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First of all I am gonna start with my stats...Like...

First of all I am gonna start with my stats...Like I said in the title just turned 50....I am 5' 3" tall and weigh 132.6...My measurements are 38-28-39...Have a smaller waist but the lower part of the tummy is just too"poochie"...Have been thinking about a change to my tummy for years and years and years.. I h.I have a BIG Rear end but does not bug me like my pooch...my chest and my butt match pretty well...so the way I see it is if I get rid of this pooch the fashion world is at my feet....at least that is what I want to believe...Once I figure out the trick to reducing cellutlite after the age of 40....Well I have my first appointment with a plastic surgeon on Monday morning and I am gonna get a good idea of what he has to think and say...Extremely worried just thinking about starting this process because this is MAJOR surgery...Wondering if am I just being over critical and selfish or is this worth the down time for months following the surgery....Well I am posting my first "before" pictures and lets get this party started....


Went to three different plastic surgeons, and one dermatologist...three different treatments....two said just liposuction (said the skin would bounce back nicely) , one said mini tummy tuck with lipo and one said have your lipo (said skin was shot due to age) done than go later and have a full tummy tuck...I have been told that I do not have enough loose skin for a full tummy tuck, but I had one doctor tell me that no surgeon would EVER give me a mini tummy tuck...(2 hours before this doctor someone recommended the mini tummy tuck with lipo.) as I stated earlier I am so confused on what the best treatment would be for my lower abdomen. If anyone out there in the real self world has ever come across this dilema please let me know and let me know what you ended up doing....


well...I had been refered to Dr. Elizabeth Harris in stone oak....Went to 4 Doctors and both my husband and I liked what we heard from Dr.Harris..to top it off...after we were already taken with her bed side manner, they gave us a quote that was very reasonable...She has explained very much in layman's terms how things are gonna go down...lol...I have heard nothing but horror stories about mini tummy tucks, but she has made me feel very comfortable and trusting in her decision...I do not have a lot of loose skin on the top portion (under the bra line) and the muscle tear is about a fingernail wide...(not enough to cause any kind of bulge on the lower belly) She will liposuction about 2 cups of fat and that along with the mini tuck should make a huge difference without the down time. I am not looking for supermodel status I just want to look better without a big pooch on my lower belly. Thanks so much for all the help and input, like I said in another post...I love this site and all the women that" have been there done that" it is very comforting and reassuring that there are other women in your position.......Will be waiting till beginning of June at this point..need to take care of another concern before I do the plastic surgery.

Sugery scheduled for July 6th!!!!!

Well I have been back and forth and all around about lipo, mini tummy tucks, full tummy tucks, cool sculpting.....just something to get rid of the damn pooch on my lower belly....went to see 5 docs and one finally told me she would not do it because I was on the fence about a full or mini tummy tuck and she did not do just lipo...so that one was out and went to have another consul and found Dr Decherd here in San Antonio....We had 2 consuls and when it was all said and done it was decided that a full tummy tuck was best for the best results possible...much longer healing time though which I am bummed about... So now I am 1 week away and even though I have read every review known to man on realself...I still feel unprepared and completely terrified....so many thoughts, good, bad and indifferent...I am gonna update pics shortly because the last time I posted pics was over 2 months ago....so signing off for now....talk to you realself ladies soon....


Not scared this morning....just concerned because my mom and dad are taking me to the surgery center and they are not real good under any stress at all (which will indeed make me stress ) they are wonderful for helping me out because my husband could only take off half a day.... I will be going into surgery around 7:30 a.m. this morning....Oh and guess what my best friend told my mom in law that I was having a tt....I am freaking out....The one person in the world I DID NOT want to know about it...I think that has been the worst experience so far....She calls her up in Arizona to talk to her about her experience with back surgery the other day and whoops it comes out that I am having a tummy tuck...Well my parents are here to pick me up....wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know it's your first day is any indication of what is healing will be like, but if it is this is going to be much easier process than I thought. The worst thing I've had all day is a sore throat and some pulling on where the tubes are coming out of my body. The six hour hospital stay was fairly uneventful. They had to poke me twice for the IV but other than that everything was great. Took me a long time to come out of the sedation. I swear they threw me in the wheelchair while I was still sleeping, but I would say that's pretty normal. The staff at the hospital was amazingly sweet, very very good to me. Dr. Decherd gave me a great hug before surgery and truth be told, that was the most reassuring hug I've ever had in my life. I have been home now for 6 hours and everything has been an easy process, I can get comfortable pretty easy, peeing is very easy, I have not got my appetite back but I really need you to take these meds... I am posting one picture that's all I have so far.... But will keep updates every day to let everyone know how each day goes... Hoping that everybody that had surgery today went very smoothly as well ...Signing off for now


By the way.... If I was using a one to ten scale for pain...I would give a 2 just for the irritants of the tubes and the sore throat.... I know it'll get much worse than better so I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop....lol


