anyway, no progress made on weight loss because I haven't been watching my food intake. I have been exercising very consistently, which is allowing me to maintain thankfully.

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks to fly by!

13.1 down

Finished my last pre-op half marathon yesterday. Can't wait to run in the spring in just a sports bra and shorts....I hope! I wonder if I'll be brave enough to do that. I also wonder what it's going to feel like to not have to tuck my belly into my pants, lol. Counting down the days!

It's my day!

I have been counting the months, then days, now hours! Headed to hospital in about an hour. 2pm is my time, hope the morning surgeries went smoothly and my PS is on time. Also hope he does his best work in the afternoon. Can't wait to see my new tummy in a few hours.

I also can't wait for a big glass of water....this no eating, no drinking business after midnight has been rough....my throat is like the desert.

No pics yet

My binder is on tight and I don't dare move it. I can see my incision line below it, it's super low, got into surgery around 2:30pm, got home at 11pm. I could pee in recovery (I'm blaming on my urethral sling), so eventually they drained me via catheter. I was finally able to pee in my own at 2:30 am, and twice since.

I have adjustable bed which makes it easier to get in/out but it still hurts when I push myself off the bed, using my legs. No issues getting up down from toilet, I've been doing tons of squats for months now, so I'm sure that help.

Drains are a pain, but don't neccessairly hurt. My right drain is getting nothing and we'e emptied the left twice, once in recovery around10pm (35cc) and the other at 6am (50cc). I can tell I have a lot of swelling above TT incision, I'm wondering if they didn't pull my binder tight enough.

Off for another nap. My hubby has been super amazing! so grateful for him.

Day 1 post op

Got to sneak one photo, but can't get any from standing yet. PS pulled me really tight so I have to stay really hunched until my post op on Wed. Thank goodness for my walker, lol

Day 2

Feeling pretty good today, not quite as groggy as yesterday. I'm taking my meds by the clock so I don't get behind. I managed a shower today, so I feel clean. I sat down on a chair in the shower. My hubby had to hold the shower sprayer and pump the shampoo/conditioner for me. I'm sure it woul have been far more difficult had I been standing.

Lots of bruising popping up on my sides/back, the lipo areas def hurt the worst. Here are a few pics, I'm really swollen and still hunched so I can't show comparisons yet.

Day 3

Today is the day my exparel is supposed to wear off, so far no excess pain. I'm getting in/out of bed a little easier too. Still taking my meds on the clock, if pain doesn't get worse tomorrow I'll start to slow the time between.

I still get very drowsy, sometimes I can only stay awake for 15 min. I finally learned how to milk my drains using two alcohol swabs. Right now the drains are empty, with very little output. Im hoping to call PS office tomorrow to get them out sooner than my post op appt on Wed. They don't hurt, but they are a nuisance and I'm sure mentally it'll help me get moving more when they are out.

Nothing really to report, all well in my corner of the world for the moment,

Day 4

Whew, what a day. I woke up feeling good. Stopped taking narcotic pain meds as of last night, only on 800mg ibuprofen every 8 hours. I have been taking a stool softener since three days prior and hydrating like crazy. I also drank three doses of smooth move tea. NADA! I spent two hours in the bathroom today and I thought I was going to blow some stitches. I finally had to call my SIL to bring me some suppositories. Thank goodness! Worked in 15 min, but not without feeling like I birthed a small elephant. My abs tensed up so much and I couldn't stop them. I'm going to be devastated if I blew some stitches. It was the worst pain I'd felt yet.

My husband is a saint. He helped me shower again today, it's quite a process. Then he put my compression socks and binder back on before tucking me into bed.

Headed to dr tomorrow to see if I can get my drains out. I know the right one will come out as its putting out less than 10cc's per 24 hr. My left is right at 25 cc's, so I may have to wait another day. I think it'll be so much better without these drains!

I'll see if I can get some good pics at the dr office tomorrow.

Day 5

I'm so irritated I didn't think to have nurse take photos when I was in the PS office today! When I sit, I'm straight, so it would have been the perfect time!

Drain free! It feels so liberating and scary at the same time. No fear of yanking them, but with open holes I'm afraid some scary bacteria is going to climb in there, lol. Drain removal was painless, I felt her clip the stitch, then looked down and they were already out.

PS is happy with my progress, said the middle matches my upper half now (boob). He said he took off almost 2.5lbs of skin and fat, but will have to tell me next week how many cm's he tightened up my fascia.

There is one spot above my incision line I'm worried about that looks like it's turning black. I hope it's just a bruise! I'm not sure if I'm going to love my BB. I like the shape but I'm so afraid the scar will appear on the outside like a thick outline....I guess time will tell.

I'm still walking VERY hunched over. I can start to slowly straighten but it feels soooo tight. The nurse said I can switch out my binder for some spams and wear those for a week 24/7, then go to half days for the following 2 weeks. After that I'm on my own if I choose.

Pretty worn out after my outing today. I'm getting awfully bored at home though. The family went out to dinner without me today, that was a bummer, but I didn't feel ready. I'm afraid of salt and swelling, so I'll take my time. No nap today, so I should sleep well tonight. I only got up once to pee last night so it was a pretty good night.

Day 6

Only about halfway through the day but thought I'd do an update since I took some better pics. I'm starting to obsess over the black/purple area right about the tape. It the most common place for necrosis to present itself. I'm having a hard time finding similar photos but praying I'm wrong.

Anyway taking it easy today....the next two days are going to be pretty busy. Hubby went on an adventure to find me Spanx today, so I'm going to try those out. Maybe that will help keep me from looking at that mystery spot so often...it'll be too hard to see.

Uh....what now?

So just went through the rigorous process of a shower, because let's be real...pretty sure I forgot the deodorant yesterday! So decided to try the Spanxs out my oh-so-loving husband purchased for me today. After wrestling into them for 10 min (and praying we didn't rip some stitches), it feels good, nice and firm support.

Then it dawned on me....what the hell do I do when I have to go #2???? The crotch is open but not THAT OPEN.... OMG....I don't think I can get this thing back up myself yet.

And now I can't check up on my incisions....ugh! I guess if I hate it I can switch back to the binder tomorrow. At least it'll get a wash, lol

Day 8 update

Happy Holidays! Wanted to post a quick update before I left for our families house.

I was able to shower alone today! I only had to sit while applying shampoo/conditioner. That feels like big progress, lol.
I'm standing a little straighter every day, but probably at 85pct now, long way to go. I've been sneezing a lot, holy hell that hurts and I hope I haven't popped a stitch!
Very little "pain" these days, mostly just my back. One of my drain holes always feels like it's being pinched, maybe that's the scab forming? They are almost closed over.

Belly button still has scabs but I'm being careful to let them fall off on their own so as it minimize the scar....I like it more each day. I really hope it won't have a giant scar ring around it when it's healed.

Here are a few pictures from this morning...still quite swollen.

Day 10 update

The site is back up!

Progressing as expected I guess. I think I caught a cold and have had to hold back sneezes for 2 straight days, it's been rough but successful. I can now shower without sitting at all. I can roll myself up out of bed by using momentum and grabbing the back of my knee for extra support.

I think I may be closer to 90 pct straight now. Made a trip to Costco with the hubs this morning and while I did lean on the cart most of the way, it wasn't horrible. Not doing much else though. I was able to easily button my pre surgery jeans over my binder, so that was a win.

I'm down 3.5 lbs from pre surgery weight. I still don't have a normal appetite but I'm scared to death to induce swell hell by eating salty foods, so I am pretty careful with my choices.

Drain holes are finally completely scabbed over. Feeling random stabbing pains from nerve regeneration....hurts so bad sometimes it makes me cuss a little, lol.
Still have about 75pct of the belly button scabbing left, hopefully it'll fall off this week. I keep checking for the waterbed ripple effect indicative of a seroma, but so far I think I'm good.

I have one more week off, but have to take a few random work calls. The week after new year I work from home, then I'm off for my first biz trip on Jan 11th. I just hope I'm walking normally by then.

Oh and that little area of dark concern was definitely a bruise, it's fading quickly. Speaking of bruises, I think new ones pop up daily on my backside. My butt cheeks are bruised now, I guess that's the blood pooling there due to gravity.