Things going smooth so far....when my husband helped me drain the drains earlier I had him take some pics


well just wanted to tell about my first 5 days of healing... The first day you come home you are so completely groggy that you really don't know what's going on for hours and hours you're going in and out of sleep so there is not a lot of pain....just annoyances.... Getting used to having a tight binder around your whole midsection, having tubes coming out of your pubic areas that are pulling and tugging, and of course trying to get up to go pee every 20 minutes because your drinking water like a mad woman.... But no real changes because of course you're on hydrocodone which will take the pain out of anything.... Second day is more of the same not any real pain to speak of just annoyances.... and then boredom sets in.... if you're used to going out and working in your garden ,or going to work ,or going to visit people, or just getting off the couch, it really begins to really wear on you after a while... I did not realize how active I was until I'm just sedentary all day.... Have some good movies planned... Third day more of the same but you can actually stop hunching over as much you start standing up straighter and you start taking the binder off more to look at what has happened to your body.... the 4th day you are looking for people to come and visit with you ( but that only includes people that know what you have done to yourself)... I have gotten so bored I started putting gems on bathing suit in hopes that I'll be able to wear bathing suits some kind of confidence. By the 5th day I woke up with a little nausea which is been a little strange because I haven't had any. Had to lay down for quite a while which I was lucky I got to lay on my bed instead of the recliner, which I haven't been able to for the last 4 days... I'm starting to feel a burning sensation in my tummy which I think is the healing process... It's going to burn on the inside and start itching on the outside... Well I know that I haven't been real clear on everything but I just wanted to give a little overview of my healing process... I have even posted some pics of the bathing suits that I tried to bedazzle...lol... Thanks for all the support I've gotten from the real self community ...this is absolutely an amazing sight that I have fallen in love with....to all you wonderful realselfers.... Have the most wonderful day that you can make it... Signing off for now

DRAINS CAME OUT TODAY....feeling so liberated

Well so excited for the annoyances of the drains to be out on one hand and knowing that I am now going to have more build up of fluid which causes swelling in the other...Got to give and take a lot with this journey.....Drains came out SO INCREDIBLY EASY....did not even feel a thing....I think I might have s pretty good rest tonight....not pulling and tugging the drains every 5 seconds...well here are a few pics without the drains....yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by backside to show bruising...Did not know he had done any lipo to my backside but he said he did a little.... ( hence the bad bruising) ....He said he took about 3 lbs off of me from fat and skin....

Bling bling bathing suits

Feeling unbelievable 10 days out....I have the tightness of the abs...but other than that I would have no idea I had major surgery the 6th of July (last monday)....So happy....just need to get back to the gym and tone the arms and legs some more.... Thought I would update with pics of my bling bling bathing suits that I had such fun doing while I was just on the couch anyway.....

For Jesslatica

Hey Jesslatica... just wanted to send a couple pics of the spanx that I have been using...I'm sure you know what they are but I thought I would send a couple pictures anyway....hope it helps... I just got hand washing them and they look kind of used and but I think they will get the point across....


Well had a doctor's appointment Tuesday at 10 in the morning and he definitely extracted some fluid from the left side of my belly....I guess I have a lot due to the fact that doc wants me back on Friday and the nurses will go to town on it....works for me if swelling comes down a bit....Other than that feeling pretty well....gotta tell my mishap story....I am sitting on my couch minding my own business when the feeling of a bowel movement comes over me like a ton of bricks (does not hurt that I take stool softeners like candy) Anyway I bolt to the bathroom like a crazy woman and try to pull the many layers of shorts...compression garment...undies...and in the middle of trying to get to fort knox... Lol....I ripped off half of my tape over the scar that has been on since surgery....needless to say I pulled some scabs off and left some nice pink blotches near my hoohoo....I am so sad because the scar was so small before I ripped the scabs off that it looked like a tiny pen line....I proceeded to clean it with antibacterial soap and put scaraway on it....Hopefully it will heal again as small as it was....gonna try to post some pics....

Change doctor on review

I had went to Dr. Elizabeth Harris to begin with...but ended up going with Dr.Michael Decherd...want to change that on my review...Does anyone out there I'm realself land know how?


It has been 3 weeks 2 days since surgery and I am now posting scar pics....The scar is very low and thin, but the swelling is definitely rearing it's ugly head....It can be painful and tight feeling...


Well it has been one month to the day and there have been some ups and downs....good days and bad days....diet I find makes such a difference on swelling or not....no matter what for me...I have had a lot of swelling...I SWELL BAD if I eat too much,or eat too much sodium...
....Went to Galveston and ate at The crab shack and ate more than I have yet, and the whole night I was nauseated and sick...worse night so far.... My stomach feels so TIGHT...when does that subside a little? Would love some insight on that....Started back full time to the gym, and wearing a tight CG...seems to really help...not doing a lot, except for the treadmill and some resistance machines...trying not to overdo it....My scar looks good...left side is nearly invisible and right is still pretty red....I asked Dr. Decherd
If he could make my scar invisible underneath my favorite tiny g-string...and I'll be damned if he did not accomplish that....crazy...hard to believe you cannot see it under the little tiny string....He is AMAZING...realselfers have a wonderful night and happy healing!!!
Dr. Elizabeth Harris

Well my profile says Dr Harris, and I cannot figure out how to change it to Dr. Decherd...So my review is for Dr. Decherd, not for Dr. Harris....Just so we are all on the same page...Have been in to see Dr Decherd twice (and he did not act like that was a bother to him)... took the same amount of time the second time as the first....(loved that)... we talked and interacted like we had known each other for years....he was not hurried, rushed or acted like I was just another patient...I have a lot of trust in him from all the good reviews, his bedside manner and his ease of explanation of what kind of trauma and process my body is going to go through....So at this point I am gonna leave the rest of the review for after the procedure next Monday the 6th of July...

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