I'll check in soon.

Day 12

Almost another 2 days down! Not much has changed....my back hurts a bit less, so I guess that means I'm standing a little straighter.

I'm still taking 800 mg ibuprofen, sometimes once a day, other days twice. I can't get the binder tight by myself, so today after my shower I put on the spanx again. It was easier than I expected, but now the entire time I've had them on, I feel a BM coming on! As soon as the hubs gets home I'll have him put me back in the binder, lol. He makes it really tight, is there such thing as too tight?

Have my 2 wk post op appt tomorrow, I have a feeling it'll be quite anti-climactic. But I suppose that's a good thing. I've worked about half the day (from home) the last two days even though I'm on vacation. Sitting at my chair has been no issue, so I'm sure next week will be fine working from home.

My little cold is getting better, I'm not having to fight off as many sneezes, whew! 3 or 4 made it through, and they HURT! Thankfully it's a quickly fleeting pain. Normally I love the feeling of a sneeze (now that I've had the surgery so I don't pee on myself, lol) so sometimes I forget and almost let it come....but quickly remember and hold my nose and blow air through it to stop it.

Did a little laundry today, can bend over at the waist now..I guess that's a change.

I like my belly button more and more each day as the scabs come off. Now I'm just going to wait patiently for the tape over my incision to come off so I can see what is under there. I hope it's nice and thin!

Off to dinner with the in-laws!

Forgot the pictures!

BB is dry and flaky now. Pics taken this evening.

Post op appt, day 13

Thanks for all the notes about my cute bb. I'm praying it scars well!

Went to see PS today, was mostly uneventful. He didn't think I had fluid, but tried to aspirate anyway. He poked my ab muscle right away, which felt like a sharp needle stick (duh!). No fluid to be aspirated.

So I asked my PS is my belly button looked ok, and as he said yes, he proceeded to rub all the scabbing off! If you could have seen the look on my face! So I put some polysporin on it and took a pic for y'all. There's a tiny bit of scabbing that is still left, but most is off.

Also asked how much he tightened up my fascia, 10cm's! That sounds like a lot to me! I didn't feel like I had that much separation but I guess the proof is in the numbers. Holy crap, just looked it up...that's 4 inches!!!! I hope that means I'm losing 4 inches of my waist when this swelling goes down....how cool would that be???

Don't have to return until 6 wks post op unless I have an issue, he said everything looks great. Whew, for a good appt!

2 weeks down!

I made it 14 days!!! After today, I'm officially off "restriction"....if I could walk straight I could go for a long walk....hell, I could run if I wanted to, but that won't happen for 2-4 more weeks I'll bet.

I am walking a bit straighter today, I guess every day it improves. Laying a bed down a little more flat at night. Last night the hubs said "the bed is almost flat, nice surprise", lol. This morning I got up really early to pee and when I came back to bed, I was able to sleep on my side for an hour. Felt great!

In honor of my 14th day, I decided to take some bikini pics! Boobs are still a little low, which is how I can see I'm still hunched. Love early morning flat tummy!

My grey bottoms are the lowest cut I own at the moment. Couple places on the side you can see tape, but my scar will be covered. In fact, if my scar is thin under that tape, I may be able to pull off a string bikini.

Two before/after @ 2 wks

Not sure the side shows much yet, but the front is great! Pretty sure I got a tiny bit of a bonus thigh lift...checkout the difference there.

Day 15 update

Happy New Year!!!

Well, we went out last night to a bar with a band to celebrate since our kids spent the night at a friends house. I drank a couple beers and champagne. Was nervous it would make me feel better then I did ad hurt something, but I didn't. It was REALLY hard not to get up and dance (I love to dance), but I did a fair bit of moving in my chair. Upper abs were pretty sore by end of night, which is the first time in days I've really felt them. I logged 4,200 steps yesterday....a bit more than the 2,300 I had the prior two days.

Today I actually did the dishes, light cleaning and a little cooking. i logged almost 4,500 steps today just moving around the house. I don't feel anymore upright than I have been the last few days. My upper abdomen skin is really what feels like is being stretched when I try to stand, along with my upper thighs. I feel very little pull at the incision area. Perhaps it's just numb?

I can definitely eat more, but I still don't have a major appetite. I don't feel like my swelling has gotten any worse with food, but I'm careful about salt. I'm down 5 lbs from pre-op weight, hoping it sticks!

Hubby is getting really ancy on the intimacy side, I can tell he's ready to go. Besides Aunt Flo arriving early, my pubic area is still sore, although improving.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Wish you could edit these posts. Forgot something. I started wearing spanx during the day and my binder at night. PS said I can go bare at night, but I'm too afraid to try yet. I don't love the Spanx because it's really hard to pee in them. Not only do they compress my bladder and make it hard to pee, but I feel like a contortionist because I literally have to grab the crotch opening from behind and pull it back or I'll pee on it (yeah nice picture right???). Wonder when I'll be brave enough to go without the binder at night?

Update day 18

Let's see. I started sleeping without compression the last two nights, no issues. Woke up flat with no swelling both mornings. I've also started wearing spanx high power during the day. Have to do that until I hit week 4, then I can stop if I choose to. I take a prescription acne pill, which also acts as a diuretic, so I think that helps me avoid excess swelling. Every morning my abs wake me around 5am by tightening up, they release quickly but sometimes it happens a couple times. Kind of like a Charlie horse, wouldn't says it's painful but definitely NOT comfortable...that's been happening for quite awhile now.

I'm still not straight, but I can now stand mostly straight if I'm not moving. When I start to walk, I really start to hunch, so I have to consciously straighten up. Yesterday I went to the mall with the hubs and one of our kids basketball games. I logged 8,000 steps yesterday....had only hit almost 5k as a high the day before. I had to use a heating pad for my back last night, but it really didn't hurt till the end of the day....that's progress!

The scabs fell off my drain holes today and I finally pulled the tape off my BA scar revision. There is a small area it hurts to touch, but looks closed so I put silicone tape on anyway. Scar is slightly raised but should be flat within a couple days of silicone tape use like last time. Also started using silicone tape on my BB as all scabs are off. I still have my TT tape on, I'm hoping it lasts another week...I'm still afraid to pull it off.

I gave hubby the green light for gentle relations last night, but he chickened out, lol. Said he didn't want to risk "setting me back". I don't blame him, I'm nervous too. I feel fragile, even though I'm probably not.

Returned to work today, at home. sitting at my desk has been no issue...but I do have to remind myself to not hunch, just like after my BA\BL. I don't travel until Monday, so at least I have another week to ease back into things, like getting dressed, lol. No pics to share today.

3 weeks!

I made it! Whew!

So, curiosity killed the cat. I finally broke down and took the tape off today. Some of the scabs came off and left some areas red and raw looking. They aren't bleeding, so hopefully they will rescan tonight. Incision is nice and thin, there is a small ridge, which I'm assuming will go away once I am able to scar tape.

I think I'm about 95pct straight now. It is a process to actually get to standing from sitting or laying because my abs want to tighten up. I took my first walk today (before tape removal) and made it 1.5 miles before back started to ache a bit. Interesting I got a little winded even though I was walking only 18.3 min/mile (slooooowwwww). I was running 15-20 miles a week prior to surgery so I definitely can tell a difference.

I get a little swollen at night, so last night/this morning I took my measurements and it's about an inch difference above and below BB and about a half inch at my BB. So far no real signs of fluid, just swelling.

Sleeping without the binder is great, I have one more week, then technically I'm free completely, but I have a feeling it'll take me awhile to give it up during the day. I ordered an adjustable binder for when I workout....we'll see how that is when I get it (and actually start working out, lol).

The last two days I've gone all day without any ibuprofen. Now I start the countdown to 4 weeks!

Love my BB!

I've been using ScarAway on my BB for a few days now, I keep forgetting to take a picture. I am really loving it now, as long as those scars heal well, I'll be really happy with it.

Incision is a little more clean today, a lot of the scabbing has fallen off. I have some really red spots that look raw, but I don't think they are actually open.

I feel like I totally regressed today, I can't seem to stand up any close to straight and my back is killing me. I haven't felt like this in days. I was really busy with work today so I didn't get a walk in. I have to travel Monday with full day meetings on Tues and We'd, I hope I'm ready by then!

What day is it?

Every day gets a little better. Last update I think I said I was 95pct straight...not true, lol. I still don't think I'm quite there, but am definitely straighter. I have about 5 spots in my incision that feel like they tear open a bit when I stand straight. They are sort of scabbed over and I'm praying they just don't really open one day.

Finally did the deed two nights ago. It was all about him....by choice. Missionary was BAD.... He kept rubbing against my scar and it was super sensitive/uncomfortable. I hope that doesn't last! So we did the legs on shoulders bit...that worked great.

I've been really lax about what I have had to eat/drink the last few days and I can tell a big difference in the night time swelling....not good!

Today was my first travel day back at work. I checked my bag on my flight so I didn't have to try and reach up into the overhead, that worked. It was a short flight, meetings next two days so hopefully I make it.

I'm a little afraid to say it, but I think I've finally turned the corner. No ibuprofen since Friday (I think), so that's good. I did wake up one day this weekend where my abs didn't tighten up immediately when standing, but they did today. I just take it one day at a time. I move from sitting to standing & vice verse very slow but am walking faster. That's about it for now I think.

4 wk update

No time for lengthy update....posting 4 wk, 2 day incision pic.

Now for a real 4 wk update

Since my last update, I'm feeling soooooo much more normal. After my work trip, I left Thursday for a girls trip in South FL. Longer flight and a connection...no issues as I checked a bag. No excess swelling either.

I was worried about taking a trip so early, but all went well. I woke up twice on my side, yeah! That means I can turn in my sleep without pain. And two mornings I wasn't (rudely) awoken at 5am with the involuntary ab stretches. I'd say I'm pretty much upright and can now stand upright without my spanx or binder. I even hung out on a beach in a bathing suit! It was my old one piece, kept my scars covered with scar strips and my bathing suit....hopefully that was enough sun protection. The suit was loose in the belly area.

I did A LOT of hard belly laughing this weekend, and guess what??? It didn't hurt! Well, it didn't hurt THAT bad, lol...i could definitely feel it but the feeling of laughing out-weighed the pain...good progress!

I have one very small spot at the bottom of my incision that still has a scab, but it looks like it's ready to fall off any day now, I'll let it go on its own.

I'm still wearing spanx everyday even though I'm allowed to go without, but have been sleeping bare belly since just after 2wks. I swell immediately after waking and although it doesn't get worse it's definitely swollen.

I've been wearing my pre-op jeans since around week 1. They are quite loose around the waist and in the front (the spot my belly roll would previously fill when I sat down) lots of loose material. I'm definitely going to be at least one size smaller, but hoping for two when swelling stops. I've noticed lately that I still actively hold my belly in. When I think about it, I let it go...but I'm sure to watch and make sure it doesn't expand like the old days, so far so good.

Today I took a 4 mile walk, plus a ton of walking after (at 16k steps today). No issues at all.

Even though I completely underestimated the immobility factor, I feel like I've been lucky to have a pretty textbook recovery. I'm hoping I can get some good photos this week of an up swollen incision.

5 week update

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks (& 2 days) already! Not a whole lot of change since the last update. I'm walking pretty much upright completely now. I don't wear compression if I'm at home during the day and haven't been at night since wk2. I still swell every day...now I'm getting a little pair old that I have excess fluid in my lower belly, but not sure. I go to my PS in a few days.

I'm hoping at some point in the next week I'll feel good enough to attempt a short slow run. Coughing and sneezing aren't painful anymore, just tight. I'm sleeping well on my side but it does hurt to move from my right side to my back, but not my left...weird.

I ordered the blue bikini from VS on clearance because I wanted to see if my scar would be covered. All but on the side right by the tie is covered....pretty good!

I wear ScarAway strips about 90pct of the time. The other 10 pct I put coconut oil lotion on the scar to moisturizer my skin & massage the scar. I still have that little scab...I'm afraid to pick it off, I'll just wait for it to fall off.

The hubs and I are going to New York next weekend, I really hope the sensitivity around my lower scar goes away by then, as it's killing my "mood".

I also had a small revision on my right breast, I need to do a comparison photo to see if there is a noticeable difference.

All is well otherwise!

Compression be gone!

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and give up compression. I have been going without it for a couple hours a day the past week, but never all day. Yesterday was my first full day and nothing went wrong! I didn't swell over the normal amount and although it felt a bit strange, almost tingly it was ok.

Today I went for a brisk 2 mile walk ( no compression) and I could tell a big difference over last week. I was able to walk a normal stride, whereas before I felt tugging at my incision line and in my upper thighs. It's gone completely now. I could feel tightness throughout my abs but no pain. I think by this time next week I will attempt my first run.

I put together a before after collage, loving my new body!

I can run again!!!

The hubby and I left last Thurs (6 wks PO) for a weekend trip to NYC to celebrate our anniversary. It was great!! We walked 10 miles each day. And guess what????

I ran (1.5mi) for the first time on Fri morning in Central Park! While my skin felt tight, my abs didn't hurt at all. Now the areas on my hips that got lipo is another story, that definitely adds a little discomfort when running, feels like a deep bruise, but I pushed thru.

I also went dancing two nights!!! I thought I would wake up with sore abs but I didn't. Wore no compression all weekend, at this point I don't feel the tingly feeling anymore and normal swelling by late afternoon is present but doesn't affect my clothing size. I'm soooooo glad I ditched the compression, it felt so weird at first, but after a few days I forgot all about it.

I ran another 1.5 miles today, it felt great to be back out there. I lost almost 2 min on my normal pace, but thats to be expected after 8 weeks of not running. I may go to body pump in the morning and just skip the ab portion.

I can sleep completely flat now and I was even able to do a full body stretch with no discomfort this morning. Can't sleep on my stomach yet because my scar feel like it's stretching when I try...but no issues on my side.

Scar looks amazing, I'm so proud of my PS work. Hopefully I can get a good picture later this week when I hit 7 wks PO.

7 weeks post op!

All of the photos taken today @ 7wks. Things are going great!

I returned to the gym full time this week, ran 3 times and did Bodypump twice. Bodypump was great, just skipped the abs portions.

For those runners curious about getting back post op, here are some details.
Pre-op was running 10-20 miles a week. My avg pace for a 5k was right at 9min, for a 10k was 9:30. My 1st run was tight and slow @ 12min for 1.5mi. 2nd run still tight @ 11:30 for 1.5mi. 3rd run looser at 10:18/mi for 2mi. My muscle endurance was good, my lung endurance was really lacking, need to rebuild it.

The more exercise I get the more normal I feel.

9 wks

Anyone else feeling like they are counting the weeks old of their newborn, lol!

I'm stuck between 2-3 months now. At this point I feel pretty close to normal. I no longer think about my TT all day long. Mostly when I wake up and am tight or when I swell in the afternoon/evenings. The swelling is most certainly getting annoying.

Sex is still a little uncomfortable when pressure is put on the incision above my mons. I really really hope that goes away soon!!

I am pretty close to my pre-surgery fitness level. My running pace is right on but I'm still building my lung endurance, that's the most noticeable difference. I am lifting my pre-surgery weight in Bodypump too. I just had a procedure done on my vericose veins today, so I can't run or lift for 10 days....that's a bummer!

No significant change in photos but I'm adding a few. The scar around my belly button is really red, I hope that goes away soon. I've mostly stopped using my Scar Away sheets because they are a pain when I travel. I'm alternating between Mederma and Coconut oil lotion. My incision scar is red but still nice and thin. Thankfully my running hasn't stretched it.

The two side shots are comparing when I hold my abs in vs. letting them loose.

Official PS before and after

Got these from my PS, taken at 14 wks. I need to update with some close ups, but everything is going well. Still have lower abdomen swelling daily. Have gotten back to my runs and lifting workouts 100pct. Push-ups, planks and ab work is still a little uncomfortable so I definitely go lighter with those. Scar is maturing beautifully, but still very red. I still obsess over my belly button, the redness of the scar bothers me, but I'm sure with time it'll look great.

Almost 15wks PO

Took some photos of my own, but honestly there is almost no change. My BB seems to have opened up a bit more on the inside but that's it.

At this point it's pretty much life as usual. I don't think about my TT nearly as often as I did before, but I am looking forward to summer.

4 months PO

I can't believe it's been 4 months already! Life is great, it's almost bathing suit season and I can't wait!!! Everything is healing fine, incision is still red but starting to fade on the sides.

Most times I don't think about it but still do feel tightness when I stand...just enough to remind me I have a flat belly, lol. I'm back into workouts full steam and while I'm gaining strength in my abs they are definitely weaker than before. Pull-ups are still almost impossible between the ab pain and BA...working on it tho.

I still swell a little, but it's not terribly bothersome and I think it's getting better. I'm hoping that between 6-12 months it'll stop. I'm only down 3 pounds from surgery but with my focus on working out I managed to drop another jean size. Pre-op I was in a 10, now I'm in a solid 6. It's so awesome to put them on with zero overhang!

I love my BB more each day. As the scar fades it looks more normal. In many photos it looks twisted but that must be how I stand when I hold the camera. I went thru a phase where I hated it but it's because the scar was really red...so that does change.

I still have some hard lumps under my incision, not sure if those ever go away. Sex finally became comfortable again over the last month...yes it hurt for a long time when pressure was put on my incision. I'm still numb below the bb and on incision line, but I think it's starting to wake up...kind of hard to tell.

I waivered in this decision a million times and I'm soooooo glad I took the step and actually did it! My hubby can't keep his hands off me now.

Two true stories

Went to Vegas this weekend....so amazing to feel so comfortable in a bikini again! I'll never have a 20 year old body again, but I'm far more comfortable in my skin again. So two great things happened that this group will appreciate. Thing 1 - was out at a bar one night with a tight shirt that accentuated my girls. Two couples sat down next two us. The girl leans over and says to me. "I hope this isn't inappropriate but you have amazing boobs!" Score! Thing 2 - at the pool one day and gal approaches me. She says "I've been watching you for an hour and you look amazing! I just want to know how you do it...your stomach has no rolls. I hate you for it but love it at the same time." Score!

7.5 months post op

Feeling great! Started crossfit 3 weeks ago. No issues completing an of the exercises. My scar is healing beautifully. While I think it's pretty obvious I had a TT because of my upward stretch marks and my BB, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I was really worried about my BB and the more the scar fades, the better it looks. Life is good!

1 year PO

Wow, I'm amazed a year has flown by! The only disappointment I have is that I didn't get this done years ago!!!

Life is great, Im still running regularly and I started doing Crossfit in July. I'm so much stronger than I ever was. I immediately gained 10 lbs, but didn't gain a clothing size. Over the holidays I've managed to pack on 5 more lbs (I weigh 183 in these photos @ 5'8") while my clothes are a bit tighter, they all still fit. My goal for 2017 is to get lean, so my muscles will show. I can do all kinds of ab workouts and nothing hurts anymore.

My scars are noticeably lighter, but still have a hint of pink to them. I think my PS did an excellent job making my scars thin and low. My BB turned out great too. The scar is right around the inside rim and not terribly noticeable. The skin inside my BB seems darker than the rest of my skin, which kind of stands out, but not sure why. I had no issues with dog ears. I still swell in the afternoons, but it's not that bad.

I tried to take these pics from various angles, enjoy!

I've got that feeling!

I really need to update my photos I know. But I've got exciting news to share! I'm finally getting the feeling back below my BB/above the TT scar. It's not normal but I can at least have some feeling. I'd say 25pct. Will be interesting to see if it progresses. I'm still in love with my results...I have a big mirror leading into my bedroom and it's rare that I don't lift up my shirt to admire my own abs when I walk by, lol. I'm still running and crossfitting....if I could get serious about my diet, I'd probably have a 6 pack....one day I'd love to see it.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I trusted Dr D!!! He has completed my Mommy Makeover with expert precision. His scarring is expertly placed and beautifully thin. Both of my recoveries were a breeze and I can't say enough great things about his team. Thank you Dr D for changing my life!!!!

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